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Heng, Don’t Blame Me

A certain person found someone to act as her substitute. After finding this person, she became jealous.

Xuan Tian Ming squinted his eyes and told Bai Ze: “Your princess told this prince to stay further away from her good friend.”

“Tsk tsk.” Bai Ze smirked, “Since the Bai family’s young miss is acting as princess’ substitute, she must remain with your Highness on this trip. Un, you must sit in the same carriage and live in the same tent. In fact, you must eat together and sleep… sleep together?” Bai Ze suddenly trembled, as Feng Yu Heng’s face suddenly appeared in his mind. He subconsciously shook his head then said in fear: “No, no, traveling and eating together is fine, but sleeping together is no good. If princess found out about this, as your personal bodyguard, this subordinate will not be able to stay alive! No good, no good!.”

Xuan Tian Ming looked once more in the direction of the carriage that was no longer in view. Turning around to walk back, he said: “Then what do you think should be done?”

Bai Ze was troubled, “This subordinate is lacking in experience. How about we conduct a meeting to think about it!”

While the two returned to the camp, they began to discuss. At dawn that day, Xiang Rong was resting her injury in An shi’s courtyard in the Feng family’s residence. Her ankle ached a great deal, causing her to feel inexplicably irritated.

Yao Xian had come by earlier. After examining her, he said that her bones were fine; however, the tendon had been injured. There was no other way to treat this than with rest. It was just the way in which her injury had been stabilized that had allowed her to feel a little more at ease.

She did not have An shi accompany her, simply saying that she wanted to rest. Even her personal servant was chased out. Laying in bed on her own, she repeatedly thought about the injury.

She had been pushed down the stairs by Bai Fu Rong. It was not an accident. It was something that had been planned. Xiang Rong could ascertain that because she was the victim, she was the clearest on what had actually happened. Perhaps even Wang Chuan did not notice it, but Bai Fu Rong’s small actions could not escape her eyes. This was also the reason that Xiang Rong felt irritated!

Bai Fu Rong was her elder sister’s good friend. They had met on the street, and eating together could not possibly be a more normal matter; however, who knew that Wang Chuan’s arrival seemed to cause Bai Fu Rong to have some other thoughts. She did not know what her second sister wanted for her to do at the military camp, but Bai Fu Rong had gone in her place. She always felt that there was a problem here.

Just as she was thinking about this, a maidservant’s voice came from outside. The servant was clearly raising her voice on purpose. Her goal was to have Xiang Rong hear it from inside the room, “Third young miss has already rested and said that she will not see anyone. Fourth young miss should come back at a different time!”

Following this, Fen Dai’s voice came across: “This manor only has us two sisters left as children. What is it, do servants like you not care for the feelings between sisters and want to sow discord?”

Xiang Rong helplessly let out a sigh. She understood Fen Dai’s personality too well. That girl was only ever able to act on the one thing that she thought of. Even if she was not able to figure out what the outcome would be, she would still need to do it. Now, she wanted to come in. How could a servant and a door block her.

“Just let her in.” Xiang Rong raised her voice to say: “Let the fourth young miss in.”

Just as she said this, Fen Dai pushed the door open. After taking a couple steps inside, she carefully closed the door behind her. Only then did she stroll in.

Xiang Rong’s brow moved slightly. Over the past year, she had personally experienced countless changes in the Feng family. She had also seen who in the family was distant and familiar. She had been the target of a murder, had been the victim of an attempt to harm her, had fought with a prince and had attended court. Her state of mind was no longer as pure and naive as it had been in the past. She was roughly able to see when someone had some other thoughts in mind.

For example, Fen Dai at this time. After acting arrogant outside, she became cautious after coming inside. Although she had done her best to act naturally, it was still seen through by Xiang Rong. It was just that Xiang Rong was never someone that would take the initiative to bring something up. Since something was bothering Fen Dai, if she talked about it, she would listen, but if she did not, she would not ask.

Thus, when Fen Dai entered, she saw Xiang Rong leaning back while being seated in bed with a calm expression that was not disturbed in the slightest by her arrival.

“Third sister is quite lighthearted.” Fen Dai spoke up and walked over to Xiang Rong’s bedside then sat down. After taking a look at Xiang Rong’s injured foot, she furrowed her brow and said: “This injury will need at least 100 days to recover, right?”

Xiang Rong nodded, “Grandfather said it like this.”

Fen Dai clearly a little bit repulsed by this. She was a little unaccustomed to hearing the term grandfather. But the reason she had come today was not for this, thus she did not think about this too much. She just asked: “I heard that you were injured while out with the Bai family’s young miss of the first wife. Speaking about it, it is quite odd. That Bai family’s young miss and Feng Yu… and second sister have always been close. In the past, she has never taken the initiative to come and find third sister. How is it that you two ended up going out together?”

These words seemed to be idle conversation, but the relationship between Fen Dai and Xiang Rong was exactly the same as the one that she had described between Xiang Rong and Bai Fu Rong. They did not interact frequently, so why had she come over to chat at this time?

Xiang Rong faintly replied: “We met up on the street. The Bai family’s young miss has a lively personality, thus she invited me to go and drink tea.”

“Oh.” Fen Dai nodded, “Met up, really a coincidence.” She forced a smile then said: “That’s fine. Third sister, should take care and get well. It’s just a pity that our manor is in this state. If you want to eat something good, you need to spend your own money. That Bai family’s young miss did not even come to see you. No matter what is said, there is a bit of relation to her.”

