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Cut at the Waist

Feng Jin Yuan brought the Cheng shi sisters and went straight to the Xiang Palace. Of course, this was not out of respect for their shared position of head wife. It was because he needed to borrow their power to give himself some standing.

What exactly had happened at the Xiang Palace, the Feng family did not truly know, but when Feng Jin Yuan heard that the Empress had sent a body-inspecting granny and the pristine jade star chart, he was already able to guess the reason.

But he felt a little odd. Chen Yu had clearly told him that she was already fine. At that time, it did not look like Chen Yu was lying. After that, he understood that Chen Yu had spent a large amount of money to ask Feng Yu Heng, who loved money. At that time, Feng Chen Yu had a large amount of money from the Chen family, and she used this to ask Feng Yu Heng to take action. This was not an impossibility. But it now seemed that he still forgot about something. After Yao shi and her children returned to the capital, Chen Yu had collaborated with the Chen family multiple times to try and harm them. Although Feng Yu Heng handled all of them, even though some of them were fatal attempts, he still protected Feng Chen Yu from punishment multiple times. That second daughter was one that bore grudges. How could she possibly allow for Chen Yu to successfully marry into the Xiang Palace.

Thinking like this, his heart was filled with even more anxiety. He hurried the driver to go faster multiple times. Finally, after being shouted at, the driver stopped in front of the Xiang Palace’s entrance.

Feng Jin Yuan hastily climbed out of the carriage and quickly walked in. The Cheng shi sisters followed behind him. Looking at each other, they understood what the other was thinking.

They had heard news of Feng Yu Heng participating long ago. This time, for Chen Yu’s grand wedding, not only did she and Princess Xiang collaborate, even their aunt had a part. The sisters had made up their minds long ago. During this trip to the Xiang Palace, they would not move according to Feng Jin Yuan’s desires. They would move in accordance with county princess Ji An, Feng Yu Heng’s desires.

When the Feng family members arrived, the people that had been discussing things in the yard gradually lowered their voices. One of the officials that usually stood next to Feng Jin Yuan in court came over and whispered the situation into his ear, causing Feng Jin Yuan’s face to turn pale. He could practically guarantee that those words had been tattooed by Feng Yu Heng. For a moment, an anger welled up inside him, and he wanted to rush into the hall to question what exactly Feng Yu Heng wanted to do!

But when he walked into the hall and saw the ninth prince, Xuan Tian Ming, sitting next to Feng Yu Heng, those words that had rushed to his lips were helplessly swallowed back down.

He led his wives and saluted the princes. When he lowered his head, he looked behind him and saw Feng Chen Yu sprawled out on the sill of the hall’s entrance. Her face was pale, and there was blood coming from the corners of her mouth. This made it clear that his daughter had been hit.

But what could Feng Jin Yuan say? What did he dare say? He understood at heart Chen Yu’s matter. Now, he just needed to see how deep this hole had been dug. Once this situation had been resolved, not to mention Feng Chen Yu, perhaps even he would no longer continue being the prime minister.

He stood up in fear and looked at the third prince. With a guilty conscience, he asked: “Your Highness, what exactly happened?”

Xuan Tian Ye’s expression sank, but he did not speak. Instead, it was Duan Mu Qing that said: “Lord Feng, that’s the good daughter that you raised! Defamation is your family’s problem, but just because you are shameless, do not assume that everyone else is just as shameless!”

His words were extremely severe. The word shameless slapped Feng Jin Yuan’s face and left a pain as though he had been burned by fire. For the dignified standard first rank official to be insulted by a deputy leader from the border, even if he ignored him, he could not bear to endure this.

Thus he pulled back the fear from facing Xuan Tian Ye and looked at Duan Mu Qing with a cold gaze, fiercely asking: “Deputy leader, what sort of status are you using to speak to this prime minister?”

Duan Mu Qing spent his years in the North, thus he did not have a good concept of official ranks. In addition to being the third prince’s relative, he also controlled a portion of the troops in the North. His personality was naturally far more proud than the average person. The feeling of superiority surged forth. How could he place just a standard first rank official in his eyes. Moreover, it was currently the Feng family that was being unreasonable.

