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The youthful boy would look at wait laid before him. he saw a radiant light shining from beyond the gate and a large castle which looked absolutely stunning. Kaito gazed in awe for a few seconds before he shook his head and decided to head towards the gate

Right in front of the gate stood a short man who looked as if he was between the ages of 40 and 50. Kaito began to draw nearer to the Gatekeeper and then asked him.

"Could you direct me to Diamond's Academy!" He said confidently.

"A human joining the Diamond Academy? Don't make me laugh!" The gatekeeper said with a massive grin on his face.

"Are you going to let me through or not?" Kaito said now getting irritated.

"Yeah right! You aren't coming past this line! The perished soul line is over there!" The man said pointing in the direction of north.

"Let me through!" Kaito attempted to sprint past the gatekeeper but in all his efforts were ineffective because the moment the gatekeeper jumped up and connected his foot to Kaito's face and the young boy would be sent flying.

Kaito looked dumbfounded, how could such a small thing be so strong. "I am making it through that gate!" Kaito yelled.

"The only time you will ever past this gate is if you beat me! We both know this will never happen." The gatekeeper said cockily."Let me show you a taste of real power! Awaken." The man said smiling as within seconds he had shot up in height and a thick shiny grey armour surrounded his chest. His muscles seemed to have grown in and feeding off from that Kaito felt a much more build of energy coming from him."

Kaito nodded as he would look up at the gatekeeper in front of him. Sprinting forward the young angel thought that he would use the skills he acquired on earth such as tae kwan doe. The male would then smile drawing closer to the angel.

Kaito then jumped up as the male would attempt to kick the angel rapidly but Kaito watched shocked to see that nothing was even fazing the man

The gatekeeper smiled at the attempt of the little boy. He would grab his leg and rapidly hit his body on and off the floor over and over again before throwing the body away.

"You aren't even close to me!" The gatekeeper said laughing loudly.

Kaito looked battered and bruised as he slowly began to stand up. If he wanted to beat the gatekeeper he would have to figure out how to access his angel form again. The male tried to think for a couple of seconds.

The Gatekeeper would then smirk."You asked for this fight!" He said as he would then dash after Kaito.

Kaito was out of time to think as he watched the Gatekeeper charge at him the male would attempt to dodge the incoming attacks coming at him.

The gatekeeper became irritated as he would then yell."Holy Sledgehammer." a luminous light radiated in his hand and before Kaito stood a large sledgehammer falling right into the gatekeepers hands.

Kaito was running out of time, he needed to figure out the word which accessed his abilities because he was either going to be pummeled or squashed.

The gatekeeper said."I guess this is goodbye." As the gatekeeper swung his sledgehammer straight at Kaito attempting to hit him so hard that he would be sent flying.

The Sledgehammer slowly drawing in on Kaito just then it finally hit Kaito."Awaken!" The young warrior yelled as a luminous and dazzling white light began to shine everywhere. Kaito felt himself change and he could feel the massive power coming out of himself.

Kaito looked grinning as he watched himself transform. Kaito's The wings of the angelic creature arced high above its gracious head of white hair. They were made of long, soft feathers like the fur of a polar bear, thick and so soft it felt like a cloud. They were whiter than a soft coloured cloud on a bleating summers day, so white that a pure glow seemed to emit from them. Also, a thick golden layered armour would wrap around the boy. His eyes graciously blinked as his eyes switched from blue to a dark silver. Once you had looked into his eyes you could see it shining like a thousand diamonds coming together.

The gatekeeper was absolutely lost for words

Before seconds Kaito had dashed forward aiming his fist towards the gatekeepers armour and completely shattering it. The gatekeeper was knocked down almost instantly. The male felt so powerful and although he hated to resort to violence he had felt the sense of curiosity to see how far power could take him. The boy smiled then watching the Gatekeeper stand up. The two males began to have a massive fist fight within the area they stood.

Kaito tried to keep his fists at equal playing level of the gatekeeper just to see how long he could last.

The two had now began flying up in the air and dashing at each other at full speed attempting to punch each other going back and forth now.

The gatekeeper began to become irritated. "JUST BE DONE WITH!" The gatekeeper yelled out as he would then directly hit Kaitlyn in the face which sent him flying.

Kaito laid on the floor for a bit.

The gatekeeper began to laugh. "I told you... You can't beat me."

Kaito finally stood up grinning. "holy samurai sword." The male muttered as what appeared was a long thick shiny sword with a sharp pointing edge.

Kaito would then dash forward heading for the gatekeeper as he would slash right through him leaving the gatekeeper on the floor with a pool of blood.

"No... I told you that I would get through this gate." The male smirked as he would slowly revert into the human form.

The gatekeeper began to breathe heavily for sure if he had lost this match his soul would be perished forever.

The gatekeeper had now realised that he had lost. After a few minutes of regeneration the gatekeeper stood up without saying a word and the doors opened in front of him.

Kaito slowly would begin to walk in as he would see the gatekeeper pass him a map.

Kaito would begin to look for his way towards the academy. After aimlessly walking and trying to figure out the map the male had finally found the school.

Before the male stood a 60 foot school with a long cathedral right beside it. Kaito would slowly walk inside the school and head for the office.

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