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By Qian Lu

Chapter 95


A rare winter sun was lazily reflecting on the courtyard pavilion with a carved jade fence, there were several stone benches and low tables in front of the courtyard. A man and a woman were chatting, laughing and enjoying the warm sunshine, the woman would frequently dance with joy and it scared the handsome man who was by her side tremendously.

A family servant who was wearing a blue clothing came into the middle of the courtyard, and stood at the courtyard gate, he respectfully clasped a secret letter in his hand, and said with a clear voice: “Master, secret letter.”

Tang Xiao Xiao who was originally still smiling in delight, did not have any mood in a flash, she boringly drank the jasmine tea, and mumblingly said: “The whole day is just filled with a chaotic matter.” Moreover, this so called secret letter would make him so busy that she would not see his shadow.

Shen Xiao Yun laughingly patted Tang Xiao Xiao’s cheek, and lifted his hand to let the family’s servant to come up with the secret letter. Tang Xiao Xiao swatted his hand and pouted her mouth, she did not even look one glance at him. With regards to her childish behavior, Shen Xiao Yun helplessly took the secret letter. After the family’s servant delivered the secret letter, he quickly withdrew outside the courtyard. Even though this Master’s wife was usually very adorable, but once she showed her temper, she would be unbearable. Plus, the Master pampered her as if she was his life, so it would still better for him to hide far away from here.

After Shen Xiao Yun looked at the words on the outside letter, he suddenly showed a little smile and lightly shook the secret letter that was in his hand. With a manner like he did not want to look at the secret letter, he said: “But this is a secret letter from your Qing Qing.” He did not believe that she would still be indifferent.

“Really? What is the matter?” As expected, Tang Xiao Xiao immediately stood up, and caught Shen Xiao Yun’s hand, and tried to grab the letter to see the content. This flustered appearance of hers, made Shen Xiao Yun felt frightened so he hurriedly held her waist to embrace her, and as far as her legs, when could she be able to be calmed and motionless for a little bit, did she not know that she was already pregnant!!

Tang Xiao Xiao did not care too much, and was still incessantly twisting her body, she called out: “I heard that she was injured last time, and you did not allow me to go and see her, did she encounter any problem?” Last month, she accidentally heard them saying that Qing Qing was hurt by an arrow, and fell down the cliff, but Shen Xiao Yun said that since she was pregnant, she was not allowed to run around all over the place. He was watching her very closely, if Qing Qing had another unexpected misfortune this time, he would be in trouble with her. Putting her legs on the ground, he hurriedly opened the secret letter, he actually was very anxious about Murong Shu Qing’s situation. But after looking at it, Shen Xiao Yun wrinkled his eyebrows for a moment, and very quickly smiled and shook his head, he said: “You do not need to be anxious, she is actually alright, but someone will quickly be occupied with some matters.”

“What it is!” Tang Xiao Xiao did not quite understand what he was saying, but as long as she knew that Qing Qing was alright, she would be fine. Yawning, the sun really made her want to go to sleep.

Shen Xiao Yun softly patted her back, after she was pregnant, she was especially easy to get tired, so he softly said: “Alright, you rest, I want to handle your good sister’s matter.”

Tang Xiao Xiao lazily got up, nodded her head, and walked towards her room. But once she walked halfway, she suddenly turned her waist around, and said: “You must help Qing Qing properly oh, otherwise I will not forgive you.”

Even though she looked overbearingly adorable, but he must not let her climb on his own head, so Shen Xiao Yun lowly answered: “You dare!”

But unfortunately, Tang Xiao Xiao ignored him, and pointing on her stomach, she said: “You can see if I dare or not, I will still dare to run away with him! Do you believe me or not.”

Shen Xiao Yun grievingly sighed, he was forced! He did not have any alternative but to nod and say: “Fine, fine, fine, I believe, I believe, I will manage that little devil well.”

“That is good enough.” Tang Xiao Xiao perfectly satisfied now and walked to the inside room.

Once Tang Xiao Xiao entered the room, Shen Xiao Yun’s smiling expression on his face, became cold in a flash, and he softly said to a person outside the courtyard: “Gather the four Masters to come over.” Murong Shu Qing wanted to inflict Yan Rui with heavy losses once, this was also good, he still had not seen what she looked like when she was angry, this time was actually a good opportunity.

