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Ji Pin beautiful girl

Congratulations player Wang Wei, upgraded to level 1, currently level 1 civilian, you have been rewarded up to 5 free attributes points. All general attributes +1, knowledge +15, listening +1, vision +1, smell +1, taste +1, equilibrium +1, reaction ability +1, logic ability +1, negotiation ability +2, memory +1, endurance +1, reputation +10.

"Upgraded level? And attributes points? Hah hah, it's exactly the same as playing in the video games." The great surprise for Wang Wei was even bigger, still astonished, he suddenly felt a wave of limp and numb flowing through his whole body, especially the cut on his finger, a wave of ice-cold sensation, so comfortably he couldn't resist to groan.

"Upgraded recover body health completed, reformation completed, I wish you enjoy the game!"

The mixed of male and female voice, wait! At this moment it should say that the server prompt was already completed. Though he was unwilling to let the extremely burst of pleasant feeling in his body to stop slowly. After it stopped, he reminded a while ago he was rewarded 5 attributes points of bonus, he put in action what he had already learned and without hesitation half squinted eyes he cried in his mind: "Add points! Add points! Add points… … … … …"

Instantly a brown square appeared right through his eyes.

Player: Wang Wei occupation: Civilian stage: Level 1 Experience: 0/200hp: 120mp: 220 Power: 1 Agility: 1 Strength: 1 Intelligence: 11 Surplus Attribute Points: 5 Attack: 0~1 Defense: 0~1 Attack Speed : 1 Movement speed: 2 Strength: 53/110 Hunger 45/100 knowledge: 309 Equilibrium: 23 Reaction ability: 22 Logic ability: 32 Negotiation ability: 35 Memory: 17 Endurance: 8 Perception: Hearing: 23 Vision: 33 Smell: 14 Taste: 12 Charm: 4 Lucky: 2 Reputation: 10 Equipment: t-shirt: defense 0~1 jeans: defense 0~2 Nike shoes: defense 0~2 attack 0~3 Life occupation: scholar (2nd year of high school): possibility to undertake a great variety of civilian jobs, intelligence will be added up to 10 points.

After reading the attributes data, he instantly got dizzy with eyes dimmed. Where did it come from so much database! It made him so higgledy-piggledy, trying to forgot it, he won't look again at this sort of thing. Although those 5 attributes points made him feel headache. Add to which one? Power? Agility? Intelligence?

However, a few years of experience playing games taught him two basics factors.

First of all, to be a beginner, especially without understanding the rules of the game, the attributes points must not be added randomly but take a decision prior to a clear explanation of the condition.

Second, don't distribute the attributes points, that way the character will become very mediocre without distinguished qualities.

At this moment, in the first place it must to have clear the situation, so what kind of game is this? That exactly was the reason why he was contemplated inwardly. "Beginner help! Beginner … … … …"

"Beginner help system had been dis-activated, if you don't understand something, please player, grope it by yourself."

Minus player? dis-activated? He suddenly remembered, at the moment he put on the ring, he really dis-activated the beginner help system.

In that moment he was hating his mouth that he wished slap it, just talking drivel even when nothing happened, and now, setting up one way setting up another way got harmed to himself. Actually he wasn't provided by a beginner support, what he should do in future? He seemed to have quite clear how to accept a new task, but where find a way to train and upgrade level? Just, here killing chickens for life? How to transfer the duty? Where to learn new technical abilities? Then how to use it after you had learned it? God! I don't know anything, he even didn't know the use of adding the attributes points what was for. Furthermore this was a game impossible not to play it, how to drift along. Ah!

"You have forgotten to complete the f level task: Father's instructions, obtain 50 points of experience, 1 point of reputation."

The system suddenly beeped and made him awake form the cranky thoughts.

Forgetting about it, he hadn't any other choice and no where to ask, just let drifted it along! Drifting along one day just like another. Drifted along to one place then it has to be that place, he will know better by the time. Got to this conclusion resigned, he immediately hurried up to threw the last killed hens and ducks inside the boiling water pot to scald them, then threw them in the chicken feather removing machine. After that he extended the hand right away into the tank and pick up the coins, at the same time he was picking them up he was over-thinking, how could it be possible bursting out money from the chickens body? Although he laughed just thinking of it, the father became a npc, could it be this ridiculous? Who cares, just take the money.

However, right after he picked up the coins he just realized, to many crazy bizarre things happened today, did they? He had just picked up a necklace and holding it in his hand, right! Right there killing the chickens burst necklace: chicken feather necklace, attack +1.

After looking at the attribute he put the hand in the water basin and moved back and forth cleaning the necklace, he was about to wore it on the neck, though he hesitated a while! It fitted for the neck. Now, he couldn't think about anything else because he was already numbed. Since there wasn't any choice he was forced to take this risk straightforward, simply go on and take this road.

"Why are you blanked there? If you have finished go to deliver the chickens!" the father's screaming voice appeared again.

"Do you accept the e-level task: delivery to the restaurants. Confirm/cancel. "

"Confirm! Confirm!" thrilled he yelled in his mind to confirm, then he said nothing else and hurriedly sprint to the fastest speed to take a big basket and stepped in front of his father.

"Dad, give me the delivery note, I'm going to make the delivery!" he put also the chicken featherless cleaned by his father and his mother inside the basket and hang them on the electric car then he walked towards his father to get the delivery note.  

"OK!" the father took out a paper from the table next to him and gave it to him, he pointed with the finger on the paper and said: "deliver first to these restaurants, here! Here! There's one more here where you have to take the money in cash. Especially this one, if he is not willing to pay then turn back the chickens, seems to be that the business is failing. It's more probably they're going to shut down. He loves it or not!"

"Got it" after grasping the list, he took the electric car and speedily ran away as fast as he could. Her mother worried yelled at him leaving the voice behind barely audible and said: "Drive slowly, slow down, so you don't risk to get injured yourself."

By the time he was riding the car he made the delivery with joy appreciating how the world became changed beyond recognition. Of course he was no longer scared as the day before. He not only had a strong personality ready to face any situation but also he was an experienced person who used to play video games. Every day, he was in front of the computer full of piles and piles of digital data but in this case he brought the data to the reality. Once the transition period of the day passed through, he instantly was adapted to it. Now, the feeling he had in his heart was just curiosity and fun.

Whirlwind car sprinting way fast, all at once he got at the last restaurant. Though the last one was the most despised because the people in this restaurant were really disgusting. First of all, their name was already disgusting, how to call them, they are named as 'True Beauty Goodness '.

"Pooh!" from a far distance, he saw the name of the restaurant and facing to that direction spitted some saliva from his mouth. He understood clearly about the killed chickens, generally there were 2 kind of chickens, one was a common chicken which they used to deliver to them for long term for the price of 7.5 bucks. Then there was another type more cheaper, but they were just little bit cheaper. 6 bucks. This was the kind of chicken with a little bit illness, though it wasn't a serious disease, so it didn't cause you any problem when you eat it. However this type of chickens alive were slightly nauseating because they seemed to get scabies or dysentery illness, losing feathers one piece here and one piece there.

After thinking about this he spitted once again, a small broken restaurant got 2 chickens which had to be sold within 2~3 days. The only reason to save those 2~3 bucks they did things without a plan. That's why his business was failing, he got what he deserved! With that whatsoever name 'True Beauty Goodness'

"Wei Wei, you're here? I haven't seen you for a long time, I missed you so much!" He didn't arrived to the entrance of 'True Beauty Goodness',yet and he saw from the distance a beautiful girl, Ji Pin who was about to receiving him with a welcome.

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