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This Grandaunty Came to Take Your Soul

Duan Mu Cong suddenly recalled a secret report that the North had received. That report said that Qian Zhou’s tracking arrow that had been acknowledged as unavoidable was understood by Da Shun’s imperial daughter Ji An, Feng Yu Heng. Also, not only had it been understood, her tracking arrow was even better than the one used by Qian Zhou’s divine archers. The secret report also said that imperial daughter Ji An also formed her own divine archery team, personally instructing them in archery to try and beat Qian Zhou.

Now, he watched as the people down below hit their mark from such a great distance. The horror in Duan Mu Cong’s heart surged forth and could not be repressed. He had personally seen when the arrows had been shot, some of the soldiers had tried to run in fear, but when they ran, the arrows that had been shot seemed to have grown eyes, following the soldiers in the direction that they ran until they hit their mark.

If this was not the tracking shot, what could it be?

With such a high wall, it could be said that shooting down from there did not require much skill; however, the arrows had been shot from below. Flying up through the air, the 20 arrows did not come up empty, as they all struck the hearts of their targets.

If this was not Da Shun’s divine archery team, what was it?

Duan Mu Cong felt the urge to retire for the first time. Even if Guan Zhou had extremely high and thick walls, he still had no ability to escape from the fear in his heart. He still felt that even if went behind the walls, those arrows would squeeze through the wall and strike him. But…

Duan Mu Cong’s gaze became frigid. A man must not show weakness before his army. He must not flee in the face of an enemy that had just flaunted a bit of its power. He still had an ace up his sleeve, didn’t he?

Duan Mu Cong suddenly began to laugh. It was just as Xuan Tian Ming had just done. It was very arrogant; however, no matter how hard he laughed, it still felt forced. After laughing for a while, he could no longer continue to laugh. He simply waved his hand and ordered a soldier at his side: “Bring that person up! I want to see if that ninth prince will still be as heroic as before.”

Very quickly, a girl with her mouth stuffed was brought up by some soldiers. A long and thick rope kept the person tied up. The rope was so tight that it ruined her clothes, and the girl’s complexion was extremely pale. She was lacking in vigor and looked to be near death. She required the support of a soldier to remain upright, as it would have been very difficult for her to remain standing on her own.

Having already dismounted her horse and hidden behind a pile of snow, Feng Yu Heng squinted her eyes and looked up. She immediately recognized the person as Fu Ya. In just a few days time, she had already been roughed up to such a degree. This caused her feelings of guilt to reach the pinnacle.

The line of sight from the top of the wall was quite good. With the wind blowing, Fu Ya was given a shock, and she was woken up. At this time, she heard Duan Mu Cong shout down once more: “Ninth prince! Open your eyes and take a look at who it is! Even if you have divine archers or tens of thousands of soldiers, or even if you look down on me, take a close look. This woman, who is she?”

When Fu Ya had been brought up to the top of the wall, Xuan Tian Ming’s had already looked over. Not just Xuan Tian Ming looked, as the entire army looked over.

Of these tens of thousands of soldiers, the majority were not familiar with Feng Yu Heng. In fact, they had never even met her. They were the ones that had been left in the Northwest by Xuan Tian Ming. Now that they had been called by Xuan Tian Ming to assault Qian Zhou, after joining up with Qian Li’s troops they had at most heard about how amazing imperial daughter Ji An was and how loving she was with the ninth prince. Based on imperial daughter Ji An having formed a group of divine archers and a support squad along with hearing about the production of steel, every story was like a legend. They could scarcely believe that there could be such an amazing woman.

After Xuan Tian Ming’s group arrived, they suddenly heard that imperial daughter Ji An had been caught by the North. Only then did they find out that the girl at the ninth prince’s side was nothing more than a substitute. Secretly sneaking into the North, she immediately provided a great gift, burning down Duan Mu An Guo’s palace.

For a while, the admiration that the soldiers had for Feng Yu Heng had reached its peak. This girl that had only just turned 14 years of age with the new year was a miracle in their hearts. The people that had come from the Northwest were anxious to meet the glorious imperial daughter Ji An.

But Duan Mu Cong had brought imperial daughter Ji An up at this moment. The girl looked extremely fragile and left them feeling a little unbearable.

Was that the imperial daughter?

Wasn’t it said that imperial daughter was extremely capable in combat? How could she have been roughed up to this degree?

In the end, a myriad of thoughts reached one conclusion: If that is really the imperial daughter, even if they completely decimated the North, this enmity could not be forgiven!

But an answer very quickly resolved this matter, and this answer was given to them by Xuan Tian Ming. Bai Ze was at Xuan Tian Ming’s side, and he personally saw his master let out a sigh of relief when the girl had been brought out. The worry that had been present in his eyes had finally dissipated.

“That’s just a substitute. This prince thought that it would be a good show. Thinking about it, the Duan Mu family’s abilities really are like that. It truly does not inspire any expectation.” Xuan Tian Ming spoke and a feeling of pride swelled within him, “You caught imperial daughter Ji An? You’ve truly underestimated this prince’s wife! If she could be caught so easily by you, how could she have burned down Duan Mu An Guo’s residence under his nose. That fire was truly great! This prince was very satisfied. When my army enters Song Zhou City, this prince will personally take a look at that residence. If there are places that were not burned thoroughly enough, I’ll just make sure to do it again.”

