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Chapter 35.2

Chapter 35.2

Written Journal (Part 2)

Hearing her call, Jing Shui came to her side, carrying a pot of tea.

Murong Shu Qing asked: “Does this courtyard have a study room?” She brought some books, and had already read a few books in the carriage. If this courtyard had a study room, she could avoid buying some books from Bao (to carry) Yue (moon) Shuzhai (study room) bookstore.

Jing Shui was pouring the tea for Murong Shu Qing, while she answered: “There is, those were the books that Miss Yue collected in the past, they have not been moved all along.”

Murong Shu Qing was curious with that peerless talent’s woman, what kind of books she liked, so she got up and said: “Take me to look at the books.”

“Yes.” Jing Shui took Murong Shu Qing to the first floor wooden cabin, that was located at the most left wing, she made Murong Shu Qing wait at the door way, she

entered the room and lit up the candle on the desk, then she welcomed her in.

Following her to enter the inside room, she quietly scanned this study room once, it could not be regarded as big at all, but there were a lot of books. There was a desk that was directly facing the entrance, the pen, ink, paper and ink-stone were on the top of the table, everything needed seemed to be available. The room arrangement was very neat, and it was also very clean.

On both sides of the study room, there were three layers of bookshelf in each side, the majority of the books that were on the bookshelf were poetries, discussion of various topics from the Scholars, the reading notes of some of the history books. She made Jing Shui take the candle to be near the bookshelf, and slightly raised it high. So that she could look at the upper layer’s bookshelf, based

based on her experience being a librarian, the upper layer and the bottom layer of the bookshelves, one could find some interesting or different books. As expected, she could see several travel notes and some medicinal herbs’s theories on the top layer of the bookshelf.

Murong Shu Qing squatted down to look at the bottom layer of the bookshelf, but she could only see a black shadow that was on the furthest inside of the bookshelf. So she stooped her body down, and took over the candle to check it, it was a rectangle wooden box. She raised her head to ask Jing Shui: “What is this wooden box under here?”

Jing Shui was clearly puzzled over it, when she wiped the bookshelf and tidied up the floor, she had never paid any attentions that there was a wooden box underneath the bookshelf, so she had no alternative but to shake her head and answer: “This slave servant does not

does not know.”

Holding the candle and handing it back to Jing Shui’s hand, in spite of the silk muslin dress that was on her body, she kneeled and sat on the ground. She was reaching her hand to the most bottom of the bookshelf to feel the wooden box, while she smilingly said to Jing Shui: “Jing Shui, you do not need to call yourself, slave servant, when you are by my side, I am not used to it.” The people at the Murong’s family already taught by her that they could not say slave servant in front of her. When she heard Jing Shui said it now, it was truly ear-piercing. This was just how the society taught them about slavery education.

With a low voice, she put the candle on the ground, also kneeled and sat on the ground just like Murong Shu Qing, she anxiously said: “Miss, let this slave ~~ me do it.”

Murong Shu Qing straightened Shu Qing straightened up her waist, kneaded her arm, the box was really heavy, after pulling it for quite a while, she could only pull it out for a little. So she would let Jing Shui pull the other half, she said: “Very heavy, come, we will hold each side and pull it out.”

Jing Shui nodded her head, the two people put a lot of efforts, so they could pull that wooden case out of the bottom layer of the bookshelf. Holding the candle to examine it carefully, the top of the wooden case was covered with layers of dust, so she wiped it clean. Looking that the wood was craved using the entire red sandalwood, the workmanship was very simple, there was no complicated carving designs on the wooden case. But it was very meticulous, the wooden box was not locked, and was only closed, but it was still extremely closed together.

The wooden box was softly opened ~~~~

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