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This Is More Like Heng’s Sister

Who knew if it was to respect the banquet for the Mid-Autumn Festival or if Xuan Tian Yi suddenly found a conscience, but the dress really did not have anything wrong with it. Even the small flower that he had personally embroidered at the hip seemed to have earnest stitchings, even if they were not exquisitely done. If someone did not look carefully, it would look fine.

Xiang Rong looked at the clothes then turned toward the clothes on the table. She sighed internally and said to the servant: “Forget it, I’ll go with these then!”

The servant was very satisfied and left behind the accessories before leaving. Shan Cha helped her fold the clothes once more then opened up the box of accessories. It was a set of pink jade head ornaments. They looked very cute and adorable but were not lacking in elegance. They were very suited to someone of Xiang Rong’s age. “So pretty.” The servant could not help but sigh: “His Highness the fourth prince clearly put his heart into it. Young miss should accept these feelings.”

Xiang Rong did not care about accepting them or not. She just carefully put away the former set of clothes but did not look at the clothes that Xuan Tian Yi had sent her.

Shan Cha wanted to say a few more words of advice, but it was at this time that Fen Dai’s voice came from the yard. It was a peculiar tone: “Is third sister in?”

Xiang Rong furrowed her brow slightly. She did not like to interact with Fen Dai. For the past year, she avoided her if she could; however, there was nothing that she could do if she came to visit. Who knew what wicked idea she had this time.

“Young miss.” Shan Cha said a bit unhappily: “How about this servant turns them away? Just say that you are sleeping and will not see any guests.”

“No need.” Xiang Rong sat back down in her chair, “Turning her away today will just mean that she’ll come tomorrow. If she wants to come and make me unhappy, it’s something that I can’t avoid. Forget it, just let her in.”

Just after this was said, the door was opened with a “bang” before Shan Cha could invite them inside. Feng Fen Dai had barged in despite the servants trying to hold her back. At the same time, she very rudely scolded the servants: “You really don’t know the severity of things. Is there anywhere in the current Feng residence that I cannot go? In this residence, you’re all eating my food and sleeping in my rooms, yet you actually dare to stop this young miss?”

The servants were silenced by her shouts, as they trembled with fear while looking at Xiang Rong. Only when Xiang Rong waved her hand did they retreat while feeling as if a heavy load had been lifted.

Shan Cha stood in place and did not move. She looked at Fen Dai cautiously. Fen Dai glared at her sideways: “What is it? Do you not see that there are valued guests that have come? Why have you not brought tea?”

Xiang Rong could no longer bear to listen and interjected: “The residence does not send a single cent to our courtyard each month. I have not eaten a single thing from fourth sister. I live poorly, and I don’t have any tea. If fourth sister is thirsty, Shan Cha, pour some plain water.”

“Yes, third young miss.” Shan Cha happily left.

Feng Fen Dai gritted her teeth, “Feng Xiang Rong, don’t be too delighted. Even if you have not eaten my things, the land that you are living on was given by my future husband. It would be best if you thought a bit before you spoke. Think about whether or not you have that right! Don’t spend your days learning nothing aside from how to spout nonsense from Feng Yu Heng.”

Xiang Rong became even more irritated and very impolitely said: “If I am not mistaken, this residence was given to the Feng manor as a betrothal gift by his Highness the fifth prince. Back then, the deed was placed under father’s name. Why do you still say that it’s yours?” With this one objection thrown out there, she did not wait for Fen Dai to speak and continued: “Also, fourth sister, you should rejoice that I haven’t learned much from second sister. Otherwise, the times that you provoked me, it would be impossible for you to leave whole. Or perhaps fourth sister truly feels that I should learn a bit more. Then I will just go ahead and learn. As for you, you should think carefully. When that time comes, if you are still so bossy, would you be able to endure the retribution?”

Once these words were said, Feng Zhao Lian applauded wholeheartedly and said: “This is more like Heng’s sister. Sure enough, you have your elder sister’s poise.”

Xiang Rong had seen him standing behind Fen Dai; however, she could not understand how Prince Lian of Qian Zhou ended up being with Fen Dai. She looked at him in confusion and saw him walk over to her. Warmly grabbing her hand, he said: “Good Xiang Rong, I came to see you.”

Once these words were said, Fen Dai felt that she could no longer show her face and anxiously called out: “Sister Lian.”

Feng Zhao Lian very casually looked at her then said: “Many thanks to fourth young miss for bringing me here. I have been able to see the fights and schemes of a large family. I thought in the past that this was something that only existed in the palace; however, who knew that a small Feng residence would not fall behind the imperial palace.”

He acted casually, but for some reason, Fen Dai felt that Miss Lian’s gaze carried a natural dignity. It was something that people could not defend against and had no choice but to obey. It was such that she just subconsciously nodded and began to slowly move her feet.

Fen Dai realized that something was off. At this moment, where had Feng Zhao Lian’s desire to gossip gone? He was even missing a bit of the delicate and gentle bearing of a girl. All that remained was a bearing that could not be refused. There was also a look of death in his eyes.

Fen Dai suddenly realized that she had been scammed. Rather than say that she had schemed to have this Miss Lian enter the residence, it would be better to say that he had used her to gain an understanding of the Feng residence. As for the reason, Fen Dai naturally would not know. The reason that Feng Zhao Lian entered the Feng residence and bought a residence next to it was that he wanted to see just what sort of people could anger Feng Yu Heng that much. He was the prince of a country that no longer existed. Qian Zhou had disappeared, and the only one that he had any relationship with inside the capital was Feng Yu Heng alone. Put plainly, he was just idle and felt like making Fen Dai feel smart while pushing her toward a blade.

