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Ninth Lord’s One Day Tour of the Space

Recently, Feng Yu Heng had already become very accustomed to having Xuan Tian Ming sneaking into bed, and Xuan Tian Ming had become accustomed to being kicked and hit by Feng Yu Heng. The two were very happy with this cruel sort of treatment. In fact, a certain person would occasionally comment: “Dear wife, you seem to be a little less angry when getting up this time. In truth, you can be a little more violent. Husband can endure it.”

“Is that so?” Feng Yu Heng squinted her drowsy eyes and leaned closer to him. Seeing him nod, she raised her foot and kicked Xuan Tian Ming onto the ground.

Bai Ze, Huang Quan and Wang Chuan, who were standing guard outside, rushed into the room upon hearing movement inside. Upon entering, they saw Xuan Tian Ming sitting on the ground and massaging his butt, while Feng Yu Heng sat on cross-legged on the bed. The three felt extremely awkward and left as quickly as they had come.

Xuan Tian Ming looked at the three fleeing servants and angrily gritted his teeth, “Face has already been completely lost.” He then stood up from the ground and sat back down on the bed, staring straight at Feng Yu Heng.

She was a little scared from being stared at by him and raised a hand to wipe her own face. Feeling uncertain, she asked: “What is it? Is there something on my face?”

Xuan Tian Ming also raised his hand and grabbed at something on her face then said: “Wasn’t it said that you should look at a person’s eyes to tell if they are real or fake?” I am looking to see if it’s my real wife or not.”

“… Fuck!” She rolled her eyes, “You aren’t even certain if I’m real or not, yet you dare to sleep at my side?” But she immediately managed to react, “What real or fake? Could there possibly be a fake me?” She spoke until this point and paused. She immediately recalled the person that had looked like the third prince and tricked her and Xuan Tian Hua, thus she immediately said: “You mean to say that there was an appearance changer?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded and told her about the girl appearance changer that looked exactly like her. Feng Yu Heng was so shocked that she was unable to speak for a long time.

As a person from the modern era, something like an appearance changer was something that only existed in TV dramas. Feng Yu Heng never believed that there were such techniques that allowed for someone to easily change their appearance. Of course, something on the scale of a national secret would allow for such a thing to happen, but that required accurate props and heavy amounts of oil paints. It was impossible for someone to change into another person completely unless it was cosmetic. There were also facial masks, but they were very thick and did not look very realistic.

But it was just last night that she had truly seen an appearance changer. It was the fake third prince that had changed with just a swipe of the face. It was truly mysterious.

She recounted this matter to Xuan Tian Ming then asked with some confusion: “Are there many people that know how to change their appearance?”

Xuan Tian Ming shook his head, “Not many. In fact, it could be said to be very few. In the entirety of Da Shun, there are no more than three people that are capable of accurately copying another person’s appearance. One of them has already passed away many years ago.”

“Then… who exactly did it? Who was it that pretended to be me?” After saying this, she seemed to have remembered something and let out an “ah” sound. She then said: “Yu Qian Yin is Li Yue. She is the princess of Zong Sui. Was it her?”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded. His wife was not stupid.

“God damn!” Feng Yu Heng straightened out one leg and kept the other in place. She then rested her right arm on the leg that had been straightened out. She truly looked like a bold guy from the mountain. Raising her hand, she rubbed her nose: “She really has grown tired of living!”

Xuan Tian Ming looked at her for a while and asked: “Then, brave hero, how do you plan on handling this matter?” After saying this, he reminded her: “Seventh brother made his position clear yesterday. That woman is only half alive now.”

Feng Yu Heng slapped her thigh, “Keep it! The dignified princess of Zong Sui poisoned this county princess’ grandmother. Zong Sui must pay reparations! Just you see! Just use her life, if this grand aunty can’t get half of Zong Sui’s treasury, my name is not Feng Yu Heng!”

Xuan Tian Ming praised her: “Marrying you is the equivalent of receiving Zong Sui’s national treasury!”

“That’s the case.” Feng Yu Heng sneered three times, “Don’t worry. This money definitely will not affect the relationship between the two countries. You just need to wait to count the money!”

Xuan Tian ming absolutely loved doing stuff like counting money. Laughing, he pulled his wife into his embrace, “Sleep a little longer.”

Feng Yu Heng looked out: “It’s already noon, right? Are you not hungry?”

Before Xuan Tian Ming could reply, the sound of a woman’s singing voice rang out from the outside. It carried a bit of a dramatic tone, and Feng Yu Heng could not understand what was being sung, but the tune was mournful. It was clear that it was nothing good.

She was confused, “Xuan Tian Ming, where are we?”

Xuan Tian Ming said: “The bedchamber of Heavenly Hall.”

She facepalmed, “Why don’t you just simply say that we’re in the imperial bed? Is the bedchamber of Heavenly Hall a place that anyone can sleep? This is father Emperor’s bed. What sort of situation is it for us to be sleeping in it?”

Xuan Tian Ming replied as if it was only natural: “The sheets and pillows have already been changed. They don’t have the old man’s smell.”

She was helpless, “There’s no way to reason with you. I wonder, since this is the inner hall of Heavenly Hall, who is it that is singing outside? Is it some crazy person that dared to come here and sing? Or is it…” She pondered, “Could it be that father Emperor has switched to singing plays?”

