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Serves You Right

Once the words deceiving the ruler were spoken, the citizens that had come to cause trouble immediately felt their legs give out, as they all dropped to their knees. Someone loudly begged: “County princess, please don’t go! County princess, you absolutely must not go!”

Feng Yu Heng snorted coldly: “What was it that you said just now? You clearly said that this county princess was devoid of gratitude. What is it, upon hearing that he had committed the crime of deceiving the ruler, was that grace and favor cast to the back of your minds?”

Of course! Of course, it had to be cast to the back of their minds. They had just wanted money. They were not stupid. Other crimes were easier to accept, but this crime was not something to be trifled with.

Someone turned an angry gaze toward the matriarch and loudly said: “Elder madam Feng, you wanted us to beg for the life of someone that has angered the Emperor. What sort of heart do you have?”

Once these words were said, someone immediately followed up, saying: “Right! Could it be that you were hoping to send us to our deaths? You wanted to use our lives to trade for your son’s life?”

The matriarch was completely speechless because they were correct. She had truly thought this way.

The people saw that she did not speak then turned their attention to her expression. How could they not understand? The poor people did not have much to think about. Those that had nothing to lose feared nothing. The matriarch had such a vicious heart and wanted their lives, yet they had to work with the matriarch to do their best!

Once this thought surfaced, the people rushed toward the matriarch.

Fen Dai let out a shriek, and the matriarch began yelping. Granny Zhao did not even have a chance to let out a scream before she was drowned in the sea of people. Punches and kicks came from the people and landed bluntly on the two. Hit after hit, by the end, someone had actually taken off their shoes and slapped the sole of the shoe against the matriarch’s body.

Huang Quan and Wang Chuan watched this with smirks on their faces. Wang Chuan was a little worried and asked Feng Yu Heng: “Will they end up beating them to death?”

Feng Yu Heng raised an eyebrow: “She invited these people on her own. Right now, the nest has rebelled. Even if they beat her to death, what does that matter to me?”

Once this was said, Yao Xian, who had been standing to the side, finally let out a laugh, “This is my granddaughter! This is what our Heng should look like!”

Huang Quan smiled and corrected him: “Divine doctor Yao, she is your daughter’s daughter!”

Yao Xian waved his hand, “What daughter’s daughter. She is just my granddaughter. This old man only has one daughter in this life. In the generation of grandchildren, I only have one girl. She is extremely dear to me. Since the Feng family does not wish to recognize her, she is my Yao family’s daughter. There is no talk of her being the daughter of my daughter. She is my granddaughter.”

Feng Yu Heng also smiled and said: “Un, then I will call you paternal grandfather instead of maternal grandfather in the future.”

After saying this, the two exchanged a glance and smiled at each other. In the eyes of Huang Quan and Wang Chuan, this smile was just a doting love from a grandfather for his granddaughter, but Feng Yu Heng and Yao Xian knew that this was regaining their most basic relation.

The Feng matriarch was beaten, yet not a single imperial guard in front of the county princess’ manor stepped forward to stop it. Feng Yu Heng also stood on the imperial carriage and watched for a while. Only when the Feng manor’s side heard the disturbance, and He Zhong came running out with some people, did they manage to save the matriarch and Fen Dai.

But even if they were saved, the matriarch and Fen Dai had already been flattened by the angry folk. Fen Dai’s small face had become deformed from the beating, swelling like a pig’s head. The matriarch had fainted and did not wake up, and her body even twitched. Granny Zhao was the same, as she had fainted long ago.

He Zhong pointed at the angry crowd and began cursing. Those people followed suit and returned those curses; however, they did not dare step forward. After all, the Feng manor had people that knew martial arts. For those that were not proficient in martial arts, they knew that if they ran into a professional, they would end up eating a loss.

He Zhong continued cursing for a while, thus someone reminded him: “Housekeeper, the elder madam is most likely in trouble!”

He Zhong was also anxious. Turning around, he slapped the people across the face, “Shut your damn mouth!” Although he said this, he still turned toward the matriarch. It would have been fine if he did not look, but he was nearly scared to death after looking, “Elder madam!” He Zhong let out a shrill scream. Completely ignoring Fen Dai, who was also laying on the ground, he quickly ordered someone: “Quickly, go and get a doctor. Quickly get a doctor!”

A retainer of the family quickly went to get a doctor. There was also someone that tugged at He Zhong’s sleeve and pointed toward Feng Yu Heng’s side, quietly saying: “Second young miss is right there.” The meaning was this is the best doctor.

But He Zhong did not have the face nor the courage to glance in the direction of Feng Yu Heng. He had personally seen the scene that the matriarch had caused. He knew long ago that something would end up happening, but the matriarch would not listen to anyone’s advice, insisting that she had to do it. He was just a housekeeper. What more could he possibly have said. Now that something had happened, he was indeed afraid, but he only thought one thing in his mind: serves her right!

He Zhong felt that this served the matriarch right. Was she not looking for trouble! Now that this had happened, whether or not she could live depended on her own fortune.

Biting the bullet, he was about to salute and pay respects to Feng Yu Heng; however, at this time, he heard the person standing on the imperial carriage suddenly raise her voice and say: “Imperial guards, hear my order. There are violent citizens attacking the family of a government official. All of these people must be arrested and taken to the government office!”

Once this order was given, the imperial guards said “Yes!” in unison. They then pulled out their swords and surrounded the troublemakers.

The troublemakers were extremely shocked. They opened their mouths and wanted to shout, but even after the sound came from their throats, they were just monotone shouts. They did not know what to say because nothing would have been reasonable. First, they caused trouble for county princess Ji An. After that, they had beaten the Feng matriarch. Only then did they find that they had been in too much of a rush. They had been used. But since this was the case, what could they still say? Some of the people with more explosive tempers were held by the imperial guards. While walking toward the government office, they loudly said: “If I knew that this would have happened, I would have been more fierce with that beating. I would have just killed that old woman and that young miss!”

