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A Disciple Must Get Revenge for Master Being Wronged

It had to be said that Feng Zhao Lian’s ability to differentiate voices was trained when he was still being tested on in Qian Zhou.

For a very long period of time, his eyes could not see clearly as a direct result of the drugs. This loss of vision persisted for nearly two full years.

During those two years, he could only hear but not see. In regards to all those that got near him, only by relying on his hearing could he tell who they were, what their purpose was and what they were doing. It also told him whether they would continue dosing him or just kill him.

It was also during those two years that he trained his hearing to the limits. As long as he desired, he could accurately recognize a person by their voice regardless of how long it had been since he had last heard their voice.

Presently, Feng Zhao Lian was pointed at the madams and young misses in the courtyard, putting his abilities on full display for Feng Yu Heng: “The one in the pink dress, do you see her? Right, the one with the gold hairpin, she is the young miss of the first wife of the prefect of Guan Zhou inside Luo Province. Her surname is Yuan. Take note of it. She’s one of the people that was mouthing off outside.”

“There’s also that one over there that has a purple dress and is really ugly. She’s the young miss of the first wife of Ping Zhou’s prefect, surnamed Li. She’s also one!”

“The young miss of the first wife of Zhao Zhou’s prefect, surnamed Sun. The eldest young miss of the first wife of Zhe Zhou’s prefect and the second daughter, surnamed Wu. Young miss of a concubine of An Zhou’s prefect, surnamed Wang…”

Like this, Feng Zhao Lian named a total of ten people.

Feng Yu Heng very seriously noted down all of these names in her notepad then went verified it, ensuring that she remembered it all. Only then did she say to Feng Zhao Lian: “You did quite well in this matter, un, quite well.”

Feng Zhao Lian was very happy, “Of course.” He then said: “You must not let those mean girls with wicked tongues off lightly.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Don’t worry. I won’t let a single one off.”

The people could not help but sigh for the young misses whose names had been written down. To run into such a grudge-bearing person, they really were unlucky!

Feng Zhao Lian had already finished reporting the success on his end. Only then did he remember to ask Feng Yu Heng: “Heng, look, I helped you with such an important thing. Shouldn’t you do something to express your thanks?”

“Hm?” Feng Yu Heng glanced at him, “You want to grow a chest?”

“Hah!” Feng Zhao Lian stomped his foot, “Why did I come into the palace today? Your repayment is very easy! Create a chance for me to be with your seventh brother. Do you understand?”

Before Feng Yu Heng could speak up, Xiang Rong frowned and shouted: “What are you talking about?”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “That’s right. What are you talking about? My seventh brother is not interested in men.”

“You guys can think of me as a woman.” Feng Zhao Lian’s ability to change his own gender was quite amazing.

But Feng Yu Heng asked: “Woman? That I can do, but can you give birth to a child?”

These words caused Xuan Tian Ge to laugh.

While things were lively on their end, the female members of the Yao family had entered the courtyard and were heading in their direction. Feng Yu Heng quickly reminded Feng Zhao Lian: “Shut your mouth and don’t lose me any face.” She then stood up and went forward to receive them: “Heng pays respects to aunties.” While speaking, she saluted.

The three daughters-in-law of the Yao family helped her up, and Xu shi said: Heng, don’t be like this. This is the imperial palace, and you’re an imperial daughter.” After saying this, she pulled the two younger sisters to greet Xuan Tian Ge.

Xuan Tian Ge was very polite to the members of the Yao family, as she smiled while speaking to them. As for Lu Yao, who was following behind the three, she also stepped forward and bowed to Feng Yu Heng: “Younger Sister Heng, greetings.”

Feng Yu Heng curled her lips into a faint smile and said: “Young Madam, greetings.” However, there was no feeling of intimacy at all, as she turned a deaf ear to being called younger sister Heng.

Lu Yao appeared very awkward; however, Xuan Tian Ge saw that Lu Yan, who was not too far away, was looking over and rolling her eyes in contempt. She could not help but get closer to Feng Yu Heng and quietly say: “It seems that the relationship between the two daughters of the first wife of the Lu family really is not great.”

Feng Yu Heng thought to herself, was it possible for it to be good? They weren’t born from the same mother, yet they were both daughters of the first wife. This sort of divide would make any family lack peace; moreover, it was the Lu family. She did not pay any more attention to Lu Yao and went to chat with her aunts. As for the three, they had clearly prepared themselves in advance. Seeing that Xiang Rong was present, they all handed over presents upon meeting her. Feng Yu Heng paid attention and saw that they were all treasures.

Xiang Rong was a bit shocked from receiving such favor, and she could not help but look toward Feng Yu Heng. It was as though she did not dare receive them if her second sister did not agree.

Feng Yu Heng helplessly said to her: “The daughter of a concubine has always shared the relatives of the daughter of the first wife. That’s why the Yao family is not just related to me. It’s also related to you. What’s there to be afraid of when receiving a gift from an aunt? Could it be that you’re afraid that just accepting these things, the Yao family will become poor?”

Xiang Rong felt a bit embarrassed from what she said. After thinking a bit, she arrived at the same conclusion, thus she simply accepted them. After saluting, the group continued to chat warmly.

Their side could be considered peaceful, but the front of the palace was a bit less peaceful.