Xiang Rong’s mind went to work. It was clear that Fen Dai knew something; however, she still felt uncertain. Only then did she come to inquire about the situation. What exactly was going on with Bai Fu Rong?

She saw that Fen Dai had already stood up and suddenly said: “The Bai family’s young miss cannot come and see me. She went with Wang Chuan to the military camp.”

“What?” Fen Dai had not yet stood up completely but suddenly leaped up. It was as though she had heard something very unexpected. She looked at Xiang Rong with a stunned expression then asked: “What did you say? Where did she go?”

Xiang Rong was even more certain of her own theory, repeating: “She went to the military camp. The one that his Highness the ninth prince and second sister are at.”

Fen Dai’s expression was extremely ugly; however, she knew that she had lost control. Fearing that Xiang Rong would suspect something, she quickly said: “It’s fine. I was just asking. What is a treasured young miss like her doing going to a military camp. Would she not just be going to cause trouble? Alright, just get some rest. I’m going.” After saying this, she turned around and hastily left.

Xiang Rong was feeling a little restless. There was clearly something wrong with this situation. Wang Chuan had brought Bai Fu Rong to the military camp. Nothing should happen, right? “Shan Cha!” She raised her voice and shouted. When the servant at the entrance came in, she quickly said: “Quickly, prepare the carriage. I must go to the Chun Palace.”

“The Chun Palace?” The servant was startled, “Young miss, what are you going there for? His Highness the seventh prince is no longer in the capital!”

Xiang Rong was stunned before recalling that Xuan Tian Hua had already gone toward the East to command the army that Bu Cong had commanded. She could not help but feel her heart tremble.

Xuan Tian Hua was leading an army, but why did she feel so uneasy? She was already accustomed to going over there, but now that his Highness the seventh prince was not even in the capital, why did it seem that everyone at her side had left this large capital? A feeling of desperation began to surface, and Xiang Rong lay back down in bed, feeling exhausted.

As for Feng Fen Dai, who had just left the courtyard, also felt a surge of panic. All of the things that she had seen and heard over the past few days reminded her that there was an extremely large conspiracy going on, but she was still too young, and she was unable to figure out who was a part of this conspiracy. She also did not know whether or not she should speak of this to Feng Jin Yuan.

She knew that Feng Jin Yuan was still looking for Xiao Jing, but after the Feng family had lost power, the hidden guards that were originally at Feng Jin Yuan’s side were switched with people from Qian Zhou. He naturally could not use people from Qian Zhou to look for Xiao Jing, thus this matter was cast aside. Presently, a feeling of powerlessness assaulted Fen Dai. She suddenly felt that she should have something similar to a hidden guard at her side. With this situation as an example, even if she wanted to investigate the truth of this matter, she did not have anyone that she could make use of.

Quickly returned to her own room, she called her maidservant, Dong Ying, and ordered: “Head over to the Li Palace and have his Highness the fifth prince prepare a hidden guard to protect me. If he asks the reason, just say that the Feng family home is not safe.”

Seeing Dong Ying leave, Fen Dai finally let out a slight sigh of relief, calming down a little.

This morning was also a day of great importance to the military camp. Xuan Tian Ming personally selected 5000 soldiers to accompany him toward the North. Among them were 200 from the divine archery team and support team. There was also Song Kang, who had already become the head of the military doctors. The remaining soldiers had to remain in the camp to protect Xu Tian Cave and those producing steel. He Gan and Xi Fang were both left behind.

He had already met up with Qian Li, who had brought 80 thousand soldiers from the West. Adding on the 5000 that he had brought, there were a total of 85 thousand soldiers. Although the numbers could not compare to the 200 thousand that Qian Zhou boasted, Xuan Tian Ming trusted that the soldiers that he had trained were superior to all others. If Qian Zhou only hid inside cities, they would have an advantage, but once they charged out, they would inevitably be defeated!

When the army set out, he rode a hunting horse from the Northwest at the front. The one riding at his side was a girl that also wore purple; however, it was a bit lighter in color compared to the one worn by Xuan Tian Ming. Looking at it, it was very suitable. The purple dress only went down past her knees. The pants worn on the inside were of the same color with some silver decorations, giving it a bit of a cool look.

Bai Ze rode along on the other side and slightly behind Xuan Tian Ming. Watching the two to his side, he looked back at the soldiers that had eyes filled hope and envy. Something inside his heart felt extremely uncomfortable. He really wanted to scold them, what are you envious of? That isn’t even the imperial daughter. But he could not say this. This was a secret. Aside from a select few, nobody else could know.

Xuan Tian Ming looked over and spoke, interrupting Bai Ze’s delusions: “Have the two children been settled in?”

Bai Ze immediately replied, saying: “Master, don’t worry. As we leave for the North, there will be someone in the military camp to send them back to the capital. This subordinate has already advised for them be to sent directly into the imperial palace to accompany imperial concubine Yun.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded. This was a decision made together with Feng Yu Heng. The battlefield was a place with too many uncertainties. Zi Rui was too young, and they were worried that he would end up getting hurt. After a few more years when the child had grown up a little more, he would then be brought out to get some experience.

He did not speak any further and looked forward. He thought to himself about where Feng Yu Heng’s group currently was. The girl at his side, however, secretly raised a hand to her collar and thought to herself: “Heng, don’t blame me. Aside from this, I do not have any other choice.”

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