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From the distance came the savage howls of wolves, occasionally mixed in with the sad cries of Cloud Stepping Foals.

Zhao Yanran, who was speeding away on the icy surface, promptly smiled, her eyes showing the glee of taking revenge.

Suddenly she changed directions, running up a nearby hill. Zhao Yanran looked back in the direction she had come from, only to see that carriage was in a competition of speed with numerous swamp wolves as it headed to the east.

She smiled like a sunflower, then frowned tightly.

The wound on her chest was starting to hurt badly, she couldn't completely suppress the poison within her body.

She wiped her neck, only to notice that her entire hand was covered by fresh blood. What should had been a small and minute wound was being obstructed by a special power, leaving her unable to stop the bleeding.

"As expected, it is sword intent taking form! Thirteen years and his sword art is already connected to the spirit…"

She muttered on as she closed her eyes, thinking back to that sword from hell. All around her body she felt a painful spasm.

The only difference from before was that in Zhao Yanran's eyes, that half-monster teen wasn't interesting at all, but was instead a little annoying.

In the end she was definitely afraid. In front of the might of that supreme sword skill, she didn't have the confidence of making Zong Shou her seed host.

In terms of her spirit and mentality, there was already a weakness. In this world there was actually a weaker person she didn't have confidence in beating.

She flipped the bag that she brought along with her, only to notice that the amount of medicine remaining inside was running low.

Zhao Yanran sighed softly. Just as she was about to turn around and leave, she changed her mind and stopped in her tracks. She reached into her pocket and took out a roughly inch-long mirror.

Directly placing a Grade Four beast crystal on the back of the mirror, the mirror shone with a blue spiritual glow. Zhao Yanran directly used the blood from her neck as ink to write something on the face of the mirror.

Her handwriting was scrawled, a total mess, unlike the elegance one expected from a woman. Instead, it had a hidden sharpness to it, encapsulating an overbearing aura.

The words she wrote were of similar style.

"...Oi! Old demon witch, does your Taiyuan Sect lack people? Do you still want a direct disciple?"

The moment those words were written, the blood turned into dots of living light, dissipating in four directions. After a short while the mirror reacted, and a few lines of words had appeared on it.

At the top was a simply drawn portrait, looking pretty and cute, but she was furious.

"You wretch! You dare to call me old demon witch once more and I will definitely eat you up!"

The words all disappeared after just a short while, following which another line of words floated out.

"You obviously know that our Taiyuan Sect lacks people. But direct disciple? You're so nice? Someone who is able to be our direct disciple, but Seven Spirit Sect doesn't want and instead wants to give him to us? Did the sun rise from the west? I suspect…"

That beautiful portrait also changed, her face filled with questions.

Zhao Yanran clicked her teeth, using blood as ink once more to write on the mirror.

"If this fellow wasn't a male and that Seven Spirit Sect only accepts females, old demon witch do you think I would bother to let you know?"

"So it's a male…"

The expression of the portrait became much calmer. "If I feel good I will consider it. Anyways, every time you wretch looks for me, it wouldn't be for anything good. With your taste, the person you recommend would probably not be any good. Our Luminous Spiritual Energy Sword isn't something that everyone can learn!"

The sides of Zhao Yanran's lips twitched, forcefully suppressing the thought of totally smashing the copper mirror in her hand.

After a short while she gave out a cold smile, her eyes showing a dark and vicious luster.

"Then what do you think about a person who broke the Lingyun Sect Sky Sword Platform?"

"The Small Heaven Sword Formation? That's decent, however that is only slightly famous in Donglin Cloud Continent. The Ten Shrines, nineteen spirit houses, all these sects, any direct disciples from any of them could easily break it, they just can't be bothered to. Such talents can barely enter my sect…"

"If this person is only thirteen and used a total of 343 breaths?"

The face of the mirror was silent. However Zhao Yanran felt that it wasn't enough, continuing, "If that person only used four hours to copy out the twelve God Talismans?"

This time after a long while, finally there was a reaction from the copper mirror, "Are you kidding me? There is such a person in Donglin Cloud Continent? Crazy wretch, are you sure?"  

"I didn't personally witness it but I heard Lingyun Long Ruo say it with his own mouth!"

"I don't believe you. If there was such a person Lingyun Sect would snatch him back, how could they allow us to step in?"

"He is half-monster and has a Dual Meridian Body. Specifically, he has hidden problems, too, that make him unable to break out of the Bodily Chakra Realm!"

The beautiful portrait on the mirror instantly revealed an expectant expression. Even the words that were formed on the face of the mirror showed some glee.

"I knew that was the case! Since he has dual meridians and is unable to break through, then what's the use of letting him into Taiyuan Sect?"

Zhao Yanran gave out a cold laugh, waiting for those words to disappear before writing once more.

"Thirteen years old, his sword path is connected to the spirit! With a spirit master body to peek into the profoundness of sword intent. I restrained my Xiantian true qi to fight him, and on the 76th blow I was stabbed, the wound is not healing. I lost all fighting spirit and felt that I had no chance of winning!"

Although those blood words were still overbearing, they had a feeling of loss and sadness.

That mirror once again descended into silence. However after a while, words didn't appear, instead it was a dark and solemn voice, using the copper mirror as a medium to transmit from far away.

"Who is this person? Where is he now? Are you in the East of Donglin? Thirteen years and sword is connected to the spirit? Are you trying to trick me?"

Zhao Yanran didn't have any more intentions to write anything, directly stowing the mirror. The land around her feet froze once more as she slid down the small hill.

She only heard an anxious voice, "Crazy wretch, are you going to speak? Do you believe that I will not rush to your Seven Spirit Sect and scold you for being disrespectful?"

Zhao Yanran's expression didn't change, her face revealing a teasing expression.

"Go ahead, since you said you will consider, I will wait for you to consider before saying. Anyways we focus on the Path of the Common People, and you're not the only sect that needs to find direct disciples."

That person instantly took a deep breath, the tone instantly turning gentle and fawning.

"Okay Yanran, Senior Master is wrong! How about this, I will give you five soulfire pills when we return? Although you can't use them now, but after a while they could help you tackle the Return To Sun Realm. I could also give you our sect's Nameless Sword.."

Zhao Yanran's lips rose slightly, the depressed feeling in her heart swept away.

"Add in twenty more Foundation Training pills and twenty Snow spirit pills. If not, no deal!"

"Zhao Yanran you are crazy!" 

Her tone rose by a full eighty decibels, the copper mirror in her bag was also shaking crazily. Zhao Yanran naturally couldn't be bothered, her image suddenly speeding up as she skated into the distance.

Pretty much at the same time, in a tower thousands of miles away, a woman that looked to be around twenty stood up, her expression one of loss.

On the mirror in front of her appeared the lines of words that Zhao Yanran had written down.

"Thirteen years old and sword art at the spiritual level! With a spirit master body to peek into the profoundness of sword intent. I restrained my Xiantian true qi to fight him and on the 76th blow I was stabbed, the wound is not healing. I lost all fighting spirit and felt that I had no chance of winning!"

Within those elegant eyes, there was a weird glow.

"Does such a talent exist in the world? Are the heavens blessing Taiyuan Sect?"  

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