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Yan Hua pays attention to her weight control during pregnancy so she has a natural childbirth. The baby weighs about 6 pounds, neither overweight nor underweight. The natural childbirth doesn't damage her uterine appendages, so she is able to get out of bed on the third day after childbirth.

But it is not good time for her to go back now. Here is a professional team of maternity matrons, who massage her every day to help restore her figure. They also provide a scientific diet to help her breastfeeding. The baby's skin turns white on the third day after birth, and his original crumpled face gradually becomes chubby.

"Your baby is so pretty!" A maternity matron who is responsible for massaging Yan Hua praises highly every day." When the neonatal jaundice recedes completely, he must be as white and delicate as the golden child around Mother Buddha."

Who is not willing to listen to good words? Yan Hua is very happy to hear such saying.

In the past, she didn't understand other parents' feeling and thought it strange to hear them call an ugly child prettiest darling. Now she understands and thinks her own son is the most lovely and handsome baby in the world.

"When I went to help babies take a bath yesterday, I saw a baby that looked like a mouse." The young nurse who comes to do routine checks on Yan Hua says.

Yan Hua answers nothing. She has the same impression when she sees her son for the first time.

"Hey, the baby is awakening!" The meatball in the cradle hums and begins to wriggle.

The maternity matron helps carry the baby to Yan Hua, and then everyone except Yan Hua goes out with a tacit understanding because Yan Hua will be embarrassed to breastfeed in the face of so many people. But obviously someone just does not care about her feeling, such as Lang Hongyue, who pushes the door open and bursts in.

"Why do you breastfeed the baby again?"

Yan Hua covers the baby's ears and says, "Auntie, please keep your voice down."

"What are you afraid of? Newly born children can't see or hear very clearly."

Lang Hongyue goes to bed and wants to see the baby, but Yan Hua who carries the baby turns around.

Knowing that she doesn't want to be seen breastfeeding, Lang Hongyue unhappily goes to the nearby seat to sit down." If you are shy, just stop breastfeeding the baby. I have bought a lot of imported milk powder for the baby. Why do you insist on breast feeding?"

"Breast milk is good for children." Yan Hua doesn't want to explain too much. She has said enough. However, Lang Hongyue is stubborn.

But in Yan Hua's opinion, it is just the selfishness of Lang Hongyue, who feels that the baby will have some invisible connection with her if he is breastfed by her.

"Breastfeeding is good to you!" Lang Hongyue curls her lips and says, "You think I don't know. Isn't it said that breast-fed mothers are not prone to sagging breasts and can reduce the risk of breast cancer?"

"As far as I know, it is nonsense. Though I didn't have breast milk when I gave birth to my child, I haven't had breast cancer." Lang Hongyue chatters for a long time, and gets no response from Yan Hua. So she pulls a long face to tell Yan Hua, "Grandpa will come over in the afternoon, thus you should have the baby showered again in a while."

Yan Hua nods to show that she knows about it, and then puts the sleeping baby back into the cradle.

Lang Hongyue walks over and glances at the baby, she's a little dissatisfied with his looking.

"Why doesn't this child look like you?"

"I think that his brow is quite like mine." Yan Hua lowers her head and touches the baby's face.

"Right, the genetic test report will be sent here in a while. You should remember to show it to grandpa. I have a meeting in the afternoon so I will not be here at that time."

Lang Hongyue doesn't want to get along with Deng Jingjing. Doesn't she have any idea of Deng Jingjing's intention?

Doesn't Deng Jingjing intend to let Lang Ruoxian have an affair with Yan Hua? As long as she is alive, it is impossible!

In the afternoon, as soon as Yan Hua gets up from nap, the Langs come, not only Lang Cha, but also Lang Li, whom Yan Hua hasn't seen for a long time.

Lang Ruoxian props his grandpa to walk to the front of the cradle, and his grandpa feels emotional when he sees the baby.

"He looks really like... really like my second son!"

Yan Hua takes the baby in her arms. "Grandpa, do you want to hold him?"

Lang Cha carefully holds the baby, with tears in his eyes. "Good girl, thank you! Thank you for having a descendant for my second son."

"Leave me the right to name him." Lang Cha says excitedly, "I will give him a good name on the day when he is one month old."

Lang Li gives Lang Ruoxian a wink to remind him to pay attention to grandpa's physical condition, then Lang Ruoxian bends down and whispers, "Grandpa, don't be too excited. Be careful."

"I am too happy!" Lang Cha puts the baby back into the cradle. The chubby meatball sleeps well with his small fists clenched.

Lang Cha watches the baby for a long time, and then he is propped to sit down.

Yan Hua hands over a file bag to him, "Grandpa, please have a look at it, the genetic test report."

"Need I see it? He is definitely my great-grandson!" Lang Cha gives the file to Lang Ruoxian and asks him, "Does the test is done with your genes?"

His second son has long been dead, so this time they use the genes of Lang Ruoxian to match those of the baby's. If it matches well, then the baby is definitely his great-grandson.

"The matching rate is 98%." Lang Ruoxian looks at the data on the file and reports to his grandpa.

Lang Cha nods, and tells Yan Hua with satisfaction, "If you have any requirements, just put forward. We shall throw a party for the baby on the day when he is one month old, then go back to list his name in our family tree next month."

"Thank you, Grandpa!" Yan Hua says, knowing only after those steps do she and her son truly become members of Lang Family.

Although she doesn't want such an identity, but it is now a guarantee for her and her son.

Lang Yi sneaks out. While other people are in the hospital, he finally slips out of home.

"I thought you would be locked up for a lifetime!" Li Jun gets to the clubhouse when he receives the call from Lang Yi. When he arrives, Lang Yi is putting on his pants, and a sexy woman beside him flies a kiss to them and goes out of the room.

