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Chapter 56

Going On An Outing (Part 2)

“I? I ~ am not going, I am staying home to tidy up things and wait until Miss returns.” After looking face to face for a while, Jing Shui promptly withdrew her sight and pretended to be busy tidying up, but her shaking hands showed her nervousness and terrifying feeling.

Murong Shu Qing looked at Jing Shui, her beautiful eyebrows gently knitted, it seemed that Jing Shui’s fear to go outside was a lot bigger than she imagined. Slowly coming to her side, Murong Shu Qing took her hand that was pretending to be busy, she made her stand face to her, and gently said: “You will definitely like the place that we are going today, it is very beautiful there.”

Murong Shu Qing’s gentle smile could appease people’s hearts, Jing Shui’s chaotic heart was gradually calmed down. After hesitating for a moment, she nibbled her lower lip, and caressed her own left face that was filled with a dark red birthmark, then Jing Shui said: “I can not go.” She had not forgotten that ten years ago, when she was curious and looking forward to go out with her mother, at time, she was surrounded by people’s despises and even frightened expressions. She just knew that she was ugly and not popular. She was afraid that she would see that kind of hateful expressions again, and that she would hear malicious words again, so she did not want to go out.

Huo Zhi Qing did not understand so looking at them, Master and servant who were dilly dallying for a while and they had not left the small pavilion, her one hand hurriedly pulled Murong Shu Qing, while the other hand pulled Jing Shui, she said: “Let’s go, let’s go, if everyone is going, then it will be fun ah!”

Jing Shui was pulled to walk out, but her legs kept retreating back, as she wanted to struggle free from Huo Zhi Qing’s hand. Afraid that she would injure this lovable guest, the two people, one was upfront and the other one was in the back, Murong Shu Qing laughed and walked between them, then she separated their tangling hands. Trying to persuade Jing Shui who was feeling very anxious now, would be useless, her knotted heart would not be untied just because of a few words. Being able to get her out of this small courtyard, would be the most important thing to do.

Murong Shu Qing was holding Jing Shui’s slightly cold hand, and gradually used more strength to make her feel her own strength, she simply and sincerely said: “The scenery is very good there, but there are not many people, and you can wear a muslin to cover your face. I hope that you can go together with us, alright?

Except when she went out of the Qi’s family once ten years ago, she had not even left this small courtyard for those past years. Regarding the outside world, she was afraid, nervous, but curious and longing for it at the same time. But she still did not dare to go out, Miss’ warmth and perseverance today, slowly gave her strength.

Wearing a muslin veil, nobody would look at her ugly face, this way she would be able to go out, right? Jing Shui was silent for a long time, Murong Shu Qing did not argue with her either, so she could slowly think it over, but she was still firmly holding her hand and not letting go.

When Huo Zhi Qing was almost impatient, Jing Shui finally used up her own strength to say: “Alright!”

Murong Shu Qing praisingly and encouragingly looked at her, and exposed her usual smile. Huo Zhi Qing was already waiting edgily for a long time, so when she heard that Jing Shui had already agreed to go, she cheeringly said: “Very good, Let’s go!” Just finished speaking, she already rushed to the gate of the small courtyard, and waved to them.

A party of four people had not left the front courtyard yet, and they already bumped into Qi Rui head-on! Qi Rui looked at M

urong Shu Qing, and hurriedly stopped his steps, then asked: “Shu Qing, where are you going?”

After that birthday feast, he did not treat Shu Qing as his willful little sister anymore, he saw that she was very calm, and intelligent, he thought that he should get acquainted with her again.

Feeling that Jing Shui who was covered up with a muslin behind her, felt shaking, Murong Shu Qing faintly answered: “Going out.”

Qi Rui obviously also saw the shadow of that beautiful woman who was behind Murong Shu Qing, she closely stared at Jing Shui, and did not believe whether or not he should be frightened or happy. For the past many years, he racked his brain to make her go out, but he could not get her to take a step out of Die Cui Xiao Su. She was unexpectedly willing to go out with Shu Qing today! Was it because Shu Qing too charming, or was it because he failed miserably?!

Qi Rui’s losing his self-control, Jing Shui’s stiffness, Murong Shu Qing observed all of them, it seemed that there were many stories between these two people. But today was not the time to let them reminisce, otherwise Jing Shui might want to escape back to Die Cui Xiao Su.

Murong Shu Qing just about to say something, but Qi Rui already recovered slowly, but his expression was still glued to Jing Shui, and he said: “I will accompany you ladies together!”

Together? Did he not have anything that he was walking so fast a moment ago? Murong Shu Qing laughingly asked: “Did you not want to go out?”

Qi Rui casually said: “There is nothing important either. I am not at ease to let you ladies go out on your own, let’s go!”

Finished speaking, he did not care whether or not Murong Shu Qing and the other ladies agreed to let him go with them, he just told the servant to prepare a horse and get ready to go!

