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Destroyer of Ice and Fire Chapter 5: A not so simple roommate

"Classmate, you’re a newcomer?"

"Are you actually from a giant bloodline?"

Many St. Dawn Academy students incomparably admirative of Ayrin had quickly encircled him.

For young people, someone who could do something they couldn’t do would always attract their respect and curiosity.

But at that moment, the Ayrin who’d finally managed to eat his fill felt the surrounding sounds become a little vague and indistinct. His eyelids also became heavier and heavier.

"Bastard! What’s the bloodline power in the end, isn’t it over yet?!"

"You can’t just simply sleep here!"

Ayrin forcibly propped his eyes open as he shouted inside, but before he could clench his fists as he usually did, he was already completely unable to withstand. He flabbily fell on the ground and slept tight in snores.

"Fell asleep?"

"He actually directly fall asleep? Who’s this guy really?"

"He ate himself into resembling a ball, and he actually fell asleep like this?"

"What’s this really about! Who sent you to mess with me on purpose?" The boss was on the verge of tears when he discovered like many other people that Ayrin had simply fallen asleep.

"Just give him to me."

At this moment, a young handsome academy teacher squeezed his way inside alongside a lazy voice and immediately carried the fast asleep Ayrin on his shoulder.

"This is?!"

The fat boss and some senior students had an immediate change of expression the moment they clearly saw the young academy teacher’s face. Chills covered them from head to toes. They waited for this young handsome academy teacher to carry Ayrin out of the crowd, none of them daring to make any loud noise.

"What’s the matter?" A junior student not in the know couldn’t resist asking a senior student beside him whose face had gone white.

"This is teacher Lister…" The senior student struggled to resist his fear and said in a quiet trembling voice.

"Teacher Lister!" Shock and respect immediately filled the eyes of all the junior students. "The only one who comprehended the academy’s "Holy Life Gate Secret Art"…The strongest elite teacher in the academy, Lister?!"

"That’s him." The fat boss had started to drip cold sweats like a rain at some unknown time. "Legend says this guy was raised by dark night wolves…. The most cold-blooded, the most blood-thirsty strongest teacher in the academy… Lister!"

"Looks like you’re not so popular inside the academy, these little guys don’t even dare to speak after they saw you." A black-robed old man suddenly appeared in front of Lister the moment he stepped out of the commercial street. It was precisely the super-talkative librarian, professor Plum.

"They’re just being misled by a bunch of rumors. Isn’t being feared something to be proud of anyway?" Lister casually shrugged his shoulders, his eyes actually shrinking. "But you actually, a senior generation with a hobby for books and training, the genuine strongest teacher in the academy, you actually also left the library for the sake of this little guy?"

Professor Plum didn’t react to Lister’s words and merely glanced at the fast-asleep and snoring Ayrin. "His body’s condition is very strange, how do you see it?"

Lister said, "His present state is the same as after we exceed the limits of the body during painstaking training. I’ve seen this little guy at the registration place, so I’m very curious what happened to him inside the library. How did he become like this?"

"I don’t know." Professor Plum shook his head. "He stayed a very short while in the library, but there was already something a little wrong by the time he went out."

"There’s no one in St. Lauren who can do any trick inside your library." Lister lazily smiled. "That’s why there were probably quite a few secrets hidden on this little guy from the beginning."

Professor Plum stayed silent for several seconds. He said, "What are you going to do?"

"I don’t have the hobby of probing other people’s secrets. St. Dawn Academy also allows every student to conceal their secrets. If this little guy can indeed make me satisfied, I will personally take charge of teaching him." Lister rubbed his chin and said, "Now I’m planing on sending him to the dorm."

The professor Plum who’d seemingly become even more uncommunicative than ordinary people outside the library nodded when he heard Lister. He directly turned around and left.

"Predecessor." Lister suddenly called.

Professor Plum looked back, having no idea what Lister wanted to do.

"There will definitely come a day when I surpass you." Lister put away his lazy expression and spoke seriously.

"Still early." Professor Plum shook his head and simply spit out two words with an expressionless face, then he turned around and walked far away.

Lister didn’t seem to have taken it to heart either. He talked to himself as he walked in the direction of the "Ivy residences" in the distance. "A good roommate is also very important, looks like I have to spend some efforts again."

Early morning.

Snore… Snore…

Snoring full of rhythm rose and fell.

Ayrin lay on a wooden bed covered in dark green bedding.

The dancing tree shadows sprinkled through the window lattices and fell on his body. He’d slept himself into a daze and felt a little thirsty. But as soon as his drowsy eyes opened, as soon as blurred images started to flash by, his eyelids once again closed up.

He didn’t know yet what had happened.

He only felt that he’d slept for a long time, slept very contentedly, very comfortably.

"This student, wake up…"

Such a sound suddenly echoed in his ears.

Ayrin did his best to open his eyes. He suddenly saw an unfamiliar figure standing in front of him. He abruptly quivered and woke up with a start from his dreams.

What was this?

What happened?

He subconsciously sat up, blinking blankly.

"You’re really good at sleeping."

A refined and gentle male student wearing glasses stood in front of his bed, looking around the same age as Ayrin. "You slept from yesterday afternoon all the way until now. Right, I’m your roommate, I’m called Belo."

Ayrin subconsciously said, "Hello, I’m Ayrin. However where’s this place?"

"This is our dorm, Ivy residence district’s sevenths residence, room 2331" Bello pushed his glasses and looked at an Ayrin looking stilll fully confused. "It seems you don’t even know how you came here. You know teacher ‘Wolf of Bloody Nights’ Lister?"