Duan Mu Qing straightened his waist a little more and replied to Feng Jin Yuan, saying: “I represent the Duan Mu family to ask you, lord Feng, what exactly was your intention in sending a wilted flower to the Xiang Palace dressed as a beloved treasure?”

In truth, rather than Feng Jin Yuan, Duan Mu Qing and Xuan Tian Ye both hated Princess Xiang, Zhao Bai Ru, more. Originally, welcoming Feng Chen Yu into the Xiang Palace was nothing more than adding a chess piece. If this was done without any fanfare, even if Xuan Tian Ye knew about it, he would, at most, lock her up in the palace and never allow her out; however, his plan would need to continue. Now, however, everyone knew about it. This forced him to demand an explanation from Feng Jin Yuan. He had no choice but to grit his teeth and completely dispose of Feng Chen Yu as a chess piece.

Seeing Feng Jin Yuan stand there without speaking, Xuan Tian Ye suddenly snorted coldly. Looking again at the body-inspecting granny, he said: “Since Prime minister Feng is feigning ignorance, just bring him to the inner hall to inspect it once more! This time, allow Prime minister Feng to clearly see what sort of person your daughter is!”

Once this was said, Feng Jin Yuan’s aged face turned red. Have him inspect his own daughter? What sort of thing was that? He stomped his feet then went around in circles, troubled.

As for the Cheng shi sisters, they had received a look from Feng Yu Heng, thus Cheng Jun Man took the initiative to say: “Husband, allow this wife and my younger sister to go in with the granny to inspect her!”

Only then did Feng Jin Yuan remember that he had brought these two, thus he quickly nodded and said: “Good, then you should go.” He then said to Xuan Tian Ye: “Not only are they Chen Yu’s mother, they are also her Highness’ nieces. Allow them to go perform the inspection!”

Xuan Tian Ye nodded, and the granny led the two into the inner hall. He knew that Feng Jin Yuan had deliberately brought the two sisters here; however, he quietly cursed him for being foolish. Those two were clearly working together with Feng Yu Heng. How could they possibly help speak up for him in this sort of situation.

Not long later, the Cheng shi sisters came back from the inner hall with the granny behind them. Immediately following them, Feng Chen Yu was dragged by a strong servant to the entrance of the hall. Amidst Chen Yu’s cries and screams, the Cheng shi sisters kneeled before Xuan Tian Ye, with Cheng Jun Man saying: “As the Feng family’s head wife, not inviting a granny to perform an inspection before our family’s daughter got married was a matter of this wife’s negligence.”

Once Feng Jin Yuan heard this, his heart completely froze. Originally, he still had some hope; however, that hope was now ruined. This time, Feng Yu Heng had gone for the jugular.

He repressed a surge of anger, and this nearly drove him insane. He could not vent his anger at the third prince, and he had no reason to get angry with Duan Mu Qing. He did not dare get angry with the chief culprit of Feng Yu Heng. Turning around, he saw Feng Chen Yu lying on the sill. He had finally found a release point. Taking a few steps forward, he raised his foot and kicked at her shoulder.

Although his kick was not carry as much power as Duan Mu Qing’s earlier kick, kicking at the shoulder joint was quite troublesome. Chen Yu was flipped by this kick, and a “crack” sound came with it. It seemed that her left arm was no longer connected, as it swayed while being dragged on the ground.

She was in so much pain that she nearly fainted. When she saw the despair in Feng Jin Yuan’s face, the horror in her heart deepened.

At this moment, the Cheng shi sisters were still kneeling on the ground. Xuan Tian Ye looked at the two, and his heart was filled with anger; however, he could not vent it. Although they were Feng Jin Yuan’s wives, they were still the Empress’ nieces. He had no choice but to give her this bit of face. He thought a bit then suddenly turned to Feng Yu Heng, asking: “County princess, what do you think should be done about this matter?”

When he asked this, Feng Yu Heng curled up on her large chair and playing with the tassel that hung from Xuan Tian Hua’s waist. Xuan Tian Ming even said from the side: “Seventh brother’s tassel is new. I have never seen it before.”