Murong Shu Qing was somewhat anxious and she looked at Jing Shui who was slightly lowered her head all along, the black veil actually covered her expression so it did not give her any opportunity to go back. Murong Shu Qing pulled her hand to go out of the Qi’s family, and she just let go off her hand once they were inside the carriage, Jing Shui was still silent during the whole trip.

Several women were sitting inside the wide carriage and listening to Huo Zhi Qing’s showing off her childhood stories. Murong Shu Qing also paid attention to Jing Shui who kept stealing a glance at Qi Rui who was following upfront from time to time. Murong Shu Qing laughed, as it turned out, Qi Rui was not the only one who had his own wishful thinking either.

Speaking and laughing for the whole trip, they were on this trip for almost two shichen (4 hours). They were passing through a winding pathway, the carriage was shaking for approximately one burnt incest time (15 min). The carriage finally stopped, Huo Zhi Qing was the first to jump out of the carriage, looking at the green and lush area in front of her, the beautiful green of the tree forest, she excitedly shouted: “It is very beautiful here, very beautiful!”

They were different than the common shrub trees from the south, did not have much affection but they were very charming, unfortunately, they lacked in distinctive styles. These shrubs were filled to the edge of the woods, almost every tree was strong and tall, the dense leaves were stacked heavily, the sunshine could almost block them completely to make a big grassy area. After Huo Zhi Qing ran for a while, she pleasantly shouted: “It is a very clear small creak oh, there is also fish! You guys, hurry up and come over here ah!”

Following where she went, it was really not too far away, there was a small creek that did not have much water, but it was really refreshing.

Huo Zhi Qing had already rolled up her sleeves, and said to Murong Shu Qing: “Murong jiejie, let’s go and catch a fish, alright?”

“That can not do!” Murong Shu Qing had not answered yet, but Lu Yi anxiously shouted out: “Miss just got better, the water in this creek is cold, what happens if she falls ill again!”

Knowing that Lu Yi was worry about her, she did not want to get a splitting headache once more, or feeling that she could not breathe, so Murong Shu Qing appeasingly patted Lu Yi’s hand, she smilingly said: “Alright, I will not go, you can go with Zhi Qing!”

When Huo Zhi Qing heard that Murong Shu Qing was ill, she did not force her to go either, so she started to turn her attention to the other people: “Alright ah, going by myself is boring, Lu Yi jiejie, Jing Shui jiejie, and Qi Gongzi, let’s go together!”

Jing Shui would definitely not go in to the water, that would not be good for Qi Rui since he was the only man and they were all women who would be catching the fish. Huo Zhi Qing finally called out enthusiastically, but only Jing Shui who was shaking her head and Qi Rui who declined to go. Lu Yi grew up near the water, so she naturally liked the water, moreover, the clear water from the creek really attracted her, but she did not forget her own responsibility either. Thinking for a while, she answered: “I will not go either, I want to accompany Miss.”

Knowing that she really wanted to go, Murong Shu Qing lightly pushed her towards Huo Zhi Qing, she smilingly said: “My eldest brother and Jing Shui will accompany me, you go! The two of you, be careful, do not fall down or drown in the water.”

Murong Shu Qing had Jing Shui and the eldest Young Master, Lu Yi felt a little relieved, so she happily answered: “Alright!” The two people were giggling and pulling each other hand to go to the small creek.

Looking that they were already within a good distance, Murong Shu Qing said to Jing Shui who was beside her: “Jing Shui, I am a little bit cold, help me to get a cloak from the carriage.”

“Yes!” This wood was somewhat cold, Jing Shui responded and quickly walked to the carriage.

Once Jing Shui was out of her sight, Murong Shu Qing turned around, she calmly but clearly asked to Qi Rui whose eyes were somewhat depressed: “What are you planning to do?” Qi Rui liked Jing Shui, that was very clear, but she wanted to know his thought!

Qi Rui did not anticipate that Murong Shu Qing would ask him directly like this, but he said with affirmation: “I want to marry her!”

“As a main wife?”


His firm answer made Murong Shu Qing showed her relieved smile, but their relationships would make her feel anxious for them, then Murong Shu Qing softly asked: “Do you know that you will face some difficulties and hindrances if you plan on marrying her?” No matter if the Qi’s family would oppose or not, Qi Rui was an official in the Imperial court. After all the Qi’s family, as an upstanding, handsome and bright person, the Emperor might also arrange something for him to take a wife from the Princesses (Jun Zhu), that was also very possible. She was afraid that his perseverance like this, would really cause a mishap.

It was not that he had not thought about Murong Shu Qing’s concern, but it still could not change his decision. Qi Rui was looking at the direction where Jing Shui went, he answered with firmness and dedication: “I decided to marry her ten years ago, I will not give up!” Ten years ago, that frightened and wounded eyes had deeply captured his heart, he had said that he wanted to make that eyes filled with happiness and hopes, so he would not give up.

Already feeling Qi Rui’s persistence, Murong Shu Qing was not that anxious anymore, since he had persistence and determination like this, she should just believe that he had the capability, but she was curious after she heard what Qi Rui said: “Ten years?” Why had he not successful to get this beauty for that long?


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