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Chapter 89

Looking For

The night gradually arrived to devour the light, so one could enjoy the revelation of its devilish charm as much as one liked. Inside a beautiful and gorgeous room, there was a small candle that was in the table with its weak candle light that one could not see the full view of the room. But one could clearly see one white clothing female who was lying on the carved rosewood bed, who had a pale complexion and seemed to be in a nightmare with her low mumbling voices continuously. On a chair beside the bed, a tranquil and elegant person was sitting, the man was as gentle as a jade, and as clear as water. The man was casually flipping the page from a book on the table with a dim candle light. Whenever the female was tossing about in bed and murmuring, he would wipe the sweats for her, and gently pat the back of her hand until the female was calmed. Then he would return to his chair and flip through his book again.

There was darkness and coldness within Murong Shu Qing’s side, she alternately and gently rubbed her arms hoping that she could have some warmth. Without any direction, she walked forward, there was a faint figure in front of her, so even though Murong Shu Qing was suspicious, she was still walking so she could enter the place. The figure turned his head around, it was Mo Can, so Murong Shu Qing happily grabbed Mo Can’s hand. When she was just about to say something, Mo Can smiled at her, it was still that kind of pure and warm smile, but the smile seemed to make her heart feel pain. One of Murong Shu Qing’s hand covered her painful heart, while her other hand grabbed Mo Can’s hand, but Mo Can actually vanished in the middle of darkness, so Murong Shu Qing was unable to pull him. Again he took away her injured heart with his smile and disappeared in front of her eyes.

“Mo Can ~~” Murong Shu Qing called out his name, but there was no answer.

“Mo Can!” Murong Shu Qing suddenly shouted and opened her eyes, the cool sweat on her forehead made her able to look at the person who was wiping her sweat for her. His appearance was elegant, a bright male was sitting properly by the bedside. Looking that she had awaken, he was smiling at her, he said with a relieved smile: “You are awake.”

“Who are you?” Murong Shu Qing was puzzled? Her brain that was just awoken a moment ago, had not recovered yet.

The man did not speak, but he was only smiling and looking at her.

That clear and tranquil eyes that like the bright stars, also, that picture scroll!! It was him! “Qin Xiu Zhi?!” Murong Shu Qing did not dare to be certain in her question. Her appearance when she saw him last time, was very different. If it was not for that pair of eyes, she could not be able to recognize him.

“You still remember me.” Qin Xiu Zhi’s eyes that looked as tranquil as a lake, showed a burst of small waves, they departed more than half a year ago, but she actually still remembered him.

Murong Shu Qing, with some pains, wanted to knead her chaotic brain, but the sharp pain from her left shoulder made her unable to move. Her shoulder injury, and that strange dream just a moment ago, made Murong Shu Qing suddenly remembered that fall from the cliffs. Moreover, Mo Can was giving his life to save her, tightly grabbing Qin Xiu Zhi’s hand, Murong Shu Qing excitingly called out: “Mo Can, where is Mo Can??”

Qin Xiu Zhi allowed her to grab his own hand so she did not stir up too much and hurt her own self. He supported her injured shoulder, and gently asked: “Who is Mo Can? The person whom you had been calling out for two days?”

Murong Shu Qing stared blankly, and hastily asked: “Two days? You said that I lost consciousness for two days?”


Murong Shu Qing deeply breathed to let her own heart be

calmed, the current her now could not think. With great difficulty and slowly, she let Qin Xiu Zhi to help her sit down, and Murong Shu Qing was looking at him sincerely, she said: “I am asking you for a favor.”

“You can say it.” Qin Xiu Zhi looked for a cushion so she could sit more comfortably. As long as it was within his power, he would do what she asked for.

“Under the northern side of the Feng Shan mountain, and within vicinity of the mountain stream, please help me look for a man. He is wearing a black clothing, his height is probably about 8 feet tall, he suffered a very serious injury.” Two days, she missed the most important time to save him, even if Mo Can’s martial arts were excellent and did not die from the fall, but his whole body was injured. Also, these past two days, Murong Shu Qing did not dare to continue thinking, but she could not abandon looking for this chance, as she believed that he would not give up either.

Qin Xiu Zhi called somebody from outside the window: “Xi Mu.”

Very quickly, a black dress male came into the room, his figure was tall and strong, with a handsome appearance, proud and imposing manner. Gazing fixedly, he stopped in front of Qin Xiu Zhi, and cupped his hands to salute: “Master.”

After Qin Xiu Zhi nodded his head, he immediately said: “You take 10 ten people to go down the northern side of the Feng Shan mountain cliffs, and look for one black dress man. Split up the search, and come to report the result between 3-5 pm tomorrow.”

“Yes.” After the man accepted the order, he rapidly departed.

