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Definitely Sufficiently Resilient

Seeing that Feng Yu Heng was about to do battle with a fragrant pork shoulder, Xuan Tian Ming helplessly asked Bai Ze, Huang Quan and Wang Chuan: “A pork shoulder was prepared this quickly?”

Feng Yu Heng reminded him: “It’s currently noon. The kitchen should already be making food.”

Xuan Tian Ming rolled his eyes at her, “Just eat your food! There’s nobody in the palace that dares eat such a large pork shoulder.”

Bai Ze nodded, “Right, everyone in the palace has it cut into slices or shaped to look pretty before being brought up. Apparently, this pork shoulder was ordered by his Majesty this morning, saying that county princess was going to be eating today at the palace, thus the imperial kitchen began preparation early in the morning.”

“Hmph.” Xuan Tian Ming snorted coldly then waved his hand, “Alright, alright, you can go.” Turning his head, he once again saw Feng Yu Heng happily enjoying the food. He accepted his fate and wiped away the oil around her mouth.

After Feng Yu Heng took care of the pork shoulder, she very professionally dragged Xuan Tian Ming over to Winter Moon Palace to give imperial concubine Yun her infusion. Fortunately, the Emperor had returned to Zhao He Hall to sleep, thus she did not need to leap over a wall. But after she finished giving the infusion and was leaving, she heard imperial concubine Yun ask one of her palace maids: “Hah, are there really that many people interested in that damn throne?”

Feng Yu Heng and Xuan Tian Ming thought of the shadow that would appear in that palace maid’s heart and increased their pace, escaping from Winter Moon Palace.

She thought that there was not much left to do. With the “confessions” that came from last night, everything that needed to be known was already known, the third prince had been locked up, and Duan Mu Qing had died. All that remained was for the Emperor to finish tidying matters up, thus she decided to leave the imperial palace. Who knew that before the two could pass through the palace’s gates, Zhang Yuan would bring a group over toward the palace’s gates.”

Feng Yu Heng waved to him: “Hey! Eunuch Zhang, where are you going?”

Zhang Yuan saw the two and went over to greet them before replying: “His Majesty said that the gate was severely damaged by the battering that it took last night. It must be repaired immediately, but the national treasury would not pay for it.”

Xuan Tian Ming raised a corner of his lips, “Father Emperor’s meaning is…”

“His Majesty means to say that whoever broke it should pay for the repairs. That’s why this servant is preparing to bring people over to the Xiang Palace. Thinking about it, his Highness the third prince’s palace should not be so poor that it cannot even afford to fix a gate. His Majesty said that if the Xiang Palace is really that poor, that palace can be sold for however much can be obtained. In any case, it will save the national treasury a bit of money.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “That’s good. Go ahead!”

Zhang Yuan looked at Feng Yu Heng and added: “Her Highness the Empress has already prepared a small residence for Princess Xiang. County princess, do not worry.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded but did not say anything.

When the two finally exited the imperial palace, it was already the early afternoon. Feng Yu Heng sat in Xuan Tian Ming’s imperial carriage and poked her head out the window.

After a night of turmoil, the large capital was once again peaceful. The vegetable sellers sold vegetables, and the people continued to drink tea, banter and discipline their children as usual. The matters that had occurred the previous night was clearly still on their minds, but they were able to carry on as though nothing had happened. They would do whatever they had to do. They did not cause any trouble for the government at all.

She could not help but sigh: “The people of the capital really are resilient!”

With this sincere praise for the common citizen, the two returned to the Yu Palace. Feng Yu Heng had gone to pick up Xiang Rong and also wanted to see how the Feng family’s third young miss was embroidering with the Xuan family’s fourth prince.

The palace’s servant told them: “The two guests are still in Han Hall. Starting from last night until now, third young miss has not closed her eyes once.”

Feng Yu Heng understood what was said: “You mean to say that his Highness the fourth prince has closed his eyes?”

The servant said: “Princess should go and look for yourself!”

When the two finally approached Han Hall, Xuan Tian Ming raised his arm and gently held her shoulder, saying: “Stand up straight.” He then quickly led his wife inside.

Upon entering Han Hall, Feng Yu Heng heard her third sister let out an “oh” sound, “Your Highness! How come you fell asleep again?”

Looking up, she saw Xiang Rong sitting at the chess table, with one on each side. It was just that Xiang Rong was rather free, while Xuan Tian Yi was tied to the chair, and some large rocks were hung below the chair. The servant explained to the two: “Third young miss said that his Highness the fourth prince was not listening and was always moving around too much. After falling, she would need to help hold him up and found it to be quite troublesome, thus she had us servants find some large rocks to stabilize the chair. This way, he would not fall.”

At this time, Xiang Rong was holding a sewing needle in her hand, and her feet continued to kick at Xuan Tian Yi beneath the table: “A grown man can’t even handle staying up through the night better than me. I really don’t know how you have managed to be a prince for all of these years. Could it be that you want to be pricked by a needle again?” She moved to prick Xuan Tian Yi with her sewing needle.

Feng Yu Heng facepalmed, “I think I may have taught this child too much.”

The servant of the Yu Palace also said: “It’s no loss that she is princess’ younger sister. This personality, really… tsk tsk.”

Feng Yu Heng covered her face and went forward to grab Xiang Rong, “Let’s go. We’re going home.”

Xiang Rong smiled upon seeing her: “Second sister, you’ve finally returned!” After saying this, the area beneath her eyes turned red. That heroic spirit from just earlier immediately disappeared, and exhaustion immediately washed over her. Her legs became weak, and she fell toward Feng YU Heng.