A mouthful of blood surged up Duan Mu Cong’s throat, and he nearly coughed it up. He never could have believed that this girl that perfectly resembled imperial daughter Ji An would actually be seen through by Xuan Tian Ming so quickly. Thinking back, before he had come to Guan Zhou, his father had told him that this girl looked exactly like imperial daughter Ji An, thus using her to threaten Da Shun’s army would definitely be successful.

Unfortunately, Duan Mu An Guo had made a mistake. He did not anticipate that Xuan Tian Ming would actually be so quick to arrive in Guan Zhou. Based on his calculations, Xuan Tian Ming’s army would require another ten days at least to reach the North.

However, things never went as expected. Xuan Tian Ming had come. The others might not recognize her, but he could immediately recognize his wife. Fu Ya was no longer of any use as a substitute. Duan Mu Cong watched Xuan Tian Ming wave his hand and give the order for the divine archers to switch to fire arrows. The archers drew their bowstrings. Even if he had ten thousand soldiers at his back, he still did not feel confident.

Just as Duan Mu Cong thought that the battle was about to commence, just as he was about to give the order for his archers to prepare to shoot, and just as he wanted to kill Fu Ya, a mysterious and ghostly voice came from who knew where. It was a girl that spoke. It did not seem like she used much strength, but that voice could still be heard perfectly clearly.

That girl said: “Dear husband, don’t use fire arrows. If you accidentally burn down the walls or the gate, we will need to spend our own money to repair it. It’s truly too much of a waste. Also, the smell of burned bodies is very disgusting. I smelled it before at the leader’s manor. I truly do not want to smell it again.”

Once this was said, Xuan Tian Ming’s eyes immediately lit up. Practically without needing to think too much, he turned his gaze in a certain direction. In that direction was a large snowy field, and there were plenty of piles of snow there. He could not see a single person there. But he could guess that the damn girl was hiding behind some pile of snow, and he could imagine that she was using the “voice-amplifying device” found in her space. In this world, this sort of sound was something that only his Heng Heng could produce.

He laughed. Not only did he laugh, but Bai Ze also laughed. Qian Li laughed, and the soldiers of the Divine Intent Army laughed. The soldiers from the military camp near the capital also began to laugh. While they laughed, they told their comrades that had come from the Northwest: “Did you hear that. That’s our imperial daughter Ji An. We knew that this would be the case. Based on imperial daughter’s abilities, if the North wanted to catch her, it would not even remotely be possible!”

While the soldiers spoke, they all had extremely proud looks on their faces. Gradually, tens of thousands of soldiers all began to cheer, and laughter filled the snowy fields. This caused Feng Yu Heng’s lips to curl into a slight smile, joy filling her face.

“Comrades, when we’ve taken over Guan Zhou, this imperial daughter will invite you all to drink wine!” She spoke with a broad smile. At the same time, she could feel that Xuan Tian Ming was looking in her direction, which caused her to feel even happier. When she spoke again, she asked Duan Mu Cong: “Hey! The one from the Duan Mu family, do you believe that there is an emissary from the underworld here to take your soul? That he is able to take your life in the blink of an eye in a way that you could not expect? Regardless of where you are, regardless of what you are doing, regardless of whether you can see it or not, and even more regardless of whether or not you are defending against it, your life definitely forfeit. No matter what, it no longer belongs to you. Do you believe it? Today, this grandaunty will personally claim your soul!”

After this was said, the megaphone was put away; however, she moved her eye over to the scope of a sniper rifle. She had taken aim at her target long ago, and there was no need for her to adjust her aim. She pulled directly on the trigger. The silencer at the tip of the barrel caused a sound that could barely be noticed. At the same time, the person that stood at the top of the fall suddenly had a bloody hole appear on his forehead. Following this, he collapsed to the ground, dead.

Feng Yu Heng never thought that aside from the two stories of pharmacy that had come with her to Da Shun, that basement that she could not open in the past would suddenly be opened. When the guns and ammunition that she had hidden there in her previous life appeared before her eyes, she was extremely shocked, and she subconsciously brought out a sniper rifle!

Nobody knew how exactly Duan Mu Cong had died. Many years later, this story would be told as a myth. Some would say that Da Shun’s imperial daughter Ji An was a deity. If a deity wanted you to die, there was no need for you to move, as everything would happen automatically.

There were also some that said that Feng Yu Heng had died many years previously in the village in the Northwest. The current Feng Yu Heng was the reincarnation of a malevolent spirit. Anyone that she wanted to die would definitely not be able to see the next sunrise.

Either way, regardless of which explanation it was, it showed the admiration that everyone showed toward Feng Yu Heng. This sort of admiration was even greater than what they felt for Xuan Tian Ming, such that it caused that guy to feel jealous, as he held his wife in bed for seven days and seven nights, never letting her go.

Of course, this was all a part of a story to be told later. Feng Yu Heng had killed Duan Mu Cong with a single shot of her rifle. Not only were the soldiers of the North dumbfounded, but even Da Shun’s soldiers were also completely shaken. Fortunately, Xuan Tian Ming maintained his composure. Just as he was about to pick up his wife, the situation at the top of the wall was extremely chaotic. The girl that so closely resembled his wife that it caused him to feel mistaken was suddenly pushed off…

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