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Profound Feelings Between Siblings, But How Profound?

Everyone returned to the front yard under the guidance of the Yao family. Even Lu Yao and her three servants went along, not returning to the bridal chamber. Even the corpse was dragged to the middle of the front yard.

With this sort of thing happening, the banquet could no longer be held. The servants quickly went around and collected the bowls and plates. The umbrellas were also removed. The rain passed, and the skies cleared up, but the atmosphere had become even gloomier.

Water pooled on the corpse, and his body was completely soaked, with his hair becoming completely scattered. But the people did not care about such things. After all, there had been heavy rain today, and Lu Cuo was not the only one to have become soaked by the rain. Some people had entered the Yao manor to urgently have servants arrange for a place for them to get changed.

But this detail did not escape Feng Yu Heng’s notice. She stared at the corpse for a while then began to smile to herself.

Xuan Tian Ming asked her: “What are you smiling at?”

She shrugged: “There are some water weeds in his hair, and there is a small pond in the bridal courtyard. They were most likely taken from there.”

“Oh.” Xuan Tian Ming nodded then thought for a bit, continuing: “Then you think that someone killed him and placed the corpse in the pond then someone else came and pulled the corpse out.”

Feng Yu Heng smiled once more, “Who killed him? Either way, it’s just those few. As for who pulled him out…” She raised her head slightly and gently called into the air: “Ban Zou, if you could pull out the corpse, you also saw who did it, right?”

A snort came from thin air before a figure suddenly appeared in front of the two.

A hidden guard needed to have this sort of ability. Not only did they need to be good at hiding, even in a crowded area, but they also needed to be able to quickly appear without anyone noticing. Even if someone noticed, the feeling given off would simply be one of a normal guard standing there.

Xuan Tian Ming asked Ban Zou: “Do tell, what is the situation?”

Ban Zou immediately replied: “He was not killed by Lu Yao. It was one of her servants, the slightly fatter one. But after young miss left, Lu Yao and that man met once more. It was that man that forcefully dragged Lu Yao over to some rockery next to the pond. As this subordinate saw it, they don’t look like siblings. Instead, they look like lovers. The two were holding each other and were very intimate for a while.”

“Oh?” Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow, as a desire to gossip flashed through her eyes, “What is going on here? Quickly speak in detail!”

There was nothing that Ban Zou could do, “How can I speak about it in detail. Either way… either way, it’s like that. But Lu Yao still ended up leaving after that. A maidservant came, and Lu Cuo’s clothes were not put on properly. That maidservant had some martial ability and immediately covered Lu Cuo’s mouth. With her other hand, she held some embroidery needles and stabbed them into Lu Cuo’s throat.” Ban Zou spoke rather indifferently and without any emotion, only listing out the details of the case, “After being stabbed to death, the servant tidied up Lu Cuo’s clothes and tied a rock to him then threw him into the pond. This subordinate found this matter to be too disgusting. If the corpse was not brought out, how much grief would the eldest young master of the Yao family suffer on the first night in the bridal chamber!”

It sounded quite righteous, and Feng Yu Heng nodded, “You did well. If that Lu Yao knew what was good for her and did not cause any trouble, I would not want to cause her bad luck during the wedding. After all, this is related to the Yao family’s face. But with things as they are, it’s as you said. If things are left like this, that really would be unfair to the Yao family. Ban Zou, go over to the governor’s office and tell him about the situation. Also, have him prepare himself mentally.

Ban Zou nodded and left. Xuan Tian Ming had a sinister look, but she did not know what he was thinking. Yao Jing Jun’s side had already sent someone to the government office to report the case. None of the people present left, as the Yao manor’s gates were closed tight. Everyone was waiting for the truth and the conclusion.

As for the Lu family’s servant’s slander of Feng Yu Heng, there were not many people that took it to heart. It was as Xuan Tian Ming said. Even if Feng Yu Heng killed him, what of it? Moreover, what would the dignified imperial daughter kill the son of an official for? Was there any need to secretly kill him on this day? She could have him killed openly. Who knew what the people in the Lu family were thinking.

Lu Yao sat to the side with the support of the servants. Looking at the corpse on the ground, she endlessly sobbed. Yao Shu stayed at her side; however, his expression was very ugly. From time to time, he would look toward Feng Yu Heng with a look of remorse. He really wanted to go over and talk a bit, but every time that he was about to move, his sleeve would be tugged by Lu Yao. Every time that he tried, he was stopped.

Feng Yu Heng looked to be careless, but in reality, she was focused on the slightly fatter servant that Ban Zou had talked about. At this moment, that servant was supporting Lu Yao, with one hand on her shoulder and the other on her arm. Feng Yu Heng’s eyes noticed that there was a thick callus in the space between the index and middle finger on her right hand. Seeing this, she knew that it was formed from frequently practicing some sort of martial art.

But this servant was not particularly proficient in martial arts. At least, she was far worse when compared to them, but even if this was the case, she was still a helping hand at Lu Yao’s side. Ban Zou said that she had used needles to stab Lu Cuo’s throat. Thinking about it, that callus between her index finger and middle finger would be used for training in this skill.

Either way, she had nothing to do. Feng Yu Heng suddenly began to walk around. The people were surprised and looked toward her. They just saw her heading toward Lu Yao. With every step that she took, Lu Yao would tremble. Upon arriving in front of her, Lu Yao could not stop herself from wanting to retreat a step back, causing the chair to also flip over.

