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Conspiracy of the Left Prime Minister’s Manor

When the servant heard Lu Ping mention imperial daughter Ji An, she could not help but recall when she had gone to send gifts for Lu Yao. She had heard later on about what had happened during the Yao family’s banquet. She could not help but feel worried: “Young miss, conducting business with imperial daughter Ji An is not easy.” This was an impression that she had formed after seeing Feng Yu Heng from afar. She was as cold as ice and kept people away from herself.

Lu Ping was feeling irritated and asked: “This is no good and that’s no good, what hope is there left for me?” Lu Ping was someone that very rarely got angry. Having spent many years as someone born from a concubine, and having a hidden illness, she had learned to patiently endure. Even when she had to deal with the ridicule from Ge shi, Lu Yao and Lu Yan, she had learned to not argue. Even if she had a hidden illness, she could not be bothered with thinking about those so-called family members. Regardless of whether she was good or bad, her current family would not be her final pillar of support. Rather than spending all of her time fighting, it would be better to focus her attention on thinking about her future.

“Jian’er, why do you think father is insistent on having me participate in the banquet this time? If my illness is not cured, how could he be so willing to bring me out?”

With her asking like this, Jian’er had no choice but to reply, but she was still just a maidservant. How could she have the ability to analyze the situation. After thinking for a long time, she finally said: “Eldest young miss is 17 years of age this year. Perhaps master is also getting anxious?”

Lu Ping sneered, “Anxious? That may be. His second daughter caused that sort of trouble. Although it’s already been resolved, it was an outcome that shocked everyone in the Lu family that knew about the circumstances. Heavens knows whether the granny from the palace’s eyes are going bad, or if she was bribed, but regardless of the situation, the reality of the situation is known by the other side. In the future, who knows what sort of trouble might be caused. Of course, the Lu family is currently feeling anxious. They’re anxious to push me out, hoping to obtain a guarantee outside of Lu Yao and Lu Yan; however, who knows what sort of person will be arranged for me.”

Jian’er had grown up in the Lu family from a young age. She naturally understood what her young miss’ words meant. She thought for a bit then said, “Thinking about it now, only the sixth prince has not yet gotten engaged. Perhaps master is thinking…”

“Impossible.” Lu Ping shook her head, “Not to mention that the sixth prince is presently not in the capital, and it’s impossible for him to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival’s banquet, even if he returned, do you think that my status as the daughter of a concubine from the left prime minister’s manor could be the official princess of the imperial family?”

Jian’er was puzzled, “Why not? Isn’t the Feng family’s fourth young miss going to become his Highness the fifth prince’s official princess? She is also the daughter of a concubine! Moreover, young miss, you are so beautiful. In this world, not another person more beautiful could be found. Why could you not?”

Lu Ping smiled bitterly, “The girl from the Feng family got very lucky. It’s not like you’ve never heard about how difficult it was to come across the position of official princess. Also, she ended up with a weird person like the fifth prince. If it was any other prince, it would be an impossible matter.” While she spoke, she waved her hand, “Forget it. Let’s not talk about this matter. Either way, there aren’t many days left until the Mid-Autumn Festival’s banquet. Whatever arrangements father has, he will come and tell me sooner or later. What we should worry about presently is my illness. Say, if I went to look for imperial daughter Ji An, what sort of compensation should be given?”

Hearing her say that she wanted to look for Feng Yu Heng, Jian’er knew that continuing to advise her would be pointless. This illness had troubled her young miss for many years. If imperial daughter Ji An could treat it, that would be worth any cost. She thought for a bit then said: “I fear that she does not lack for wealth.”

Lu Ping let out a long sigh, “Even if she did, I could not take out that much. It’s not like you don’t know what my savings over the years have been like. But aside from money, what else could I give her? What would she want?” The more Lu Ping thought, the more she felt that this matter would not be as easy to handle as she had initially suspected. She could not help but frown…

In the Lu manor, all kinds of plots swirled. Each of the daughters had plans laid out for them by Lu Song and the second madam, Ge shi. They focused their aims on all of the princes and aristocrats. Prime minister Lu was hoping to break the curse of Da Shun’s left prime ministers meeting bad ends. He had set many guarantees to try and protect the Lu family’s wealth. If Feng Yu Heng took an interest, she would definitely notice how similar the current Lu manor is to the former Feng manor. They both had one extremely beautiful daughter; however, who knew what the Lu family planned to do with their beautiful daughter.

In the Feng residence, Feng Jin Yuan sat in his study with a gloomy expression. Hundred Herb Hall’s doctors had come for an examination. They had asked for 10 taels for an examination fee, but that was not all. Most importantly, they told him that it had truly been too long since his injury took place. It was completely impossible for it to be healed. Even if ghost doctor Song Kang was to handle it, it would be impossible. This caused the hope that had welled up inside of him to die once more. He had already been seated in his study on his own for four hours. His mind, however, was still a haze. He did not know what he was thinking about.

But staying locked up on his own to think did not mean that everyone else would give him the time to feel depressed. After dinner, Feng Fen Dai finally rushed over with a roar. Without waiting for anyone to announce her arrival, she forcefully pushed the door open and rushed to ask: “I heard that father invited some doctors over for an examination?”

