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By Qian Lu

Chapter 64

First Sign

When Murong Shu Qing came to Qi Yun’s Qi (live) Yun (cloud) Yuan (courtyard) (the Qi in Qi Yun is different than the Qi in Qi Yun Yuan), the sky was already completely dark, there were two rows of crimson lanterns within the courtyard, that were used to brighten the darkness. Inside the front hall, people’s shadows were swaying, Wu Mei was distractingly walking back and forth, and looking towards the inner room from time to time, her tears were sliding silently, which looked worst than if she was wailing. He Xiang Jun was sitting on the master’s seat, her face also showed anxiousness and depression, the bloody water kept coming from the inner room continuously, so it really made their hearts feel agitated even more.

In contrast, Qi Zhong Lin looked a lot more tranquil, but this elderly person clenched both of his hands on his chest, his usually wise and farsighted tiger eyes slightly closed, like he was resting, so nobody knew what he was thinking.

Murong Shu Qing entered the front hall, but did not make any sound either, and just quietly stood by the side. Nobody was paying any attention to her at this time, there was no trace of Qi Rui and Qi Feng Xian, so she did not know whether they had not heard about Qi Yun’s injury, or they had already investigated for the news. After a good while, Qi Zhong Lin opened his eyes, and looked at Murong Shu Qing who was looking pensively and standing by the side of the door, he softly called with a somewhat tired voice: “Shu Qing, you came.”

Murong Shu Qing raised her head, and looked at those pair of eyes that were still kind, bright and farsighted, but she could also catch some worries in them. She walked slowly to his side, and lowly answered: “Maternal grandfather, how is Big Uncle?” She had been standing here for a while, it seemed that Qi Yun’s injury should be very heavy.

Qi Zhong Lin did not reply right away, he got up and said: “Follow me.”

The two people, one in the front and the other one on the back, came out of the front hall that made people feel depressed. Qi Yun Yuan’s courtyard was filled with trees, it was imposing and wide. During this night, there were countless shadows of the mottled, the two people were standing under the reflection of the shadow of the big tree. Qi Zhong Lin did not plan to beat around the bushes either, so he directly said: “You clearly know that Dong Yu and Cang Yue’s wars can not be avoided.”

“I know, Big Uncle’s attack today seemed to be deliberate, in that case, the war had already started.” Actually, when Xuanyuan Yi was in a hurry to get to Lin Feng Guan, this war was already a forgone conclusion.

“Then, you should know even more why they attacked your Big Uncle.” Looking at Shu Qing who was calm and tranquil in front of him, Qi Zhong Lin who always strained his face, showed his gratifying smile. This kind of Shu Qing was not a greenhouse and delicate orchid (weak person), in that case, during a storm, nobody could easily beat her down.

The two countries were having a confrontation with military strengths, martial arts, military strategies, and ___ army provisions. Xuanyuan Yi’s name shook the four directions, facing off against him, it could be said that Cang Yue would not be certain that they would win. If she did not guess wrongly, next, Cang Yue would inflict heavy losses at Dong Yu’s most direct and effective way, which was to cut off his army provisions.

Pondering this carefully for a moment, Murong Shu Qing was somewhat anxious when she looked at Qi Zhong Lin who felt burdened for her. He had already withdrawn from the Imperial court for many years, he really intended to avoid politics, but today’s matter could be only the beginning. If one wanted to protect the Qi’s family, one would be afraid to take on this muddy water. But Maternal grandfather was already 70 years old, a trace of pain stung Murong Shu Qing’s eyes, she could not bear to let him be drawn into this complicated affairs again, so Murong Shu Qing sighed and said: “Maternal grandfather, let me handle this matter!”

