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Feng Jin Yuan’s Nature

Prince Lian moved into the new residence and had not yet put up a sign. At this moment, the servants were currently being directed by Prince Lian in putting up an inscribed sign that read: “Lian Manor”.

The servants stood on ladders, while Prince Lian directed from below. From time to time, he would say: “A little left, a little further left, you’ve gone too far. To the right, to the right. No, no, it needs to be a bit higher.” His voice was crisp and clear. It was not completely soft like a woman’s, and it still had a bit of valor to it. It sounded very distinct and extremely pleasant.

Feng Jin Yuan’s carriage stopped slightly to the side of the Lian manor. He lifted the curtain and looked out. His gaze could not be shifted from Prince Lian, no matter what he did.

The servants of the Lian Manor were also lacking in competence. It was just a sign, yet they were still unable to satisfy Prince Lian’s wishes after a few tries. Prince Lian rested his hands on his hips, and the look of irritation on his face caused the feeling in Feng Jin Yuan’s heart to be even harder to suppress.

The Feng family’s driver was in the dark and lifted the curtain to ask Feng Jin Yuan: “Master, are we not going back to the residence? This carriage can’t just be left here in the middle of the road!”

Feng Jin Yuan waved his hand in irritation, simply getting out of the carriage. He then scolded the driver: “What’s the point of saying so much worthless stuff? Just bring the carriage back first!” After saying this, he walked toward Prince Lian in large strides.

The driver had been scolded for no apparent reason and had no clue what exactly he did wrong. Filled with sorrow and unhappiness, he drove the carriage back while looking back. With this glance, he happened to see Feng Jin Yuan walk over to the side of the beautiful woman next door. The smile on his face gave off a feeling of being on the verge of blooming.

The driver shuddered and thought to himself that he had truly seen something strange. Master Feng was already a partially crippled person. Why had his lust not died down? Just going up so brashly, not to mention whether or not that beautiful woman would look favorably upon the current situation of the Feng family, but even if she did, what of it? Master Feng, are you capable?

The driver returned to the residence with a look of disdain on his face. On the other side, Feng Jin Yuan walked behind Prince Lian. Taking a deep breath, he very politely cupped his hands and said: “Kind greetings to young miss!”

Feng Zhao Lian never thought that someone would suddenly call out from behind him. This gave him a fright, and he suddenly turned around. While patting his chest, he said: “Who are you? You scared me to death.” This voice was filled with displeasure, causing Feng Jin Yuan to take a couple steps back.

Back when he had seen this girl directing the servants from his carriage, he knew that this girl was not the sweet-tempered type. This was contrary to the women that he had brought into his residence. There was the graceful and restrained Yao shi. There was also the stoic An shi. There were also the charming Han shi and Jin Zhen. Confident and powerful, Kang Yi and the Cheng shi sisters could not be excluded. But he had never met someone this beautiful with a bit of stubbornness and heroic bearing that was opposite of the usual young miss’ bearing. Feng Jin Yuan’s mind worked. No matter how he looked at her, he felt that this woman was truly one of the best in the world.

Just looking caused him to become dazed and lose track of how long he stared for. The stare lasted for so long that the Lian manor’s servants could not bear to continue watching, with one of them going up to ask: “I say, who’re you? Is there anyone that would stare at a girl like this?”

The servants of the Lian manor were all purchased recently. They had no clue of Prince Lian’s foundation. They just knew that there was a second young miss with a bit of a faulty brain that would spend every moment of every day calling her own elder sister her husband. It was really pitiful.

With the servants causing a fuss, Feng Jin Yuan finally regained his senses. He quickly gave Prince Lian a salute then said: “Young miss, please do not misunderstand. This lowly one is from the neighboring Feng family. My name is Feng Jin Yuan. When returning home today, I passed by your residence and saw young miss feeling troubled over a sign, thus I thought to get out of my carriage to come and see if young miss needs any help.”

“Feng Jin Yuan?” Feng Zhao Lian’s mind spun and immediately recalled this person’s identity. He immediately stopped being reserved and nodded. Pointing at the sign hanging from the top of the gate, he said: “If you really are earnest, help me hang up that sign!”

“That’s not a problem, not a problem. This lowly one will definitely hang that sign up neatly. Young miss can be at ease.” Upon hearing that Feng Zhao Lian was willing to accept his help, Feng Jin Yuan smiled brightly. He immediately raised his head and said to the servants: “You can come down. I will help young miss hang up this sign.”

“Oh!” The servants at the top smiled: “To this kind sir, look at your own physique. You’re a scholar, right? You want to come up here and hang the sign? I fear that you won’t even be able to raise it.”

“Nonsense!” Feng Jin Yuan became angry. How could he be called weak in front of a beauty? This was truly a great humiliation! “Whether someone is strong or not, how can that be determined with just a glance? Just wait and see whether or not I can hang this sign well!”

The servant laughed brilliantly and very quickly descended from the ladder. He then lifted the sign and told Feng Jin Yuan: “Then go ahead and climb up first. After you’ve climbed up, this little one will hand the board to you.”

Feng Jin Yuan nodded and climbed up the ladder. In truth, the ladder was not very high, and the top could be reached with just six steps; however, Feng Jin Yuan could feel his legs begin to tremble when he reached just the fourth step. From below, it did not look like he was very high, but for the person himself, it was a different matter.

