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Bury Them Then Get Revenge

Having Xuan Tian Ming test this made it clear that Feng Yu Heng was willing to guarantee the success of her method. She had to make sure that everyone knew that the method that she taught was correct. Only when everyone trusted it could they avoid sacrifices.

She nodded at Xuan Tian Ming, and the two did not waste any time. Xuan Tian Ming immediately got off of his horse and ran forward before running back and forth.

Feng Yu Heng pulled out a bow and arrow from her sleeve, and everyone automatically ignored how she had pulled out such a large bow from her sleeve. She drew the bow and took a deep breath, taking aim at where Xuan Tian Ming was running.

Everyone steadied their breathing. Feng Yu Heng was going to show the tracking arrow. Although they had seen it before at the military camp, every time that they saw it was truly shocking. The tracking arrow would chase after any moving target, as the arrow would automatically correct its course. It sounded quite horrific, but there were people capable of doing it. In the past, they believe that this was something that only Qian Zhou knew, and this was enough to kill hidden guards. Now, however, they had imperial daughter Ji An. Not only did she know how to perform the tracking arrow, she even knew how to avoid it!

The hidden guards of Da Shun were filled with anticipation. If they could really learn this trick, those bastards in Qian Zhou would definitely need to pay for the blood that they had spilled!

Feng Yu Heng’s bow was already drawn fully, and Xuan Tian Ming began running even faster. He even began using qinggong, as he flew quite a large distance! At the same time, the sound of a bow releasing an arrow came, as Feng Yu Heng loosed the arrow. The arrow soared through the air, whistling along the way.

Everyone stared wide-eyed in apprehension. They saw that the arrow chased straight after Xuan Tian Ming. It grew closer and closer with every step. It would chase in whatever direction Xuan Tian Ming ran regardless of whether it was a wide or sharp turn. It was as though the arrow had grown eyes.
Finally, when the arrow was 30 steps away, Xuan Tian Ming suddenly stopped moving. After carefully calculating the distance, the body that had been rushing at extremely high speeds suddenly stopped and became like a statue. He did not move in the slightest.

Everyone inhaled sharply, and some had already begun clutching their chest. This sort of nervousness was truly greater than when a crisis loomed over their heads. They practically did not dare imagine their general suffer from the tracking arrow once more. How could the Northwest army possibly continue.

But at this time, the arrow that had been chasing after Xuan Tian Ming continued for another ten steps before losing its power. Finally, it continued for a little longer before falling to the ground ten steps away.

The tracking arrow had failed


Everyone inhaled sharply once more, and they all looked at Feng Yu Heng. They were all truly shocked.

On the other side, Xuan Tian Ming had already brought back the fallen arrow. Arriving at the front, he loudly said: “Have you all seen how this prince did it?”

The hidden guards all nodded and said in unison: “We saw it!”

“Un.” Xuan Tian Ming said: “Now that you have seen this prince avoid this attack, reality proves that it is definitely possible. This means that from this day forward, Qian Zhou’s divine archery team is no longer a threat to us.” He paused and looked at the hidden guards and added: “This time, we have speculated that our comrades ahead have most likely run into people from Qian Zhou. Right now, we cannot delay. We need to quickly give chase.”

After he finished speaking, he got on his horse and was about to gesture for everyone to continue forward; however, at this time, they heard the sound of hooves coming from the forest ahead. Unfortunately, the horse’s pace seemed a little unsteady. It just hurriedly grew closer from the direction that Xuan Tian Ming had just come from. It also brought a bloody atmosphere.

Ban Zou moved forward to investigate. When he returned, however, he was carrying a severely injured and unconscious person. Behind him was a lame horse.

Everyone was stunned and went forward to take a look. When they saw, they could not help but be extremely surprised! It turned out that an arrow had pierced through this person’s chest. The tip of the arrow could even be seen from the front. Blood covered the back of the horse. It was not red, rather it was a little black.

A hidden guard shouted: “It’s old sixth!”

Feng Yu Heng did not recognize him and looked at Xuan Tian Ming. She saw Xuan Tian Ming furrow his brow and reach out to touch the person’s shoulder and called out: “Old sixth, wake up.”

Ban Zou quietly said to her: “This is one of his Highness’ hidden guards. He’s one of the people responsible for protecting young master to Xiao Zhou.”

Feng Yu Heng’s heart went “thunk.” Without another word, she quickly reached out to feel the person’s pulse but found that it was so weak that it was almost not present. There was almost no difference from a dead person. She then looked at the arrow in his chest and the black blood that poured out. It was very clear that the arrow was poisoned.

Xuan Tian Ming asked her: “Can he be saved?”

Feng Yu Heng furrowed her brow and said: “I can try.” She then reached into her sleeve and pulled out a pair of rubber medical gloves. After putting them on, she felt at the wound. After feeling it, even more black blood poured out. The injured person reflexively moved but still did not wake up. She helplessly said to Xuan Tian Ming: “I can remove the arrow and stop the bleeding, but I cannot do anything about the poison.”

At this moment, Feng Yu Heng felt very powerless. 5000 years of history were not used in a proper manner. Instead, it was used in all kinds of devious ways. She had the most modern medical tools, and neither external nor internal wounds were of any concern to her; however, when it came to this poison, if she did not have the correct anti-venom, even if she was the Feng Yu Heng from modern times, she was completely powerless.