Qi Zhong Lin looked up at the full moon, and forthrightly laughed out loud, throughout his life, he was able to move unhindered in the whole world, but today, this young lady who was in front of him, wanted to support the sky for him. Turning around kindly to lightly pat on Murong Shu Qing’s shoulder, Qi Zhong Lin’s eyes that had already experienced many affairs of life affairs, showed a light mist, he ruefully smiled and said: “Maternal grandfather knows that the people who are by your side, can protect you thoroughly, also knows your intentions, but this Qi’s family is not safe, you go to Rui-er’s Shuang Tian (frosty sky) Bie (leave) Yuan (courtyard) to stay, then Maternal grandfather will know exactly what to do.”

Murong Shu Qing was still thinking on what to say again, but she also understood, since Qi Zhong Lin already had his own plans, so she would protect herself properly and not become his burden, that should be the best thing that she should do. Lightly nodding, Murong Shu Qing still showed that light and calm smile when she raised her head, and answered: “I understand, you do not need to be worried about me either.”

“En, go now.” Qi Zhong Lin nodded his head, and waved his hand, then turned around to that mottled bluish green shadow again.

Murong Shu Qing turned around, walked slowly to leave, and did not disturb his thought anymore. She should also think carefully, what she wanted to do next.

Under the full moon, Die Cui Xiao Su looked like another beautiful reflection, was elegant, beautiful and secluded. Murong Shu Qing just stepped into the courtyard, and saw a bowl of plain congee and a cup of green tea that were on the low table in the pavilion. Sitting down in the soft couch, she lightly stroke the cup to feel the slightly warm temperature, it warmed up Murong Shu Qing’s hand and her heart. Murong Shu Qing ate the plain congee slowly, she could feel the faint sweetness on her lips from beginning to end.

Quietly finished eating the plain congee, Murong Shu Qing’s train of thought that was slightly in chaos, became clear gradually. Getting up to the courtyard, she gently called: “Yan Yu, Cang Su.”

Once she finished her calling, two black clothing with strong figures appeared not too far away behind Murong Shu Qing.

Murong Shu Qing’s bright voice echoed within this quiet courtyard: “Yan Yu, you accompany me to go to Shuang Tian Bie Yuan tomorrow, then, notify Feng Qi Xuan to let him arrange ten people to return to the Murong’s family, I do not want anybody in the Murong’s family to have any harm. Moreover, leave four people to stay at the Qi’s family, I want to know the situation at the Qi’s family at all times. Cang Su, you immediately go to Lin Feng Guan border, so you can write a letter to inform me about the daily situation at Lin Feng Guan border and Cang Yue.”

“Yes.” Just like when they came out, after each of them received their tasks, their agile figures disappeared within the courtyard in a flash.

Closing her eyes, she could feel the slightly cold night wind, she was not willing to get involved in politics, but sometimes one could not always run out of one’s responsibilities. Especially when you needed to take care of someone, however, the kind of burden also made her feel happy.

“Miss, it is already early winter, you have to take care of your body.” Looking at Miss from a distance, whose meager figure was standing within the night wind, it seemed like the wind could blow her away at any time. She was always worried for other people, but she did not know how to help and protect her own self.

Pulling at Jing Shui who was draping a brocade coat on her shoulder, Murong Shu Qing was grasping her hand to take her to the pavilion, both of them were sitting on the soft couch. Even though Jing Shui was still somewhat uncomfortable, but because of Shu Qing’s persistence, she was forced to drop the subject. Murong Shu Qing faintly asked: “Jing Shui, what arrangement do you have for your future life?” She was most worried about Jing Shui, that this child’s autism did not get cured, so her future would bring a very big influence, and that foolish ‘elder brother’ of her would also be suffering.

“I?” Jing Shui who was just relaxing her body, tensed up her body again because of those sentences. Thinking for a moment, she just pensively answered: “I am only a slave, what kind of arrangement can I have.”

“Do you want to stay at this small courtyard all along?”

