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Not sure if this will be considered as a cliffhanger also! 🤔 So read on your own risk… 😊 I also posted Ch 30 yesterday as a bonus chapter.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 31


"Do not even come over!"

Within the darkness, there was a firm and muffled sound of a man that sounded like a wintry cold snow, it made people unable to feel at ease and the fear would feel like a creeper was climbing in your heart, and tightly twisting you. This person was full of cold and arrogant auras, even though he was behind Murong Shu Qing, she could also feel the dangerous feeling and slight chill. The blade of the dark red sword appeared to show countless of people's blood, under this dim moonlight, it could also show the mourning and cold ray. Not daring to move, her neck that was pricked with the cold sword, made Murong Shu Qing knew that her neck was already cut and bleeding.

Following the long sword, a black dress man who was masked proudly stood near this forest, his dark color appeared to be hidden, and it also seemed to conceal any of his appearances.

Cang Su was originally protecting Murong Shu Qing in secret, but the movement of this black man was fast, after he could advance forward in an instant to come out and use his purple whip, it was still too late to save Murong Shu Qing.

Lu Yi was struggling with difficultly to sob in a low voice, it made Murong Shu Qing to turn her head around, and she only saw a powerful big hand that hooked on Lu Yi's throat. It was slowly tightening up so Lu Yi was already unable to breathe quickly, her good looking red face turned to a greenish black. Murong Shu Qing closed her eyes to keep her anxious heart down, that was caused by the change of event to make her mind panic-stricken, once she felt tranquil, she indifferently said: "You have captured two people, there is no other advantage for you, I am the Master, you can capture me to achieve your goal, release this girl."

The indifferent tone of a clear and moist voice of a woman echoed in this tense and tranquil atmospheres, it soothed a trace of agitation within the atmosphere. The hand of the black dress man who was holding the sword, did not move, the pair of his eyes did not contain any warmth. He was just staring at Murong Shu Qing's back for a good while, when Lu Yi gradually lost her strength to struggle, he raised his left hand, and threw Lu Yi out.

Huo Zhi Qing promptly ran over to support Lu Yi who was still trying to catch her breath, she was helping her to breathe, while she asked anxiously: "Lu Yi jiejje, are you alright!"

Lu Yi stopped coughing with great difficulty, her very red face still had not changed color, she just anxiously stroked the bruises on her neck, and she shouted with difficulty: "Miss!" Looking that Murong Shu Qing's neck was cut and bleeding by a sword afterwards, her eyes were unable to resist to rush forth her tears even more. If she could endure and did not make a noise a moment ago, she could maybe stay by Miss' side, even though she could not protect her, but at the very least, she could block the sword for her.

Lu Yi was alright, so Murong Shu Qing's worry heart could be put down by half, but looking at Lu Yi who was broken-hearted and thinking to walk over to her side, not worrying that a sharp blade was on her throat, she promptly shook her head towards her (LY). With great difficulty, she could escape, but this girl could be so silly as to want to walk back again.

Because she was shaking her head, the cut on her neck was even deeper, the scarlet blood color followed the cut, it was dropping on the snow white garment. The blood was rapidly dropping and spreading like a pretty safflower, it was especially glaring. Yan Yu and Cang Su's hands that were holding their weapons, were tighter and more tense, the blue veins that were on their hands showed their angers. The continuous dripping of the blood, made Li You Yu who already turned pale, cried out in fear even more and breathed a mouthful of cold air. She retreated for several steps in panic, fell on the ground, and did not dare to look again. Her frightened scream also woke Lu Yi up.

Lu Yi deeply breathed a mouthful of breaths to make herself to be calmed. She could not be a burden to Miss, she wanted to stay at the safest place now so she would not not make Miss to worry about her. She would also let Yan Yu and Cang Su to be able to save Miss without any burden. Holding Huo Zhi Qing's hand, Lu Yi stood up, wiped her tears away, and looked one glance at Murong Shu Qing again. She turned around to support Li You Yu who was on the ground, and retreated with Huo Zhi Qing to the back of the carriage.

Secretly relaxing, Murong Shu Qing looked that they were retreating behind the carriage, her nervous face finally showed a faint smiling expression. Lu Yi really did not let her down.

This woman did not like a long life! If he did not move away his sword a little a moment ago, how could she still have her life now! The cold eyes of the black dress man were staring at Murong Shu Qing, they still did not have any warmth, but the side of her lips showed a light smile that made him feel suspicious, she really did not care about her own life?! Or she cared too much about the other people’s lives?!

