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The Ninth Prince Restores his Standing as a Man

Feng Yu Heng was carried out of the imperial carriage by the ninth prince. As though she was a small cat, she was carried under his arm. No matter how much she shouted or hit him, there was no effect. Xuan Tian Ming’s arm was quite strong. From the entrance of the palace all the way to the bedchamber, his expression did not change. After entering the room, he kicked the doors, closing them with a “boom” sound. Feng Yu Heng thought to herself that it was over.

It’s over. Xuan Tian Ming threw her onto the bed!

It’s over. Xuan Tian Ming began taking off his clothes!

It’s over. Xuan Tian Ming began taking off her clothes!

Feng Yu Heng really wanted to close her eyes, but when a certain person exposed their body, her eyes could not control themselves and stared straight at his flesh. Eh? The corners of her lips were a bit moist. Wiping them, what a disappointment. It was drool!

She climbed up in bed and did not pay attention to her untidy clothes. She reached out to touch his body; however, she was pushed back down in bed by a certain person.

Thunk, flesh stuck to flesh.

“That uh…” Her face was a bit hot, “Your comrade is a little naughty.”

“Un.” A certain person said very shamelessly: “It said that it wants to communicate its feelings.”

“Can I curse you for being indecent?”

“Up to you.” He pushed her down a bit more, and a certain place caused her to feel flustered. “Just now, who was it that said that this prince does not look as good as seventh brother?”

She replied to this question very happily: “Imperial concubine mother.”

A certain person gnashed their teeth: “And who was it that agreed to that statement?” While he spoke, his hips moved slightly, causing Feng Yu Heng’s face to turn red.

“I just… wanted to support imperial concubine mother.” She wanted to avoid it, “That uh, negotiate with your comrade and have it calm down. This… this is not good.”

“This prince feels that this is very good.” He brought his face closer to her, “Look closely, between this prince and old seventh, who looks better?”

Feng Yu Heng really did open her eyes wide to look for a while. She then felt that she could not go against her conscience, thus she changed the way she spoke: “You look a bit cooler and more dashing, while seventh brother looks more refined. Each has its own merits, each has its own merits.”

“Then which one does beloved consort prefer?” He had a wicked smile on his face. Lowering his head, he nibbled at her collarbone, causing Feng Yu Heng to begin giggling. “Speak!”

“You! I like you more!” She was weak to being tickled and laughed until her belly hurt; however, she did not think that this body rolling up would create another wave of pressure in a certain place. The person leaning against her began breathing even more heavily.

A certain person had become quite addicted to nibbling on her collarbone and was enjoying it quite a bit. Feng Yu Heng wanted to ask, are you eating Juewei Duck Neck?* But in this sort of situation, she felt that saying this sort of thing would bring another round of “retribution,” thus she endured and did not say it. But it really was very ticklish!

She could not control her own laughter and repeatedly begged for forgiveness; however, a certain person said: “You know to beg for forgiveness now? It seems to be a bit late.”

His hands started to become naughty, moving along her clothes and trying to get inside. Feng Yu Heng was given a start and immediately said: “No good, no good! Xuan Tian Ming, I have not yet reached the age of marriage. My body has not yet finished maturing. From a medical standpoint, doing this sort of thing is absolutely no good. It will cause some medical problems. You must not be rash. You must think carefully! I will get sick, ahh!”

Xuan Tian Ming’s head swelled and helplessly sat up in bed then covered her up with a blanket. “Are all doctors so sensible? This is the first time that this prince has seen a girl like you. You really are something!”

Feng Yu Heng squinted her eyes and noticed a hint. Grabbing the blanket, she sat up and asked with an expressionless face: “Then do tell, what are other girls like? Xuan Tian Ming, are other girls just rushing to get into your bed? With just this bit of teasing, they all cheer? I say, isn’t it about time for this imperial daughter to investigate this palace? If there is a courtyard with a servant that you are sleeping with or a concubine, this grandaunty will need to have them executed nice and early.”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed: “Beloved consort, please investigate. The Yu Palace respectfully invites imperial daughter Ji An to investigate.”

“Tsk!” Feng Yu Heng knew that this person did not have that sort of hobby, and she also knew that she could not catch him for this matter, thus she changed the topic: “Then tell me, how much do you earn in a month? How many servants do you have, and what are your expenses? How many shops, residences and fields do you have? How are things spent every year after it is all collected? How many businesses do you have, and how much do they earn? How much wealth do you have in your palace right now, and how many banknotes do you have? Also, who will manage the money for our family in the future? Who will manage the money?”

Xuan Tian Ming’s head hurt, “The money will definitely be left for you to manage, but how much I earn and how much is saved is something that I really don’t know! You would need to ask lady Zhou for that.”

“Hmph!” Feng Yu Heng loudly snorted: “Then when it comes to the question of who looks better between you and seventh brother, you should just go and ask lady Zhou!” After saying this, she lay back down and wrapped herself in the blanket, “Sleep!”

A certain person rubbed their nose. When exactly had the tides turned? Things clearly were not like this?

He lay down and wanted to hug the girl at his side, but the damn girl wrapped herself up like a zongzi. He tried a few times to get his hand inside but was met with failure. Helpless, he could not hug her over the blanket. “Give me part of the blanket, alright?”


“It’s cold.”

“Serves you right!”

