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The Great Trick of Moving Through Space

In the narrow and endless tunnel, the sound that suddenly rose caused the three to freeze in place. They all paid close attention to the sound. They noticed that the sound come from behind, but the distance was not clear, and the reverberations continued without end. Instead, the sound seemed to be getting louder and louder.

Prince Lian was the first to become afraid, trembling and asking: “Wh-what’s this sound?”

Feng Yu Heng and Ban Zou looked at each other, receiving a message from the other’s eyes. After a while, Feng Yu Heng finally spoke in a calm voice; however, what she said left people feeling unable to calm down. She said: “Avalanche.”

“What?” Prince Lian’s face immediately turned pale. For someone that had grown up in a world covered in snow and ice, how could she not understand what an avalanche meant. Moreover, it happened when they were in this space. If there was an avalanche up above, would they not get buried alive?

“Move quickly.” Feng Yu Heng was the first to react, moving her legs to run. Just as she began to run, there was a thunderous sound that came from behind that grew closer.

Ban Zou did not fall behind, quietly moving to run; however, he was grabbed by Prince Lian, “Wait a moment. Wait for me.” He could not break free and could only drag Prince Lian along to escape for his life.

It was as though the three were crossing a broken bridge. With every step that they took, the sound behind them grew a little louder. Gradually, they could feel rocks falling from above their heads. Dust began to fill the tunnel, increasing the difficulty of their escape.

Prince Lian began to cough. The air in the tunnel was stagnant, and the amount of rocks and dust filling the air increased. The quality of the air had already reached the worst-possible extreme.

Ban Zou ran while saying to Feng Yu Heng: “Something seems off.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “This sort of collapse seems to be manmade. It could be that there isn’t really an avalanche. Instead, it feels like there are a large number of people that are smashing their way toward the tunnel.” She turned to look at Prince Lian, who was holding on to Ban Zou’s arm. Frowning, she said: “You still say that this tunnel is reliable. Now, it seems that Duan Mu An Guo found out about this little secret who knows how many years ago. We just came in here foolishly, accidentally falling into his trap.”

Prince Lian continued to cough. Using a sleeve to cover her face, her eyes lit up with an unconcealable ferocity: “Duan Mu An Guo, sooner or later, I will cut you into ten thousand pieces!”

Ban Zou frowned and asked: “What exactly is the enmity between you two?”

Prince Lian coldly said: “One that will not allow us to coexist in this world.” Just as this was said, the ground that had become covered in rocks caused her to trip, her entire body falling forward. It happened that Feng Yu Heng and Ban Zou were avoiding the bumps in the ground and failed to catch her. This woman fell to the ground, completely sprawled out. She let out a shrill shriek, with even her bones hurting from the fall. The hand that had been holding on to Ban Zou had no choice but to let go. Falling to the ground, a large patch of skin came off of her hand.

The two in front quickly stopped to pick her up. Ban Zou helplessly placed her on his back and continued to struggle forward.

The more Feng Yu Heng ran, the more profound her feeling of danger became. Intuition told her that if they continued to advance, even if they reached the exit, only death would await them. She raised her head and looked up, asking Prince Lian: “How deep is this tunnel? From here to the surface, roughly how many feet is it?”

Prince Lian thought a bit then said: “Roughly 15 feet.” She paused and asked with a little bit of uncertainty: “What are you doing? Could it be that you want to dig up?”

Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes at her then did not speak; however, she had begun to calculate. 15 feet was roughly 5 meters. It was a little too high. The first floor of the pharmacy was 2.8 meters high. In order to pass through the 5 meters, they would need to climb onto the roof of the second floor.

After advancing another 50-odd steps, the three reached a fork in the tunnel. Just as Prince Lian extended a hand toward a path, a burnt smell suddenly came from that direction. Ban Zou subconsciously pulled Feng Yu Heng back a step, urgently saying: “There’s smoke.” The other path that had not been pointed to suddenly began to collapse. Large rocks and wooden beams began to fall. After just a short while, the path was completely blocked.

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, “Qian Zhou’s tunnels were supported by tofu!”

The smoke became thicker and thicker, causing the group to cough more and more. This left them with no choice but to retreat.

Ban Zou said: “It seems that they didn’t just start a fire. They’re also burning charcoal. If we don’t come up with another method, I fear that we will have no choice but to suffocate and die.”

Prince Lian’s face had turned completely pale with fear. She repeatedly emphasized that she was still young and did not want to die, but the smoke entered through her nose and invaded her lungs. By the end, she could not complete a single sentence. Ban Zou no longer continued to argue with her, holding her a little tighter and did his best to use his own body to block the smoke.

Feng Yu Heng sighed. She knew that if they did not leave, they really could not be able to leave. Thus she made a prompt decision to pull out two sleeping masks from her space. She put one on Prince Lian and one on Ban Zou then grabbed Ban Zou with her left hand, saying in a heavy tone: “Don’t be afraid. Listen to me. You must not touch the thing covering your eyes. Follow me and move as I tell you to move.”

Prince Lian was a little afraid. The feeling of being blinded and losing her sight was really bad, and she subconsciously held Ban Zou’s neck a little tighter.

