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By Qian Lu

Chapter 93

Lin Feng Guan Border

After three days traveling with quick horses, Murong Shu Qing’s party finally arrived there just before night time. This was a simple juncture, even though Dong Yu and Cang Yue continued to have countless war times for several hundred years, this Lin Feng Guan border lost to the war and belonged to Cang Yue twice, afterwards, Dong Yu took it back again. So the population at Lin Feng Guan border was mixed, and its geographical location was special, the primary economic development depended on the exchanges from both countries. Especially after the establishment of Piao Miao Manor, the trades from this side of the border was very flourishing.

“Master, we have arrived.” Yan Yu’s low voice came through.

Murong Shu Qing softly lifted the bamboo curtain, a tall but heavily damaged city gate stood in front of her eyes, she had been to Lin Feng Guan border three times. Every time she came here, she had a habit of stopping in front of the city wall for a moment, just because this desolate atmosphere that had left its marks for so many years. Putting down the bamboo curtain, Murong Shu Qing quietly said: “Go directly to the army camp.”


Murong Shu Qing who had been sitting on the fine soft couch that Lu Yi had prepared, finally sat up, three days journey, even though there was Lu Yi who was taking great care of her all the way, but sitting with her injured shoulder was still aching. After Zi Yuan’s injury was diagnosed by the Physician, she just knew that she was injured even more seriously. So she found a place for Zi Yuan to stay at Cheng Du city. After she had some improvements, she had Zhou Jing to send Zi Yuan back to the Murong’s family, and would not let Zi Yuan to have any mishap again.

Murong Shu Qing was just sitting properly, a brocade coat was draped in her shoulder, looking at Lu Yi who was carefully tidying up her clothing and skirt, Murong Shu Qing softly sighed. This girl was really stubborn, as she did not want her to come but she insisted to come. The visit to Lin Feng Guan border this time, she did not even have any certainty, but she could only do what she could do.

After traveling for an hour, the carriage finally stopped, as they were just stopping, a shout from a young soldier came through: “Stop, the army camp can not be entered without authority.”

Murong Shu Qing softly lifted the bamboo curtain again, she could see a wide gate of the army camp in front of her, there were eight young soldiers who were standing by the gate. Everyone of them was full of vigor, imposing, Xuanyuan Yi’s method in governing the armed forces had its own uniqueness.

Yan Yu stepped forward one step, and coldly said: “My family’s Master wants to see General Xuanyuan.”

That young soldier who just said the words before, was startled, the black dress man’s imposing manner could really scare people. Not knowing what kind of person his Master was, he secretly looked at that black carriage earlier, but unfortunately, he could not see anything. Even though he was somewhat scared by the man’s imposing manner, but as a soldier, the most important thing to do was to obey the General’s order, so sticking his chest out, the young general said in a loud voice: “There are many people who want to see our General, you guys should deliver an invitation for a visit first, quickly leave now.”

Yan Yu just wanted to attack, but a gentle and elegant voice interrupted him: “This young elder brother, we are the Murong family’s servants, my family’s Miss has an important matter, so she wants to see General Xuanyuan immediately, I will have to trouble you to notify him first.” Lu Yi got down from the carriage, and stood by the side of the carriage with neither servile nor overbearing manner.

The young soldier was looking at the person who was wearing a green dress in front of him, the woman’s appearance was beautiful, with a generous and appropriate bearing, words and actions. It made people who looked at her, did not have the heart to refuse her, what kind of a person was her Miss, looking towards that carriage again, but he was still not able to see anything. Suddenly thinking of the woman’s words a moment ago, the young soldier startlingly said: “Murong’s family? The Murong’s family who gave us the grains?”

“Precisely.” Lu Yi smilingly nodded her head.