Murong Shu Qing startlingly said: “They are your people?” That Xi Mu was clearly one of the person who was in Cheng Du that day, and had fought with them during the Winter Solstice night. He was the leader of that strange group of men who looked like ninjas. She would not mistake his voice and his eyes, but they were Qin Xiu Zhi’s people?! In that case, why did they leave when they saw the exquisite jade? And how did Qin Xiu Zhi and Mo Can were related in the past?

Furthermore, she was clearly thrown off the cliffs by Mo Can, why was she here now, how could Hong Ming let go of her, Yan Yu, Lu Yi and Zi Yuan easily like this? Where were they? Were they alive or dead?!

Heaven ah, with so many questions in her brain, her head felt like it was twisted by threads, and she could not find the main thread. Her head that was already in endless pain, it seemed that every nerve was even clamoring now. Using her uninjured right hand to lightly pat her head, Murong Shu Qing groaned in pain lowly.

Qin Xiu Zhi grabbed her hand that was torturing herself, and did not allow her to torment her own self like this again. Helping her lean on the soft cushion, Qin Xiu Zhi comfortingly sighed and said: “You were just woken up a moment ago, just do not make your body injures even more, you have to make your body better first.”

At this moment, one young and inexperienced black dress servant boy was holding a bowl of porridge, and walking to Qin Xiu Zhi’s side, he said in a whisper: “Gongzi, the porridge is here.”

Taking the porridge from the servant boy, Qin Xiu Zhi was blowing at that very hot porridge, while he advised: “You did not eat anything for two days, drink this porridge first.”

“I can do it on my own.” Not used to be fed by another person, Murong Shu Qing turned her face, and extended her uninjured right hand to take the bowl of porridge. But Qin Xiu Zhi did not give it to her, her left shoulder was hurt so it could not be moved freely, this porridge was extremely hot also, so he moved the bowl of porridge and did not let her touch it. Taking the spoon into her hand, he sighed and said: “Your shoulder is injured, you can eat on your own, but let me help you hold the bowl.”

Murong Shu Qing nodded her head, and she did not set herself against Qin Xiu Zhi again, what he said was actually a fact anyway, plus she was anxious and wanted to know a lot of things now also. She wanted to know some basic informations from him, so that she would be able to decide on what to do. And before she could do these things, she definitely must have a good health. Even though she did not really have an appetite now, but she did not raise any objection, so she picked up the spoon and put it into her mouth. Murong Shu Qing calmed down her somewhat chaotic minds, she turned back into a gentle and soft person, looked gently at Qin Xiu Zhi and gave him a smile, then she said: “I am fine, while I am eating, you can tell me how you have found me. What happened to the person beside me?!”

The person who was in front of him, even though her complexion was still pale, but he could she that her radiance eyes were the same calm, collected, wise and farsighted just like before. This kind of her made Qin Xiu Zhi feel at ease and he nodded his head as he knew what kind of urgent concerns she had about the people and other matter, so Qin Xiu Zhi said: “I received a letter one month ago from the highest woman, that is Yue-er, she told me to get to Dong Yu within half a month. She said that she had found you, also said that you needed help, and you wanted to see me as soon as possible. So I rushed over here.”

Murong Shu Qing’s hand that was holding the spoon, paused, she did not know whether to laugh or cry, this Xi Lie Yue really dared to say anything, but she really had to thank her now. Even though she still did not know what happened during the time when she lost consciousness, but she could safely stay here now, so Qin Xiu Zhi must have made a lot of efforts. Murong Shu Qing put the spoon down, and lightly shook her head, she pushed Qin Xiu Zhi’s hand back to indicate that she did not want to eat anymore. Adjusting her sitting position, Murong Shu Qing looked at him with concentration, and said: “Continue talking.”

Qin Xiu Zhi looked one glance at the porridge that was already eaten by half, so he did not force her to continue eating either. Taking the bowl to give it to the servant boy who was always behind him, he continued saying: “Mother Emperor was worried for my safety, so she sent the best secret army from the country to protect me. After I arrived in Dong Yu, Yue-er told me that you were not in the Capital anymore, so I went to the northern route to find you, but it was not safe for the whole journey. Not too long after I arrived in Dong Yu, I did not know what kind of people who were following me all along, but they did not seem to want to kill me, and looked like they were looking for something. One day, Xi Mu discovered an assassin, so he chased him out all the way. After he came back, he told me that he saw a woman who was holding the same exquisite jade as mine. He described the appearance of the woman, so I guessed that woman was you.”

“What did you say? The other part of the jade is here??” Murong Shu Qing startlingly asked. She was looking for it for a long time, the other part of the jade that was closely related to Mo Can, was actually with him?!


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