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The Ninth Lord Is Furious

The Yu Palace’s carriage turned around and went toward the imperial daughter’s manor.

Xuan Tian Ming held his sleeping wife in his embrace and brushed her hair again and again. At the same time, Ban Zou told him about the things that had happened in the imperial daughter’s manor…

After two sticks of incense of time, the gate of the imperial daughter’s manor was kicked down once more. The imperial guards felt bitter but could not cry. After the gate had been partially destroyed by the Emperor’s kick, they finally managed to restore it. With the ninth prince kicking it, they figured it was most likely a total loss. The leader quickly gave the order: “Go order a new gate. Have them make it overnight.”

Just after the order was given, they looked into the yard and found that his Highness the ninth prince had already disappeared.

On this night, Xuan Tian Ming had come to the imperial daughter’s manor to look for someone. That person was Yao shi. Ban Zou had asked beforehand. Because Yao Xian had said that today was not a good day to move, Yao shi was still living in the imperial daughter’s manor.

His movements brought a wind with it, and he was enveloped in an aura of murderous intent. While walking, the plants that were quite a distance away from him also began to sway with the wind. The servants of the imperial daughter’s manor that usually were not very afraid suddenly recalled the rumors about the ninth prince that they had almost forgotten.

Not a single person dared to stop him. Until he rushed into Yao shi’s courtyard and whipped open the front door, not a single person dared to utter a sound.

There were servants kneeling everywhere, from the entrance to the bedroom door that had just been whipped open. Those that had kneeled did not dare stand up again. Everyone was wondering the same thing: Will the ninth prince kill the madam?

The past few days, the madam and the imperial daughter’s manor were in a bit of a conflict. It seemed that the madam had said a few outrageous things to the imperial daughter. They had heard a few of those words, and they caused the servants to feel as though the imperial daughter was being treated unfairly. The ninth prince doted on imperial daughter so much. Tonight… he must have come to settle a debt with the madam, right?

When Xuan Tian Ming whipped open the door, Yao shi was in the middle of sewing a decorative border on Zi Rui’s Autumn clothes. Being startled like this, the needle stabbed into her finger, and the green bamboo became dyed with blood.

Yao shi had always been cowardly. Xuan Tian Ming’s fierce aura caused her to fall from her chair and kneel on the ground. The maidservant at her side also kneeled, not daring to breathe at all.

The whip was dragged on the ground behind him, and the thorns nearly caused Yao shi to die of fright. The broken door fell to the ground and nearly dropped on the servant that was passing by. Yao shi immediately understood. With the way that she treated Heng, this ninth prince would not forgive her.

The room was dead silent. Xuan Tian Ming did not speak, and Yao shi’s group did not dare to speak. Like this, the two sides looked at each other. Yao shi looked at him, and Xuan Tian Ming glared at Yao shi.

Who knows how long passed before the whip on the ground finally moved. Yao shi dodged back as a conditioned respected, hiding behind Qing Lan. However, the whip that she dreaded did not land on her. In fact, it was not sent flying out. Xuan Tian Ming had just moved his wrist slightly, raising the whip just a little.

Yao shi’s face was pale, as she stared blankly at Xuan Tian Ming. She felt that the face hidden by the golden mask had already peaked in anger. Even if he was wearing a mask, there was no way of hiding the fury that had leaked out from behind the gold. Her horror grew more profound; however, she finally heard Xuan Tian Ming say- “Aside from hiding behind someone else, what else do you know?”

Once this was said, the indignation in Xuan Tian Ming’s heart could no longer be repressed. He pointed at Yao shi and accused this woman of doing things that a mother should not do. He said- “Do you know where this prince first met Heng Heng? It was in the mountains of the Northwest. Your daughter was drugged by someone and thrown into a mass grave. If it was not for meeting this prince, she would have died long ago. If she had died at that time, this prince will ask you, do you have the ability to settle this debt? Would you have the ability to get revenge? If you don’t what right do you have to have her call you mother? You suspected her medical abilities? They were indeed learned from a Persian master because she wanted for you three to be able to live a better life without dying of hunger or sickness. You suspect her martial arts? This prince taught them because this prince was interested in that girl and wanted her to be able to continue growing. You suspect that she is not your daughter? That’s right, she is indeed not the former Feng Yu Heng. Rather, she is a phoenix that has attained nirvana. She is a phoenix that is thoroughly disappointed with and thoroughly hates the Feng family. She has longed for this starting in the mountains of the Northwest. After being reborn from fire, she needed to spread her wings and fly back to the capital to get repaid for the suffering that you three have suffered. Unfortunately, her mother does not understand and even wants to help those that have caused her death once. Yao shi, just how many lives of fortune have you saved up to become her mother? And how many lives of fortune have you saved up to allow her to suffer such grief yet have her speak for you?”

Xuan Tian Ming desperately controlled his own emotions, doing his best to endure his urge to whip people. By the end, he did not even want to look at Yao shi’s face. He was just puzzled, could it be that Feng Jin Yuan’s ability to irritate people was contagious? Yao shi had lived with him for many years. Had she also become infected? Why did he see Feng Jin Yuan’s damned appearance when he looked at Yao shi’s face?

