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Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Qi Yue

The wooden box was lightly opened ——

Some blue color books but there were no title of the books

One thin silk that was folded properly

One small stone carving

Murong Shu Qing picked up the stone carving to look at it, the handwork was somewhat rough, the skill was not pure and simple either. Under the shadow of the candle and night scene, one could vaguely see that the carving was a man, with his wide scholar clothing, he was standing with his tied hands. Although his facial features were somewhat vague, and one could not clearly see his appearance, but one could feel that the person who was carving it, was trying hard to portray a smiling expression of that man. It was a simple carving, and one could see that the man should be handsome and bright, scholarly and confident.

Putting the stone carving down, she lightly caressed the top of the thin silk, it was gentle, smooth and light, but the texture was strong, it showed that this was a first-rate collection of silk. This kind of collection of silk would be used for a canvas (for an artist to paint on), it was agile and light, but it was not easy to be damaged. It could still maintain the bright picture on the scroll as if it was new even though it had been stored for a long time, but the price was expensive.

Under this kind of lighting, one could not see what was the picture on the scroll even if one opened it, Murong Shu Qing put it away, and picked up a book that was beside it, and flopped it through to look at it. This book was all Qi Yue’s written verses and her journals from her adolescence years. She thought that it was interesting, so Murong Shu Qing dug up several books, but she thought that they were not enough, so she said to Jing Shui who was beside her: “Jing Shui, help me carry the remaining books and move them to the inside room.”

At the Murong family’s home, she had already saw some of the books and notes that were left behind by Qi Yue. At that time, she thought that she was a special woman. Now, coming to the Qi’s family and staying at Die Cui Xiao Su, she felt that there was this kind of indescribable closeness even more. Could it be this was the so-called bloodline’s affinity?! Murong Shu Qing laughed and shook her head, then she went out of this small study room. For the next few days, she should not be bored.

“Yes.” Jing Shui tidied up the remaining of the books, and followed her to go out of the door.

Entering the second floor of the master’s room, Lu Yi already tidied up the room properly, she took the books that were on Murong Shu Qing’s hands, and put them on the couch by the side of the low table. She knew that Shu Qing did not like reading while she was sitting on the chair in front of a desk, so she moved the couch to the inside room, it was convenient for her to recline while she was reading.

Murong Shu Qing was leaning on the side of the window, taking the tea that was steep properly by Jing Shui once more. Looking at the two people who were arranging and taking care of things, the corner of her mouth continuously raised up. She finally knew why the wealthy young lady did not have any basic ability to take care on her own self and was an idiot. There were so many attentions everywhere like this, and everything was prepared by the girls properly. One could not even say moving one’s hands, but the brain could not be used either, it would be difficult if one did not want to be an idiot.

The wind was blowing her hair time and time again, using a ribbon to randomly bind it, and enjoying the cool breeze that was blowing from behind her, Murong Shu Qing lightly smiled and said: “You all withdraw and rest.”

Taking the tea that was already steep properly and put it on the low table, Lu Yi got up a

nd prepared to leave. Jing Shui was standing at the side, slightly frowning her brows, not knowing whether to stay or leave. Even though she was staying inside the courtyard, but she had never served anybody. But she still understood the customs, how could the servant girl rest first, when the Miss had not rested yet. Even if Miss would rest, they should take turn to do a night vigil, right?

Lu Yi looked at Jing Shui who was foolishly standing there, laughingly she walked to Jing Shui, she pulled her hand, and said: “Lets go, when Miss is reading, she does not like anyone to bother her.”

Actually, Miss was unwilling to make them stay up late to accompany her, so when they were usually at home, when Miss was reading books, or looking at the account books, in order for them not to disturb her, she would ask them to go back and sleep.

Looking that Murong Shu Qing who was already lying down on the couch, she leisurely waved her hand and quickly walked out. Looking at the person who was beside her, who was helplessly smiling, Lu Yi departed. Jing Shui thought about following her, this should be their biggest happiness.

