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West Fortress...

Many youngsters were carrying mops and buckets to clean the blood stains on the road.

One of the youngsters hurled his mop and yelled furiously, "I want to join the battle. I'm not here to do some cleaning!"

"The corpses must be dealt with in time. Otherwise, it will trigger an outbreak. Hangzhou City is already suffering from one. We can't allow West Fortress to fall into one too..." said Wang Xiaojun.

Suddenly, a scream of agony was heard coming from the bunker.

The youngsters were stunned. It took them a while to collect their thoughts.

Wang Xiaojun quickly rushed into the bunker and saw a group of Battlemages rushing out in fear.

"What's wrong? What happened?" asked Wang Xiaojun.

"Plague, it's the plague. Big Li is covered with blisters!" screamed one of them.

Wang Xiaojun pushed his way inside and saw a half-naked man crouching in the corner, scratching the blisters on his skin. His nails had already pierced the blisters open. Blood with a foul scent flowed out from them, hideous to see.

The soldiers in the bunker were absolutely terrified and ran away.

Everyone was well aware of how contagious the virus was. If someone had caught the virus in the army, soon the whole army would be infected!

"Big Li, are you alright?" Wang Xiaojun worriedly walked up and asked.

"What are you doing here? Stay away from me!" the young Battlemage yelled at the young man.

"Wang Xiaojun, it's none of your business. Move aside, the medical team will be here soon!" A soldier came up and shoved the youngster aside.

The soldier stood beside the patient, not daring to move any closer.

Wang Xiaojun rubbed his butt as he walked out from the bunker and murmured, "That's no plague, it's just the poison after being bitten by the poisonous rat!"

As he was mumbling under his breath, a girl wearing a red and black dress with plum blossoms quickly went up to him. Wang Xiaojun's eyes widened when he saw the little beauty.

Since when did the fortress have such a gorgeous girl? Look at those adorable double ponytails, and the soft, tender legs under the dress. She would surely grow into a gorgeous beauty!

"Hey, what were you saying just then?" Little Loli approached the youngster and asked in a proud and cold voice.

"How impolite, you should call me brother!" said Wang Xiaojun.

"Save the nonsense, tell me what you're murmuring just now, why were you saying that it isn't a plague?" asked Lingling.

"It's definitely not a plague. I had it when I was out catching some rats before. My hands were covered with the blisters, but once I applied the sap of the Red Falcon Herbs to my skin, it was gone fairly quickly!" Wang Xiaojun glanced at the slightly disdainful little loli and decided to tell the truth.

"Are you sure about that?" Lingling asked in a serious tone. She had been observing where the blood serums were taken to.

She was initially confused about how the blood serums had anything to do with the plague, but everything made sense now!

The source of the plague was the blood serums used for medical purposes. The blisters on the young Battlemage were the evidence. Lingling had seen him taking the blood serum and consuming it before the blisters appeared!

West Fortress had been very cautious to stop the plague from spreading to this place, so it was impossible the plague had come from a different source by accident.

Lingling immediately went to the bunker when she heard that someone was affected by the plague.

However, the youngster had caught her attention, hence why she had approached him.

"Why would I lie to you? I have a gray eagle as a pet, but as his lineage isn't pure, the Beastmasters aren't too fond of him. He rarely gets fed enough, so I would secretly go to the woods to catch some hares or rats for him. I stumbled into some kind of poisonous rat beasts once and found myself covered with the same blisters. The eagle then went to grab a Red Falcon Herb from West Ridge, and the blisters were gone in no time. Also, I was no longer be affected by the poisonous rats," Wang Xiaojun said sternly.

"Do you still have the Red Falcon Herb?" asked Lingling.

"Nope, they don't grow around here, but they grow like weeds at West Ridge. Normally, we might have a chance of getting some from there, but it's quite impossible now. The White Magic Falcons are extremely violent nowadays, and might launch their attack anytime now..." said Wang Xiaojun.

"Come with me." Lingling grabbed Wang Xiaojun's sleeve and headed straight up the guard tower.


On the tower, Mo Fan was sitting on the edge. His eyes were staring at West Ridge, which had turned from green to white.

More White Magic Falcons had been summoned, as if they were calling for more reinforcements. The mountains were filled with them.

It was quite impossible to tell when they would attack next. The number of White Magic Falcons would surely bring countless casualties to the city.

"Mo Fan, I've discovered something important!" Lingling brought Wang Xiaojun to Mo Fan.

Wang Xiaojun immediately saluted when he saw Mo Fan wearing a uniform. "Greetings, sir!"

Lingling told Mo Fan what she had heard.

Mo Fan was not fully convinced. He asked more questions regarding the details.

"The Red Falcon Herb can only be found at West Ridge, but look at it now...the feathers of the White Magic Falcons are covering the mountain like leaves. If we can't get our hands on the Red Falcon Herbs, how could we possibly prove that he's telling the truth?" said Mo Fan.

Lingling immediately reached out her hand and slapped Mo Fan's head when she saw him feeling down. "How stupid are you! If we can't get close to West Ridge, we could simply ask this guy to catch some poisonous rats and dissect them! All we need to do is to prove that the poisonous rats are the source of the plague!"

Mo Fan's eyes flickered. He quickly hugged the tiny Linging and kissed her chubby cheek, "HAHA, why didn't I think of it… kid, what's your name, go and catch me some poisonous rats. No, I'll go with you. It will probably take you half a day to kill one."

"You can find one in the woods just ahead. Come with me, I can lure them out," said Wang Xiaojun.

Mo Fan nodded. He Summoned the Swift Star Wolf without hesitation.

If the young man was saying the truth, it would be a tremendous breakthrough to finding the truth about the plague!

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