At the moment that it was reported that Feng Xiang Rong was hit by the Mu family’s young miss of the first wife, the fourth prince, Xuan Tian Yi, was seated next to Xuan Tian Ming. Who knew what sort of idea came to his mind, as he was chatting with Xuan Tian Ming about Feng Yu Heng. As they chatted and chatted, the conversation somehow ended up on Feng Xiang Rong. Xuan Tian Ming did not know at first what sort of problem old fourth had. Why was it that after being locked up for a year, he had lost his soldierly bearing and had taken an interest in women? But after thinking a bit, Feng Yu Heng seemed to have mentioned to him that fourth brother had a bit of an interest in Xiang Rong, thus he did not continue to be so cold. At the very least, they could chat a little. After all, even if their relationship as brothers was not too good in the past, if old fourth showed promise with Feng Xiang Rong, the relationship would be improved by another level. Moreover, his wife treated her third sister very well.

When Xuan Tian Yi heard about Xiang Rong’s news, he did not immediately react. He just asked the person at his side in a daze: “Ninth brother, what did he just say?”

Xuan Tian Ming repeated what had just been said without thinking that it was a pain, but when it was said that Feng Yu Heng had carved out a bit of the young miss’ hand, he could not stop himself from applauding his wife. He prodded old fourth: “Have your master learn a bit from her elder sister.”

Xuan Tian Yi immediately stood up with a belly full of anger, “Is that something that can be learned? How valiant is your wife! Our Xiang… our master is a sweet-tempered girl.”

“Un.” Xuan Tian Ming nodded then reminded him: “Your sweet-tempered master has been bullied by someone. Although her second sister has vented for her, shouldn’t you also express yourself as her disciple?”

Xuan Tian Yi agreed with these words greatly, thus he raised his hand and called a palace servant over, ordering him: “Look around this hall. Find the prefect of Luo Province, Mu Jiang. Have him come and see me immediately.”

The palace servant received the order and quickly went to search. Not long later, Mu Jiang was brought over to the two princes.

When Mu Jiang heard that the fourth prince was looking for him, he did not think much of it. After all, news of the fourth prince causing a revolt and being imprisoned was not much of a secret. Everyone knew that this prince was definitely worthless. He would no longer be able to cause any waves. But when he arrived in front of the two, he found that although it was the fourth prince that had called him, the person seated at the fourth prince’s side was a person looking at him with a wicked smile. That person was Xuan Tian Ming! Although the people of the South were closer with the eighth prince, Xuan Tian Mo, now that they were in the capital and in the imperial palace, the ninth prince was the one to respect outside of the Emperor. If they did not fear him, that was no good.

Mu Jiang arrived in front of the two and respectfully saluted them. Before he could ask what if something was the matter, he heard Xuan Tian Yi say: “Mu Jiang, your family’s daughter hit my master. How do you figure this debt should be settled?”

“Hm?” Mu Jing was stunned to hear this. His daughter had hit a prince’s master? What a joke! How could a girl hit a prince’s master?

Seeing that he was frozen there and did not respond for a long time, Xuan Tian Yi had to remind him: “Last year, when I was imprisoned, Father Emperor arranged an embroidery master for me. As it so happens, that would be the Feng family’s third young miss. Lord Mu, do you remember?”

“Ah!” Mu Jiang trembled and immediately recalled this matter. In an instant, he became soaked in a cold sweat. But after thinking a bit, he quickly recovered and respectfully said: “The matters between girls are just small arguments. It was this official that was not strict enough with my daughter, and she has already been punished by Imperial Daughter Ji An. For this matter, would the fourth prince please be lenient.”

“Oh.” Xuan Tian Yi nodded, “Imperial Daughter Ji An is third Young Miss Feng’s elder sister. Taking the initiative is something that she ought to do. But that is something between them. At present, I am asking you about the debt for my master. You cannot jumble those together! The Feng family has taken action for its daughter, but our imperial family cannot remain without someone taking action for the princes!” While speaking, he looked at Mu Jiang. The longer he looked, the angrier he became. If it was not for his personality becoming stabler after a year of being locked in the Ping Palace, he would have kicked Mu Jiang a long distance. But after thinking a bit, if this was in the past, Feng Xiang Rong would not have even caught his eye, and this caused him to feel a bit emotional. He thought to himself that fate led people. Living in this world, who knew what sort of things would happen, and what sort of people would appear?

He sighed and said: “Forget it, talking to you about these things is pointless. Father Emperor was lenient today in allowing me to enter the Palace to participate in the banquet; however, he also wished to use this chance to see how my personality has changed. What would be most compelling would be the results of this year. I brought a few embroideries into the palace and wished for Father Emperor to see them. How about this, I will head to the hall to speak with Father Emperor. He had wanted to see third Young Miss Feng, but it seems that it will not be possible now.”

After he finished speaking, he stood up and moved to leave.

Mu Jiang immediately grabbed a hold of Xuan Tian Yi in fear, calling out: “Your Highness, please be lenient! Your Highness, please be lenient!”

“Let go!” Xuan Tian Yi pushed Mu Jiang away in disgust. He had once been a general. Could a government official be able to endure this? If it was not for a palace servant supporting him, Mu Jiang would definitely have fallen to the ground.

In regards to this, Mu Jiang did not dare have any complaints. Not only had his daughter caused such a big problem and offended Imperial Daughter Ji An, but she had also offended the fourth prince while she was at it. At this moment, he was just hoping that this big matter would become a small one. He hoped that it did not cause any big problems. If it was found out by the Emperor, his future would be bleak!

Thus Mu Jiang took a step forward and saluted once more, bowing with his hands in front of him and saying: “Your Highness, please calm your anger. The resolution for this matter, as long as Your Highness has any requests, this lowly official will comply.”

When Xuan Tian Yi heard that he had adopted this attitude, he was rather satisfied, thus he very seriously began to ponder. How should this be resolved?

But before he could finish thinking, he heard a voice that did not belong in this world speak from the crowd of princes: “Lord Mu, how about we talk first about how you plan on repaying the pearl from the Eastern Sea that this prince gave to Imperial Daughter Ji An?”

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