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Chapter 821
Chapter 821: No Such Ability

The Lu Family people really came so quickly!

The Sky Burning blood within his body slowly boiled . Zong Shou tried his best to cover and suppress it, but he was unable to stop it .

The killing intent and vicious intent which resonated with the blood slowly became thicker and thicker .

It was close to taking actual shape as it stabbed right into his heart .

Outside the void, there was a sharp and cold laughter which spread into his eardrums .

“What a coincidence! You are actually here . That’s great . There’s no need for me to search for you!”

Zong Shou frowned, only feeling his ears hurt . He also knew that he was most probably unable to escape now . As such, he stopped trying to suppress that Sky Burning blood . He unlocked the restrictions within his body .

Then, he saw a giant, black net suddenly spread out in all directions, covering him .

Zong Shou’s eyes constricted and his body flashed, turning into a streak of light as he fled into the distance .

In an instant, he tore open the heavy layers of space barriers .

Just as he ditched the huge net far behind him, there were seven flashing, fire red stars .

They were extremely quick, catching up to him in the blink of an eye .

Zong Shou looked at them and he felt terrified . Without hesitating, he flew backwards .

Just as he pulled open a three breath distance, the red dots suddenly exploded .

Red flame tongues spat out from within, sweeping the heavy layers of space all around .

There was even a small sized world not far away that gave off weak spiritual energy and it was directly struck by the red flames . It was crushed and destroyed!

Sky Burning Flame!

Zong Shou’s pupils instantly constricted . He also had such an ability, but this was the first time he saw someone use it to such a high level .

This wasn’t a power that a Spirit or Celestial Realm expert could grasp . It was probably a fire lighting formed by higher level God Realm experts who sealed their spiritual energy within .

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He was able to avoid the strikes of the Sky Burning Flame Lightning, but the net was closing in on him .

It totally covered his way out, restricting him; layers and stacks of space were covered within .

“You are just a Late Spirit Realm cultivator . Facing me and you don’t surrender, actually trying to run… what a joke?”

The loud laughter rang out once more through the black net right into Zong Shou’s ears .

“You must be joking! Even an ant wants to live, much less men? Moreover, this place is close to the border of the Cloud World . There are tens of thousands of restrictions . This isn’t a place for us to fight . He is from the Cloud World, so how can he even be strong enough to fight us?”

Another lower and calmer voice rang out, not agreeing with what the first person said .

“Moreover, I looked at the way he adapted; he does have some ability . It doesn’t look like what a Spirit Realm expert can do . If not for Sister Zi’er having used a few of your Red Tribulation Sky Burning Lightning balls, your Heaven Entangling Thread Net might not have been able to capture him . ”

“His movement techniques are really decent . ”

This time, the extremely cold and hollow voice came from a woman .

“To be able to avoid my Fire Tribulation Sky Burning Lightning, normal Celestial Realm cultivators aren’t his opponent . ”

“Hey! If he didn’t have any ability, how could he try to fight for the Lu Family Head position? Why would Fangjue think about pushing this person out to compete with those few Young Masters?”

The teen with the sharp voice laughed . “This Fangjue is really ambitious . He took charge of the Cangyan Hall for just a few years and actually dared to participate in our Lu Family Ruler Deciding Battle . Who knows if he really wants to repay the kindness of my Cousin, or is he trying to push him out to die? I heard that two months ago, Third Great Granduncle was so furious he destroyed a few buildings within the palace?”

“That indeed happened!”

A fourth voice sounded out but it was a little calmer, “However, what does that have to do with you, Lu Kong? We just need to deal with this matter and then go back! This person has already been captured . Do we have to head to Cloud World? After all, Country Ruler Xuanye told us to find out about what this Zong Father and Son did in the Cloud World over this decade . ”

“In my eyes, it is better if we don’t go!”

The calm middle-aged man opened his mouth once more, “Taoist Faction, Buddhist Faction, even the Common People’s Path, and Sword Sects are rising up in the region . Especially Taoist Faction and Common People’s Path, at their peak, they could compare with our Sky Burning Lu Family . This place is under the jurisdiction of Cangyan God Hall . Although Fangjue has been moved away, there are still people in the God Hall who we can use . Things might change if we spend too long here . Anyway, we have already captured Zong Shou . Bring him to Ruler Xuanye and all matters can be explained!”

Zong Shou listened quietly to the few of them speak .

He had many questions in his eyes but they slowly dimmed down .

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If they were here to scout for news, then it made sense .

However, if it was to capture and kill him, then four Intermediate Celestial Realm experts were far lacking .

Hearing them speak, it was like they already saw him as their prisoner, a treasure in their hands .

Zong Shou didn’t bother, sending spiritual sense all around .

His brow furrowed . This net was indeed a little problematic .

Who knew what it was made of, but one couldn’t add strength to the black thread .

Zong Shou struck it with his sword and only felt that it was a soft ball, unable to break it at all .

