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Eastern Border

Xuan Tian Ming brought Feng Yu Heng’s group and hastily began to leave. Their original plans upon entering the capital were already delayed by the Emperor and Yao Xian getting drunk. Feng Yu Heng used the time that they walked to tell Yao Xian about what had happened. Yao Xian felt more and more embarrassed, repeatedly saying that he had been a fool. In the future, he would never go and drink with the Emperor again.

Xuan Tian Ming smiled bitterly: “Grandfather had best not make this guarantee. Based on this prince’s understanding of father Emperor, as long as he wants to look for you to drink, there will be all kinds of different patterns. It’s inevitable that you will not be able to escape.”

In regards to this, Yao Xian took it for granted.

The group moved quickly and very quickly arrived at the horse path not far from the entrance. The other side of the horse path went directly to the entrance of the palace. The long path already seemed a bit quiet because there had been no morning court session.

But very quickly, a person quickly came from the direction of the palace’s entrance. wearing a long and black robe. He looked like a deity and moved very quickly; however, he did not give off the aura of being in a rush.

Feng Yu Heng quietly let out an “eh” sound and said in confusion: “Is that seventh brother?” Xuan Tian Hua had always preferred lighter-colored robes. How come he had put on such a dark color?

Xuan Tian Ming was clearly also a little puzzled. Pulling them forward, he quickly went forward. Sure enough, the person coming over was the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua.

Feng Zi Rui was the first to react. He really liked the deity-like seventh prince. He immediately broke free from Feng Yu Heng’s grasp and ran forward, very respectfully saying: “Zi Rui pays respects to your Highness the seventh prince.”

Xuan Tian Hua immediately noticed the gauze wrapped around Zi Ruis’ hand, but he did not think that it was unexpected. A look of distress just flashed through his eyes, as he quickly picked the child up. He then looked up and said to Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng: “I went to Ming’er’s palace last night but did not see you two. The palace’s hidden guards told me about what happened to Zi Rui. How is it now? Can the finger be reconnected?”

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head and did not reply; however, he did ask: “Seventh brother is wearing dark clothes worn when going far from home. These are clearly not the usual clothes that are worn. As a result of his change in state of mind, he will be going far frome home, very far.”

Xuan Tian Hua did not hide it, nodding and saying: “With the North falling into disarray, if I do not go to the East, I fear that it will not be able to hold out much longer.”

Bu Cong’s rebellion caused Da Shun’s Eastern border to fall into a precarious position. The princess Li Yue, also known as Yu Qian Yin, from Zong Sui was still locked up in one of Da Shun’s prisons. The Emperor and Feng Yu Heng had demanded an exorbitant amount of money, and they had extorted a great deal of money from Zong Sui. Presently, there was still no reply. It was possible that Zong Sui either complied or fought. It was impossible for Da Shun to not make preparations.

“But there’s no need for seventh brother to go personally, right?” This question was asked by Feng Yu Heng, her voice was a little quiet and filled with concern; however, it also seemed to be very powerless. Xuan Tian Hua looked to be like a deity, but in reality, this person’s martial arts abilities were not inferior to Xuan Tian Ming. His strategic ingenuity was also no worse than Xuan Tian Ming, and he also valued the world. It was just that these princes, and even the rulers in the past never disdained such fond feelings. Feng Yu Heng always knew that Xuan Tian Hua had a very unique way of living; however, she had never thought that there would come a day when he would truly leave home for the sake of calming the world. Why was it that her heart ached so much when thinking of Xuan Tian Hua going to the Eastern border?

Xuan Tian Hua glanced at her and wanted to say something. The words even reached his lips, but they were firmly stopped there. Turning to look at Xuan Tian Ming, he light-heartedly said: “Ever since the founding of Da Shun, it has always fallen on the imperial family to take care of commanding the troops. It was only imperial grandfather ascended the throne did the power balance shift and generals from other families started to appear. Imperial grandfather believed that having external families participating would prevent the princes from fighting each other. This would avoid having battles between princes get out of hand. But imperial grandfather only gave command of one army to a non-family member. When it came to our father Emperor, however, three armies were given out.”

Xuan Tian Ming knew what he meant. Presently, of Da Shun’s armies, aside from the Western and Northwestern armies being under his command, the Eastern army was given to Bu Cong, the Southern army was given to General Ping Nan, and the Northern army was left with the Duan Mu family. Like this, the Xuan family’s control over this country became very awkward. Although he had the right to control all of the troops in the country, who could guarantee that soldiers that had obeyed someone else would listen to him?

Xuan Tian Hua spoke very directly, “Presently, the North has rebeled, and Bu Cong has gone missing. It’s unknown whether Zong Sui is a friend or foe. If I do not go, I fear that the East cannot be contained.” He faintly sighed before turning to look at Feng Yu Heng. A faint look of unwillingness to leave appeared in his eyes. But in this life, he was most adept at remaining unmoved. Even when his “unmoved” appearance was seen through many times by Feng Yu Heng, he still continued to be stubborn. “You will be going North. You must be careful.” He calmly looked at Feng Yu Heng without a trace of spirit.

But she was able to see a bit of emotion from Xuan Tian Hua’s eyes that was similar to when relatives were separated from one another. This caused her to feel inexplicably upset. “Seventh brother is not suited to going to the military base.” She stubbornly voiced her own opinion, but she felt that her words were completely devoid of power. Xuan Tian Ming had said it before. The people of the imperial family have no choice in their own lives, thus there was no way to choose what they should do in life. Even if Xuan Tian Hua wished to avoid the uproar, he would still be led along by the Xuan family blood that flowed in his veins.