A certain person fell silent and fell into a light sleep while hugging the zongzi. Roughly one hour later, Feng Yu Heng heard the breathing of the person hugging her come with a bit of sniffling. She reached back and felt the arm at her waist. It was ice-cold.

At the start of Autumn in the capital, the range of temperature was very large, and the nights were very cold.

Her heart suddenly ached, and she quickly turned around to cover Xuan Tian Ming with the blanket. She then felt how cold his chest was, and she felt even more annoyed over her little temper earlier.

A certain person sniffled a few times then very naturally pulled the girl into their embrace. Kissing her forehead, he even savored the moment before nodding, “Sweet.”

She angrily beat him: “Pretending to sleep! No decency at all.” Either way, they were awake, and could no longer fall asleep. She simply got up and fetched a soft cushion to place behind her. Seeing Xuan Tian Ming look up at her, she recounted what had happened when she had seen imperial concubine Yuan Shu inside the palace. She then asked: “I only saw the eighth prince once. After that, there was no more news. What sort of person is he? Where did he go?”

Xuan Tian Ming saw that she mentioned this and also sat up in bed at her side, telling her: “Old eighth is also a person with a military background; however, his martial arts are not especially good. It would be accurate to say that his calculations and plans are unparalleled. He is an imperial advisor. Over the years, he never clearly expressed which side he stood on, but it’s also because of this that his position became clearer. He is standing for himself. At present, he is in the South. Using his status as a general, he has gone to join in with the Southern Army to help repel the attacks in the South. It’s reported that the majority of the strife in the South has been handled, and old eighth has constructed a government office there, which has become a point of power.” He paused for a moment then said: “Father Emperor looks to be foolish, but he is actually very clear. He intends to hand the throne over to me, but he is helpless against the princes being proud. There are also people like old third and old fourth. How could the throne be handed down so smoothly. He’s always valued family ties. With old third as the exception, he would only hand down a punishment to his sons if he did not need to execute them. If he could have them change, he would not punish them. That’s why the Xuan family’s battle for the throne is related to both firm and flexible.”

This was the first time that Feng Yu Heng had seriously asked about the rarely seen eighth prince; however, she did not think that he would be someone that would be so hard to deal with. After thinking about imperial concubine Yuan Shu, she could not help but smile wryly, “It seems that imperial concubine Yuan Shu can be pressured and supervised but not heavily punished.”

“Un.” Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “There’s no rush for this. Thinking about it, father Emperor will definitely have the Empress handle this matter. Don’t look at how the Empress usually does not participate in any dispute, when it comes time to take care of a matter, she will not decline shouldering the responsibility. I trust that she will choose a very appropriate method for resolving this matter. There’s no need for us to worry.”

This point was one that Feng Yu Heng trusted. She just reminded Xuan Tian Ming: “Craftsman Bai has already been brought back to my imperial daughter’s manor. On the day that he left the palace, he was followed. After that, I had Ban Zou go and investigate; however, he couldn’t find anything. I don’t know if he was too sensitive or if the opposition is too skilled.”

Xuan Tian Ming, however, said: “It’s definitely not that craftsman Bai was too sensitive. After being held in the palace for nearly a year, he is not a foolish person. People attentive with their hands are attentive to themselves. Whether or not there is something wrong, I trust craftsman Bai’s judgment. Just have him hide out in your place. You need to be careful too of the opposition coming to visit.”

“That shouldn’t happen.” Feng Yu Heng thought for a bit then said: “The people that dealt with Bai Fu Rong were dispatched by the ruler of Qian Zhou. Now that the ruler of Qian Zhou has died, those people should have already stopped. Qian Zhou no longer exists, so there is no point in them continuing to try and control craftsman Bai and Bai Fu Rong.”

Xuan Tian Ming, however, did not believe this to be the case, “That sort of person does not act for some sort of purpose. Think about it, if you met with some danger, even if you did not give Ban Zou the order, could it be that he wouldn’t go to Jiang Hu to ask around?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “Naturally, Ban Zou would definitely get… you mean to say that I should be careful that people from Qian Zhou will try to get revenge for their ruler?”

“Just defend against the chance!” Xuan Tian Ming sighed, “After all this talk, it’s all just speculation. It would be best if they did not try to get revenge. If they really walk that path, we just need to be more alert.” He reached out with his arm and grabbed her shoulder, “There’s just under a year until you are of age. Speaking of, this prince should begin preparing for our grand wedding next year.”

“So fast!” Feng Yu Heng sighed and counted on her fingers. She had come to this world when this body was twelve-years-old. In the blink of an eye, it had been over two years. “Xuan Tian Ming.” She looked over and asked him, “Will our wedding be very lively?”

“Of course.” He was very proud, “My, Xuan Tian Ming’s wedding will definitely shake the world.”

She giggled, as her eyes were filled with expectation. The grand wedding would be next year. She was unable to get married in her previous life; however, she was able to find such a perfect match in this life, and she would have her own grandfather in attendance. The heavens had not mistreated her.

The two began another discussion as a result of talking about the liveliness of the wedding. They spoke and spoke until they fell asleep together. When she opened her eyes again, Huang Quan told Feng Yu Heng: “His Highness has already gone to court and informed us servants not to wake young miss.” After she finished speaking, she tugged at Feng Yu Heng and urgently said: “Young miss should get up quickly. There is a bit of not-too-good news that this servant must tell young miss!”


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