Feng Jin Yuan was given a fright. Turning around, he found that Fen Dai was standing across from his table with a look of anger. He could not help but angrily say: “Who allowed you to barge in? Are there any rules left?”

Fen Dai sneered, “Rules? You’re talking about rules to me? If you want to talk about the rules, put on an appearance of running a large family. Don’t rely on a daughter that has not yet married for all of your basic needs! When you recover yourself, you can come and talk to me about the rules. I’m just asking you, where did the funds for the doctor’s examination fee come from? I heard the two doctors asked for ten taels of silver. This month, the fifth prince did not send much money over. Where did you find the money?”

“Impudence!” Feng Jin Yuan became furious and suddenly slapped the table: “Is there any need for you to worry about where the money came from?”

“I could not worry about it!” Fen Dai’s eyes were on the verge of shooting fire, “But I just want to ask father, my room is missing a jade pillow. Has father seen where it went?”

“I…” Feng Jin Yuan was a little tongue-tied, and he was feeling flustered; however, he continued to insist: “How could I know! You should ask the servants in your room about the things in your room. What are you asking me for? It’s not like I go to your room!”

“You don’t?” Fen Dai snorted coldly, “But I heard that father paid 150 taels for Zi Rui’s tuition fees. Where did this money come from? Don’t refuse to admit it. Since I dared to come and ask you today, I have more-or-less finished investigating this case. Father, we are both your children. For the sake of scraping together tuition fees for your son, you stole your daughter’s things. How could the skin on your face be so thick?”

Feng Jin Yuan was insulted so heavily that he hated that he could not crawl into a crack. He knew that this matter would be exposed, but he truly did not know how he should deal with it. Facing these insults, there was nothing he could do aside from listen.

Thinking about it now, Feng Yu Heng had once ridiculed him. When compared to Feng Fen Dai, it truly could not be considered much. After all, she had rank and title. She was a dignified imperial daughter and had all kinds of merits. Her status would be many times higher than Fen Dai’s. The wealth that she had was also countless times more than what Fen Dai had. If he had to choose who he would be mocked and ridiculed by, he would rather it be at the hands of Feng Yu Heng. He never wanted to see Fen Dai’s mouth again.

Thinking like this, it was as though he had gained some courage, fiercely saying: “So what if I did take it? Zi Rui is a boy, and he is the Feng family’s only heir. What about you? In the end, you are a daughter that will be getting married. If you still know that your surname is Feng, you should think for your family. Forget it, I know that you don’t have those thoughts. The things that the fifth prince is doing for the Feng family, it’s not like the Feng family does not remember grace. But this grace, compared to the humiliation that your birth mother brought to the Feng family, is truly too different. Just view it as him repaying us. You can choose to not care about the Feng family. You can choose to not care about me, your father. You can also curse and insult me, but you must be clear that you don’t have the same standing as your second sister. You don’t have her influence. When you get married in the future, you don’t have an imperial daughter’s manor like her, nor do you have your own servants and guards. You also don’t have prestigious and close friends. You still need to have your bridal sedan carried out from the Feng residence. You will still need to get married as a daughter of the Feng family. Don’t forget that you’re still the daughter of a concubine. The Feng family’s fortunes are very closely tied to you.”

Feng Jin Yuan’s long rant seemed to have brought back some confidence in himself. It seemed as though he had returned to the past, when they were still in the former Feng manor. His children would listen to his discipline, and nobody dared to say anything in front of him.

Fen Dai was also frightened by this stature. She stared blankly at him, not knowing what she should say.

Feng Jin Yuan snorted coldly and waved his hand: “Go back for now. Father will be staying here for a little longer.” After he finished speaking, he did not wait for Fen Dai to react. A male servant immediately came in to chase her out.

Fen Dai was chased out in a daze, and she returned to her courtyard in a daze. Only when she reached the entrance of her courtyard did she manage to react. She could not help but feel surprised and say: “Dong Ying, did he become possessed? What did he just say?”

The maidservant at her side, Dong Ying, naturally heard what Feng Jin Yuan had said. At this moment, she had to console her young miss, saying: “Young miss, do not get angry. Master is someone that has been a prime minister. Although he has had no choice but to stop, he still has that bearing available to him. What he said is correct. Before young miss gets married, it is best to not offend the Feng family. If the Feng family’s situation becomes too ugly, the setting for when young miss gets married will also be ugly. Moreover…”

“Moreover what?”

“Moreover, this servant always feels that master only regained this forcefulness after visiting the imperial daughter’s manor. This servant suspects that second young miss might have given him something good? He feels that he has some support, thus he dares to go against young miss after coming back?”

Fen Dai was given a start, “But of course! If this was in the past, the old Feng Jin Yuan would not dare speak to me like this. Now that his second daughter has returned, he feels that he has a pillar of support!” She was so angry that her teeth itched, “Feng Yu Heng, why did you have to come back? Why did you not die on the battlefield in Qian Zhou? As long as you are here, my days will be terrible. I finally got a grasp on the Feng family, but you had to come and trip me up. Damn it, sooner or later, I will have you know what sort of ending will befall someone that goes against me, Feng Fen Dai!”

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