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♥Hello my dear readers!!!!! How are you all doing today? I hope you all are doing good and healthy. Anyways!!!! I got chapter 4 translated!!!!! YAY!!!!!

I almost gave up on this novel because of a certain paragraph down there…. It’s too complicated and it took forever to translate. So I have to warn you guys who wants to try translating novels like me to start off with a more modern novel. Don’t jump into a historical novel like I did. You’ll suffer greatly! I learned my lesson the hard way….

So enough with me talking lets jump right into this unedited chapter! ♥

“No, it was cold last night, early in the morning Yue Er came over, and is now tired wanting to rest for a while .You go, properly take care of the two sir.” Hoping Xuan Yuan Yi would no longer look for her for trouble again like last night.

Unexpectedly, Xuan Yuan Yi unwilling to accompany Murong Shu Qing and did not have much to say, only smiling at her. Murong Shu Qing readily took a book from the shelves, let him see that she do not care about him.

T/N: Not sure if the first sentence was trying to say if: "he was unwilling to leave her" or "she was unwilling to go with them."

“Well, then we leave.” Said the three people who prepare to leave the round table. Xuan Yuan Yi’s handsome face still have a smile, he quickly glanced at Murong Shu Qing leaning against the shelves, suddenly laugh out loud, then first step out of bamboo house. His laugh made Pei Che and Murong Xing Han confused, inexplicably.

“Well.” softly agreeing, no longer looking to them. Although her eyes were on the book, Murong Shu Qing's mind was in a trance from the laugh. Seeing that Xuan Yuan Yi is very interested in her, yet such a noble handsome and extraordinary man is very easy to be tempted, but she is not really Murong Shu Qing. She don't know when will this bracelet change,and was not sure if she will stay here forever. To be moved and fall in love can only be harmful to others. Even if she was to stay here forever, she can not accept the marriage of three wives and four concubines. At that time the heart has already been betrothed, only to discover she could not trust anyone here, How can this be endured?

Outside the was sunny, clear lake, the cool breeze blowing against the pages of the book, rustling. Murong Shu Qing lean against the side of the window, allowing the cold breeze to brush by her face. Looking at the green vast bamboo forest, she can not help but smile letting the emotions pass. She is use to being indifferent, if she really fell for someone, she will not be afraid of raging fire, earth-shattering. If so, why care so much, love is nothing more than just a part of her life.

Still faintly smiling, Murong Shuqing close the book handing it to Zi Yuan, thinking about the accounts.

Zi Yuan re-brewed a cup of new tea on the table, quietly whispering across the table to Murong Shuqing who was calculating the account and said: “Miss, Fu Elder came, is now watching the rain in the building.”

For a long time, Murong Shuqing only recovered from the books. “What did he come here for?”

“He said he came to deliver a message.” Zi Yuan spoke to Murong Shuqing, Putting the book on the shelves, the new tea served.

“He personal came to send a message?” Drinking tea, Murong Shu Qing's heart sighed. She has been here for three years, these girls who served her very well. At the beginning she was not accustomed to it, but now very enjoy it. HUmans are really foolish.

“Sent a few times before, you have to let the manager, the fear is to you to sell his face, to personally come.

East (country’s) economy, the Huo house, leader of the North country, started out their career with horses. the West country and Cang Yue country there is no economic development, but almost two years ago at the border appeared a misty mountain becoming the place where both countries did trade business. No one knows if it is the East country or the Cang Yue countries, but both countries has a considerable amount of influences. And the east and the south before the Murong family settle down, the Fu house had influenced one-third of the world. Afterwards because Murong Xiang did not have the skill in business the Murong home gradually decline, settling down the momentum gradually grew. Elder Fu, although he is wise in business unfortunately no son, only one daughter. The Fu family is also facing a crisis. These three years, Murong home became increasingly strong, and both the homes are neck to neck, still having place above their power, Fu house obviously slightly inferior.

T/N: Guys!! I almost lost my shit while translating this paragraph! It was too long and confusing, I almost cried and dropped the novel! 。゚(*´□`)゚。

Today Fu Elder personally come to send a message, mostly likely because only the Murong house produce these raw material of cotton and silk. The past two years they have began engaging in cloth business, no wonder the cloth business-based Fu family was worry.