The young soldier was looking at the group of people again, there was a grim bodyguard, an elegant and graceful maid, also a handsome and perfect Gongzi, furthermore, were they all from the Murong’s family? Their temperaments were indeed outstanding. A month ago, if the army provisions from the Murong’s family did not come, they would be unable to fight or even were defeated. Afterwards, they heard that the Murong family’s Miss was actually the General’s fiancée, there was a story that was being passed on to the army even more, that said the Murong family’s Miss was in love and enthusiastic, moreover, she was highly principled. So the Miss Murong who came today, was actually the legendary General’s Madam?!

The young soldier turned around to ask the other soldiers who were also watching with great interest: “Is this Miss Murong coming to talk about the foodstuffs matter?”

Those soldiers thought for a moment, and shook their heads to answer: “We do not know, if it is, we can not delay it anymore.”

They spoke reasonably, the army provisions that were delivered last time, were almost used up. Even though the foodstuffs that the Imperial court sent out, were already on a journey, but who would know if there would be a problem like last time, so looking at this, depending on the Murong’s family would be safer. Besides, even if Miss Murong was not talking about the foodstuffs, but talking about the wedding instead, he could not delay this anymore either ah! The young soldier said with a clear voice: “Please wait for a while.” Then, he immediately ran to the General’s tent with his quick steps.

The foodstuffs that Murong Shu Qing delivered last time, were not a lot anymore, so Xuanyuan Yi was in the middle of discussing the matter about army provisions with Pei Che, Li Ming and two more deputy generals. They could not tolerate any mishap this time, the foodstuffs from last time were destroyed, the army’s Lieutenant General and the soldiers naturally hated Cang Yue’s vile character to the bones for cutting their travel. But with regards to the Imperial court, even though they did not say anything but they were mostly disappointed in their hearts. If there was another emergency this time, the army morale would certainly suffer some damage.

“Deputy General Huang, you lead 50 elite troops to protect the foodstuffs in secret, if there is no problem, you must not let them know your whereabouts. The foodstuffs should reach the West side of Feng Zhen city tonight, you set off tonight.” Even though, it was taking some risks, but Xuanyuan Yi still made this kind of order, if the Imperial court knew what he was doing, there would be some nasty words. But so what, he would not let his soldiers being killed to defend the country, and still had to endure being hungry, so he must do this.

“Yes sir!” Huang Xi Feng answered with a loud voice. He had already thought that he should do this at an earlier time, with regards to the Imperial court, those people who were filled with pig brains and such, he had already snorted disdainfully in the past. But if the General did not give an order, he did not dare to rush into action indiscriminately either.

When they were still discussing this over, a loud and clear voice announced from outside the door: “Reporting!”

Xuanyuan Yi explained what Huang Xi Feng had do for the operation this time and the areas that he should pay attention to, so Pei Che called out: “Come in.”

The young soldier entered the inner room, he reported with a bow and cupped his fists: “Outside the army camp, the Murong family’s Miss is requesting to meet.”

Murong Shu Qing? Pei Che was still surprised secretly, how could Murong Shu Qing come to the army camp? When he was about to ask, Xuanyuan heard Murong, that word, and immediately turned around to ask: “Who is it??”

With regards to the General’s urgent voice, the young soldier did not dare to ignore him, and promptly answered again: “Miss Murong.”

Was it really Murong Shu Qing?! Xuanyuan Yi did not say anything further, and just left behind his officers and the young soldier to go out of his tent.

The young soldier could only feel a burst of wind that blowed through his side. Then, the inside of the tent was quiet. Slightly raising his head, he could only see that the deputy generals were somewhat mysteriously looking at each other, and the military counselor showed an understanding face.

Pei Che smirked, this Xuanyuan Yi who was normally always reckless and carefree, unknowingly, he, himself could not help doing something different unconsciously.

Sian’s notes:
So know I know that Pei Che is actually a military counselor. No wonder he gives out this ‘foxy’ vibes whenever he shows up in the chapter.

The Piao Miao Manor that was mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, will show up again in the near future. There will be an explanation on what this place is and who is the Master of this Manor. 😉

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