At this time, Huang Quan shouted from the door: “Your Highness, young miss, can this servant enter?”

Xuan Tian Ming snorted then raised his voice and said: “Come in.”

Only then did Huang Quan push the door and enter. Looking at the two, she said with a smile: “Your Highness, don’t look at this servant like this. This servant did not see anything when coming in earlier.”

Xuan Tian Ming once again felt that his wife was truly skilled. When Huang Quan and Wang Chuan were with him, they were very obedient. They did not dare speak a single extra word, nor drink a single extra sip of water. They would only ever comply and never object. In fact, they were reserved and proper martial artists. Why was it that after they had been handed to her, they had all become… so out of tune?

Seeing that the two did not make a sound, Huang Quan laughed dryly before changing the subject: “Your Highness, young miss, imperial concubine Rui seems to be a little off mentally. She is wearing a set of white robes and has come to Heavenly Hall to sing. None of the palace maids or eunuchs were able to stop her, as she would bite anyone that tried to stop her. In the end, she is an imperial concubine who is in charge of a palace. The palace servants do not know what should be done about her. The eunuch outside asked this servant to come and ask your Highness what should be done about this?”

Feng Yu Heng placed her small chin on Xuan Tian Ming’s knee and said with a great helplessness: “It seems that the people of the palace all sing! Everyone says that men sing when worried and women cry when worried. Why is it that this woman has also begun singing? Why does father Emperor not do anything about it.”

Huang Quan spread her arms: “His Majesty is already singing in a different place!”

Very well! How had she forgotten about this matter. “Imperial concubine Rui is the fourth prince’s birth mother.” She knew this person’s relations and asked Xuan Tian Ming: “Bu Cong’s rebellion is definitely related to the fourth prince. Where is he?”

Xuan Tian Ming told her: “He is in the Yu Palace with Xiang Rong, practicing embroidery.”

Feng Yu Heng nearly spat out a mouthful of water and also nearly choked to death, “What did you say? Practicing embroidery with Xiang Rong?”

He nodded, “That’s right, your third sister is quite clever. Last night, it was her that noticed that something was off in the capital. As a result of not being able to find you or seventh brother, she had no other choice. As I saw it, she gritted her teeth and came trembling to look for this prince. It happened that old fourth came to the Yu Palace with an antique sword to admire to hold me back, thus I left him at the palace and had the Feng family’s third young miss take care of the guest.”

Feng Yu Heng felt that this scene was too unbearable, thus she simply ignored it and said: “Then what is imperial concubine Rui feigning this spell of insanity for? Is it to avoid guilt? Is there that sort of rule, where an insane person cannot be judged? The kind where a madman isn’t punished when killing people.”

Xuan Tian Ming laughed, “Where would such an idiotic rule come from? On what basis is there no punishment for a madman that has killed people? Da Shun does not have such a thing.”

Only then did she calm down.

At this time, it seemed that the sound of the singing stopped for a while. Following this, imperial concubine Rui began shouting once more, but her voice was getting further and further away, eventually disappearing. Bai Ze entered the hall and said: “Imperial concubine Rui was taken away to the cold palace. It was her Highness the Empress’ order.”

Feng Yu Heng thought that this was also the case. Based on the position of the person, the only person capable of tossing her directly into the cold palace, aside from the Emperor, was the Empress.

After this mess, she was no longer able to sleep. Xuan Tian Ming frankly ordered Huang Quan and Bai Ze to prepare some food. Seeing the two leave, Feng Yu Heng quickly dragged Xuan Tian Ming into the space to get washed up.

By the time that the two had come out from the space, Xuan Tian Ming was still in a daze. Although he had prepared himself to enter Feng Yu Heng’s space sooner or later, being suddenly dragged in was still a little shocking.

He was completely unable to understand, where had he just gone and how had he gone there? How had he come back? What were those things inside there? Why could the water that was used to wash their faces come out with just a twist? Why was the toilet so weird? Was there no need to empty the chamberpot? It was cleaned just by pressing a level?

He stood in place with a blank expression. Looking at Feng Yu Heng like he had seen an oddity, he continued to look for a while before the look in his eyes became one of admiration followed by envy.

Feng Yu Heng looked at this idiot and could not be bothered with explaining anything to him.

In truth, she did not know how she should explain it. Although she had given him a shot to immunize him against the space, there was always a first time. For an ancient person to see the things that came thousands of years later, being dazed was quite normal. He would be better after going in a few more times.

But what sort of situation was Xuan Tian Ming in right now? She saw him hold his chin and begin to negotiate with her: “In the future, let’s just get washed up in there. How does that sound?”

Damn! He’d become addicted after just once?

“Only I can bring you into that space. When you live in the palace normally, you will not be able to enter.”

“Then this prince will move into the county princess’ manor, or you can move into the Yu Palace. Right, you should move into the Yu Palace. Just treat it as getting used to life after getting married. Either way, sooner or later, you will be getting married. Just set it like this.”

“Set it my ass!” Feng Yu Heng rolled her eyes but did not object to it entirely, “Just endure a little longer. Sooner or later, we will need to go North. You will not be missing it for too long. As I see it, once the Feng family has finished conducting its funeral, we will return to the military camp. I am a little worried about the production of steel.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded and prepared to discuss the production of steel with her. Turning his head, he found that his wife sniffled a couple times then stared with wide eyes. Her eyes exuded a light, as she walked toward the hall’s door.

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