“Yes.” Only in front of Madam that Master could show his smiling expression, he usually was still that grim looking Master.

Singing and dancing inside the Yi Cui Hong Yi (a name of a brothel/dancing place), the female dancers’ bodies were flying and moving so fast in between the light muslin, a charming man was reclining on a soft couch with his clothing that was half opened, exposing his bronze color muscle. A pair of delicate but not boney hands were sliding back and forth, the courtesan, Yi Niang’s whole body was practically in the man’s embrace, there was an ambiguous feeling inside the room. The man’s face showed a charming smile, looking at the figures who were twisting their waists, and he was drinking the good wine that was delivered frequently, as if he was just looking at a show.

“Eldest Young Master, your secret letter.” At this moment, a male voice came through from outside the room.

An Qin Xuan slightly pursed his eyebrows, and impatiently answered: “Put it first.”

“This ~~, Yes.” The man hesitated for a moment, usually during this time, he did not dare to disturb him, but this letter was delivered by the Murong’s family, Young Master said in the past that each and every matter related to the Murong’s family would be given to him first thing. So ~~

The man was just about to leave, An Qin Xuan’s voice lazily transmitted from inside the room: “Hold on, whose letter is it from?” He came to deliver the letter at this time, could it be that was because of her matter.

“The Murong’s family.”

An Qin Xuan slowly sat up, and said: “Then, come in.” Was it really Murong Shu Qing? It had been a long time that he saw her, she unexpectedly gave him a secret letter, he was actually curious.

“Yes.” Taking the secret letter to give it to An Qin Xuan’s hand, the man's gaze was fixed in one direction and went out of the room immediately.

An Qin Xuan rejected Yi Niang who flirtatiously gave him the good wine, and coldly said: “All of you can withdraw.”

The sound of the traditional musical instrument suddenly stopped, the female dancers were looking at each other, and looking towards Yi Niang one after another. This An’s family is in the capital of Dong Yu, and standing on this big establishment, they would not have to be worry in the future.

Yi Niang put down the wine that was on her hand, his entire soft body was on An Qin Xuan, she called out with a lovable and soft voice: “Master ~~”

An Qin Xuan did not say anything again, but his whole body that showed a charming feeling that made people to feel ambiguous a moment ago, suddenly changed into a cold atmosphere in a flash. Yi Niang was not a new prostitute in this place, and was able to be on the top courtesan, she did not depend on her face only, so she promptly got up. Yi Niang sent out one look towards the female dancers, and bowed her head to answer: “Yes.” A group of people immediately retreated to go out.

Sian’s notes:
The Master appellation for Shen Xiao Yun actually used the words Louzhu & technically should be translated as Building Master (something like that, hehehe…). It means that he’s the owner of the building/organization, but I’m too lazy to use a long appellation so I’m just going to use Master. He is the owner of that Feng Yu Lou, the organization that collects all informations and he “works” for MSQ. That’s why the appellation is using Lou (from building) and Zhu (from Master). If he lives in modern time, he will be considered a CEO of that company. Lol… 😂😂

Due to my laziness or whatever you want to call it, I use Master for Zhuzi (Yan Yu’s appellation for MSQ, which is an appellation for a Master & subordinate), Laoye (Lu Yi’s appellation for Qi Zhong Lin, a master and servant appellation), Shifu (appellation for teacher and student relationship) and this Louzhu. Hahaha… Not my fault that there are tons of appellations that the Chinese are using. I read something (can’t remember where I read it), but it’s about somebody in the modern time who’s complaining that he has to memorize Chinese character, Chinese character for water is very simple 水 or shui so it looks like a K (sort of), but then the character for flood is actually made up of 3 the same characters of water 淼, which is called miao. It’s pretty much one character shui on the top & 2 characters shui on the bottom. Anyway, that person was complaining that the ancient people really didn’t have anything to do as they would think to create this complicated strokes to make up for words. On the flip side, it actually makes sense that the character for flood consists of 3 characters of water, because we all know that flood will have a lot of water so the Chinese character for flood is actually taken from water, water & water to show that there’s a lot of water in the flood. Hahahaha… But from a simple character shui for water (4 strokes), it becomes 12 strokes to write flood. 😂😂😂

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