"Well, let’s go see." Murong Shu Qing stretched while walking, tired of closing the books. During that same year she was forced by father to read and understand finance, in fact, she personally still like to study archaeology with grandfather, after graduation she went to work in father's company for a year. Honestly  didn't like to be tangled all day in Return On Investment, financing risks, commercial affairs, dinner party inside. With the action of mother and older brother persuades, father finally agreed to follow her grandfather to learn archeology. Thinking that she sould finally escape from the abyss of suffering, who would had thought that she would be entwine by a braclet. She cannot escape from the business community, this time she volunteered to jump in. Life sometimes is indeed interesting..

Leisurely strolling along the way, Murong Shu Qing with Zi yuan behind had already guess Elder Fu’s purpose, thoughtfully.

“Elder Fu truly an infrequent visitor ah!” Walking a leisurely pace, a clear bright voice came forward watching the rain in the building behind echo out.

Elder Fu heard the sound, looked up to at the door just to see Murong Shu Qing dressed in light green soft jacket. Yet it was difficult to cover her elegances, gestures are full of self-confidence, and free. If previously, he had decided to do something not worth doing and made trouble without reason, this invaluable young miss how to spend arguments. Only three years ago Murong Shu Qing took over Murong home afterward entirely changed their original style of work. He was too arrogant, over the last three years suffered a lot deficiency. At that time also mocked Murong home for being unpopulated, now can no longer dare to underestimate this woman who always smile with an innocent face,

“Hehe, this old man today came to specifically to send Miss Murong a message.” Extracting the bright and shiny eyes in, Fu Bo Wen smile going to the side to give the message* to Zi Yuan.

T/N: The “message” can also be translated as a note, invitation or a forum (post).

“Elder Fu is too polite, could had told someone to get it, I have bother you to run this trip.” Looking at the message Zi Yuan had handed over, Murong Shu Qing nodded but did not continue, just smiles and pleasantries.

Seeing Murong Shu Qing did not receive the message, Fu Bo Qen straightforwardly stated why he was here. “Do not bother, do not bother, the eighteen of this month is the old man's sixtieth birthday, Miss Murong must do me the honor ah!"

“The original is Elder Fu's birthday, so of course is sure to come.” Sixtieth birthday? This feast* is to be avoided, she could not fall down.

* The feast she uses is 鴻門宴 which is pronounced Hongmen Yan. Meaning feast at Hongmen or (fig.) a banquet set up with the aim of murdering the guest. Referring to a famous episode in 206 BC when furure Han emperor Liu Ban escape attempted murder by his rival Xiang Yu.

“Good!” Picked up the tea on the table, Fu Bo Wen's seem to appear inadvertently gossiping to ask, “Murong home cloth workshop in the past two years have been impressive having sound and wind*. You did not participate in last year’s imperial brocade competition. It is a pity ah! Are you interested in joining this year? “

Obviously wishing they would not participate, behind the back pretending to be unaware of many dirty tricks. But also pretending to regret. Murong Shu Qing laugh in her heart, but still quietly drinking tea.

“Murong family engage in the cloth business period still short, the skill is immature,the imperial is set to request extraordinary refinement, thousands of miles to pick a good and capable individual. My Murong home will not join the competition, but Elder Rong repeatedly ask us to participate, now also I do not know what to do." Fu Bo Wen was secretly relieved, but because of the words suddenly express a gloomy face.

“Miss Murong is polite, and the raw silk nichang* is actually beyond good also not vulgar substance. To have Murong home to participate, this time the competition of the  imperial embroidered work is bound to have many qualities worth seeing.” Fu Bo Wen is aware that he really isn't persuading but to fawn on it. The raw silk nichang although these two years had ability to produce cloth business, the manufacturing cost is low, also didn't know during that time how to found "the country's number one stitcher" Luo Yun Niang's two apprentice. One is an expert in dying cloth, bright colors lasting for a long time; the other is an expert embroider, making the embroidery seem to be alive.

*Nichang, abbr. for the Tang Dynasty song "Raiment of Rainbow and feathers" or the rainbow colored clothes worn by the Eight Immortals

Now Fu house's Cai Yun workshop already lost four to five percent. Everyone also is considering the past many years for the emperor's brocade all came from Cai Yun workshop, the business capacity to produce decline. If this year they could not win the emperor's brocade competition, it is very likely Cai Yun workshop will be finished.

