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Chapter 901: 901
Chapter 901: Entering Death Jail

Outside of the Extreme Light Adversity Crossing Boat, Zong Shou stepped in the air, standing still quietly .

This place was within a Void Space World River . However, a breath of traveling speed away, one could witness endless amounts of explosive Spiritual Energy .

Dust particles were charging and sweeping everywhere . Due to the extreme speed, they were burning up and were all giving off a shocking amount of heat .

The danger and cruelness of the environment were not any lower than Xuwang Ocean .

Zong Shou’s face was extremely dark and sunken . Even before coming here, he had heard Lu Wubing describe this place in detail .

However, when he personally came over, he was able to find out how intense and dangerous this place was . It was far from what he had expected .

This place was only the most outer region and they hadn’t truly entered the Death Jail . Who knows what the situation would be in the Death Jail World?

The moment he thought about how his mother had lived in such an environment for 20 years, he felt really ashamed . As her son…

He thought back to his father . How would he have felt each and every day and night during these 20 years?

His heart was definitely painful as he found it tough for himself to fall asleep .

He wasn’t in a rush to enter . Instead, he shot out a bit of blue light and allowed it to float in front of him .

It was a drop of liquid the size of a speck of dust, but it was filled with shocking energy .

When he used the seven drops of Heaven Snatching Liquid, he kept a small bit of it .

However, it was enough just to form the soul of Lu Zi .

The soul summoning item he used was the few Magical Artifacts she had at the time .

Along with Zong Shou using Soul Power, he drew out a formation in the void with his Spiritual Sense .

A remnant soul body slowly formed in front of his body .

It was Lu Zi’s previous look . She was shocked as she looked at Zong Shou coldly like she recognized that this was the person who killed her .

Zong Shou was too lazy to speak to her, forming another seal and chanting out some incantations .

Instantly, a giant netherworld gate appeared in front of him .

He grasped Life and Death Dao, connecting to the Netherworld was an easy matter for him .

When threads of Yin Soul Power tangled over and locked onto her soul to tug her into the gate, the tip of his nose was covered in thin beads of sweat .

It was easy to send her there but it was tough to protect her such that she could reincarnate peacefully .

After all, a remnant broken soul was tougher to reincarnate than the soul of a normal person .

Just as he felt that he was unable to support it, Lin Xuanshuang mocked, “You overestimate your own strength! With your current cultivation, you dare to grasp the Life and Death Reincarnation Dao? Aren’t you afraid it would swallow you whole? However, who is this woman? For you to waste this bit of Heaven Snatching Liquid . Why didn’t you just give it all to me then?”

She spoke like she didn’t care at all, but that strong Spiritual Sense still spread over .

In an instant, it caused the reincarnation to complete and the Netherworld Gate to close .

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Zong Shou rolled his eyes, thinking to himself that he wanted to tell her that he did so because he knew that she wouldn’t sit still and do nothing .

Before he opened his mouth, Lu Wubing helped him to explain, “This person is Wubing’s old Master Lu Wushuang’s person . My old Master died to Ruler and this was his final wish . Ruler is really kind and Wubing is really grateful . I thank you on behalf of Lu Wushuang . ”

Zong Shou slightly shook his head, kind? He wasn’t a good person .

At the start, he felt a rare sense of pity, touched by Lu Wushuang’s feelings .

After the matter, he regretted but since he already made such a promise, then he had to do it .

This trip was really dangerous and he might end up dying, so he didn’t know if he would have a chance to do so in the future . Thus, it was best if he borrowed Lin Xuanshuang’s hand to complete this promise in advance .

Before coming from the Cloud World, he said the same thing to Kong Yao and Xuanyuan Yiren .

He said that if he didn’t return, that they should leave the Cloud World and seek protection from Master Dragon Shadow .

This time he was filled with a determination to fight to the death . Even if he died, he would budge in to take a look!”

“Is it like this within the Nine Extreme Death Jail?”

“No! These are the restrictions that the Lu Family laid out . The Death Jail has often been attacked by Yin Power and fears Yang Fire . ”

Just as Zong Shou relaxed, Lu Wubing said, “However, it isn’t any better . You can die swiftly here but inside you would slowly be skinned, thousands of cuts, bones, and marrow will be swallowed and sucked…”

Zong Shou’s expression turned ashen white . Jingyin couldn’t help but close her eyes and started chanting scriptures .

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“If that is true, then all the more I have to take a look . ”

In an instant, Zong Shou came back to his senses and bowed toward Lin Xuanshuang .

“I beg Master for your help in all of this . ”

“You only know to beg me now?”

Lin Xuanshuang giggled, her expression slowly turning solemn, “However, you must think it through! 10,000 years ago I followed my husband in . I don’t need to remind you about what Lu Wubing said . If your luck isn’t good and you alert those few End Realm Experts, even I won’t be able to save you . ”

Lu Wubing shook his head, “That probably won’t happen . To the few Jail protecting elders, it is best to not have any problems . Even if they suspect something, they won’t easily report it but will wait till they have investigated everything to choose whether to deal with it privately or ask for help from the Saint Venerable . If they needed to ask the Saint Venerable about everything and ask for advice from the Saint Dynasty, wouldn’t it show that the few of them are useless? What I am worried about is when we get out . ”

Lin Xuanshuang looked right at Lu Wubing and then nodded her head, “Your words make sense! You all don’t have to worry about how to escape out . Be careful, I am also waiting for this woman to awaken the knowledge of her last life! Whether she goes mad or accepts fate, I really anticipate it…”

After saying that, she laughed, pulling Jingyin and heading toward the boat .

Jingyin was helpless, hurriedly bowing toward Zong Shou and saying sincerely .

“May the Heavens bless Buddha to return peacefully . ”

After saying this, she felt that it wasn’t right . The Future Buddha was not only a Buddha but a Buddha Head, he should be the one to protect the Buddhist Faction .

Zong Shou burst out laughing . He didn’t hesitate anymore and turned into a streak of light like Lu Wubing to charge into the formation .

The fire dust became more and more compact . Where the two of them passed, they brought about a ball of eye-piercing red shadow .

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Just as the restriction slowly increased, several swords flew out around Zong Shou .

The Ten Extreme Imperial Dao Sword Formation activated, all of a sudden, numerous Sword Lights slashed all over .

It caused their movement speed to greatly increase, to swiftly move forward . Just as more of the fire dust gathered over, Lu Wubing’s brow rose up, joy appearing on his face .

“Ruler, this is the place!”

He patted with his hand and a gap appeared in front of the two of them .

Zong Shou laughed, jumping in without hesitation . A moment later, they appeared in another space where fire dust was dense .

Just this traveling through the space gap saved them three breaths of time, not needing them to tangle with the formation .

Lu Wubing cultivated the Gap word and his ability in this aspect was even above his .

He looked out at the Death Jail World Pillar, it was already right in front of him . However, the next step was the toughest and most dangerous .

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