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Chapter 61

Xian Yi

“What?!” Murong Shu Qing cried out for the first time!

Unbelievingly looking at Xi Lie Yue, Murong Shu Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry, she could but deny that Qin Xiu Zhi really had charms that could make women to admire him greatly, especially that faint discernible style of his, as if the cloud that was dispersing tranquility. It could make people to want to approach him, long for him and own him. She admired him, but it did not mean that she would agree to this preposterous decision.

Xi Lie Yue was not concerned with Murong Shu Qing’s difficult appearance, according to her, Xiu Zhi and Shu Qing were well matched, the man was amazingly handsome and bright, the woman was calm and refined. So satisfyingly pointed at the picture scroll, and she praisingly said: “He is my Imperial elder brother, because of a villain’s set up, he had to leave Hai Yu with his Imperial concubine father ten years ago. Not long ago, he just returned to Hai Yu because of your help, he is very handsome! He knows the four arts (zither, go, calligraphy, painting), is proficient with any song and poem verses, and also gentle, soft and considerate, even more ~~”

“Stop talking!” Murong Shu Qing kneaded her aching temple, she helplessly interrupted Xi Lie Yue’s overflowing explanation.

“What is wrong, you do not like him?” Xi Lie Yue did not understand, with Xiu Zhi’s appearance and talents, he only returned for less than half a month, but many famous families, and the Officials from the Imperial court had visited to seek for his hands in marriage one after another. How could Murong Shu Qing feel dissatisfied about him?

Passing the picture scroll that caught her unprepared, Murong Shu Qing entered the inner room, she casually sat on the velvet wool carpet by the side of the low table, grievingly sighed and said: “I am not familiar with him, how can I like or not like him!!”

Xi Lie Yue also walked in soon after, she waved her hand to make the young child put away the picture scroll, and also sat down just like Murong Shu Qing on the low table opposite her, she shrugged her shoulders and smilingly said: “He is familiar with you ah, moreover, he fell in love at first sight with you!”

During the wedding reception at that time, there were many people who were mingling, the evening was also ‘moonless and with high wind’, she was not some unique and beautiful woman either, where did that love at first sight come from ah! It seemed that it would not be easy talking about this matter with this country’s apparent heir to the throne. Murong Shu Qing was facing Xi Lie Yue, and seriously said: “We do not understand each other at all, you are doing thing like this, what if I and he will find our own beloved in the future, how is this be a good thing?!”

Clearly, Xi Lie Yue did not think that this would be a problem at all, she raised her eyebrows and smiled, relaxingly said: “What kind of conflict is there? If you meet the person whom you like in the future, you can also marry him, as long as you treat my Imperial elder brother nicely, that will be fine. As for my Imperial elder brother, you are his beloved one!”

Heavens ah! How could she forget that Hai Yu was a country that was run by a woman, a woman could marry many husbands in that place. But she was not interested ah! Murong Shu Qing sighed and said this sentence: “Here is not Hai Yu.”

Xi Lie Yue’s eyes were suddenly bright, excitingly said: “Oh right, you can come to Hai Yu ah, I will bestow you a Prime Minister title!” This idea was not bad, Murong Shu Qing was definitely not a thing in the middle of a pond, staying in a country where a man was governing it, was really a waste. If she could bring her back to Hai Yu, and assist her to rule the

country, that would be the biggest bonus.

“You ~~” Murong Shu Qing was really dumbfounded, forget it, she did not want to say anymore words about this, stroking the side of the white wine bottle, she faintly answered: “I can not accept this treasure.”

Even though Murong Shu Qing’s tone was calm and gentle, but her desire to decline the gift, was already expressed very clearly. Xi Lie Yue’s rising eyebrows were lightly knitted, her bright and deep eyes slightly narrowed, with a tone not too urgent nor too slow, and with a clear voice that could not be refuted, she showed an imposing manner while she said: “Since I have already given him to you, so he is yours, if you do not want him, he is also your person, he does not have any qualification to marry another woman.”

Her hand that was caressing the pitcher, stopped, Murong Shu Qing raised her eyes to look, in a flash, her eyes did not look bright and beautiful like in the past, but they were rather imposing to people. It was a monarch’s temperament, and a monarch’s prestige. But today, Murong Shu Qing did not plan to retreat at all, since they were already friends, she wanted to see whether or not she could become close friends with this sovereign queen.

Not affected by this oppressive atmosphere, Murong Shu Qing answered tranquilly as before: “Xi Lie Yue, the matter about affection should be agreed by both sides willingly, if you insist on doing it like this, I will not say anything anymore, but I, Murong Shu Qing will definitely not compromise.”

Murong Shu Qing’s words made Xi Lie Yue knitted her eyebrows even more, her expression was also difficult to read, the white wine cup was being held tightly by her hand. The young maids who were in the cabin, promptly knelt down, their heads were practically stuck on the ground. Lu Yi could also feel the confrontation atmosphere, and nervously stood behind Murong Shu Qing.

The two people would not withdraw their eyes, Xi Lie Yue was not pleased and unyielding, Murong Shu Qing indifferently persisted on it. One side was fiery, while the other side was like water. For a good while, when the young maids who were kneeling, nervously breathing freely, Xi Lie Yue suddenly laughed out loud: “Good, a very good Murong Shu Qing.” There was never anyone who would confront her before, not even conceding one bit, even with her Emperor Mother, she (her mother) would comply with her to some degree when she (XLY) persisted in something. Delighted! She decided to make friends with this person.

