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In the End, She Is Inferior to Feng Yu Heng

Feng Yu Heng could investigate the heavens and the earth, but she still could not investigate behind Xuan Tian Hua’s back. She clearly knew that there was a problem with Yu Qian Yin, and she clearly knew that there was something strange about her, but she could not bring herself to do it. She did not know what angle she should investigate this from. That person was, in the end, Xuan Tian Hua. It was not her husband, who would allow her to do anything. It was not Xuan Tian Ming, who would allow her to do whatever she pleased. That was a person that was like a deity. He was so fine that… she did not know how to handle this matter.

Forget it. She gently sighed, “I must trust seventh brother. If he does not speak about it, I will neither ask nor investigate.” These words were said for Wang Chuan to hear, but they were even more so for herself.

Wang Chuan knew that Feng Yu Heng was feeling uncomfortable, but she still asked: “Then what about third young miss?”

She said: “Let that girl go and think about things carefully. If she is unable to develop an unyielding character, even if I was to forcefully try and help her, I would not be able to do anything. Moreover, I cannot protect her for her entire life. People, in the end, must rely on themselves.”

Xiang Rong also knew this. People would need to rely on themselves, but she still did not know how to do this. She was also unable to understand how her second sister, despite only being two years older than herself, seemed to be even more capable than her own concubine mother? Did two years really make that much of a difference?

Coming out of the county princess’ manor, she did not return to the Feng manor. This girl never dared to go out alone. Perhaps it was because she had suffered a shock, causing her to wander onto the main road in a daze. When she recovered mentally, she was already standing in front of An shi’s embroidery shop.

This shop was not large, but it was still quite dazzling. Every month, it was able to provide An shi and Xiang Rong with a decent subsidy, and a decent sum could be saved. An shi relied on this to provide Xiang Rong with a rather plentiful dowry.

Xiang Rong stood in front of this embroidery shop and thought back to what An shi had said. When she got married, this should become part of her dowry. Even if she did not have the favor or love of her husband, and she did not have a child to rely on, with this shop, she would not starve to death.

But Xiang Rong, in truth, did not want it. First, An shi also relied on this shop. If she took it away, what would An shi do? Living in that vicious Feng family, without any source of income to rely on, would she be fine? Also, if she did not have the love of her future husband, what was the point of having this shop? Would living really be that important?

While her mind was a mess from these wild thoughts, she heard a clear voice come from inside the shop. It was a girl speaking, “That handkerchief is really pretty. I want it.”

Xiang Rong looked inside the shop and saw a girl wearing a lake-blue dress. Reaching out, she pointed at a handkerchief and said to the clerk: “Any amount is fine, I want that handkerchief.”

The clerk had an apologetic expression, saying: “Young miss, I truly am sorry. This handkerchief has already been ordered by someone else. I fear that I cannot sell it to you. How about you take another look around. If there is something else that you want, I can give you a bit of a discount.”

The girl did not speak for a long time, and Xiang Rong frowned. Just as she was about to go in to help, she heard that girl finally speak up: “It’s fine. I will come at a later date. If that person no longer wants it, just sell it to me. If it’s taken away, I will pick a different one.” While she spoke, her temper was cool, and she covered all of her bases.

Xiang Rong was a little bit envious. It was very rare for there to be such a cool girl. She was a little like her second sister, and she was also a bit like imperial daughter Xuan Tian Ge.

Just as she was thinking this, she saw the girl turn around and walk out of the shop. Xiang Rong was startled, and it seemed like her breathing had stopped for a moment.

That was… the girl at his Highness the seventh prince’s side. What was she called again? Second sister said it, and it seemed to be… Yu Qian Yin.

She froze in place and happened to be seen by Yu Qian Yin when coming out. The girl saw Xiang Rong and seemed to try and recall something. She suddenly let out an “Ah” sound, saying directly to Xiang Rong: “I’ve seen you before outside of the county princess’ manor. You’re the county princess’ young sister, right?”

Xiang Rong did not think that the other side would take the initiative to speak with her. She was a little at a loss over what to do. But Yu Qian Yin was lively, so it was fine if Xiang Rong did not speak. She was able to continue chatting on her own, thus she spoke up once more, directly asking: “My name is Yu Qian Yin, what is your name?”

Xiang Rong was startled but said: “My… name is Feng Xiang Rong.”

“Feng Xiang Rong, that’s truly a great name.” Yu Qian Yin’s praise was truly sincere. She then looked at Xiang Rong and sincerely praised once more: “You are also beautiful. Seventh brother mentioned you before.”

Hearing her say this, a nerve in Xiang Rong’s heart had been prodded, causing her to subconsciously ask: “What did his Highness the seventh prince say?”

Yu Qian Yin giggled and walked forward. Xiang Rong did not even think and followed behind her. Yu Qian Yin walked quickly, so Xiang Rong hoisted the hem of her dress and chased after her, fearing that she would lose sight of her.

Fortunately, Yu Qian Yin did not keep her hanging, very quickly telling her: “Seventh brother said that county princess Ji An has two younger sisters, and she is very close with one of them.”

“Just that?” Xiang Rong did not give up, “His Highness the seventh prince only said that?”

Yu Qian Yin blinked then seemed to have seen something in Xiang Rong’s eyes. She was slightly startled; however, she recovered very quickly. She then said with a smile: “There’s more! Seventh brother said that he met the county princess’ younger sister a few times, and she is a very cute girl.”