Looking at the two people who retreated out, Murong Shu Qing kneaded her shoulders, she was indeed somewhat tired today. Randomly picking up that book that was comparatively thinner with her hand, she was curious about this talented girl who the legend stated as a virtuous, skillful person, what kind of wonderful words and beautiful sentences could she write.

But once she read it, she could not put it down for a very long time.

Until the door was making a slight sound, Lu Yi’s voice that was carrying her sleepiness and also a little anxiousness, came through: “Miss, it is already the third watch (between 11 pm – 1 am).”

Third watch?! Murong Shu Qing looked at the full moon outside the window, yes ah, the moon was still bright, but it was already inclining to the west. As it turned out, she unexpectedly had been reading for 4-5 hours, stretching her somewhat stiffed waist, Murong Shu Qing answered back: “En, I know, you go sleep, I will also rest.”

Knowing that Lu Yi would not leave until she turned the lights out, she blowed out the oil lamps, Murong Shu Qing was still lying down on the couch by the side of the window, just like before. Until she heard the sound of Lu Yi’s departing, she slowly got up, and put down the book that was held on her hand. Even though the courtyard could not be regarded as big, but one could look at all the surrounding small area of the courtyard, that was all carved with scenery in front of the window.

The world outside the window was quiet and noiseless, on this cold night, one even wanted to listen to the sound of the songbirds, it was very luxurious. Under the moonlight, the original chaste tree shrubs that were not beautiful, that sometimes only had the care-free floating of the tea fragrance, showed their existence. Only that glaring white chrysanthemums were in front of the courtyard, they were still revealing their fragrance under the moonlight, unfolding their lofty and unyielding characters, but paying attention whether or not someone would see them or if someone was listening.

Murong Shu Qing appeared to understand why she (QY) planted this type of white chrysanthemums in front of the courtyard, but it was such a small collection.

Qi Yue ~ ~

Qi Yue ~ ~

Murong Shu Qing lowly mumbled when she saw this name, but this sprinkling of the full moon in the small courtyard, the beautiful woman was already deceased. What was leaving behind, was that pale, amorous chrysanthemums that filled the courtyard with tea fragrance.

The moonlight that was inclining to the west, also reflecting the inside room, losing the candle light to darkness, it looked very bright. Murong Shu Qing conveniently put down the book on the couch, she could hear the rustling sound of the blowing wind. That was indeed Qi Yue’s written journal, Murong Shu Qing did not anticipate, that was her story inside that journal, her moods.

Since childhood, Qi Yue’s talents and emotions were pressing, even all of her teachers who were teaching her, felt and admired that if she was a man, she would be sure to become a pillar of the country. She was a master in literature. All of her poems that she made and all of the paintings that she painted, made all of the children of the nobles and influential officials exhaust their own capabilities to want and collect those valuable objects at that time. But Qi Yue’s behavior was always cold and arrogant, she always disdained those noble men who liked to curry favors. Qi Zhong Lin was also doted his only daughter entirely, and he countlessly turned down the marriage requests.

When Qi Yue was 18 years old, on the top of the Lingshan mountain, she met Master Wu Jing who had some discussion about the Buddhist doctrines. He was graceful, free and at ease, his mysterious appearance was overflowing, he was not the same as that secular men or noblemen with elegant manners, all of those made Qi Yue to admire him greatly. And Qi Yue’s elegant appearance, benevolence character, overflowing talents, and also the same interest as this magnificent youngster.

The two people were quickly falling in love with each other. But Qi Yue’s identify became their ultimate obstacle. The man was not willing to enter the officialdom on this dirty place, and even more unwilling to bear a reputation of currying a favor with the powerful in the hope of advancement. Qi Yue planned to elope, but the man believed that his own self was only a cloud wild crane, and could not give her the superior live that she had before, so he did not take her away, and only left behind their love token of an exquisite jade when he left. Qi Yue did not even have time to tell him that she was already pregnant.

After the man left, she smashed that exquisite jewel, within half a month, she was married off to a Jiang Nan’s wealthy man, Murong Xiang, everyone in the capital was in an uproar. From then on, Qi Yue had never returned to the capital, nor did she ever return to the Qi’s family. She did not take anything away from her small courtyard, nor did she take anybody from the Qi’s family. Even the servant girl who had been accompanying her since childhood until she grew up, was left behind to stay at Die Cui Xiao Su.