Ban Zou was someone that had absolute trust in Feng Yu Heng. He knew even more that his master had some abilities that were not available to most people. Thus he did not bother asking, simply nodding and saying: “I understand.”

“Good.” Feng Yu Heng took a deep breath. Just as the thick smoke and heat were about to reach them, she moved her consciousness, bringing the two into her pharmacy in the blink of an eye.

“Huh?” Prince Lian was disturbed and let out a cry. It had clearly been exceedingly hot just earlier, and even her face was feeling extremely hot. Just as she was about to move her hand to cover her face, the temperature suddenly evened out. It was neither hot nor cold. There was no smell of smoke, nor was there the sound of things collapsing. It was as though everything had stopped. She believed that she had returned to her Lian Palace, and everything that had happened did not really happen.

However, Feng Yu Heng’s voice immediately brought her mind back to the present. She said to Ban Zou: “Follow me. Turn left three steps then advance six steps. Go up eight steps then turn left one step before climbing another eight steps.”

Ban Zou nodded, “I’ve got it.”

Feng Yu Heng’s left hand continued to hold Ban Zou’s wrist, while Ban Zou had a hand behind him to continue holding Prince Lian. The three went up to the second story of the pharmacy like this. Feng Yu Heng found an open space and calculated the position before saying: “I’m going to count to three. Use your qinggong to bring all of us up. Remember, get as high as you can. Do you understand?”

“Don’t worry.” Ban Zou took a deep breath. Although he did not understand where he currently was nor what Feng Yu Heng’s intentions were, his intuition and experience told him that listening to his master would be the right choice.

Feng Zhao Lian, this woman was already completely dazed. Her family’s tunnel did not have stairs. She had counted a total of sixteen steps. How high would that get them? The entire tunnel wasn’t even this high. They should almost be at the surface, right? How exactly did they get up there? She could not control herself and wanted to remove the blindfold; however, Feng Yu Heng gave a warning once more, saying: “If you take it off, I will leave you here forever. Don’t ever think of seeing the sun again.”

Prince Lian trembled and put down her hand.

Feng Yu Heng coldly said: “Get ready, one, two, three!” Once “three” was said, Ban Zou suddenly leaped up at an extremely fast speed. She quickly raised her head. Just as she saw that their heads were about to crash into the ceiling, she moved to touch her left wrist. Moving her consciousness, they immediately left the pharmacy and returned to the real world.

In the instant that they came out, a gust of cold wind hit her face. The wind and snow were like knives that cut at her face, leaving Feng Yu Heng unable to open her eyes.

Ban Zou and jumped far above the ground. While they descended, a shout suddenly came from below that gave the three a fright, “There are people in the sky!”

Feng Yu Heng’s tightly shut eyes immediately opened. At the same time, she pulled out countless silver needles and threw them out. She just heard a few “thumping” sounds before the shouting came to an end.

After Ban Zou landed, he quickly removed his blindfold. When he got a view of what was before him, he found that there was a sword being swung toward them. Before the three could catch a breath, a fight suddenly broke out. Feng Yu Heng pulled out her military knife and stood at Ban Zou’s side, taking down an enemy with each swing. She was quite happy with the slaughter.

While they were fighting, she saw countless hammers scattered around. Thinking about it, they should be for the sake of collapsing the tunnel. It was very clear that collapse was manmade. Also, these people were very clear on the path of the tunnel

Prince Lian had slid off of Ban Zou’s back. In order to express that she was not a dead weight, she picked up a couple rocks from the ground and held them in her hands. Although she did not manage to kill anyone, this was her summoning some courage.

Ban Zou protected the two, fighting while retreating. At the same time, he did not forget to poke fun at Prince Lian: “It seems that not only did Duan Mu An Guo know about this tunnel’s entrance and exit, he even has a good grasp on the path of the tunnel. I really don’t know where you found your confidence to actually dare to believe that place was safe.”

Prince Lian was rendered speechless by him, her face alternating between red and white; however, she also knew that this was not the time to argue.

Feng Yu Heng did not blame her, only asking: “In any case, you are from this side. You should be familiar with the terrain, right? Which way should we be running?”

Prince Lian said: “Of course, it’s to the Southwest. Your army is stationed there. Only by running in that direction is there any hope of survival.”

Ban Zou frowned: “How do you know that Da Shun’s army is stationed to the Southwest?” His tone was vigilant.

Prince Lian glared: “What do you mean? The entire world knows that Da Shun is about to fight Qian Zhou. The entire world knows that Da Shun’s army is already set up in the North! What is it, do you think that gathering so many people in one place is some sort of secret? Go out and ask around. Even a three-year-old little child know that there are soldiers there. What’s wrong with this great one, a dignified prince of Qian Zhou, knowing this bit of information? What is it?”

Feng Yu Heng helplessly stopped the two from arguing, making a decision: “Head Southwest to meet up with Qian Li.” After saying this, she pulled out a compass from her sleeve. Damn, it really was difficult for her to find an accurate reading on the directions in this snow.

But before she could even take a step, her sleeve was gently tugged by Prince Lian. She turned around and shot an inquisitive glance. She then heard Prince Lian say: “Ya Ya, you guys go ahead. I… won’t send you off.”

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