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Chapter 151: 151
Chapter 151: Sending Goods At The Post Office

This was her habit from her previous life!

At that time, they were actually very close . In the absence of external influences, Yao Yao actually enjoyed his company . Even when they went out, she would intimately link her arm through his .

Now, her instinctive gesture warmed Mo Beihan’s heart . But he remembered to pay attention to their surroundings . In these times, such things were not permitted . If someone saw them, they would be accused of improper conduct and of eroding society’s morals .

But fortunately, it was snowing heavily, and everyone was hiding in their homes . It was not yet completely bright and there was no one around .

The road was difficult to navigate, so they went by the main road this time, which was smoother . When they reached the main road, Mo Beihan told Gu Qingyao, “Get on! This road is fine . ”

Gu Qingyao looked at the road beneath her feet . “The snow is so thick on the ground . Is it really alright? I think we had better walk instead!”

Mo Beihan laughed . “It’s fine, get on!”

Mo Beihan steadied the bicycle so Gu Qingyao could get on . The snow on the ground was not too thick, so it was no problem to ride a bicycle .

The first thing they did upon reaching the town was to post their goods at the post office .

Gu Qingyao sent her third elder uncle’s family a packet of dumplings and a packet of wontons, five kilograms of cornflour, five kilograms of dried sweet potatoes, a packet of dried mushrooms, a packet of dried beans, a big cabbage, two kilograms of vermicelli and a few links of sausages . Then she added a big packet of White Rabbit Creamy Candy that she had specially bought for her twin younger cousins .

It was a huge parcel!

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Eldest Uncle and Second Elder Uncle stayed further away, so she did not send them dumplings or wontons in case they spoiled on the way .

Eldest Uncle’s family also had two young cousins . She sent five kilograms of rice, five kilograms of fine white flour, two kilograms of sweet potato flour and two kilograms of unshelled boiled peanuts . She did not dare send too much of the latter . She just sent a jumble of miscellaneous items, so as not to attract attention .

She also added a side of bacon, a dried fish, two tins of malted milk, and a bag of White Rabbit Creamy Candy . She did not send much .

Second Eldest Uncle’s family had no young children, so she just sent three kilograms of rice, five kilograms of sorghum flour, a packet of pork ribs weighing about three kilograms or so, a dried fish, and a pair of new cotton shoes that she had specially made for her Fourth Elder Cousin, Gu Jinfeng .

Fourth Elder Cousin was the youngest son in Second Elder Uncle’s family . He had an older brother, Gu Jinhang, and most of his clothes and shoes were hand-me-downs from his older brother . So Gu Qingyao had specially made a new pair of shoes for him, and sent it over .

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She had packed all these things earlier, but when Mo Beihan looked at it, he knew there were plenty of goodies inside .

His Yao Yao had a happy family life . Her older cousins all doted on her . In the same way, she treated everyone in the family very well . Now that she had good things, she would naturally send them more things .

But as time went on, it would attract too much attention .

He must think of a cover .

After sending everything off, Mo Beihan left his bicycle at the post office . He knew someone there, so he just told him that he was leaving his bicycle there .

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Gu Qingyao was very happy to have sent so many things to her family . When she left with Mo Beihan, her eyes were smiling .

Actually, Mo Beihan did not understand where his Yao Yao had gotten so many things?

It was true that she had the interspace, but there was nothing in it!

In their previous life, Yao Yao did not have so many resources after her interspace appeared . He had entered the interspace before . She needed to cultivate the area before she could obtain grain, fruits and so on .

At best, Yao Yao had plenty of grain, but the grain had to be taken out and processed . Otherwise, it would be too much for her to manage alone in there .

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