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Benefits Of Knowing an Influential Person

Feng Zhao Lian had already stayed in the imperial daughter’s manor for a night, and he had annoyed her for a night. When she went to sleep at night, he would just sit outside her door. While rambling and ranting without end, he would endlessly bang on her door. Nobody could do anything about him.

Feng Yu Heng did not think much of it. Either way, if she could not fall asleep inside her room, she could go into her space to sleep. After coming out at dawn the next morning, she found that Feng Zhao Lian was just as spirited. She could not help but feel a bit of admiration.

It had to be said that the reason Feng Zhao Lian was pestering Feng Yu Heng was that he wanted to make a request for a certain matter: “Bring me into the palace for the Mid-Autumn Festival’s banquet.”

At this time, Feng Yu Heng had just finished eating breakfast and was drinking tea. Feng Zhao Lian sat at her side with a pitiful look. All that was missing was a deep bow.

Feng Yu Heng was feeling truly helpless. She had no choice but to patiently explain to him: “Although Qian Zhou has already vanished, you are still Qian Zhou’s imperial family’s last… Hey, what should you be considered?”*

“Last unrecognized talent.” Feng Zhao Lian came up with an idea for her, “An unrecognized talent.”

Huang Quan, who was working to the side, truly could not bear to continue listening. She had to speak up and remind him: “As someone who has not spent much time studying, even I know that this term is used to describe women. His Highness Prince Lian really does view himself as a woman!”

Feng Zhao Lian corrected her: “Look, it was just said that Qian Zhou has already disappeared. Why are you still calling me Prince Lian? Remember, in this world, there is no longer any such Prince Lian. You can call me… Miss Lian.”

Huang Quan was speechless and rolled her eyes. Standing behind Feng Yu Heng, she truly did not want to pay any attention to this person.

Feng Yu Heng continued: “Last anything is fine. My meaning is that you are someone that was left behind by Qian Zhou. Openly going to Da Shun’s banquet, are you not afraid that you will have your identity exposed by someone and be dragged off to be given a beating?”

Huang Quan could not hold back and interjected: “They’ll focus on hitting the face! They’ll beat you until you’re disfigured!”

Prince Lian trembled with fear and subconsciously covered his face, muttering: “Da Shun is a civilized country. How could this sort of thing be done. Don’t you guys have a saying about not hitting someone in the face when giving them a beating?”

Feng Yu Heng snorted slightly: “That’s no match for someone being shameless.”

Feng Zhao Lian was smiling and did not get mad in the slightest. Lifting his butt, he shifted his chair toward Feng Yu Heng’s side. The two were sufficiently close enough for him to place his hands on her arm and continue to beg: “Good Ya Ya, just promise me!”

“My name is Heng.”

“Alright, Heng is Heng. Then Heng, just bring me into the palace. I guarantee that I will not cause any trouble, alright? How about I go and see the Emperor beforehand? Go and greet him?”

Feng Yu Heng was helpless: “Do you think that the Emperor is someone that can be seen so easily? It’s already sensitive enough for you to to be staying in the capital with your identity. If it was not for his Highness the ninth prince and I suppressing things, do you think that you could enter Da Shun’s borders? Obediently live out your days. Why do you keep trying to squirm into places with many people?”

Feng Zhao Lian lowered his head and coyly said: “Aren’t I wanting to make a pilgrimage to the imperial palace?”

“What pilgrimage?” Feng Yu Heng frowned, “Do you really want to see his Majesty?”

“Hah, not for that saint! Ya… Heng, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? You clearly know that the person I want to see is the deity seventh prince. What are you going around in circles with me for!”