Did I want to stay here all along? Jing Shui did not say anything, and only lowered her head continuously, and did not speak for a long time. Murong Shu Qing knew that she had confined herself within her own world, lowly sighing, she patted her hand, and said: “I will leave the Qi’s family tomorrow, but I am somewhat worried about you.” She wanted to take Jing Shui along to be by her side, and hope that she could slowly enlighten her.

“Miss, you want to leave!” Hearing the news that Murong Shu Qing wanted to leave, Jing Shui’s heart was unexpectedly uneasy, she was already used accompanying by Miss’ side. If she wanted to leave now, in that case, what should she do on her own?! “Then, I….”

“Jing Shui, of course, you have to go with us together?” Looking that Jing Shui was struggling, Lu Yi could not help but to come out of the room.

“Lu Yi….”

Understanding Jing Shui’s conflicting thoughts, Murong Shu Qing did not want to force her too much, so she smilingly said: “A calm heart is where a home is. Lu Yi, let Jing Shui think about it properly.”

Lu Yi walked to the front of Jing Shui, slightly lifted up her face, she said this sentence to Jing Shui’s indecisive eyes: “Alright, but Jing Shui, being peaceful is a type of feeling, just like when I stay by Miss’ side, I am very peaceful. If I am not by Miss’ side anymore, but thinking that she will give me encouragements and take care of me, I am also very peaceful. That is because peacefulness settles people’s strength all along and it is in everyone’s own heart, and it is not in this small courtyard.”

This words from Lu Yi, made Murong Shu Qing show her joyful smile, three years, this young girl grew up.

Knowing that Lu Yi’s words really made sense, but Jing Shui was still somewhat hesitating, she lightly raised her lips, and said with difficulty: “Lu Yi, I am afraid that I am not strong enough.”

Looking that she was already moved emotionally, Lu Yi promptly and encouragingly said: “No one knows if one is strong enough, but going out of this small courtyard, that is already a strong and brave first step! Moreover, if you do not take care of Miss together with me, how can I do it on my own. Miss, she will not take care her own body, will not add another clothing during cold weather, if she is busy, she will forget to eat, furthermore….”

"Alright!” Murong Shu Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry and shook her head, she looked one glance at Lu Yi, and smilingly said: “Jing Shui, if you do not agree, this girl will keep going on the bad things that I am not able to do on my own!”

“Miss….!!” Lu Yi lightly stamped on her feet, was she not trying to help Miss to convince Jing Shui, but Miss was still laughing at her like this!

Murong Shu Qing looked like she was patting a puppy when she was gently stroking Lu Yi’s head, it made Jing Shui unable to restrain her laugh, so one could hear a ripple of joyful laughters from the three people in the small courtyard.

Sian’s notes:
Hmm, not sure why it is safer staying at Qi Rui’s place? Isn’t Qi Rui still living at the Qi’s family manor? Or Qi Rui actually lives in his own manor. Even if Qi Rui lives in his own manor, why is it safer staying there than at the Qi’s family? He’s a member of the Qi’s family. I don’t quite understand the logic. Was Qi Zhong Lin suggesting that the assassination was actually originated from Dong Yu’s Imperial court to take out the Qi family’s influence (aka him)? So whoever the person who ordered the assassination, was using the war between Dong Yu and Cang Yue to add more drama in the Dong Yu’s Imperial court? Or is the plan to separate Qi Yun and MSQ as once the war breaks out, these two people will be the two most important people who deal with the army provisions. Remember that Qi Yun is the head of the Ministry of Revenue and MSQ is the master of the Murong's family that produces the most grains in Dong Yu. So their positions in this war will be even more important. If one wants to cut off the army provisions, one will have to assassinate both Qi Yun & MSQ. I hate the complex nature of the Imperial court or politics in general.

Actually after reading & translating more future chapters, those initial questions that I had once I finished translating this chapter, will be answered in the future chapters. 😃 I think this is part of the reason why I love the way the author sets up the plots. I think she's a master of setting up plots. Hehehehe…

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