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Why Is He Crying?

Yao Xian’s appearance succeeded in causing Feng Jin Yuan to vomit three mouthfuls of blood. By the end, he was helped into a carriage by servants.

Yao Xian had his arms crossed as he watched the Feng family’s carriages depart. He did not forget to remind Cheng Jun Man: “Remember to get him a doctor. Don’t let him die then blame me later on.”

Cheng Jun Man did her best to hold back her laughter, saying: “Lord Yao, don’t worry. One will be called.”

Finally, the Feng manor’s plaque was removed. Finally, the final carriage also left the road. Yao Xian asked Feng Yu Heng: “Feng Jin Yuan is their husband, after all. Say, will the Cheng family’s sisters go against you someday?”

Feng Yu Heng smiled wryly, “Who knows! The women of the ancient era have different thoughts compared to us. With one wife and many concubines, men are destined to place all of their thoughts on women. At the same time, smart women will be able put their feelings aside for the sake of the family and their own benefit. I trust that they are smart people. They have been in the Feng family for so long. They should know that if they follow Feng Jin Yuan and follow his desires, sooner or later, they would not even know how they died. Rather, if they follow me, there would still be a chance to live.”

Yao Xian nodded, but he still reminded her: “You must remain vigilant. People’s intentions are hard to guess!”

Feng Yu Heng naturally understood that people’s intentions were hard to guess, but she still wanted to trust those people that had chosen to follow her. This sort of trust was not some sort of subjective belief. Rather, it was a feeling that made her want to keep some more people on her side, with the Cheng shi sisters, An shi and Xiang Rong as examples. She always believed that “betrayal” was not human nature. As long as one was willing to work for it, she did not believe that it was impossible to obtain the desired outcome.

Yao Xian led a group to inspect the Feng manor. Feng Yu Heng did not have that desire, as she brought Huang Quan and returned to the imperial daughter’s manor. Upon entering the manor, she saw Qing Lan come over and helplessly say: “Young miss, madam is packing up her things and saying that she wants to move next door with the old master.”

Feng Yu Heng stopped in her tracks and furrowed her brows. An inexplicable irritation welled up. There were times when she truly wanted to be like Xuan Tian Ming and just begin whipping people when she was in a bad mood, or she could just go out and start fires. Feng Yu Heng thought, was this retribution? Normally, she did her best to allow herself to live arrogantly and happily, but there had to be a Yao shi. With her status as her mother, she could neither hit her nor curse her, and she had no place to complain about her grievances. Yao shi might be a hurdle in her life.

She waved her hand and began walking once more. Qing Lan believed that she was going to see Yao shi but found that she had actually turned to leave the manor once more. She could not help but ask: “Young miss, will you not go and advise the madam?”

Feng Yu Heng spat out: “If she wants to move, just let her. Tell her that I will not care about her matters from this day forward. If she is lacking money, just come and ask me. Don’t tell me about anything else.”

Qing Lan was stunned in place. Watching Feng Yu Heng leave the manor with Huang Quan, her heart began to ache. She was Yao shi’s personal servant; however, it was Feng Yu Heng that had chosen her back then. Having been at Yao shi’s side for a year, she had seen how well Feng Yu Heng treated the people in the manor. She had seen the protection offered to her as a daughter; however, she also saw the indifference and confusion after each time Feng Yu Heng departed. She was completely unable to understand why Yao shi was like this. Back then, it was her that had chosen to divorce the Feng family. Her daughter had such bright prospects and treated her so well. What was there to be dissatisfied with?

Qing Lan was unable to understand the situation no matter what. She just knew that they would need to move next door to live. She was very unwilling to leave this imperial daughter’s manor.

Feng Yu Heng brought Huang Quan and quickly left the road. She had practically escaped her own manor. Huang Quan complained for her young miss, unable to hold back: “Madam really is something. Has young miss not treated her well enough? Why does she hurt young miss like this? Young miss,” She tugged at Feng Yu Heng: “If you truly cannot accept it, just go and discuss it with madam a little more. It’s important that she understands how much you have done for her. If it was not for young miss’ protection, would she have been able to obtain the title of first-rank noble lady? Would she be able to live as comfortably? As this servant sees it, she has become too comfortable. Once a person becomes comfortable, they enjoy causing trouble when there is none. Maybe by throwing her into a dangerous situation and allowing her to see the gates of hell, she will not think like this.”

The servants of the imperial daughter’s manor were quite respectful toward Yao shi normally, but respect did not mean that they could watch Feng Yu Heng be bullied. Especially people like Huang Quan and Wang Chuan. The person that they followed was Feng Yu Heng. In this life, they would only listen to Feng Yu Heng. In fact, when they had been sent to Feng Yu Heng’s side by Xuan Tian Ming, he had said, even if there is a day when this prince goes against the Feng family’s second young miss, and she tells you to come and kill this prince, you must listen. That was why when Feng Yu Heng suffered grievances, for people like Huang Quan, it was something that they definitely could not accept.

“Young miss, if you will not go then this servant will go!” She reached out to tug Feng Yu Heng’s sleeve, “A mother should not be like this. Back then, even Chen shi treated Feng Chen Yu better than madam is treating young miss. If it continues like this, this servant could not endure it.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “If I can endure it, what is there that you can’t endure? It’s fine. Just let her go. This matter is not her fault.”

“Young miss!” Huang Quan was so angry that she did not know what to say. Her young miss was never someone that could endure like this. Why was it that she had been bullied to this degree, yet she was still able to endure?