Feng Yu Heng lowered her head and did not continue to console him. Tugging at the corners of her lips, she put on a bitter smile, “Seventh brother, just treat it as though I did not say anything.” She raised her head once more, and the unhappiness in her eyes had already disappeared. She simply put on a smile and asked him: “Seventh brother, when are you setting out?”

Xuan Tian Hua was slightly startled then said: “After bidding farewell to father Emperor and imperial concubine mother… immediately.”

“So soon.” Feng Yu Heng was startled and said with some irritation: “Xuan Tian Ming and I will be returning to the military camp very soon. A large number of steel weapons have already been made, and I wanted to give you some…” She stopped. It was already too late to return to the military camp and retrieve one, thus she simply reached into her sleeve and flipped through her space. In the end, she pulled out a dagger. “This one’s brother is still unsuited to holding a sword. This dagger is also made of steel. It’s small and easy to carry around. I have used it a few times. Seventh brother, do not dislike it.” It was a military dagger that she had used to cut meat when producing steel in the military camp.

Xuan Tian Hua laughed and reached out to receive it, “What could be disliked. You… your thoughts, seventh brother will naturally accept.” He placed the dagger in his sleeve then looked away from Feng Yu Heng, turning toward Xuan Tian Ming and saying: “Ming’er, before you leave, you should go and see imperial concubine mother. With both of us leaving, she will be alone in this palace.”

Xuan Tian Ming also sighed and nodded, “There is a survivor from Qian Zhou that I must personally send to the government office. Seventh brother, go and see father Emperor then go to wait for us at Winter Moon Palace.”

When everyone finally left the palace, Feng Yu Heng was feeling a bit down because Xuan Tian Hua had to go East to take control of Bu Cong’s army. She was completely unable to imagine the deity-like Xuan Tian Hua running an army, and only one thought came to mind: What a reckless waste of goods!

She did not speak the entire way back to the Yu Palace. Feng Yu Heng sent Yao Xian into her space then brought the person from Qian Zhou out. This person remained in his unconscious state. Xuan Tian Ming personally brought this person to the government office then transmitted the Emperor’s instructions to Xu Jing Yuan. Xu Jing Yuan immediately arranged for an execution to take place in three days time.

Because of an appointment with Xuan Tian Hua, when Xuan Tian Ming returned, the two immediately prepared to enter the palace once more. Feng Zi Rui, however, brought up his own thoughts: “Elder sister, prepare a carriage for me. Send me back to the Feng family first!”

Feng Yu Heng slightly furrowed her brows and discussed with Zi Rui: “How about you wait until elder sister can accompany you after coming back from visiting imperial concubine Yun in the palace?”

Zi Rui shook his head with a smile. The appearance of a little adult appeared on his face once more: “The Feng family is not outside the capital. There is no danger. Elder sister, there is no need to worry. Zi Rui cannot have elder sister at my side at all times. Moreover, we also have the surname Feng. If we do not even dare return to our own home, where is there any need to discuss going onto the battlefield in the future?”

Feng Yu Heng really wanted to say, what battlefield will you be joining! You will at most be allowed to go to the military camp. You will not even get a chance to step onto the battlefield. But Zi Rui was correct. Their surname was Feng. They had to return to their own home. Speaking of, that old wretch Feng Jin Yuan should have provided a courtyard for the brother and sister. The courtyard for the daughter and son of the first wife should be the best in the manor, with exception to the master and madam’s courtyards. She made up her mind, and a cold look appeared in her eyes. She immediately nodded, “Alright, bring along two hidden guards and go ahead!”

Zi Rui nodded very happily then looked toward Xuan Tian Ming and said: “Brother-in-law, can I borrow some of the hidden guard brothers from the Yu Palace?”

Xuan Tian Ming loved everything about this child from the very beginning, but as he interacted with him more, he liked him even more, thus he patted his head and said: “Go ahead, you have permission.”

Zi Rui immediately turned and ran out. Feng Yu Heng was worried and ordered Wang Chuan: “You should go back too!”

Wang Chuan nodded and quickly followed.

A carriage and an imperial carriage departed from the Yu Palace at the same time but headed in different directions. One went toward the Feng manor, and one went toward the palace.

Feng Yu Heng was anxious to find out to what degree Feng Jin Yuan’s injury had recovered. Would Zi Rui be bullied when he went back? Xuan Tian Ming saw that his wife was pondering something and asked: “Are you still worried about seventh brother?”

She immediately became spirited and snickered while replying: “Are you jealous?”

Xuan Tian Ming let out a “tsk” and ignored her.

Feng Yu Heng felt extremely bored and reached out to poke the purple lotus on his forehead: “If you aren’t jealous, then what is it?”

Xuan Tian Ming grabbed her hand and helplessly said: “In this world, if there is anyone that is jealous of seventh brother, they are an idiot.”

“Hm?” She was puzzled, “Why?”

He patted her head, “Because practically all of the girls in the world are interested in him. Even if there are no feelings, they would still be like mortals in the face of a deity. Un, it would be a female mortal seeing a male deity.”

She nodded, “I understand. But what you just said was incorrect. What I was thinking of was really not about seventh brother. I was just thinking about whether or not Zi Rui would be bullied when he returned to the Feng family. To you, an eight-year-old child might be a young adult to you, but to me, his childhood has only just begun.”

The people inside the imperial carriage got worried, and the carriage of the child that Feng Yu Heng had been speaking of came to a stop outside the Feng home’s entrance. He got out of the carriage in a very familiar manner. With a maidservant and two hidden guards, he walked inside. He then said to housekeeper He Zhong, who had run over to welcome him: “Go and inform Feng Jin Yuan that I have returned.”

He Zhong was startled and felt that a cold look was coming from the young master’s eyes. It was the exact same as the second young miss…

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