The messy shouts gradually grew further and further away. Only then did Feng Yu Heng leap down from the imperial carriage and personally helped Yao Xian off the carriage.

Yao Xian smiled bitterly, “My health is not so poor that it requires someone to help me.”

She, however, said: “This is unrelated to your health. This is granddaughter fulfilling her filial duties.”

On one side, the grandparent and grandchild were enjoying their deep relationship. On the other side, He Zhong quietly muttered: “The elder madam will not be able to survive! She will not survive!”

When Yao Xian passed by, he snorted and threw out: “If she is going to die, bring her back to the Feng manor to die. Don’t have her die in front of the county princess’ manor. It’s unlucky!” He then followed Feng Yu Heng into the manor.

After her group entered the manor, the imperial guards outside began to chase them away, “Did you not hear what the elder master said? Quickly take her away!”

The words were very impolite, but they were imperial guards. He Zhong was completely unable to argue with them. He could only direct the family’s retainers to bring the matriarch and the others back to the manor. At the same time, he ordered: “Send a few more people to invite doctors. It’s fine to bring a few extra!”

There was a ruckus outside the manor, and the inside of the county princess’ manor was not peaceful either. The matriarch had brought people to the manor’s entrance to cause trouble, and Yao shi was on edge inside the manor the entire time. Xiang Rong, who had returned to the manor before Feng Yu Heng, repeatedly consoled her, but Yao shi could not calm down. She wanted to go out to take a look, but she did not dare. Because of this, she suffered quite a bit.

But very quickly, a servant came to report that Feng Yu Heng had returned. She finally let out a sigh of relief. Following this, another report came that divine doctor Yao had returned to the capital with the county princess. They were both at the manor’s entrance. Yao shi was immediately stunned.

She remained in this condition until Yao Xian arrived in front of her. Only then did she managed to react; however, she was unable to say anything. She just staggered forward and hugged Yao Xian while crying.

Feng Yu Heng had told Yao Xian about Yao shi’s matters earlier. This included her appearance. Although Yao Xian had prepared himself a little, when he had seen this person that looked like Feng Yu Heng’s mom from their previous lives, he was still shocked to see how much she resembled his daughter-in-law. But immediately following this, his thoughts had become similar to what Feng Yu Heng had thought back then. He also felt that everything that had been missing in his previous life had been filled by the heavens. This was truly quite good.

The three generations from grandparent to grandchild had been reunited. The chef from Refined Deity Building was busy for an entire afternoon, and Xuan Tian Ming was invited over. That night, the county princess’ manor ate a reunion meal, but this reunion was missing Zi Rui. Yao Xian said: “That grandson of mine was still so small when I left. Perhaps I would not even recognize him now.”

Yao shi wiped away tears upon hearing mention of Zi Rui. Feng Yu Heng had told Yao Xian about her change in mentality. In regards to this, there was not much that the grandparent and grandchild had to say. After all, mother and daughter were connected. Her perfectly fine daughter’s soul had been swapped out. In addition to Feng Yu Heng not being able to hide it, perhaps others could be fooled with the mention of a Persian master, but Yao shi was her own mother. They had lived together for three years in the Northwest. How could she possibly have not seen through this. After hearing this, Yao Xian just told Feng Yu Heng that she could not blame her. No matter who it was, they would feel bad.

Feng Yu Heng was already able to very calmly face Yao shi’s mentality. She knew that Yao shi did not have it easy. Her great daughter had changed at the drop of a hat, and she had never gotten too close with this mother. Those special abilities that had suddenly appeared may have caused some questions to arise in her heart, but she did not ask them. This was already her good fortune.

During the meal, Yao Xian and Xuan Tian Ming became more and more attached. Xuan Tian Ming and Yao Xian did not interact much in the past. Although the Emperor and Yao Xian got along very well, he was focused on other things, and he was more interested in the military. How could he care if his old man got along well with an old official. But seeing him today, he finally understood the power of genetics. This maternal grandfather’s personality was so similar to his wife’s! They were both quick-witted and quick to reply. Words would be said as soon as the thoughts were constructed, and they were neither arrogant nor humble, and they all carried his own thoughts and opinions.

In truth, Feng Yu Heng had thought about the body’s original owner’s maternal grandfather’s personality. She feared that her own grandfather’s personality was almost the same… oddly enough. This analysis had come after leaving the palace due to hearing the Emperor’s thoughts. She knew that anyone that could get along with the Emperor would most likely not be anyone obedient.

With this table full of people, Yao shi was also excited to hear this. Resting her chin in her hand, she looked at her own father, but she did not suspect Yao Xian because the previous Yao Xian was also like this. In fact, he was even more lively than this. As she listened, her eyes lit up and suddenly interjected, saying: “In the past, I had been curious as to why Heng’s personality had suddenly changed. Now, I finally understand. In truth, it did not change at all. It was just that she had been too subdued in the past, and this hid her original personality. Dad, this granddaughter is too much like you.”

Yao Xian laughed, “It’s good if she’s like me! In the future, she will not be called granddaughter by my daughter. She will just be my granddaughter. If the Feng family does not want her, the Yao family will. Heng will be my Yao family’s daughter.”

As everyone at the table was happily chatting, Wang Chuan quickly ran in from the outside. Saluting, she said: “Your Highness, young miss, the Feng family’s elder madam… has passed away.”

TN: Apologies for the awkward wording with the whole granddaughter ordeal. The Chinese language has a separate term for a daughter’s daughter than a son’s daughter, while in English, they’re both called granddaughter.

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