Feng Yu Heng quickly caught her and looked once more. The girl had fallen asleep. She let out a faint sigh. From the previous night until now, she had not had a chance to shut her eyes. For a girl that was a little more than ten years of age, this was quite difficult. Moreover, she had to pretend to be strong when dealing with Xuan Tian Yi. It would be odd if she did not feel tired.

Huang Quan and Wang Chuan who were following from behind quickly went forward and received Xiang Rong. Feng Yu Heng did not remain any longer in the Yu Palace. Bringing her people along, she left the palace and got into Xuan Tian Ming’s imperial carriage, heading straight back toward the county princess’ manor.

Normally, the Feng matriarch should have had her coffin carried out to the cemetery today, but she knew that the capital was only enjoying a superficial peace after the night of chaos. It was a completely different world outside of the city’s gates. At the very least, Qian Li’s army was currently searching for all remnants of the Northern army, and another group had gone East to chase after Bu Cong. The matriarch’s coffin had to be sent out of the city, but the city absolutely must not be left at this time.

She thought to herself, to not hold a funeral after the third day, the next day would be on the fifth. That would be the day after the next. Who knew if they would be able to leave the city at that time.

She suddenly recalled another matter and reached into her sleeve, pulling out two jars. She then said to Huang Quan: “Go take care of driving the carriage and call Ban Zou in here. I have something that I need for him to take care of.”

At this time, Ban Zou was outside driving the carriage. Upon hearing Feng Yu Heng call for him, he quickly handed the reins to Huang Quan and flipped into the carriage. Feng Yu Heng handed him the two jars in her hand, “Either way, this imperial carriage will need to be sent back. Go personally and hand these two jars to his Highness the ninth prince. Have him send someone to deliver these to the Emperor. Just say that it’s from me, and it’s to help with his health. Eat one pill from each of the jars every day.”

Ban Zou looked at them for a while then asked out of curiosity: “What is this?”

Feng Yu Heng told him: “Deep sea fish oil and calcium pills.” She then asked: “Do you understand what I said?”

Ban Zou saw the taunting look in her eyes and rolled his eyes. Ignoring her, he exited the carriage and returned to driving.

Feng Yu Heng smiled to herself for a while and ended up feeling a little emotional.

In truth, she really hoped that the Emperor’s health could improve a little. It would be best if he could live for a little longer. This world could be left for him to take care of. Although Xuan Tian Ming was also worried, it was better than him being the emperor. Moreover, she truly liked the Emperor’s personality. The ruler of a country using statecraft and military power to protect the peace was correct, but in the end, it was often the ruler’s personality that would affect the country. For example, when she saw the capital today, for the people to still be able to continue as usual and re-adjust after the night of chaos, she knew that it could not be divorced from the effect of the Emperor’s many years of influence over the capital.

This sort of Da Shun was very good.

But just because Da Shun was good, and the Emperor was good, it did not mean that the children would be good. For example, Ban Zou, who was driving the carriage, let out a “tsk tsk” sound then brought the carriage to a stop. She then heard Ban Zou say: “The Feng family is performing another play in front of the entrance.”

Wang Chuan quickly lifted the curtain. The carriage was already stopped in front of the Feng manor’s entrance, and someone could be seen standing in front of the entrance in a simple robe. In that person’s hand was a mourning cloth, and he was saying something to the Feng manor’s housekeeper. Behind that person was countless carriages, and someone was bringing out chest after chest. Those chests were all covered in white cloth, and they all complied with the Feng manor’s funeral.

He Zhong and that person spoke for a little while before running into the manor. Not long later, Feng Jin Yuan personally came out to receive this person. Sweeping his robe to the side, he kneeled on the ground. That person quickly went forward to stop Feng Jin Yuan then looked into the manor for a while before a look of disappointment appeared on his face.

Huang Quan was puzzled and said: “The fifth prince? What is he doing here?”

Wang Chuan said: “It seems that he has come to mourn the elder madam.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “Then he would be the only prince to have come to visit. That’s why Feng Jin Yuan is currently fawning over him after giving everyone the cold shoulder earlier.”

The person in front of the Feng manor’s entrance was indeed the fifth prince, Xuan Tian Yan. At this time, both he and Feng Jin Yuan had noticed the imperial carriage that was stopped not too far away. Xuan Tian Yan immediately said subconsciously: “It’s ninth brother’s imperial carriage.”

Feng Jin Yuan trembled. Without saying another word, he rushed over toward the imperial carriage. Arriving in front of it, he dropped to his knees and raised his voice to say: “Your Highness Prince Yu coming to mourn my family’s grandmother, this official is extremely grateful.”

Xuan Tian Yan also walked forward, but he paid closer attention than Feng Jin Yuan. He did not know if his ninth brother was inside, but he happened to catch a glimpse of Feng Yu Heng sitting inside.

He was not too surprised. It could not be more normal for Feng Yu Heng to be seated in Xuan Tian Ming’s imperial carriage. It also could not have been more normal than to meet a young miss of the Feng family in front of the Feng manor. He just looked at the kneeling Feng Jin Yuan and frowned before saying to Feng Yu Heng: “County princess, long time no see.”

Feng Jin Yuan was startled and subconsciously raised his head to look. He immediately saw his second daughter sitting in the imperial carriage and looking at them. Feng Jin Yuan felt that his old face was completely lost, but he still could not be certain that Xuan Tian Ming was not inside. His thoughts of wanting to get up could only be suppressed.

At this time, they heard Feng Yu Heng speak from inside the carriage: “Hasn’t father been one to never pay attention to the rules of higher or lower ranks? What have you done this time? That has caused you to perform such a grand salute to this county princess?”

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