“Where, only striving one's hardest that's all.” Murong Shu Qing spoked over, picking up the newly soaked tea, leisurely looking out the window's scenery.

“It is not early anymore, this old man is going to leave ,Miss Murong at that time to request breakfast ah!” Fu Bo Wen criss-cross the business world for many years, how could he not see that Murong Shu Qing has no intention to talk about it, as a result he got up to leave.

“Of course, Zi Yuan, see off Fu Elder.”

“Yes, Fu Elder please.”

Early summer, is her favorite season. Murong Shu Qing walk at the top of the alley, happy and content. The sun set in the west, facing the sunshine to smell the breeze carrying a fragrance, mood entirely free from worry. This year Murong Xing Han is twelve years old. The next three years, she can slowly let him try to manage Murong’s business, to wait until he is eighteen years old to hand over Murong home to him. Anyway, she is not Murong Shu Qing, later in the future will look for a quiet and secluded courtyard to live, together with xiang ming wine and the green mountains as her partner. Free and at leisure.

Murong Shu Qing immersed in the good mood of the mountains and rivers, not far from two flurried figure broke into her line of sight, she narrowed her eyes to look. One of them should be Murong Xiang’s second wife Yun Peihua, who was the other small girl? From head to toe, in a difficult situation, the two still helter-skelter, stretching. In any case feeling bored, Murong Shi Qing got up facing the two people walking over.

“Madam, begging you to save the miss. Miss truly is bitter ah!” Xiao Chan pulled Yun Peihua's skirt, a face crying all wrinkled together, this time she stealthily ran out to come to look for madam. If madam did not save miss, than miss at once will be finished ah!

“How can I unexpectedly save Wen Er, but, indeed I am a woman what method do I have?” Yun Peihua listened to the Xiao Chan, both heart essentially clutch together. Pitiful child ah!

“You go seek the master, bad or good she also s the master's flesh and blood.” Xiao chan cried til her eyes swollen like a walnut, however this is to save the lady’s hope. She desperately grasp on Yun Peihua’s skirt angle not letting go, appearing to grab someone's  rice straw in general.

“Master has already listen to me speak, apart from Murong Shu Qing, when has he ever have other children in his heart?!” After talking the two hugged and cried together.

Murong Shu Qing lean outside of the Yun pavilion door, watching the two crying faintly dark, did not say anything, they should not cry recklessly.

“Today is so lively.” A lazy voice echoed, inside the two resemble a ghost fell down sitting on top the ground, Xiao Chan even more scared to the point her whole body was trembling.

Murong Shu Qing went in front of the two. Yun Peihua quickly got up, wiped her face full of tears, trembling and said: “Shu Qing, you – why did you come?” Yun Peihua hands clench the scarf, heart afraid of the words they both spoke unclear. Although the past few years Murong Shu Qing had been a lot moderate, but passing years of being oppressed, fear nevertheless continuously shrouded in her.

"Who is this girl? Unfamiliar very much." Murong Shu Qing looked at the ground, the small girl almost curled up into a ball. Only feeling helpless rushing above her thoughts, letting her think of three years ago. Everyone saw she looked like a ghost, after the drowning incident only love to kneel, hating to fall on top of the ground. Now has an excellent appearance changing to a  proper degree, and dare send out this small girl coming.

“Slaves …,.. slaves Xiao Chan is to serve Miss.” Xiao Chan's cried hoarsely and tremble unreasonably listening Murong Shu Qing frowned.

“Like? Why are you in here?” Thinking for a long time, she only thought Murong like, Murong Xiang’s first daughter, she married four years ago, since the previous Murong Shu Qing was very tough and spoiled, young miss firmly set on expanding businesses, as a result Murong like had no other choice by appellation to call her young miss.

T/N: Okay the original Chinese writing was really confusing!! What I think she was saying is that the former Murong Shu Qing wanted the title as the "eldest miss" of the house from the first daughter (who married 4 years ago, named Wen?). And so to get the title the former MSQ expanded their business. Leaving them no choice but to give her the title and call her "eldest miss" of the house.

Yun Peihua in front of a Xiao Chan quickly said: “She, she came back to just to take something, will immediately leave."