Half of the things that he said were true and half were false. He deliberately placed all of the things that Feng Yu Heng did not want to reveal on himself. He just wanted this woman to know just how hard her daughter had it in order to keep her safe.

He took a few deep breaths, as he had not yet finished speaking. He continued, telling Yao shi- “The Feng family courted death, and Feng Yu Heng had sorted their mess many times. Do you believe that if it was not for Heng’s contribution, the Feng family would have been able to escape the crisis caused by Qian Zhou’s attempted assassination of the Emperor? Feng Jin Yuan wasted the entire Feng family. Even the elder madam’s funeral was paid for by Heng! Even the 600 taels for the coffin were paid for by Heng, was that not enough? What other request do you have of her? Feng Jin Yuan tries time and time again to murder your children, but your daughter is soft-hearted and pardons him because he is her father. Yao shi, have you ever thought of the people that Feng Jin Yuan had hired to kill your children with their swords? Calling you madam is a respect toward you. If you do not want this respect, you are no different from the people in the Feng family. You feel that if you return to the Feng family now, you won’t be bullied, right? This prince will tell you that it is because your daughter paved the road for you. Don’t believe that there is nothing to worry about because this prince is not killing people anymore. This prince will tell you that not wanting to kill does not mean that I do not know how to kill. A perfectly good child is living in an imperial daughter’s manor that they had earned through their own merits, yet their own mother gives them attitude. Yao shi, you really are bold! You don’t recognize your own daughter? That’s fine, listen clearly for this prince. Feng Yu Heng is no longer your daughter. She is this prince’s princess. She is the Emperor’s daughter-in-law. In front of her, you are nothing! Look out for yourself.”

After saying these last words, Xuan Tian Ming did not want to look at this woman any longer, as he turned around and left.

Yao shi was no longer able to remain kneeling and fell to the ground. She wanted to have a maidservant to lean on. She had suffered a great shock, but when she raised her arm, she found that there was nobody there.

There was no maidservant there to support her. Even Qing Lan, who was her personal servant, only looked at her indifferently.

Yao shi could see a trace of alienation in Qing Lan’s eyes, and she felt shocked. The feeling of rebellion filled her heart, and she could not even block it. But she stubbornly believed that Qing Lan not respecting her, along with the other servants not respecting her were all ordered to do so by Feng Yu Heng. She pointed at Qing Lan and shouted: “You also belong to her, right? It was her that arranged for you to come over here! What exactly are you wanting to do? You want my life?”

Qing Lan was on the verge of tears, as she grabbed Yao shi’s wrist and begged: “Madam, please wake up! As long as you are willing to wake up, your life will continue as it has. How could young miss want your life. She loves you more than words can describe! Back when madam was poisoned by the spirit-altering drug, young miss whipped the third prince until he was severely injured to get revenge for you. After she returned, she did not say anything about it to you, but madam, did you know? Because of this matter, she kneeled in front of the imperial palace for an entire night! Her knees even became swollen from kneeling.”

Yao shi looked blankly at Qing Lan while she spoke, and her emotions began to flicker; however, she repeatedly shook her head, saying: “But I cannot lie to myself. She is not my daughter. She truly is not.”

Qing Lan was so angry until she was about to go mad. If the person in front of her was not the madam, she truly wanted to slap her until she woke up. But, in the end, she could not. All she could do was advise to the best of her ability, but Qing Lan was just not able to understand: “Madam, why do you say that young miss is not your daughter? Does she look different from before?”

Yao shi shook her head, “She’s completely the same.”

“Then why do you say that she is not!” Qing Lan was speechless. This woman’s brain was sick, right?

But Yao shi patted her chest and said: “I can feel it! I can just feel it! That is the daughter that I was pregnant with for ten months. I can feel even the slightest change in her!”

Qing Lan recalled what Xuan Tian Ming had said earlier, thus she said to her: “If madam is talking about the young miss’ large change in her demeanor, his Highness the ninth prince is right. After such a harsh life, people changing is normal. On the contrary…” She looked at Yao shi and gritted her teeth, saying: “On the contrary, having been rescued from a desperate situation and remaining the same, madam, you are the odd one.” Qing Lan’s face became cold as she looked at Yao shi. She then reminded her: “If you continue like this, she truly will not be your daughter.”

Yao shi was shocked and subconsciously asked: “Then who is she?”

“She is Princess Yu.”

Yao shi was a little afraid. If Feng Yu Heng truly did not recognize her as her mother, then… would she not have truly lost her daughter? “Let me think. Let me think a little.”

Xuan Tian Ming’s imperial carriage continued to traverse the capital; however, it was getting further and further from the imperial daughter’s manor. The little girl in his lap woke for a moment in a daze then tugged his sleeve to wipe her face. When she raised her hand again, she went to grab his face.

He helplessly grabbed her small hand and heard Ban Zou ask: “Your Highness, will you be bringing master back to the Yu Palace?”

Xuan Tian Ming raised an eyebrow: “What otherwise?”

Once the girl in his lap heard this, she suddenly laughed and drowsily said: “Good! Go to the Yu Palace and find Xuan Tian Ming. Only he doesn’t bully me.”

A certain person felt choked up and held the person in his lap tighter, “Come with me. I will never allow you to leave my side.”

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