Faintly raising her lips to smile, Xi Lie Yue has already put down the white wine cup that was on her hand, raising the wine jar that was in front of her, she leaned her entire body, and leaned on the small table, then she provokingly smiled and said: “I will drop this matter today, but you have said it, as long as both sides are willing, you have to accept it!?” She would not believe that Xiu Zhi’s stunning and handsome personality, incredible talents, that were as pure as jade, could not move Murong Shu Qing’s heart.

She just knew that Xi Lie Yue would not be easy to compromise like this, her strange expression made Murong Shu Qing had goose bumps all over. As it turned out, this future ruler of a country was dignified and exceptional, and also better in setting up a teasing trap to a person. Shaking her head bitterly, she inattentively sighed, when the red dress woman who was always standing on the deck, walked in, she directly went to the front of Xi Lie Yue, and respectfully said: “Master, Xian Gongzi asks to see you.”

“It is him!” Hearing the red dress woman’s announcement, Hai Yue who was lazily leaning by the side of the table, also put away her joking expression, after slightly thinking, she raised a trace of adventitious elusive smile again, and smilingly said to Murong Shu Qing: “I will introduce you to this person.”

Murong Shu Qing was curious inevitably with this person whom Xi Lie Yue could put so much attentions to, so she nodded her head and smilingly said: “Alright!”

Not too long, two men came in to follow the red dress woman, the man who was walking upfront, was about 30 years old, his arrogant eyebrows looked like stars. If one would compare him to the other beautiful men, he did not have An Qin Xuan’s demonic charms, did not have Qin Xiu Zhi’s handsomeness, did not have Xuanyuan Yi’s unruliness, did not have Mo Can’s coldness. However, the him who had a dark silver cheongsam, would make people to open their eyes with his elegant manner, virtuous and gentlemanly styles, along with his proud and oppressive personalities. He seemed to have two completely different temperaments that were welded together in his body ingeniously.

The man behind him was about 8 feet tall (2.44 m), he did not speak anything, one could feel the same feeling as Yan Yu on his body, so he should be that man’s bodyguard.

While Murong Shu Qing was observing him, the man was also secretly evaluating her, he had already seen Hai Yue’s eye-grabbing light blue decorated boat earlier. After this plain clothing man got on the boat, he could quickly hear a very talented sound of the music. The music sounded like towering mountain peaks and flowing spring water, it was a difficult music, that sound was difficult to feel but it was moving, and stirring his heart.

When he approached the person, he could see this white dress man who was on a deck, from a distant and standing tall, but he could not see his appearance, but that carefree silhouette actually made people want to peek in him even more. Looking at him closer, he appeared to look ordinary, meager figure with a plain white clothing, but he did not disappoint him at all, as he always had a light smile like that while he was standing there.

Seamlessly regaining his sight, Xian Yi slightly cupped his hands, and smilingly said: “Just a moment ago, I heard music from Miss’ decorated boat, it was a very exquisite sound, so I came to visit and disturb you!”

Xi Lie Yue also slightly bowed, and returned his greetings: “Xian Gongzi is too polite.”

At this time, Xian Yi pretended that he just saw Murong Shu Qing, so he gave courtesy and smilingly said: “As it turns out, Miss has a guest.”

Xi Lie Yue quickly came to Murong Shu Qing’s side, smilingly said with a loud voice: “This is Qin Gongzi who paid 10,000 taels to listen to Hai Yue’s playing zither.”

Murong Shu Qing slightly frowned her eyebrows, what kind of trick was Xi Lie Yue playing, that she would actually and intentionally mention the 10,000 taels (incident) from that night. Could it be this Xian Gongzi was also bidding that evening?! Even if it was like that, nobody saw her that night either, why did Xi Lie Yue emphasize on this?

Xian Yi looked towards this thin and weak man again, he was the person who won the sky-high price bidding that night? He was able to spend 10,000 taels to only listen to a song, this man’s identity made him feel suspicious. He was thinking in his heart, but his face showed a smile and he praisingly said: “Qin Gongzi is indeed a romantic and elegant scholar.”

Murong Shu Qing did not have any choice but to cup both of his hands in greetings, and answered: “You flatter me!”

While the two people exchanged conventional greetings, Xi Lie Yue had already ordered someone to move the wine from the low table to the round table, and she turned around to Xian Yi and smilingly said: “Today, Hai Yue and Qin Gongzi are drinking wine and appreciating the music, is Xian Gongzi interested to join us!”

“Of course.”

One hand was holding the wine, while her other hand was lightly tapping on the table, Xi Lie Yue’s mischievous eyes slightly carried a smile, she glanced at the two people. The corner of her lips gently lifted, and she smilingly said: “Hai Yue has some good wine and people, how about if I play a game with these two Gongzi?!”

“I am willing to accompany.” One person’s spirit was rather high.

“I will try with my effort.” The other person was reluctant. According to her (MSQ) understanding about Xi Lie Yue, she (MSQ) did not know what kind of incident that she (XLY) would draw out from this game!


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