Xuan Tian Hua did not speak. He only smiled and shifted closer to Feng Yu Heng, making sure that she did not pull it too tight. As for Yu Qian Yin, she would occasionally glance at Feng Yu Heng; however, she copied Feng Yu Heng’s actions. She also lazily leaned back in her chair, but she was slightly chubbier than Feng Yu Heng, so she did not look as good.

When Xuan Tian Ye asked this, Feng Yu Heng did not stop fiddling with the tassel, and she did not even raise her head. She just raised her voice and called out: “Granny!”

The only person in the room that Feng Yu Heng would call granny was the one that had come from the palace, thus she quickly stepped forward and bowed to her, saying: “This old servant is present. Does county princess have any orders?”

Feng Yu Heng then said: “I will trouble granny with telling his Highness the third prince how Da Shun handles a promiscuous woman. It seems that his Highness is not very certain.”

The granny nodded then turned around, loudly saying: “According to Da Shun’s laws, if a woman commits adultery, engaging in illicit relationships, the crime is promiscuity. The punishment is execution by being cut at the waist.”

Once the words cut at the waist were said, Feng Chen Yu completely fainted.

Feng Jin Yuan stumbled then fell. Fortunately, there were servants to support him. As for the kneeling Cheng Jun Man, she solemnly said: “The family is unfortunate. That person has been carried into the Xiang Palace. Everything shall be left to your Highness to take care of.” The two then stood up together and walked over to Feng Jin Yuan. Cheng Jun Mei said: “Husband, with things as they are, eldest young miss cannot be protected.”

Cheng Jun Man also said: “With this sort of daughter, my Feng family will not despise you for this.”

With the two saying this, what could Feng Jin Yuan say? Chen Yu was presently a worthless person, and she was a worthless person that had lost all of the Feng family’s face. He himself understood that continuing to keep this daughter would result in the demise of the Feng family.

But he was still unreconciled. Glaring fiercely at Feng Yu Heng with his bloodshot eyes, the anger followed the hope that had escaped him. For a moment, he was unable to endure and suddenly shouted: “Just how far do you intend to harm the Feng family?”

Feng Yu Heng finally stopped fiddling with the tassel, but she still did not look up. Her small face instead seemed to exude the coldness of a thousand-year permafrost. Anyone that she glanced at trembled.

Xuan Tian Ming’s hands moved very slightly, and it looked like he was about to move his whip; however, the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, spoke up: “Prime minister Feng, in your eyes, what sort of daughter would be good? A daughter of the first wife with exceptional medical abilities and has produced steel for the country, yet you do not dote nor love her. Instead, you have such grand ambitions for a wilted daughter of a concubine. What exactly are you thinking?”

Feng Jin Yuan was startled. He never thought that the person to speak up at this time would be the deity-like seventh prince. Also, every word that he said stabbed at his heart.

That’s right, in everyone’s eyes, Feng Yu Heng was the Feng family’s hope. Why did he continue wanting to place hope in Chen Yu? But there were some people that could understand. Feng Yu Heng absolutely was not of the same mind as him!

“Heh.” Suddenly, the person playing with the tassel spoke up; however, it was a very carefree sneer. “Perhaps it’s because eldest sister is more beautiful than I, or perhaps it’s because eldest sister has the aspect of the phoenix. Either way, father Emperor’s hopes lay with me, but this father of mine has never placed any hope in me.”

“Cease your nonsense!” Feng Jin Yuan was extremely scared. Was this not saying that he was not of the same mind as the Emperor? In the end, was this still his daughter?

At this time, the person that did not speak this entire time, Xuan Tian Ming, could no longer endure listening to Feng Jin Yuan speak such shameless things. Thus he simply said: “You should have shut your mouth just now! If you want to argue, this prince will bring you to the Yu Palace later to have a proper discussion. Right now,” He turned his gaze on the fainted Feng Chen Yu and curled his lips into a sneer, “Guards, take that thing to prison for this prince. Have Xu Jing Yuan keep a close eye on her. After three days, she will be executed!”

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