Feng Jin Yuan had been a government official for so many years and had many servants at home. When had he ever done something that required him to climb up high? But now, for the sake of helping out a beauty, he had bragged in front of so many people. Even if he was afraid, he had to continue.

Thus he bit the bullet and gritted his teeth to continue climbing up. When he finally managed to reach the sixth step, however, he did not dare let go of the ladder. Because he had reached the top, there was nothing else to hold onto. His entire body remained bent over, with his butt sticking out. It was truly an ugly sight.

The servants below laughed while looking at him. The person holding the sign asked: “Sir, are you acting as a shrimp? Either stand up straight or turn around to receive this sign. This little one is still holding it for you.”

However, Feng Jin Yuan did not dare stand up straight nor receive the sign. He could only remain bent over. His legs were still trembling, while he was feeling incredibly regretful over his earlier words.

Prince Lian sneered while looking up at him and very impolitely said: “Didn’t neighbor say that you would help me put up the sign? Why is it that you’ve already climbed up yet don’t dare receive it? This help is a bit muddled, isn’t it? Are you afraid? It’s fine, it’s not very high. Even if you fall, you won’t die, but if you just stay frozen like this, more and more people are gathering on this street. Neighbor’s face will become a problem.”

Feng Jin Yuan became anxious upon hearing these words. He immediately gritted his teeth and reached back without worrying about the height or falling: “Hand the sign to me.”

“Alright!” The servant immediately passed the sign up.

Feng Jin Yuan had his thumb on the inside and his four fingers on the outside. Putting in some strength, he prepared to lift the sign. But he really did make a mistake in his judgment of how heavy the sign was. When the person below let go, he felt a strong force pulling down on his arm. With him losing his balance, he felt himself falling down.

The servants below were given a fright, and they all went forward to receive; however, they were not moving to catch Feng Jin Yuan. Instead, they were trying to catch the sign. Once they caught the sign, they immediately brought it to the side, leaving Feng Jin Yuan to fall from the ladder and fall to the ground. Not a single person went to support him.

It was Feng Zhao Lian that began shouting toward the Feng residence: “Hey! People from the Feng family, quickly come here. Your master has fallen here.”

In truth, the gatekeeper for the Feng family had seen what Feng Jin Yuan was doing, but they did not want to do anything about it. The current Feng Jin Yuan could not compare with the past. He was no longer a prime minister. He was just a commoner. To put it in unkind terms, he was also a eunuch of a commoner.

The servants of the Feng family watched Feng Jin Yuan head toward that girl while his eyes glowed. There was more than enough disdain. They did not want to do anything about that matter. But now that Feng Zhao Lian had begun shouting, they had no choice but to go.

A few of the servants ran out with housekeeper He Zhong and headed toward Prince Lian. Upon seeing that Feng Jin Yuan was laying on the ground while holding his butt, they could not help but smirk.

While their hearts were still filled with disdain, they still needed to take care of him. He Zhong was the first to go forward and ask: “Master, are you alright?”

Upon seeing that He Zhong had arrived, Feng Jin Yuan quickly said to him: “Quickly! Go up and help this young miss put up the sign. It must be put up straight!”

He Zhong was puzzled and asked him: “Why must our people go up when someone else is putting up their sign?”

Feng Jin Yuan was so angry that he wanted to beat him: “I told you to go up, so you will go up. Where’s there any need for so much nonsense. I…”

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Feng Zhao Lian, who said: “No need. It’s not like I don’t have servants. Master Feng has been courteous. Quickly help master Feng back. It would be best to invite a doctor to take a look. It would be best if he did not hurt anything in the fall.” While saying this, he covered his mouth and faintly smiled. Turning to his servants, he said: “Go to the treasury and get ten taels. Consider it the money for calling a doctor for master Feng.”

“No need, no need!” Feng Jin Yuan’s face had been completely ruined. He endured the pain and had He Zhong help him walk back to the Feng residence. While walking, he did not forget to look back at Feng Zhao Lian. With great reluctance, he said: “Then I will come at a later date to apologize.”

Feng Zhao Lian smiled at him and replied: “Then I will welcome master Feng.”

This smile nearly caused Feng Jin Yuan to be scared out of his wits.

Only after the people returned to the Feng residence did the servants begin trying to put the sign up once more. At the same time, they complained about Feng Jin Yuan for a bit.

Feng Zhao Lian looked at the Feng residence and laughed to himself. Looking over, he said to the guard, Yun Xiao: “Did you see that? That person just now is the shameless father. I heard that he was stabbed by Ya Ya’s birth mother, and that thing down below is missing; however, his lust still has not died down. Should this sort of person be handled fiercely?”

The guard, Yun Xiao, nodded, “That’s right. To dare place his thoughts on master, he must be taught a lesson.”

Feng Zhao Lian smirked, “Then can you teach that woman that calls herself my wife every day a lesson? Your master is truly feeling annoyed!”

Yun Xiao shook his head, “That one is no threat to you, and she does not have any bad intentions. Moreover, master should interact with women some more. Sooner or later, you will need to start a family.”

Feng Zhao Lian gritted his teeth! “I’ll start a family with your sister!”

Yun Xiao, however, did not think much of it, only telling him: “The matter that master wanted me to inquire about is showing signs of a solution. His Highness the seventh prince that is said to be like a deity will be returning to the capital, tomorrow at noon!”

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