Feng Yu Heng understood what she was thinking and helplessly said: “It’s not that I am not against it. It’s just that I don’t know how to resist this. She is not someone from the Feng family. She is my birth mother. What do you want for me to do to her?”

With her saying it like this, Huang Quan was also speechless. That’s right, it was the birth mother bullying her own daughter. What could they do to her? She could not help but shake her head and continue to walk slowly and aimlessly with Feng Yu Heng.

Finally, Feng Yu Heng stopped in her tracks and looked up; however, they had reached a lake. In the middle of the lake was Xuan Tian Ming’s Refined Deity Building. A boatman by the lake waved to her and said: “Is young miss going to Refined Deity Building? Quickly come on the boat!”

Feng Yu Heng did not even think and brought Huang Quan onto the boat. That afternoon, she drank an entire jar of wine. At the start, Huang Quan only watched her drinking from the side. Later one, she was ordered to accompany her in drinking. When she was nearly drank under the table by Feng Yu Heng, the final cup meant that they had run out of wine.

Feng Yu Heng stood up and swayed a few times. Huang Quan wanted to support her, but she was also unable to stand stably. How could she even support someone else.

Fortunately, the shopkeeper of Refined Deity Building was prepared. Seeing that Feng Yu Heng was drinking the entire time, she brought people to wait outside the private room. When Feng Yu Heng came out, the two were helped down the stairs and brought to the boat. He then saw the hidden guard Ban Zou appear, thus he was able to calm down a little.

But after Feng Yu Heng got off the boat, she said that she wanted to stroll around the streets. Even if she swayed three times with each step, she still wanted to stroll around.

There was nothing that Ban Zou could do and could only call a carriage and stuff the extremely drunk Huang Quan inside. He then ordered the driver to go toward the imperial daughter’s manor, while he supported Feng Yu Heng through the streets.

At this time, the sky was beginning to darken. The streets of ancient times did not have street lights, and they could only rely on the moon, stars and the light coming from inside the shops to illuminate the road. There were also plenty of people that had also gotten drunk like Feng Yu Heng that were staggering home. Ban Zou bought a shawl and placed it on Feng Yu Heng’s head, thus people only thought that she was a girl with a weak body that required their family member to help support them. There would occasionally be people that looked at her curiously, but they did not look for too long.

But Feng Yu Heng was not stable when walking in the slightest. At times, she would walk very quickly, and at times she would just stop; however, the majority of the time, she would lean against Ban Zou. She was held on both sides by Ban Zou, preventing her from falling.

In truth, Feng Yu Heng had quite a high tolerance for alcohol. She had shared half of the wine with Huang Quan. If this was under normal circumstances when she was in a good mood, that bit of wine would just cause her to speak a little more and sing a little more; however, it would not result in her becoming drunk like this, drunk to the point of tears.

Fortunately, the shawl that Ban Zou had bought covered her face. Even if she cried on the inside, there would not be a single person that could see it.

But when a person cried, their body would end up trembling involuntarily. Ban Zou suddenly found that her mood had changed, as he felt a little flustered. He suddenly felt an urge to look for someone to fight.

But he could not do anything. He had to safely get Feng Yu Heng home. He had seen what the madam had done the past few days. Even the day that Wang Chuan and Huang Quan had avoided them, he had heard what Feng Yu Heng and Yao shi had said in the front yard. Ban Zou could not understand. With such a great daughter, why did that woman not know how to feel satisfied? She actually said that she was not her daughter. Could it be that people could not change? People had to be weak for their entire lives? Yao shi did not put any effort in for herself, and she would not allow her daughter to put in some effort?

Ban Zou thought about it. He himself was an orphan. He did not know what sort of life he would have if he had parents. He had thought about it in the past. If his parents were currently alive, how peaceful would that life be. But ever since he had begun following Feng Yu Heng and seen her father and mother, Ban Zou no longer thought about having his parents present. In fact, he rejoiced in not having a father and mother. Otherwise, if he ended up with this sort of father and mother, he did not have as good of a temper as Feng Yu Heng. Even if it was a dream, he would choke the two to death.

Feng Yu Heng’s crying became more intense. He held her shoulders and felt his heart begin to ache, thus he discussed with her: “How about I carry you?”

Feng Yu Heng shook her head but replied: “No need. If I can’t even walk, I would be bullied by others even more. Ban Zou,” She called out and tugged at the shawl, removing it from her head. “Ban Zou, don’t cover me with this thing. I want to see the sights on the street. I want to see the capital that Xuan Tian Ming protected. I want to see if it’s warm or cold.”

Ban Zou did not know how he should answer her. He could only watch her mess around. Feng Yu Heng ran a few steps then jumped a few times. She even tugged at a child’s sleeve and asked: “Does your mother treat you well? Do you like your mother?”

The child was scared and began to cry before getting picked up by a family member and taken far from her.

Feng Yu Heng stood in place and began to feel choked up. She just stared blankly in the direction that the child had left, and tears began to fall, catching Ban Zou unprepared.

But it was at this time that a large carriage came from the front. The people on the street all opened up a path. A kind citizen even reminded her: “Quickly give way. Don’t block the noble person’s path.”

But it was as though Feng Yu Heng’s feet had grown roots. She could not move in the slightest.

It was not just her that did not move. Even Ban Zou did not move because he recognized that this carriage was an imperial carriage. With a white-jade frame and smokey silk gauze for curtains, a person with a gold mask and a purple lotus flower on their forehead sat outside the carriage. He stared straight at the girl at his side. His eyes became profound and slightly red…

As for the girl at his side, she also raised a hand toward the imperial carriage. After a while, she said: “Xuan Tian Ming, why did he cry?”

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