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You Haven’t Taken an Interest in Xuan Tian Ming, Right?

“One named Feng!” She grabbed a corner of the red clothes before her, “What you meant just now, the help that you will ask me of won’t require a country as repayment? You mean to say that this won’t need any help on a national level?”

Prince Lian made use of this opportunity to grab Feng Yu Heng’s small hand. She tried a few times to break free but failed, thus she went along with it. The woman walking in the front covered her mouth and smiled, nodding, “Right, it’s personal. It’s unrelated to the the public.”

“Then…” A feeling of uncertainty swelled inside Feng Yu Heng’s heart, “Damn, you haven’t set your sights on Xuan Tian Ming, right? You want to use this one favor to me to have me give up on Xuan Tian Ming and give him to you?”

Once this was said, Ban Zou could not help but admire his master’s thought process. How did she end up thinking of that?

Prince Lian nearly tripped over herself. Turning around, she looked at Feng Yu Heng as though she had seen something preposterous and did not speak for a long time. The group ran forward for a little longer, and just as Feng Yu Heng was about to ask once more, she heard Prince Lian ask Ban Zou: “Could it be that your imperial daughter’s brain is a little lacking?”

Feng Yu Heng felt that based on her understanding of Ban Zou and the deep feelings between master and servant, once there was someone that said anything similar to her brain being lacking, Ban Zou would insult them back even if he did not outright slap them. Even if this was the heavenly beauty, Prince Lian, she did not believe Ban Zou to be someone to cast aside friends in favor of lust.

Thus a certain person looked at their hidden guard in anticipation. Who could have known that Ban Zou would be nodding very seriously toward Prince Lian. The two then began a serious discussion.

Ban Zou said: “It’s not that her brain is lacking. It’s just that there are times when her train of thought will bounce around a bit.”

Prince Lian said: “Then they’re leaping too far! I am Prince Lian! Say, do you think I would take an interest in the ninth prince?”

Ban Zou shook his head, “That’s definitely impossible.”

Prince Lian looked back and said to Feng Yu Heng: “Look, even the idiot knows.” Following this, she successfully received a slap from Ban Zou…

This tunnel was very long, extremely long. It was so long that when Feng Yu Heng secretly took a look in her space at the time, they had already run for two full hours, but the tunnel did not look like it would be ending any time soon.

She could not hold herself back and asked: “Just where will this tunnel lead to? How much longer until we can get out?”

Prince Lian was already completely out of breath from exhaustion. Holding Ban Zou’s arm with one hand, she was nearly on the verge of climbing onto Ban Zou’s back. She turned around and asked Feng Yu Heng: “Get out? Why would we want to get out? Don’t you want to escape? If you go out, how can you escape?”

Feng Yu Heng was puzzled, “Why can we not escape while on the outside? Even if this tunnel goes outside Song Zhou City, given how long we’ve been running, we should have reached the end.”

Prince Lian shook her head, “No, no, no, we need to run for another two hours before we will see the exit. This tunnel goes from inside Song Zhou City to the mountains West of Guan Zhou City. Only after we’ve left Guan Zhou can we truly see ourselves as having escaped the influence of the North. Only then can you truly be safe.”

“What?” Feng Yu Heng was completely dazed. Not only did this tunnel go all the way to Guan Zhou, it even extended to the mountains to the West of Guan Zhou City, “What exactly is Duan Mu An Guo trying to do? He actually had such a long tunnel dug out?”

Prince Lian was completely unable to continue running. She simply clung to Ban Zou, refusing to move. There was nothing that Ban Zou could do aside from picking her up; however, he quietly muttered: “The looks are pretty good, but the chest is a little too lacking.”

Prince Lian was not polite in the slightest, opening her mouth and biting his neck. Ban Zou nearly threw her down in pain, but this woman suddenly said something that caused him to forget such an idea: “There are quite a few forks in the tunnel ahead. You must think carefully. If you throw this prince down, even if you died of exhaustion, you would not be able to get out.”

Feng Yu Heng comforted Ban Zou: “Just endure a little longer. It will be better once we get into the mountains.”

Prince Lian had a sullen expression: “Ya Ya.”

“My name is not Ya Ya.” Feng Yu Heng corrected her: “Since I have called you Prince Lian, you should call me imperial daughter, right.”

“Don’t want to.” Prince Lian refused, “Imperial daughter makes us seem too distant. We are already so familiar. We get along so well. We are so close. We…”

Feng Yu Heng could no longer bear to continue listening, as she raised a hand and slapped her butt: “Don’t be so overly dramatic. You still haven’t told me why Duan Mu An Guo dug this tunnel. Also, how did you find out about this tunnel? Why are you so familiar with the path? If we continue running like this, will Duan Mu An Guo go to the exit to stop us?”

Prince Lian had her butt slapped, causing an extremely charming scream to be let out. Just hearing it caused Ban Zou to feel uncomfortable all over. Fortunately, she was not too weird. After letting out the one scream, she immediately replied to Feng Yu Heng’s question, telling her: “Forget it! How could Duan Mu An Guo have the ability to dig such a thing. This tunnel was completed before his grandfather was even born. I’ll tell you that this tunnel was dug back when the three provinces were still part of Qian Zhou. This was dug out by people from Qian Zhou. It’s rather secretive, and only the imperial family knows about it. That’s why Duan Mu An Guo has no idea about it. Over the years, we’ve placed no shortage of people in the North. This location has been observed for many years. After Duan Mu An Guo announced his decision to submit to Qian Zhou, Qian Zhou’s ruler, hm, that would be my bastard of a cousin, immediately converted the place that we were keeping an eye on into a posthouse. Ya Ya, don’t worry. Even if the entire posthouse is ruined, that entrance will only be covered by the ground. It won’t be discovered by Duan Mu An Guo.”

