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The air in the sky above the arena suddenly trembled like a rag.

A faint yellow egg-shaped curtain of light appeared out of nowhere and fell down, covering the arena.

At the same time, a black dragon aura seemed to leap out of Chris’ arm and shape into a black fire dragon. Everyone in the stands could feel an oppressive pressure coming from it.

The black flame dragon radiated a fearsome dragon aura, instantly swallowing Chris’ tiny figure.

On the other side, Nolan’s entire figure was already covered in the earthen-yellow light of arcane particles, looking like a ragged man of light.

Two genuine taboo auras strong enough to annihilate small-scale cities or fortresses clashed within a limited space. Many bolts of lightning appeared in the air, but they didn’t move like lightning bolts either.


The egg-shaped curtain of light covering the entire field emitted a strange domain power. The Dark Destruction Dragon had clearly locked onto Nolan’s position already, but it suddenly pulled away when it came within ten meters of Nolan. Terrifying black ripples instantly rose from the ground, battering of the roof of the light curtain.


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