It was also extremely tough, it continued to shrink and suppress him .

If he didn’t have any methods to break out, sooner or later, he would be restricted .


At this moment, if that Instant Space Dragon Pellet could already change between real and illusionary, he would scatter them out and he would be able to teleport out of here at any moment .

Then, it wouldn’t be able to trap him or lock him down .

Or, if he could use the Book of Eon Extreme Life, he could directly cross this space .

The Black and White Hole Dharma was slightly stronger, either swallowing or burning and destroying .

He could only use such a stupid method to break the spiritual formation and then use brute strength to break it .

He fully focused, sensing that the net was suddenly being burned by a flame .

It was also the Sky Burning Flame; it wasn’t as intense as it was before . It was weaker than the Red Tribulation Sky Burning Lightning .

Zong Shou scoffed coldly . The Juntian Armor on his body naturally reacted; a layer of body protecting energy released outwards to block the red flames .

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However, he still decided to send the Blue Fire Xuan Turtle out, raising up its two giant shields . It also released its Xuanwu Body Protecting Energy as well as layers of Xuan Ice being formed .

All this was to resist the attacks of the Sky Burning Flame .

Zong Shou, himself, was within the giant shields, focusing on sensing the net’s weaknesses .

“We won’t just be able to answer . We will have huge rewards!”

The teen known as Lu Kong was still laughing . His laughter was extremely sharp and cold . “Capture him and I want to see what other tricks that Cangyan Hall Head is going to pull . The Country Ruler Xuanye has conquered dozens of worlds in decades, and although he didn’t expand by much, he did obtain many good things!”

“Let’s hope so!”

Lu Zi said flatly, “What I find weird is why are there no reliable guards around him if Fangjue recommended this person . If he thought that since this is under Cangyan God Hall rule we wouldn’t dare to act, then he was a little too overconfident . ”

“I also find it weird! Or, maybe Fangjue doesn’t care about this person and is just a smokescreen to divert our attention . The people above will deal with this matter; it has nothing to do with us . Or, maybe…”

The middle-aged man seemed to have thought of something really funny, bursting out into laughter . “Or, maybe he thinks that Zong Shou has the ability to protect his own life?”

No one laughed along with him . Zong Shou could only hear people scoffing coldly .

It was obvious that they didn’t agree with his joke and didn’t find it funny .

Then, the calm teen spoke, “Lu Kong, what do you want to do? Since we captured him, then don’t be so nosy!”

Lu Kong scoffed coldly when he heard this . His tone was extremely cold like a blade . “Just because this family is also my Lu Family direct bloodline, I am very annoyed by him! There is nothing wrong with burning him with flames . This person does have some ability . If he dies, then he is just unfortunate . If he doesn’t, then he has a good life . Lu Mi, I know what I am doing . This has nothing to do with you . ”

The two of them seemed to be speaking about the raging Sky Burning Flames within the net .

“How does it have nothing to do with me?”

The middle-aged man’s voice totally calmed down . “Lu Kong, I know about your past, so I won’t try to persuade you . However, don’t forget that he is still from the direct bloodline and is the flesh and blood of the Family Head . If you treat him like this today, others might treat you the same in the future . Not to mention, Cousin Hanyan’s old forces are still there . Even Fangjue and Lengli will be able to kill you even if Ruler Xuanye tries to protect you . His life is on the Ancestral Hall Name List . Even if he dies, we can’t be the cause of it . What you do indeed has nothing to do with me, so please don’t drag the three of us down!”

The people outside seemed like they were at a standstill .

Moments later, Lu Kong spoke once more, his voice filled with reluctance, “Forget it! I will let him go today . However, he won’t have much of a better outcome when he falls into the hands of Country Ruler Xuanye!”

A spiritual energy wave seemed like it was about to retract the flames within the net .

However, moments later, Lu Kong’s voice became weird .

“Oh? Interesting, you are actually still able to hold on till now? I thought that I would be able to melt him in a few breaths . Who knew that his aura would still be perfectly fine . Zong Shou is really interesting!”

When he said this, he laughed, “He seems to be relying on the Xuan Ice power to block . Natural Protector Beast? It is rare for there to be such an interesting thing, let’s see how long he can live in the net? I’m guessing 20, but that’s already overestimating him . What about the rest of you?”

While he spoke, he sent a wave of soul power in, causing the red flames to burn even more brightly .

The other three outside kept silent . A moment later, the calm, middle-aged man’s voice rang out once more .

“Forget it! Let’s just let Lu Kong try . We can also see his skill and his cultivation! I heard that this person has Seven Tailed Sky Fox Blood mixed with our Sky Burning blood . Logically speaking, he shouldn’t be able to cultivate…”

Lu Zi said expressionlessly, “Whatever!”

Then, a cold scoff spread out from within .

“Test my foundations? The four of you don’t have such ability!”

A blood red sword glow suddenly thrusted out . 3,000 black threads were instantly broken .

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