Once this was said, Xiang Rong’s heart trembled a bit. Her cheeks blushed slightly, and her pace became a mess. But Yu Qian Yin calling him seventh brother caused her to feel troubled; however, she did not know what she should say. She could only keep following her. She watched Yu Qian Yin look around the capital curiously.

Not long later, the two arrived at a small bridge with water slowly flowing beneath. On this sort of hot day, it gave off a bit of cool air. Yu Qian Yin had a very happy expression, pulling Xiang Rong onto the bridge. While running, she said: “Don’t be so down. Don’t just keep taking such small steps. Run. Run into the wind. That sort of feeling is of freedom. When I just met seventh brother, he pulled me and ran forward like this. At that time, I thought to myself that if there was no end in sight, I would be happy to continue running like this.”

Xiang Rong, for no reason, felt her legs become weak. It just happened that a wedding procession was coming along from the other side of the bridge. The sounds of joy and music caused her to feel even more upset.

The bridge was a bit narrow, thus Yu Qian Yin pulled Xiang Rong to the side, saying: “It’s a wedding procession! Let’s let them pass first.”

But the one carrying the sedan, for some reason, had his foot turn awkwardly, causing him to hump into Xiang Rong. Xiang Rong’s legs had already become weak, and she ended up losing her balance. Leaning back, she fell off the bridge.

Yu Qian Yin was scared witless and loudly shouted: “Feng Xiang Rong!” She then reached out to grab her. Unfortunately, she only managed to grab a corner of Xiang Rong’s clothes.

Xiang Rong fell facing up and saw Yu Qian Yin reach out but fail to grab her. She could then only put on a worried expression and loudly shout her name. She then suddenly thought that if her second sister was here, she would definitely leap off of the bridge and catch her. Like this, she would bring her back. This Yu Qian Yin was, in the end, not as good as her second sister.

She closed her eyes and waited to fall into the water. In fact, she had prepared to drown.

Unfortunately, the sound of falling into the water did not come. Her back did not fall into the water; however, it was held up by a large and warm hand. She was then carried into the air sideways.

Xiang Rong was given a fright and quickly opened her eyes. What she saw, however, was a grown man’s face. That man looked to be no more than 20-years-old, and his face was filled with valor. He carried her as though he was carrying a small cat. It seemed as though he was not expending any energy, as he stably landed back on the ground. This caused the citizens that were shocked about her falling to applaud.

Xiang Rong’s face suddenly became red, as she quickly leaped from his body and took a few steps back. She then bowed and said: “Many thanks sir for the grace of saving my life.”

That person did not speak. She was puzzled and raised her head to take a look; however, no matter how she looked, she felt that this person looked a little familiar. It seemed as though she had seen this person before.

She tilted her head and thought carefully. After thinking for a long time, she was unable to figure it out. At this time, the benefactor that had saved her life spoke up, saying to her: “There is no need for you to thank me. Me saving my own fiancee is something that I am duty-bound to do. It’s just that as the daughter of the Feng family, you are truly a little too weak.”

Xiang Rong was given a shock and looked again at this person. Only then did she suddenly realized! No wonder she felt that he was familiar. This person was Bu Cong. It was the general of the East that she had just been engaged to, Bu Cong.

She was a little at a loss over what to do. Lowering her head, she did not want to speak with him; however, she continued to think about what Bu Cong had just said.

Too weak, another person had said that she was too weak. Could it be that she was already so weak that she had become a burden to others? But how should she go about becoming stronger?

While she was thinking these wild thoughts, Yu Qian Yin ran over from the bridge and circled around Xiang Rong a couple times. She then let out a long sigh of relief: “Fortunately, you’re fine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to explain to county princess. It’s good that you’re fine. I promised seventh brother that I would return to eat, so I will be leaving first.”

Yu Qian Yin really left when she said she would leave. When Xiang Rong finally recovered, she had already gone quite a distance. Xiang Rong slightly furrowed her brow then looked at Bu Cong, also saying: “Many thanks, General Bu, for the grace of saving my life. I must also return.” After saying this, she copied Yu Qian Yin and left without another word.

Bu Cong looked coldly at the departing figure then slowly shook his head. He only thought to himself, Feng Jin Yuan, oh Feng Jin Yuan, you’ve truly come up with a great idea for a marriage. If it was not for the Bu family not wanting to place all of its hopes in the fourth prince, he would definitely not have wanted to accept this arrangement. But when he thought about it, that girl’s eyebrows had a slight resemblance to Feng Yu Heng; however, her lower lip stuck out a little more, and her gaze was not as piercingly cold.

Xiang Rong escaped back to the Feng manor. An shi did not know where she had gone and only thought that she had gone over to Tong Sheng pavilion. She knew that she was not in a good mood, thus she did not ask too many questions.

But who knew that just as Xiang Rong returned to the manor, a servant came to report: “Third young miss, General Bu sent someone to send you some things.”

Once this was said, An shi thought that it was a good thing and quickly welcomed them in, but Xiang Rong was unable to understand what Bu Cong intended. He had clearly proclaimed that she was without merit at the side of the river. Why did he turn around and send a gift?

At this time, the servant had already brought that person into the room. That person carried in a few boxes of fruit and said to Xiang Rong without any expression: “Third young miss, these are gifts sent by General Bu to help you calm your shock.”

Xiang Rong furrowed her brow, not wanting to explain. An shi did not understand what was meant by calming her shock. When had Xiang Rong suffered a shock? Just as she was about to have someone accept the gift, another maidservant ran in from the outside, hurriedly saying: “Third young miss, the Chun Palace sent someone to send you something.”

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