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Chapter 1150: 1150
Chapter 1150 A Shrewd Plan

Chunyu Ling went to Yu Palace, the maid Tian Ping did not enter in the end, stopping outside the palace gates . She pulled Chunyu Ling and said: “It’s not that This Servant does not have any courage, but if both of us enter, there is no way to ask for help if something happens . If Madam insists on entering, then This Servant will go and report to the General . ”

Chunyu Ling pulled out of Tian Ping’s grip, an annoyed expression on her face: “Just leave if you want to, there is no need to tell me . You only acknowledge the General as your Master, to me, you’re only surveillance which he put next to me . It might be possible that you wish for me to enter and never come out, as long as I am dead, the General can marry again, don’t think I do not know the relationship between the two of you . ” After saying this, she walked forward with huge steps, knocking on the large gates of Yu Palace .

Seeing this, Tian Ping hid quickly, but she saw that once the large gates of Yu Palace opened, the people inside did not ask anything, allowing the person in directly . Her heart thumped once and she realised that this seemed to be a plot, how could it be that easy to enter Yu Palace, the other party was clearly waiting for Chunyu Ling to step into the trap herself .

Tian Ping stamped her foot, an expression of hatred appearing on her face, just like what Chunyu Ling said, she really wanted this Master to die so it would be possible for her to obtain a proper status from the General . But if Chunyu Ling wanted to die, it should not be in this way, what if she gets tortured and interrogated once she entered and revealed the hiding place of the General? That place was the only place of refuge they have in Da Shun’s capital, once it got destroyed, they could only be exposed in the open .

Until now, Tian Ping did not understand why Chunyu Ling was so interested in the matters related to Princess Yu and even stayed outside for a few days in order to listen to the story . She needed to report this matter to the General quickly to prevent something serious from happening .

Chunyu Ling also felt that she entered Yu Palace too easily, but the people of Yu Palace did not plan to hide anything from her as well, speaking to her as they led her to the courtyard where Feng Yuheng was in: “Our Princess has waited for you for many days, please enter! Princess is a good person, you will not be in danger . ”

Chunyu Ling finally met Feng Yuheng while harbouring suspicion, at this moment, Feng Yuheng was sitting in front of a tiger cage in the courtyard, holding a section of bamboo in her hand to feed the large white tiger in the cage . That tiger saw the Chunyu Ling came, it frowned first then roared fiercely, scaring Chunyu Ling until she backed up immediately, if not for a servant holding her up, she would have sat on the ground .

Feng Yuheng reached into the cage and grabbed the back of the white tiger, the tiger which had been very fierce just now flopped down immediately, using its head to rub Feng Yuheng’s palm, acting just like a cat, then Feng Yuheng was heard saying: “Xiao Bai, be good, do not scare the guest . ” Then she said to the servant who was supporting Chunyu Ling: “You can leave! I have something to say to the guest . ”

With this instruction . It was not just that one servant, everyone in this courtyard left, including Wang Chuan and Huang Quan . That was when Feng Yuheng gestured towards Chunyu Ling: “Come . ” Then she pointed at a chair next to her, “Come over and sit, the tea had always been prepared, I will pour tea for you . ”

She poured tea for Chunyu Ling personally, but Chunyu Ling stopped five steps away from that tiger cage, not daring to move forward . The fragrance of the tea poured by Feng Yuheng entered her nose and she could not help but breathe in deeply, making a fair assessment: “This tea is so fragrant, whether it is in Da Shun or Zong Sui, I have never drank such good tea . ” As someone who lived two lives, her first life was as the first daughter of the Left Prime Minister’s manor, what she ate and used was naturally of the best quality . In the current life, she was the First Miss of the Zong Sui General’s manor and still ate and used the best . But Chunyu Ling had never smelled such a good tea fragrance and could not help but look in Feng Yuheng’s direction a few times .

“This is tea dried using a special method, it is known as Bi Luo Chun, something which is frequently drank in my past place . ” She waved her hand towards Chunyu Ling again: “Come over, Xiao Bao does not hurt people, it just likes to make empty threats . ”

These words were heard by Xiao Bai and it roared loudly in dissatisfaction . As expected, this scared Chunyu Ling again, but Feng Yuheng was unperturbed by this . She even told Xiao Bai: “You scared my guest . I managed to invite this guest after much effort, if she is scared away because of you, I will definitely teach you a lesson . ”

As if Xiao Bai could understand human language, it rolled its eyes and looked at Chunyu Ling again, finally lying down completely and sleeping soundly as if everything outside the cage had nothing to do with it, but those minutely moving ears hinted to them, once Feng Yuheng was in anger, it can immediately burst open the cage and run out to save its Master from danger .