Feng Yu Heng also became angry, “I still remember back in our time in Qian Zhou. Someone very seriously telling me about their difficult experiences and obtained my sympathy. I agreed to treat your illness! What is it? You don’t want treatment? Instead of being a proper man, you want to change and become a woman? One surnamed Feng, whether you want to be a man or a woman does not matter to me, but stop thinking so much about his Highness the seventh prince! Hah, regardless of who you want to harm, seventh brother is off limits!” After she finished speaking, she came up with a thought and recalled a matter, thus she continued: “How about you consider that father of mine? He is interested in you.”


Feng Zhao Lian nearly vomited, “That father of yours? Too disgusting! No good, no good! Heng, in any case, we are friends. Just bring me into the palace this once to give consideration to how I helped you in Qian Zhou, alright?? Just this one time. In the future, we will be even, and you will no longer owe me. Is that fine?” While he spoke, he deliberately waved the hand that was missing a finger in front of Feng Yu Heng’s face.

Feng Yu Heng felt her head swell. This guy was definitely doing it on purpose. He knew that she would submit when she saw the missing finger, thus he deliberately waved it around. But there was nothing that she could do. Feng Zhao Lian cutting off his finger on that day was indeed a great shock to her. Thinking about it now, it was still a very vivid memory.

After a long time, she finally nodded, “Forget it, I really must have owed you in a previous life. Go back and prepare yourself. On the day of the banquet, I will personally go and pick you up in my imperial carriage.”

Feng Zhao Lian had received an agreement from Feng Yu Heng and happily leaped up. He then did not continue to linger in the imperial daughter’s manor. Creating a stir about needing to go back and prepare his clothes, he ran like the wind.

Huang Quan looked at the person that ran off without any concern for appearances and could not help but feel worried: “He shouldn’t be able to truly take away his Highness the seventh prince, right?”

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed, “If it’s really like that, I will knock him out with a single needle and treat his illness.”

Speaking of Feng Zhao Lian, after he left the imperial daughter’s manor, he got into his carriage and rushed back. He needed to quickly go back and prepare. He needed to find his most beautiful clothes. Whether or not he could capture his Highness the seventh prince would definitely be determined on the day of the banquet.

The carriage rushed through the streets. Just as they turned into the street where the Lian residence was located, their carriage brushed past another carriage. Because the speed was too high, it caused the window curtains to be blown open. Feng Zhao Lian was staring straight forward and did not notice, but Feng Fen Dai, who was seated in the other carriage, had seen him clearly.

Dong Ying also saw Feng Zhao Lian and could not help but sigh: “Really so beautiful!”

In regards to this, Feng Fen Dai did not argue, only nodding: “Indeed, she is beautiful and is countless times more beautiful than Feng Chen Yu was back then. No, she’s too much better.” Just a quick glance allowed Fen Dai to pass this sort of judgment on Feng Zhao Lian, and she suddenly recalled when Wu Li Sheng had visited. She could not help but smile bitterly, “I wonder if it might be because she was born too beautiful and received all of the praise, thus her younger sister became like that. To actually call her own elder sister her husband, it really is a sad tale.”

At this time, Dong Ying also recalled this matter and quickly said to Fen Dai: “Young miss, do you still remember the rumor about his Highness the seventh prince having his carriage stopped by a beautiful lady on the day he returned to the capital?”

Fen Dai nodded, “Naturally, I remember. It was spread all over. Apparently, the woman’s beauty could not be natural. If it’s said that his Highness the seventh prince is a deity, that woman is an evil spirit. There were even more people that said that when they stood together, they really were a perfect match.” As she spoke, she paused and suddenly reacted: “Could it be that the woman was that one just now? The one living next to us?”

Dong Ying nodded, “This servant carefully inquired. It’s her.”

“She took an interest in his Highness the seventh prince?” Fen Dai suddenly laughed, “This really is a difficult matter! His Highness the seventh prince is that sort of person. How could he be obtained by some normal girl.”

“Not necessarily.” Dong Ying said: “With that person being as beautiful as she is, how could she be considered a normal girl? Also, she came back with the second young miss. Who knows what sort of background she has. Young miss, her taking an interest in his Highness the seventh prince is her business, but this servant was wanting to talk about a different matter. It’s something very closely related to us.”