“Take something? Take what?” The tone very easy and unhurried, it ought to make one feel as if they were bathed in the spring wind, however one was kneeling while the other stood. Both people immediately fail to answer. Marry off the a daughter, yet came back to take something, if the master misunderstood that she came frequently to take Murong wife's things for the benefit, then?

“You get up, come back for what, should be very clear, tell the truth.” Murong Shu Qing in the courtyard sat down on a stone bench.

For a good while, Xiao Chan not only haven't rise up, instead kneel down crawling in front of Murong Shu Qing, not daring to pull her skirt angle, only in front of her constantly kowtow, her mouth only shouting. “Young miss, save the lady, beg you!” Continue to repeat, her head is knocking til it bleeds.

“Well, speak clearly what is the matter. Don't kowtow, get up and speak." Murong Shu Qing pull up Xiao Chan, seeing the forehead bleeding. What a big thing to do so, she would like to listen to.

Xiao Chan cannot believe that the eldest lady is willing to listen to her. Anyway, having the opportunity to save the lady she must try. "Miss had just married as the Li wife, the couple is not bad. However she been married more than a year and has not yet conceived. Master Li right away allowed son-in-law to bring in a concubine, who is son-in-law's younger cousin. Since then, son-in-law towards miss been much cold, two years ago master Li for some reason said to miss that it's all Murong home fault, absolutely unable to help their Li house, toward miss more and more difference. Later Son-in-law once again took a wife, one female from the brothel as a concubine, soon the woman was pregnant. She having son-in-law's favor, accuse miss harming her stomach Li's child. Son-in-law in a fit of fury beat miss, the future days somewhat have been uncomfortable, son-in-law at once toward miss exchange blows. Last month the concubine again accuse miss of injuring the small son. Son-in-law took hold of miss to beat her, now also cannot get up from the bed, even more is not allowed to call a doctor, seeing can lose face as Li wife. If miss does not seek out a doctor, is scared…. Is scared…."  Actually speaking there is not more time before going away, Xiao chan drop sitting on the ground, no longer crying only speechless.

Murong Shuqing did not speak, only calmly sitting, Xiao Chan and Yun Peihua did not dare to speak, suddenly the entire Chu Yun pavilion was deadly quiet.

“Zi Yuan!” They did not know when Zi Yuan have been standing at the door of the Yun Court, hearing Murong Shu Qing call her, she quickly came in.

“Find a doctor for this girl, tomorrow go with her to Li home, like to come back, only say that the madam miss her daughter, then return to live here for a few days. If they make things difficult for you, only tell Li Dong Ming that next month the strongest prefectural magistrate Rong Xian will make an investigation, ask him to be ready?! He naturally aware this is difficult to deal with, not daring to release people." Murong Shu Qing finish speaking, got up and leave the Chu Yun court. Having no choice to once again lament the sadness of women in this period. Domestic violence in the modern time is to break the law. Both period have to take place, further more let alone this time era. If the married woman was to have no family, even if she was to  meet with death, no one would be daring to care.

“Yes! Master Xing Han and two sons have already come back, also the food is ready.”

“I am tired today, have the food sent to Sui garden. Tell Xing Han, starting tomorrow, have Xuan teach him to ride a horse, allow him to carefully study!”

The voice of the two gradually became distant, In front of Chu Yun pavilion two people has not yet return back from the deity. For a very long time, Yun Peihua only mumble in repetition "Like to save, like to save." Yun Peihua cried and pull up the foolish Xiao Chan, however this time is crying happy tears.
Small cicadas still could not believe that the eldest miss actually agreed to save the lady, and also promised to bring the lady back home. Indeed the eldest miss even though is awfully favored, but without the master's saying can still call the shots?

So, how did you guys enjoy reading an 8 pages long chapter? (I suffered big time.)

Hmmmmmm….. It seems like someone is plotting to kill MSQ, wonder how she’s going to avoid going to the feast. And I can’t wait to see what happens to Li Dong Ming! I hope that domestic abuser suffer real good in the hands of MSQ!!!

By the way, I’m planing to translate another novel at the same time as I translate this one. It’s a modern novel and seems easier to translate. So stick around while I translate both novels! BYE BYE!!!!!

P.S. The feature image is how I felt reading this chapter. LOL! 😀

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