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Ruthless Yao shi

Feng Zi Rui’s sudden change caused He Zhong to feel a little dazed, but he very quickly noticed the small hand wrapped in bandages. He Zhong felt that the young master’s mood was definitely related to this injury and realized that this injury was most likely the reason for paying a visit to the master.

He had been in the Feng family’s service for half of his life, and he had watched Feng Jin Yuan ascend step by step to the position of prime minister, and he had seen him fall from the position of standard first rank. Now, he was just a stable hand that fed horses. But He Zhong understood that this all served him right. For the feelings in such a large family to become so indifferent is also quite sorrowful.

Feng Zi Rui quickly walked in the direction of where Yao shi was staying. Yao Xian had said in the past that Yao shi still had not moved out of the Feng home. He had purchased the residence, but the courtyard was a little rundown, and it was in the middle of being renovated. In addition to the matter of purchasing servants and Yao shi’s injuries being severe, Yao shi’s moving out could only be pushed back. Cheng Jun Man arranged for her own servant to stay at Yao shi’s side to take care of her. Even if Feng Jin Yuan hated Yao shi and tried numerous times to take action against her, he did not dare go against the Cheng sisters’ protection.

Yao shi had woken up long before Feng Jin Yuan left the capital, but her spirit was still lacking. Aside from eating and drinking, she could only remain in a daze while lying in bed. The Cheng shi sisters would visit once each day and speak with her for a bit, but Yao shi ignored them. Gradually, they no longer wanted to visit. Sometimes, Yao shi would ask if Feng Jin Yuan had died. When she heard that he was alive, she would get emotional and toss about a bit. Cheng Jun Man specially invited a doctor to come and handle her in these emergencies.

When Feng Zi Rui arrived at the entrance, he heard a maidservant quietly say to Yao shi: “I heard that master was able to try and get out of bed yesterday.”

It was as though these words had lit a firecracker, as Yao shi immediately exploded. She immediately shouted: “What?” Then sat up a bit in bed and screamed: “He is actually able to get out of bed? Impossible! The injury that I inflicted was very severe. Wasn’t it said that his family jewels were cut off? How could he get out of bed so quickly?”

The servant was on the verge of tears. While supporting Yao shi, she did her best to not allow her movements to get too large and open up her wounds once more. She continued to console her: “Master must have some sort of good medicine. Madam, you must ensure your own health!”

Feng Zi Rui quietly asked the servant at the entrance: “Feng Jin Yuan is able to get out of bed?”

The servant was one that had worked in the Feng manor in the past, and she was very confused as to why the young master would suddenly refer to the master by name. In the past, she had heard the second young miss do this, but the second young miss and the master did not get along well. Now, even the young master stood in opposition to the master? The servant faintly felt that she could not continue to stay in Feng Jin Yuan’s employ. It was fine if the residence had conflicts in secret, but now the battles were out in the open. This was too frightening.

Thoughts were just thoughts, as she heard Feng Zi Rui’s question and immediately replied: “Master is not just able to get out of bed. I heard that he is able to walk around in the yard.”

“How could he have gotten better so quickly?” This time, it was Feng Zi Rui’s turn to feel puzzled, “What sort of doctor was called to treat him? An imperial physician?”

Before the servant could reply, Wang Chuan interjected and coldly snorted: “How could he be able to invite any good doctor. To invite an imperial physician is even more of a dream. Young master does not know, but Feng Jin Yuan has some new hidden guards at his side. Apparently…” Wang Chuan lowered her voice a little and leaned closer to Zi Rui’s side, quietly saying: “Apparently, it’s someone from Qian Zhou.”

Feng Zi Rui furrowed his brow extremely tightly. When this child heard the word Qian Zhou, an uncontrollable anger welled up inside him. Just as he was about to explode, he heard a “bang” come from the room. He looked inside and found that Yao shi had pushed away the servant taking care of her. The servant bumped into the table, flipping it along with the cups set on it.

It was as though Yao shi had gone insane. Sitting in bed, she loudly shouted: “Did you not come to take care of me? Are you not my servant? Why do you not listen to my orders?”

The servant was dazed from being bumped, but she bitterly replied to Yao shi: “Madam can have this servant do anything, but to have this servant kill the master, this servant really does not dare!”

Yao shi glared at her and cursed: “You worthless thing! If you don’t dare kill anyone, how can you continue to live in this Feng family?”

The things shouted while venting were a bit true. They were not incorrect at all. If one did not dare kill others, how could one continue to live in the Feng family?

Feng Zi Rui was finally unable to bear watching and quickly trotted into the room and supported Yao shi. The young child did his best to calm his voice and used a very coaxing voice to say to Yao shi: “Mother, don’t get angry. Your body is your own. If you fell ill from getting angry, or your wounds opened up once more, the one that would feel distressed is Zi Rui! Mother, don’t you love Zi Rui?”

Yao shi recovered slightly, and the explosive anger from earlier caused her to continue breathing deeply. She felt that it was a little difficult to breathe. ZI Rui rubbed her back with his small hand. Why was it that Yao shi felt as though something was off with the hand on her back?