The servant quickly supported the chair, while Lu Yao was finally able to calm down a little with Yao Shu comforting her. However, she also decided to launch the first strike, rushing to say to Feng Yu Heng: “My older brother’s matter, you need to give me an explanation!”

Yao Shu had gotten angry at Lu Yao for the first time, loudly saying: “Why are you still so unreasonable? Your elder brother did indeed suddenly die, but how is it related to younger sister Heng? Father has already sent someone to bring the governor over. I trust that the governor, Lord Xu, will be able to find the truth of the matter.”

Yao Shu never got angry with Lu Yao. This was the first time, and Lu Yao was dazed by this shout. She could not believe that the person that had just spoken was the Yao Shu that always treated people gently. By the time she reacted, tears began to fall, and it caused people to feel pity.

Yao Shu did not know what he should do for a moment.

Lu Yao’s wet nurse interjected at this time, saying to Yao Shu: “Young master, do not get angry. Young madam is also feeling anxious. It’s the pain of her elder brother that has caused her to say such improper things. Young madam only has you after marrying into the family. You must not help an outsider while ignoring her!”

Feng Yu Heng nearly laughed out loud. This wet nurse really did provide some good assistance. Yao Shu was feeling soft-hearted, but these words caused his anger to burn brighter.

Sure enough, just as the wet nurse finished speaking, they heard Yao Shu angrily say: “Who are you calling an outsider? Younger sister Heng is my cousin. She is not an outsider!”

The wet nurse was left not knowing what she should say after being shouted at. She simply began to cry with Lu Yao while facing Lu Cuo’s corpse.

Feng Yu Heng suddenly reached out at this time. It was not toward Lu Yao. Instead, it was toward the fatter servant, as she grabbed her right hand and rubbed it with her palm: “I see that you have stayed at your master’s side. You didn’t say too much earlier. Thinking about it, you’re an obedient person.”

The servant was startled then shyly said: “Many thanks imperial daughter for the praise.”

Feng Yu Heng, however, shook her head, “It can’t be considered praise. Normally speaking, a dog that bites doesn’t bark.” The words that came out of the blue caused everyone listening to freeze. Nobody thought that imperial daughter Ji An would suddenly say something so impolite. But it was very clear that Feng Yu Heng had not finished speaking. She held the servant’s two hands and carefully looked. While looking, she said: “Who knows just how much manual labor the Lu family had you do. Looking at how callused your hands are, it really is distressing.”

After saying this, she let go of the maid servant’s hands and did not pay further attention to her. Instead, she looked toward Lu Yao and said with a smile: “Profound feelings between siblings? But just how profound are they?”

Lu Yao was startled, and her face became a bit pale.

“Don’t fear.” Feng Yu Heng said: “I won’t eat people. I don’t care how many dirty things your Lu family wants to do, but since you have married into the Yao family, you should take responsibility for your actions. Today, this imperial daughter didn’t give any great gift. How about I make up for it now! Wang Chuan!” She turned her head and called out. She then removed the identification plate hanging from her waist and handed it over: “Take this imperial daughter’s identification plate to the palace and invite a granny from the palace that inspects the bodies of the imperial concubines to the manor. The Lu family’s young miss is getting married. To be able to have a granny that inspects the bodies of the imperial concubines personally inspect her body, this is truly a great glory for her.”

Wang Chuan complied and left. Looking again at Lu Yao, her lower lip had begun to tremble.

Yao Shu’s thoughts were relatively simple, and he was lacking in life experience. To his ears, although there was no need for a body inspection for the marriage of an official’s child, since it was a granny that inspected the bodies of imperial concubines, it was a good thing. Thus he did not say anything.

But when Yao Jing Jun heard this, it caused him to feel that something was a little off. He could not help but look at Feng Yu Heng and only saw Feng Yu Heng slightly nod toward him. He could not stop himself from feeling even angrier.

At this time, Yao Xian was still kneeling next to the corpse and investigating it. While investigating, he said: “My Yao family does not have any other abilities, but it is very proficient in medicine. This old one sees that the son of the Lu family has had his throat stabbed by something. Needles stabbed into the throat, and he lost his life. When the governor arrives in a moment with the coroner, it can be checked once again.” After he finished speaking, he stood up and walked over to Feng Yu Heng’s side. Without looking at anyone else, he said to Feng Yu Heng: “You are my, Yao Xian’s, granddaughter, thus you are part of my Yao family. You will make a decision for today’s matter and how it should be handled. I want to see how certain people with bad intentions wanted to see my Yao family fall.”

Yao Xian’s words gave the members of the Yao family even more support. At first, Lu Yao’s marriage into the family was something that nobody aside from Yao Shu was satisfied with. They had all hoped for peace and happiness, not a connection with high-ranking officials. But Yao Shu liked her, and this person would be doted on after marrying into the family; however, who knew that this sort of thing would happen on the day of the wedding. This caused everyone in the Yao family to complain about the Lu family.

Now that Yao Xian had allowed Feng Yu Heng to make the decision, they all nodded. Yao Jing Jun also said: “Heng is the imperial daughter and is the person with the highest standing in our Yao family. It’s natural that what she says counts.”

With these two expressing their thoughts, Lu Yao completely withered. Just as she was about to plead her case with Yao Shu, she heard a report come from the entrance: “Lord Left Prime Minister has arrived! Lord Governor has arrived!”

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