“Imperial daughter, is there really no hope?” A hidden guard that was familiar with old sixth expressed feelings.

There was nothing that Feng Yu Heng could do. She could only tell the truth: “Everything else is easy to handle. It’s just this poison… It has already reached his heart.”

Everyone let out a sigh. They could all see that this person’s wounds were extremely severe. Not to mention the black blood pouring out, even the skin at his neck had changed color. It was clear that the poison had reached his heart. The small country of Qian Zhou was very proficient with poisons, and their land was to the North. There were snowy mountains all over. The people of Da Shun were completely unable to understand what sort of poisons could be produced in the snowy mountains. Imperial daughter said that she could get the arrow out, and this was already quite miraculous. For her to resolve a poison that had already reached the heart, even if it was a god, it was not possible.

Everyone looked at old sixth, who was already unconscious and breathing weakly. They were unable to voice their unhappiness, but they were still well-trained hidden guards. Long before they became hidden guards, they understood that their lives would be like this. They would live and die for their masters, and they could not even blink twice over it. To them, living and dying were already common occurrences to them. The sorrow that had suddenly appeared disappeared just as quickly. Someone said: “He rushed back with such heavy wounds. He must have some sort of message that he wanted to bring.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded and thought a bit, asking Feng Yu Heng: “Do you have any way of waking him up temporarily?”

Feng Yu Heng thought a bit and said: “There is a method, but his wounds are too severe. I fear that after this method is used, he will die immediately after the effect wears off.”

“Use it!” Xuan Tian Ming did not hesitate in the slightest, but he looked at old sixth with a limitless distress. “We will remember this debt. There will come a day when we settle it with the creditor!”

Feng Yu Heng did not continue to hesitate. Reaching into her sleeve, she very quickly pulled out a needle. While doing this, she explained to everyone: “This is a shot that will strengthen his heart. It can allow someone on death’s door to wake up, but the effectiveness is very short, and once the effect has worn off, the patient will immediately die.” While she spoke, the needle had already been stuck into his flesh. She had begun to slowly inject the medicine.

Not long later, the contents had been injected into his body. Another short while later, the person that had been rendered unconscious by the poison suddenly opened his eyes. He looked in disbelief at Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng. His eyes were blank.

Feng Yu Heng took the initiative to ask: “You are called old sixth, right? When we found you, you were unconscious on the back of a horse. The horse was running in the direction of the capital. Your injuries are too severe. I could only use a medicine to forcefully wake you up, but this medicine has a fatal side effect. The duration of the effect is short, and once it ends, you…”

“Will die immediately, right!” Old sixth was still awake and immediately shook his head, “It’s fine. This subordinate rushed back with heavy injuries. The goal was to meet with my masters. I will keep it short. The group escorting the Feng family’s young master ran into a chasing party. The enemy is from Qian Zhou, and they are skilled with bows. Their bow techniques are very horrific. They are the same as the ones that shot his Highness. All ten of us hidden guards were struck by the arrows, and nine of them died immediately. I had more fortune and was left barely living. After that group left, I rode one of the horses that they did not need and return to report. The Feng family’s young master was taken away by them toward the North… They have gone toward the North.”

When he reached this point, his eyes suddenly grew wide. An immense pain came from inside his body that he could not endure. His eyes bulged out, as though they were about to pop out.

Feng Yu Heng grabbed his hand and loudly said: “Old sixth, thank you. Thank all of you. Don’t worry. I, Feng Yu Heng, will definitely make up for the ten lives!”

She could feel the hand that she held was beginning to tremble. An unwillingness appeared in his eyes. He looked around at everyone and used the last of his strength to say: “Comrades… are still, still ahead!” With this, he passed away.

For a while, the atmosphere was at the lowest extreme. Even Xuan Tian Ming’s face had turned red. His fury was continuing to spill out.

Feng Yu Heng forced herself to calm down then quickly began to take care of the corpse. While using a large cotton swab covered in alcohol to clean the wounds, she said: “Everyone, immediately prepare to dig ten graves. We cannot abandon our comrades in the wilderness.”

Everyone heard this order and immediately began digging. Feng Yu Heng was very professional in her handling of the corpse. She even removed the arrow from his chest. It was just that after she removed the arrow, she did not throw it away. Instead, she placed it inside her space. Huang Quan asked: “Young miss, what are you keeping it for?”

She coldly snorted: “I am keeping it for when I meet with the enemy. Then I can return it to him!”

When she spoke, her voice was fierce. Such a fierce hatred filled the forest and infected everyone around her. The hidden guards were already accustomed to her pulling things from her sleeve. Everyone was waiting for the day to come when they could get revenge for this comrade.

Finally, the graves had been dug. Feng Yu heng pulled out a white cloth from her space and wrapped up the corpse, which was carried down into the grave personally by Xuan Tian Ming. They then filled the grave together. Ban Zou brought a piece of wood over, and Xuan Tian Ming engraved that person’s name and stuck it into the grave.

Everyone bowed toward the prince. They then got on their horses, and Xuan Tian Ming pointed forward, saying: “There are still nine comrades waiting for us. After we have buried them, we will go get revenge!”

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