She blankly looked at Zi Rui for a while then turned around and pulled Zi Rui’s hand forward. Only then did she see the hand wrapped in bandages along with the missing finger.

Yao shi was immediately dazed. She immediately threw aside Zi Rui’s hand as though she had picked up something scary. After a long while, she finally calmed down and asked in a crazed manner: “Where is your pinky? Zi Rui, where is your pinky?”

In the end, he was still a child. Even if he had a belly full of resentment toward the Feng manor, and even if he had a cold expression in front of others, he was still fragile. Zi Rui choked up and looked away, tears nearly streaming down his face.

Yao shi saw that he did not speak and quickly asked Wang Chuan: “What is going on? Wasn’t it said that Zi Rui was returning to Xiao Zhou to attend school? Where is his elder sister?”

Wang Chuan explained seriously to Yao shi: “Young master was going to Xiao Zhou to attend school, and young miss assigned ten hidden guards to protect him, but he met with some assassins from Qian Zhou along the way. Not only did they kidnap young master, but they… also cut off young master’s pinky.”

Yao shi had a mental breakdown upon hearing the words “cut off young master’s pinky.” Wang Chuan continued: “The reason that those people from Qian Zhou knew about young master’s movements is a result of the Feng family’s master, Feng Jin Yuan, reporting to them.” But Yao shi did not hear this in the slightest. Her mind was filled with “Zi Rui was kidnapped on his way to school.” Then, in her mentally ill imagination, this thought became: “Why did Heng not protect him?”

Wang Chuan furrowed her brow, and a bad feeling filled her heard, but she continued to explain: “She did. Young miss assigned ten hidden guards to protect young master on his trip to Xiao Zhou. Unfortunately, the enemy was Qian Zhou’s divine archery team.”

“I am asking why did she not personally send Zi Rui to Xiao Zhou?” Yao shi began screaming once more. What divine archery team from Qian Zhou. She did not understand what this meant. She just knew that her son had lost a finger. The main reason for this injury was that Feng Yu Heng did not personally send him. “My son is still only so young. He is not even ten years of age. What sort of enmity could he have with anyone? Why would he be kidnapped?” She muttered to herself as though there was nobody else in the room. Even if the wound had begun to bleed, she did not notice it at all. Yao shi analyzed once more, “Zi Rui is just a child. It’s impossible that anyone would want to kidnap him. He had left with his elder sister, thus the person that they wanted should be…” Her eyes lit up, “Should be his sister!” Yao shi looked up at Wang Chuan: “The person that the other side wanted to kill should be Feng Yu Heng, right? She did not personally send Zi Rui, thus she avoided this crisis. Instead, they cut off one of Zi Rui’s fingers, right?”

Wang Chuan truly admired Yao shi. There was nothing that she could do to converse with this woman, thus she simply snorted coldly and turned away without saying a single word.

But Yao shi saw that she did not speak and became spirited. The once loving mother had completely disappeared to parts unknown. Now, she had become bitter and was no different from the former Chen shi. She glared at Wang Chuan and said: “I hit the mark, thus you aren’t talking! Then what face do you have to come and see me? I know that this is not her own younger brother, thus she does not love him. She was able to avoid the danger, but Zi Rui ended up injured. She caused the death of my daughter, and I have not even settled this debt. Why would she harm my son? What sort of hatred is there between us?”

Yao shi began to cry loudly.

Feng Zi Rui practically did not dare believe his own ears. He stood at the side of the bed and looked at his mother in horror. He asked himself repeatedly, when exactly was it that his mother had become like this? Was this still the mother that had lived with him in the mountains of the Northwest?

He watched Yao shi pelt Wang Chuan with question after question. He immediately woke up from the warm feelings of feeling his mother’s concern, as a great hatred began to fill his heart.

He turned around and asked the Feng family’s servants: “Didn’t I say to inform Feng Jin Yuan that I have returned? Have they gone? Where is he?”

How could the servants here know what was happening on Feng Jin Yuan’s side, but the young master had asked, thus they could not ignore it. They could only say that they would go and take a look. Thus two servants trotted out of the room. Yao shi’s cries continued, causing the anger inside Zi Rui to burn even brighter.

The child was finally unable to endure and began to vent his anger, looking all around. The servant that had been pushed into the table immediately entered his field of view. Who knew where he found the strength, as he quickly walked over to the table and picked it up then suddenly threw it away.

With a “bang” the table crashed into a wardrobe, breaking off a leg.

Zi Rui acting out like this ended up scaring Yao shi. She blankly looked over and saw Zi Rui raise his broken injured hand and say to her: “I don’t care how you thought of it in your mind, nor do I care whether or not you acknowledge elder sister, I will tell you that my finger was cut off by someone from Qian Zhou, and those people from Qian Zhou did not want to kill elder sister. Their goal was me! And my movements were leaked by that bastard Feng Jin Yuan! Mother, did you hear that? It was my father that told the people of Qian Zhou to come and kidnap me. It was my father that wants my life!”

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