Under this sort of pressure, Fen Dai could only retreat from Xiang Rong’s room in confusion. Feng Zhao Lian did not continue to help her. He was still a prince, and he still had the bearing that was required of him. It was just a matter of if he wanted to reveal it or not.

Inside the room, Feng Zhao Lian continued to cling to Xiang Rong while asking her to tell him more about Xuan Tian Hua. At the same time, Fen Dai was preparing to visit the Li Palace to ask precisely what sort of background this Feng Zhao Lian had.

Today, Feng Zhao Lian clung to Xiang Rong. The imperial daughter’s manor, however, welcomed Xuan Tian Ge, Ren Xi Feng and Fung Tian Yu as guests.

Bai Fu Rong was now able to stay awake for six hours each day. Feng Yu Heng heard that they would be coming and quickly told them to visit when Bai Fu Rong would be awake. Like this, the good friends would be able to have a nice get together.

But to call it a nice get together, it was nothing more than the group wiping tears while facing Bai Fu Rong. While sighing that her life was bitter, Xuan Tian Ge praised that she was able to make the right decision between Qian Zhou and Da Shun. It was because she did not sell out Da Shun and did not sell out heng that she could save herself.

Bai Fu Rong was already very clear on this point, thus she immediately told Xuan Tian Ge: “Even if my father was not being secretly controlled by Qian Zhou’s people, I would not choose Qian Zhou. On one side was my father’s country. On the other side was my maternal family. On one side was the country that raised me. On the other side was the imperial family that fiercely cast me out for a struggle for the throne. Ever since I knew this reality, I have never thought highly of that mother. She… is not worthy.”

Bai Fu Rong was still very weak. The words she spoke were angry but weak. After talking for a bit, she could cough for a bit. Feng Yu Heng comforted everyone: “She’s already improved very quickly. After a few more months, I can guarantee that she will be able to live freely before the New year. Even if her appearance cannot be completely recovered, it will mostly recover.”

Bai Fu Rong was grateful, but she also knew that this was the perilous road that she had chosen. If she made a single mistake back then, she would not be experiencing this current scene. Not only would she be dead, but her father would also not be able to survive. These friends would also have been let down.

The group spoke for a little longer. During this time, Ren Xi Feng mentioned that people were beginning to approach the general’s manor to talk about marriage. There were all kinds of people. Fung Tian Yu also expressed that she had a similar situation, and there was someone that the family had favored. Perhaps the matter would be decided on very soon.

Feng Yu Heng heard this and sighed. The girls of the ancient era married early. It was so early that they were not even certain what sort of person they should or should not like, yet they were to be of marriageable age. But after thinking a bit, even if they were clear about what sort of person they liked, what of it? The marriages of ancient times were lacking in freedom. Everything was decided by the family. In fact, the more a girl was from a prominent family, the more helpless they were.

Bai Fu Rong was unable to remain seated for too long. The group chatted for a while before leaving. They would be visiting again after the Mid-Autumn Festival’s banquet.

Right before leaving, Feng Yu Heng personally went to send them off. After helping Ren Xi Feng and Fung Tian Yu onto their carriages, Xuan Tian Ge was in no rush to leave and pulled her to the side to chat once more: “Heng, did you know that madam Yao went to the palace yesterday?”

Feng Yu Heng was stunned, “Palace? Which palace?”

Xuan Tian Ge sighed, “The Wen Xuan Palace.”

She was not too surprised, saying: “She went to see Aunty Lan.”

However, she saw Xuan Tian Ge shake her head and tell her: “Seeing my princess mother is a lie. The real goal was to get an invitation to the Mid-Autumn Festival’s banquet.”

Feng Yu Heng was puzzled at this moment, “What did she want an invitation for? Could it be that she wants to go into the palace? She can just come and ask me. I…” She could not bring herself to finish the sentence. How could Yao shi ask her for one. The relationship between the two had already sunk to such a degree. There was not even half of a friendly greeting, so what was there to say.

Seeing that Feng Yu Heng appeared hurt, Xuan Tian Ge stomped her foot: “Heng, there is something that you must prepare yourself for. Madam Yao did not want the invitation for herself. She said that it was for her daughter, the one that looks exactly like you, Fu Ya! My princess mother said that she would help her this one time. She also wanted to see what sort of thoughts Fu Ya has hidden. It’s madam Yao’s wishful thinking. Princess mother said that if Fu Ya has bad intentions, she will not be merciful. Even if she is hated by madam Yao for the rest of her life, she will get rid of that girl.”

Feng Yu Heng was startled, and a faint pain crept into her heart, but it was forcefully pushed back down.

Yao shi thought of Fu Ya as her, and she fell into her own fantasy world. Now, she actually went to ask for an invitation for Fu Ya. She did not think that there was any conspiracy here. Yao shi did not have the ability to plan one. She was just hurting inside.

Xuan Tian Ge understood her feelings, thus she did not say anything further, only telling her: “It’s fine as long as you understood. Fortunately, we will all be there on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival’s banquet. Regardless of what happens, it will be taken care of. I am not in a good state of mind today, and I am worried that something will happen during the banquet.” After she finished speaking, she did not continue to stay, quickly getting into her imperial carriage.

Watching Xuan Tian Ge’s imperial carriage depart, Feng Yu Heng returned to her manor. Her gaze happened to sweep past the Yao manor; however, she saw her eldest aunt, Xu shi, also looking over toward her…

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