"I’m already in the dorm, I slept from yesterday afternoon all the way until now?" Ayrin had a fully blank face. "Wolf of Bloody Nights, Lister? Who’s that?"

"Our St. Dawn Academy’s strongest teacher, an existence legends say is extremely blood-thirsty and callous. Anyone who becomes his enemy will be beaten by cruel methods until they’re neither dead nor alive. ‘Wolf of Bloody Nights’ is indeed his title." Belo pushed his glasses by habit. "They say he’s the one who took you here."

"The strongest teacher in the academy… So powerful?" Ayrin shook his head, full of doubts. "But I really don’t know him."

"No matter how, teacher Lister let you and I stay in the same room. Starting from today we’re friends." Belo pointed at Ayrin’s bedside. "You first change your clothes, wash your face and rinse your mouth in the water room at the end of the hallway outside. The toilets are next door to the water room. I’ll first go buy some stuff to eat and wait for you below."

Ayrin saw blue clothes resting beside the bed, the same as Belo’s. They looked very soft. He subconsciously asked, "Wait for me to do what?"

"It’s soon time to go to class, you have to hurry a bit." Belo said while walking out, "It’s teacher Huston’s class, there will be very grave consequences if we’re late."


Ayrin took the blue uniform beside the bed, entirely unable to make sense of the current situation.

This was a set of clothes with two styles, inner and outer. The innerwear was a close-fitting sportswear while the outerwear consisted of slightly loose gown-like clothes. The words St. Dawn Academy were embroidered on both the inner and outer wears. The innerwear’s fabric seemed even tighter and more durable than the outerwear’s. It seemed that you had to take off the outerwear during strenuous exercise and only wear this kind of inner clothes.


Ayrin suddenly felt his body was very different compared to usual the instant he grabbed the academy uniform.

There seemed to be an inexhaustible strength in every part of his body. Moreover it seemed there was a mass of bright light on top of his head, as if a door had been opened.

The most critical was, at present he was still wearing the clothes he usually wore, but the clothes unexpectedly felt especially tight on him.

He stood up, then looked at his own arms and legs.

It wasn’t an illusion. It was as if his clothes had shrunken after washing. He’d not only become a bit sturdier, he even grew taller by quite a bit.

He couldn’t resist waving his fist.

There came a "whoosh."

This punch of his actually carried the windy sound of breaking through the air.

The thing that made him even more startled was, the seemingly many tiny particles in the air had converged on his fist on their own the moment he’d casually thrown this punch out.

This was the "arcane power" only awakened people could feel!

But he had to concentrate the entire focus of his spirit to be able to sense and use "arcane power" before, and now he seemed to be able to use arcane power at will!

Without a doubt, this was a change brought by the fusion of bloodline power.

It seemed old Ginns’ bloodline power wasn’t as bad as he’d imagined.

But what bloodline was it really?

Ayrin was a little excited as he felt himself become quite a bit more powerful, but then he became depressed again when he remembered that he didn’t even know what kind of bloodline power he’d actually fused with.

The Ivy residence district where boys of St. Dawn Academy lived was from the same era as the Cattail Library, the oldest buildings inside St. Dawn Academy. The difference was that the Ivy residence district was entirely built from stone, three floors on each building, tall trees planted between every residence building. Ivies had climbed all over those trees even more ancient than the residence district, blotting the sky and covering the sun, making it seem as if each and every building were sitting inside a gigantic forest.

Because it was ancient, St. Dawn Academy’s lodging conditions seemed a little simple and crude compared to academies built later on. Every floor on every dormitory had a single public water room, without a separated bathroom.

The whole dormitory was already well empty by the time Ayrin put his clothes on, finished washing, and walked out of the seventh residence’s main doors. There was only Belo waiting for him, carrying a bag of things to eat.

"Let’s go."

Belo took the lead as soon as he saw Ayrin come downstairs, rushing toward the "Thinker’s Stone Forest." He also introduced the "Thinker’s Stone Forest" to Ayrin and told him it had been renovated from the old St. Dawn Academy arena originally there. Maybe it was because there had been many arcane masters using mighty arcane powers in there, but it seemed easier to focus and sense arcane power inside. That was why freshmen would all go to class together inside. The first grade freshmen all had the same foundation course. They would have different courses only starting from the second year, depending on their own preferences and grades.

As he rushed after Belo while gnawing on the ham bread Belo had bought, he felt this roommate he’d just met was really not bad.

"Why does it seem like they’re looking at us a little strange?"

The Thinker’s Stone Forest was located midway between the Ivy residence district and the Redbud residence district, a dozen minutes away on foot from both areas. Ayrin also saw quite a few boys and girls in twos and threes coming a little late when they neared the Thinker’s Stone Forest. It was only that the gazes of these freshmen seemed to be avoiding them after they saw them, and they also seemed to deliberately keep a certain distance from them.

"Maybe its because we’re somewhat handsome," said Belo with no concern.

Ayrin nodded as he heard this answer from Belo, because Ayrin felt he’d become quite a bit handsomer after putting on the brand new academy uniform.

But he didn’t know why, the closer they neared the Thinker’s Stone Forest, the more he felt the gazes of these new students gather on Belo from time to time. This made him turn his head. When he looked at the Belo wearing glasses and looking very graceful and gentle, he felt there was more to him that met the eye.

233 is CN internet slang for something like "lol."
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