She spoke in an orderly manner, but Feng Yu Heng was unable to calm down. A feeling of crisis surrounded her at all times. It was to the point that her nerves were so on edge that she could not feel at ease as Prince Lian had told her to do.

Very clearly, Ban Zou also felt this same feeling of danger. He even questioned it: “After all of these years, how could you know that Duan Mu An Guo never found it? What if that old fox took note of it. If we rush out like this, wouldn’t we be rushing into a net on our own?”

With her saying this, they suddenly stopped. At the same time, Feng Yu Heng also stopped. The two looked at each other and immediately understood that they were thinking the same thing.

Feng Yu Heng said: “Since we’re running in here, we will definitely be slower than them out there. If Ban Zou’s guess is correct, that would mean… we will be stuck in this tunnel.”

“Impossible.” Prince Lian shook her head, saying with great certainty: “That’s impossible. Back when Qian Zhou dug up this tunnel, the purpose was for that so-called dragon vein. How could such an important thing be discovered by Duan Mu An Guo.”

“How is it impossible.” Ban Zou threw her down from his back, “The three northern provinces have not been in Qian Zhou’s control for over a hundred years. How could you possibly be clear on what Duan Mu An Guo has done over the years.”


“Alright!” Feng Yu Heng said in a low voice: “Stop arguing. Now is not the time for arguing. Right now, we are already here. Aside from continuing forward, there is no other path. Turning around is impossible, so let’s just continue forward. There will definitely be a way out. Don’t worry. As long as I am here, nothing will go wrong.”

Indeed, with her there, nothing would go wrong. Because no matter what, Feng Yu Heng had a life-saving technique. It was just that if they were not in a critical situation, she did not want to expose that location.

Prince Lian knew that her words were not very convincing, thus she was too embarrassed to have Ban Zou continue to carry her. Dragging along her exhausted legs, they continued forward, but she gradually fell behind.

Feng Yu Heng looked back and sighed to herself. This person truly was a member of the imperial family. Perhaps she had never suffered this sort of hardship before in her life. Today, she had run such a long distance, and it was in such a small space. For her to be tired was quite normal. Thus she discussed with Ban Zou: “How about you carry her along!”

Ban Zou shook his head, he did not want to!

“Ban Zou.” She discussed with him, “If you carry her, we can move faster.”

Ban Zou, however, asked: “What if she is a spy? What if she deliberately lured us here to wait for Duan Mu An Guo to trap us?”

With these words, Prince Lian lost it before Feng Yu Heng could speak. The woman that seemed to be on the verge of dying of exhaustion immediately climbed up, leaping onto Ban Zou’s back. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she wrapped one arm around his neck, while the other hand tugged at his hair. She viciously said: “Damn, if this great one wanted to harm you, I would have done it back at the posthouse. Why would I waste my time with this? You don’t fucking know this, but once the defensive arrays in the posthouse have been set up, nobody can escape. This great one left behind the lives of two girls that have served me for many years along with the lives of many guards to help you escape, yet you fucking still suspect that this prince is a spy. If this great one doesn’t beat you to death today, my name is not Feng!”

As she spoke, she really did become vicious, desperately tugging at Ban Zou’s hair.

How could Ban Zou accept her going crazy, as the two began writhing around and fighting. Prince Lian did not know martial arts and fought in quite an ugly way. At this moment, the matchless beauty made use of both hands and feet but her clothes had become messy. Her hair had also become scattered, and even her face had become injured; however, she still could not defeat Ban Zou. After a few swings, Ban Zou held her under his body.

Prince Lian angrily gritted her teeth: “You fucking pervert! Let go of me. What sort of position is this!”

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed. This position was not too refined, but to the beauty over there, is the word “fucking” refined?

Ban Zou also became angry, loudly shouting: “This great one’s eyes haven’t gone blind! This great one is not interested in you! If this great one wanted to do you, it would be best to completely ruin your skin and beat you until your own mother wouldn’t recognize you!”

“Fuck! This great one’s mother died a long time ago. If you have the ability, dig her up and have her look! Have her look!”

Neither of the two gave way. One was on top and the other underneath. Just like this, they wrestled and cursed. At the start, they were evenly matched in cursing, but Ban Zou gradually began to go downhill. He seemed to no longer be able to match her barbs.

And the reason that he could not outdo Prince Lian in terms of cursing was that this woman, Prince Lian, was too amazing at cursing! “Go ahead! If you have the ability, hit my chest! This is a perfect chance for me to prove whether it’s big or small! Hey, hey, hey! Where are you putting your knees? Is that a place you should be touching? If you are interested in this great one, just say it straight. This great one’s harem is not lacking you! Brat! Your grandaddy Feng’s hips are not something that you can touch freely. Get your hands off this grandaddy!”

Feng Yu Heng was completely and utterly speechless.

It was at this moment that an odd sound suddenly entered her ears. Feng Yu Heng was startled and quickly scolded the two: “Shut your mouths! Listen.”

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