“Hm?” Fen Dai was puzzled, “What matter is there that’s closely related to us in regards to her? We don’t know her.”

“Fourth young miss does not know her, but master does!” Dong Yin quickly recounted what had happened that day with Feng Jin Yuan causing a scene. After she finished speaking, she felt that it was still not enough. She continued to speak about Feng Jin Yuan stopping Feng Zhao Lian outside of the imperial daughter’s manor. After she finished speaking, she said: “This servant heard a servant at master’s side say it. The believability is very high.”

Fen Dai became livid upon hearing this. Her hands were tightly clenched into fists, and she could not help but slam them against the carriage, angrily saying: “Really shameless!”

While they spoke, the carriage had already come to a stop. The driver outside lifted the curtain and said: “Fourth young miss, we’ve arrived.”

Fen Dai looked outside. Sure enough, they had arrived outside the Feng residence’s entrance. Looking a little further forward, there was a carriage stopped outside of the Lian residence. It was the one that had just brushed past them. The beautiful woman was currently getting out of the carriage with help from a servant. After her feet touched the ground, she moved to head inside her residence.

Who knew where Fen Dai found the courage, as she suddenly shouted toward the Lian residence: “Miss Lian! Wait a moment!”

This shout was very loud, and it scared Dong Yin and the driver. Even Feng Zhao Lian was startled, subconsciously turned around to look over. He even pointed at himself in confusion, asking: “You’re calling me?”

Fen Dai hurriedly leaped out of the carriage, not even waiting for a maidservant to help her. When she got out of the carriage, she nearly twisted her ankle. But she very quickly adjusted herself and quickly walked over to Feng Zhao Lian, saying warmly: “You must be Miss Lian! A thousand words really do not do seeing you in person justice. Miss really is an exceptional beauty.”

Feng Zhao Lian furrowed his brow, but he very quickly relaxed once more. If this was in the past, if someone viewed him as a woman like this, he would definitely get upset. But recently, his situation had changed. He no longer wanted to have his illness treated. He was fully yearning for Da Shun’s seventh prince. That was why he no longer hated being recognized by others as a girl. But… “Who are you?” His attitude did not change. He immediately pulled his hand back and glared at Fen Dai, asking: “What is your identity?”

At this time, Dong Ying also ran over. Although she did not understand what her young miss was doing, but the smile on Fen Dai’s face told her that she definitely had a plan, thus she quickly gave an introduction: “Miss Lian, this is the Feng residence’s fourth young miss and lives just next to the Lian residence.”

“Oh.” Feng Zhao Lian remembered, “You’re called… Feng Fen Dai.”

“You know me?” Fen Dai revealed her shock.

“I heard Heng mention it before.” Feng Zhao Lian did not have much of a good impression fo Fen Dai, as he coldly asked: “What did you call out to me for? If there is something, speak. I’m busy.”

Fen Dai did not get angry. A thought still appeared in her mind. Didn’t Feng Jin Yuan recently begin currying favor with Feng Yu Heng, no longer viewing herself as important? She wanted to see what would happen if she could get close with Miss Lian. With this intimacy, she would be the first to benefit from her closeness to someone with influence. She could be able to invite the people from the residence next door to visit from time to time. What would Feng Jin Yuan think?

She covered her mouth and smiled, quietly saying: “I heard that Miss Lian stopped his Highness the seventh prince’s carriage that day. Fen Dai admires you greatly. Miss Lian might not know, but our residence’s third young miss, Feng Xiang Rong, is a bit close with his Highness. There were once some feelings between the two. Unfortunately, she just does not have the same force as Miss Lian!”

Once these words were said, sure enough, Feng Zhao Lian’s eyes immediately grew wide!

*TN: Feng Yu Heng is likely trying to think of using the term last testament or last will.

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