"Damn! Don't mention it!" Lang Yi opens a bottle of red wine." Today is your treat, because my credit card is frozen."

"Piece of cake." Li Jun waves his hand and says, "I have to tell you something big."

They both raise their wineglasses to have a toast. Then Li Jun asks with an awkward facial expression, "Have you still remembered Chen San?"

"Why do you mention him?" Lang Yi is about to drink, with his hand in the air. "Hasn't he already been dead?"

"There is no body." Li Jun lowers his voice to answer, "No one has reported the case to the police."

Lang Yi curses, "Fuck. Don't talk like that. You make me have goose bumps."

The gangsters Li Jun hired hid and waited for the police to place the case on file for investigation. But three days passed and no one reported the case to the police. So they ran back to the alley, only to find that the body was gone.

"The place is adjacent to the street. Every morning cleaners sweep the floor, so it is impossible that no one discovers the body." Li Jun takes a sip of whiskey and says, "I guess that the guy is not dead."

Lang Yi really wants to kick him. "Not dead? Didn't you say that guy is definitely dead?"

"I said so, but the body is gone." Li Jun scratches his head irritably and asks, "He is not dead or he has become a ghost. Which saying do you believe?"

Lang Yi drinks a large mouthful of wine, then drops the cup. "If he is not dead, he is saved."

"Saved by whom?"

Lang Ruoxian!

No wonder Lang Ruoxian knew that Lang Yi was also in the hotel, and he also knew Lang Yi's room number. Obviously Lang Ruoxian had already bought Chen San over long ago.

He was played like a fool.

"Help me kill one more." Lang Yi grabs Li Jun's arm. "Money is not a problem."

Li Jun pats him and asks, "Calm down. Who do you want to kill?"

"Lang Ruoxian!"

"Fuck, no!" Li Jun immediately pushes him away and sits away from him. "If your family find out what I have done, my life will be ruined. Your family won't punish you seriously, but I may die for this."

Lang Yi keeps silence for a moment and then says, "You don't have to show up. Give me the telephone number and I shall contact those gangsters by myself."

Yan Hua lives comfortably in the Postpartum Care Center. She doesn't know whether there is something wrong with Lang Hongyue's company for Lang Hongyue is too busy to come to the hospital. However, Lang Ruoxian visits her every day and says that he is sent by his grandpa.

"It's getting dark." At the weekend, the maternity matron finishes massaging for Yan Hua and looks outside. "How hasn't Mr. Lang come here today?"

Yan Hua feels it funny. Compared to her, every other woman here is more eagerly looking forward to Lang Ruoxian's arrival. After all, such a good-looking man is rare in life.

"Maybe he is busy. And there is no rule saying that he should come every day." Yan Hua stretches out. The baby lying in the cradle is awaken, whose round eyes stare at the light.

Yan Hua knows that the baby can't see things clearly, but she still points to the flowers outside and let the baby watch every day. She thinks that maybe she should let the maternity matron have some rest. Suddenly Xiaokai runs in without knocking at the door.

"What happened?" The first reaction of Yan Hua is that something happens to Lang Ruoxian.

Sure enough, Lang Ruoxian was hit by an oncoming car just as he was out of the company gate at the end of work today.

"The car driver was deliberate." Xiaokai is sullen. "If Young Master did not respond quickly, he would be run over by the car."

Yan Hua doesn't hear the result of the car accident after listening for such a while. She has no choice but to ask him directly, "Has he been really injured?"

"He was really hit by the car."

Yan Hua is startled and asks, "Has he been seriously injured?"

"He has got two ribs broken." Xiaokai waves his hand and says, "I just come to inform you that Young Master couldn't visit you now. Because Young Master is afraid that you will be anxious if he doesn't come."

Yan Hua's facial expression is somewhat unnatural. She wants to clarify that she has not waited for him. But the thought that he has been injured makes her hold back from saying so.

Xiaokai goes downstairs quickly to look after Lang Ruoxian. The next day the young nurse who comes to test the baby's temperature gossips.

"Childe Ruoxian of Lang Family was sent into our hospital yesterday. He had a car accident, resulting in two broken ribs."

This is what Yan Hua has already known.

"How is the situation now?"

"Childe Ruoxian is no longer in jeopardy. But the police have come and considered it a premeditated murder. The car driver is still in a critical condition now, and the police haven't got his statement yet."

When the young nurse leaves, Yan Hua asks the maternity matron to take after her baby and she goes to visit Lang Ruoxian.

"Miss Yan, come here!" As soon as she comes out of the elevator, Xiaokai waves his hand at her not far away.

Yan Hua follows him to the ward. Hardly when they open the door, a young nurse walks out with shyness. Lang Ruoxian is lying on the hospital bed. His upper body is put in plaster, and his left shoulder is bare outside.

No wonder the young nurse is crazy about him.

She doesn't know that Lang Ruoxian is actually muscular.

"Cough!" She tries her best not to glare at his upper body. "Are you all right?"

Lang Ruoxian frowns and asks her, "Who let you come here? Who is taking care of the baby?"

"A maternity matron is looking after him."

"You are familiar with the maternity matron?" Lang Ruoxian looks at her with a mocking face again.

Yan Hua stares at him and says, "I am sure that you are okay."

"No!" Xiaokai shouts beside. "Young Master could have escaped, if not for you..."

"Shut up." Lang Ruoxian throws a pillow and it exactly hits Xiaokai.

"Go out." He gloomily adds.

Xiaokai runs out of the room dejectedly, leaving Yan Hua staring blankly at Lang Ruoxian. She asks him, "What did he mean?"

"He meant nothing." Lang Ruoxian says fiercely, "You should also go back. Are you really relieved to leave the baby alone with the maternity matron?"

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