That could not be regarded as a long journal, but it was filled with Qi Yue’s laughs, sorrows, happiness and sufferings. It connected her coldness, her proud and aloofness, her disdains, and her determinations.

It made Murong Shu Qing unable to forget for a very long time, was Qi Yue’s final sentence on the last page, she only left behind these words.

———————— ‘I only used a glimpse of time to fall, but using my one’s life to cherish the memory’.

Love was always hard for people to understand, if the man did not pay attentions to those so-called currying a favor with the powerful in the hope of advancement’s gossip, or took Qi Yue away to elope, and live a simple and plain life. Maybe, Qi Yue would not be proud like this, and searched for him all over the country, one would wonder whether or not the ending would be different.

Maybe, love was not merely for one to fall in love with each other, the mutual feelings were so simple. In her views, love should be a mutual understanding between each other. Qi Yue’s tragedy, was that the person whom she loved and the person who loved her, did not understand her. She did not pay attentions to her luxurious life, expensive bed, warm pillow in an expensive residence inside a big courtyard, or if she lived with a clear congee, small side dishes, cheap bed, thin quilt in a peasant family with a small courtyard. She only hoped that her beloved would know and guard each other.

But he did not understand it.

Murong Shu Qing sighed for this woman, her feeling was overflowing, her gracefulness, she had her own determinations, dignity and self-confidence, however, she was alive because of love, dead because of love, she turned love into her life’s only objective and final destination. When she lost it, she withered, and died.

Lightly sighing, Murong Shu Qing picked up a cup of tea on the low table that was prepared by Lu Yi, but the green tea was already cold long ago, lightly pursing her lips up, she put it down. So, it turned out, no matter how good the tea was, once it was cold, it was all tart.


Sian’s notes:
Wow… secret of the Qi’s family…. Now it makes sense why Qi Rui is using the Qi’s family last name because he’s not the son of Murong Xiang. It makes sense why Rong De Ren said that Qi Yue was married off to a wealthy merchant outside of the capital so quickly at that time (Ch 20). It also makes sense that he moved back to the Qi’s manor when he was 16. My guess is that was when Qi Yue passed away so the Qi’s family wanted him back at that time. It also makes sense why Qi Zhong Lin resigned from a PM position about 20 plus years ago (when he was at the peak of his career) & the former Emperor accepted his resignation at that time. Qi Yue had a pitiful life being born in the ancient time despite her rare talents, just because she was born in a wrong sex. So sad… I’m curious whether or not we’ll get to see that scum bag of Master Wu Jing in the future? I mean, I don’t blame him 100% but Qi Yue was willing to elope with him. He’s definitely not the type of guy that I like. Hehehe… Too timid… Poor Qi Yue… That quote from Qi Yue’s last written journal was making me choke every time I read it.

Isn’t this author so smart in putting all the plots together? Even though she also likes to drag her novel sometimes, but she’s really good in putting all of the plots together while she’s putting a little bit of the clues here & there through out the past chapters. In term of dragging her novel, she’s definitely not as bad as some of the other authors. But in term of using so many descriptions of ANYTHING that you can think of in all of her novels, as an amateur translator, I do want to strangle her sometimes. Hahahaha… But Qian Lu becomes one of my favorite authors because I just love the way she writes her plots & gives us the clues here and there and then gives us the answers to the plots.

Ok, just to kind of clarify. MSQ’s brothers and sisters are half brothers and sisters. She & Qi Rui have the same mother but different fathers, while she and Murong Wan Ru, Murong Xing Hun & Murong Xing Yue have the same fathers but different mothers. So in total she has 2 brothers (one older & one younger) and 2 sisters (one older & one younger). Only Xing Hun & Xing Yue are from the same mother & father. Do you notice that they both have the same Murong Xing characters before their real names, Hun & Yue. That usually indicates that they’re 100% from the same blood.

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