“Look, it’s very obedient . ” Feng Yuheng pointed at Xiao Bao, then smiled at Chunyu Ling, “Come over, if you don’t come, the tea will turn cold . Didn’t you say this tea is very fragrant? If fragrant tea is not drunk quickly, it would be a waste . ”

In the end, Chunyu Ling’s curiosity towards the person in front of her won over her fear for that white tiger, so after weighing them against each other a few times, she still walked towards Feng Yuheng, sitting opposite her . Drinking a mouthful of Bi Luo Chun, she could not help but nod, “This is good tea . ”

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“That’s right! In this world, only I know how to plant and air-cure this kind of tea, if you like it, I will let you have some when you leave . ” She raised her head and looked at Chunyu Ling, saying again: “Recently, scouts reported to me based off your portrait and said that you are now the first daughter of Zong Sui’s old General Chunyu An, your name is Chunyu Ling . So, how does the Zong Sui General treat you? Is it much better than the Feng manor?” Her gaze was sincere and she asked the other party very seriously: “I heard that Zong Sui’s General Chunyu only has one wife and one concubine, his wife gave birth to his first daughter and third daughter, and the concubine gave birth to the second daughter and a son . The old General treats the first daughter very well and that third daughter was also spoiled by him since young . After she grew up, she married Zong Sui’s Second Prince Li Jian, and currently as Li Jian entered the imperial palace, she became the Empress of Zong Sui . You are the blood related sister of the Empress . With this, you mother and daughter pair would not be treated badly in the manor, no one would dare to show any bad attitude towards the birth mother and blood related sister of the Empress . ”

In these few sentences, she explained the situation in Chunyu manor clearly . Chunyu Ling also understood these things, it was just that she was always thinking about the affairs in Da Shun all these years and did not think deeply about the General’s manor . She truly did not think that place was her home, but it was only until she returned to Da Shun, did she understand that her home no longer existed here as well .

“Do you know who I am?” Chunyu Ling did not talk about the Zong Sui General’s manor but went straight to the main topic . The two of them did not beat around the bush, once Feng Yuheng spoke, she asked about the comparison between Chunyu Ling’s present and past situation, and Chunyu Ling also asked this after the other party pointed out that she was the first daughter of the General’s manor .

Feng Yuheng smiled, “Your appearance changed, your voice changed, but I can still recognise you with one look . In the northwest mountains in the past, I came, you left, we even had one sentence of interaction . Unfortunately, it was too short, and unexpectedly, we still have to chance to drink tea together many years later . What do you think, isn’t fate really strange?”

Chunyu Ling nodded . “That’s right! It is very strange, I did not expect that you who said that you would take revenge for me was actually so capable . Who…… exactly are you?”

“Shouldn’t you be asking how your mother died?” Feng Yuheng looked at her, shaking her head slightly, “Who I am is not important, I came from some place very far away, I am only someone who you did not know at all in the past . I feel that the misunderstanding between us should have stemmed from Mother . You married Bu Cong, returned to Da Shun, and appeared in my line of sight a few times like that, your goal is definitely not to make friends with me . I can see the hatred in your eyes, but I do not understand where this hatred came from . Thinking about it over and over, it should be over Mother, only that matter was outside of the plans, something which happened out of my control . I searched for you for many days but was unable to find you at all . I almost lost myself in helplessness and fear . But, the real Feng Yuheng, the relationship between us should not be like this, right?”

Chunyu Ling was stunned, “the real Feng Yuheng”, this method of address was so special . The relationship between the two of this should not be like this? Then what should it be like?

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Feng Yuheng was still speaking, “In the end, I still think that in this world, only you and I can truly communicate with each other, our bodies and souls have a certain bond and relation, we have the exact same memories of the past, even if our identities are tied to opposing countries now, we should be the closest sisters and friends in this world . Unfortunately, you harbour a misunderstanding against me, and I do not know how to explain this misunderstanding, such that the two of us are at this point, such a twist of fate!”

She waved a hand in dismissal, expressing that she did not want to talk about it anymore, with regards to the Feng family, with regards to Yao Shi, she fulfilled everything over so many years and never thought she owed anyone anything . For many things, it was not as if people would believe them if she said them, unless it was witnessed with their own eyes . But Yao Shi was already dead, who could Chunyu Ling meet?

“I buried Mother in the desert at the southern border, it is beside an oasis . I choose the best place and there is someone keeping watch every day . ” She told Chunyu Ling, “When Mother passed away, it was at the southern border . With such hot weather, it was impossible to transport her back to Da Shun, so we could only bury her locally . Everyone in the southern border knows about it, including her and Feng Jinyuan becoming husband and wife again after divorce and bringing a fake daughter there to pretend to be Princess Ji An . Chunyu Ling, if you have such intention, I will secretly send people to escort you to the southern border . Go there and gather information, the citizens will not lie to you . ”

Chunyu Ling’s eyes lit up, “You will send me to the southern border?”

“You want to go?”

“I want to!” Her tears flowed out, “If everything I heard in the tea house recently is all true, then, thank you for everything you did in the past . I want to go to the southern border to see Mother’s grave, if you did not lie to me, then please do something for me once more, let me stay in the southern borer and accompany Mother! I do not wish to return to Zong Sui again, I do not wish to stay in that place for another day, I do not have any family there, the people I call Father and Mother, none of them are my family, I want my true family, I’m begging you . ”

Feng Yuheng agreed to Chunyu Ling’s request and after keeping Chunyu Ling to eat a meal together, she immediately arranged for people to send her to the southern border, sending an eagle letter to the people who stayed back at Lan Province, asking them to welcome her properly .

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Sending Chunyu Ling away, the first reason was to allow the other party to go to the southern border and understand the truth clearly, the second reason was Feng Yuheng’s personal reason, and the scheme that she had thought up together with the Sixth Prince Xuan Tianfeng . Sending Chunyu Ling away, she did not believe that Bu Cong would not appear, this time, they would completely eradicate the remnants of the Zong Sui faction left in Da Shun!

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