The sudden situation made Huo Zi Qi's face that was resolute and also filled with dark cloud, as if an eagle-like sharp domineering eyes, his loud and clear voice contained some inner powers, it was shaking and trembling the people: "You must not make things difficult for this young lady, if you injure her, you can not go either."

Huo Zi Qi's aggressiveness did not make the black dress man retreat, his hand that was holding the sword pressed on towards Murong Shu Qing even more. Murong Shu Qing wrinkled her eyebrows, and did not say anything. She absolutely did not doubt that the person who was behind her, would hardly blink to kill her.

The atmosphere was heavier and heavier, although Murong Shu Qing did not say anything all along, but the injury on her neck was already very severe, her complexion began to change into white. If this continued to be deadlocked, even if the the black dress man did not kill her, she would also lose too many blood, Yan Hao Yu advanced one step, and slowly asked: "What do you want, speak now!"
The black dress man walked to the side of Murong Shu Qing's carriage, he hinted for her to walk forward, Yan Yu and Cang Su took precautions to follow behind him closely. The black dress man walked to the side of Murong Shu Qing's carriage and made Murong Shu Qing to get on the carriage. He followed her up, and put down the clothing curtain, then he lowly said: "As long as you guys do not say anything, and go to town calmly, I will not make things difficult to her!"

Looking at the pitch-black carriage, everyone was also helpless in this crisis for awhile, Huo Zi Qi got on the horse, and he let Huo Zi Xi to protect Huo Zhi Qing and Lu Yi to go first. Then he exchanged a meaningful glance with Yan Hao Yu, and said with a loud voice: "Let's go!"

A delegation of people continued to go to Jiahe town, but without any relaxation and casualness, the atmosphere for the whole journey was oppressive, the moonlight appeared to be quieter. Yan Yu and Cang Su who were protecting on the left and right of the carriage all along, followed it closely.

Inside the carriage, Murong Shu Qing was leaning on the wall of the carriage and somewhat gasping very rapidly, the long sword continued to face her throat, she was forced to fall and sit on the most corner of the carriage.

Unable to wipe the bloodstains on her neck, Murong Shu Qing did not have any alternatives but to slowly sit up, she was already somewhat weak, the light slightly shined through the bamboo curtain, it was hard to clearly see the black dress man who was sitting by the side of the carriage door. The man's figure was tall, but he could not be counted as sturdy, a black towel covered his appearance, there was only a pair of eyes that could be seen in this dark night to compel people’s compassions. One hand was holding a sword, while his other hand was pressing strongly on his own left chest, his breathing was slightly hurried. The strong smell of the reeking blood make Murong Shu Qing know this one fact, he suffered a very severe injury. Just a moment ago, in order to capture her, he must be struggling to hit one strike.

Even though this man was injured, but he still had agility like this, his martial arts should be deep and unmeasurable. Murong Shu Qing quietly watched him, unexpectedly, she met with a pair of cold eyes, this was the first time that Murong Shu Qing faced his eyes, how could she describe them. That pair of eyes had no warmth, no emotion, no radiance, did not have anything, it seemed there was not a person and anything that could go into his eyes, or his heart. If one had these kind of eyes, she was sure that there was somebody who made this person to be heartbroken in the past. Withdrawing her sight, Murong Shu Qing slightly moved her body, and faintly said: "I do not have any martial arts, you do not need a sword, I will not be able to go out of this carriage."

His cold eyes turned to Murong Shu Qing, and he withdrew his long sword, the black dress man continued to press his chest where the blood kept oozing out of the wound continuously. Leaning and sitting in the side of the carriage door, he closed his eyes.

Silently moving for half a shichen (1 hour), the people outside did not know the situation on the inside, they did not dare to suddenly do anything, the people who were inside the carriage, did not make any sounds either. This tranquility was broken by a series of sound of the rushing horses' hooves. Huo Zi Qi and Yan Hao Yu looked one glance at each other other, they understood in their minds, this group of people were most likely coming for the black dress man who was inside the carriage. It seemed that tonight was really a bad night.

The sound of the horses' hooves startled the black dress man, the originally closed cold eyes, slowly opened, there was no panic in his eyes, and no fear. He only slowly wiped clean that dark red long sword, and believed that the expression behind the black towel was an expressionless face.

Soon, there were a group of 20 people with horses who came with a roll of dust, there was a sword on each of their waists, they were well-built and tall, with one look, one would know that their martial arts were not weak.

When the troop almost brushed past them, the leader of the group suddenly tightened his reigns, and yelled to them: "Stop, what kind of person is inside?"

The person who asked, was rude, but thinking that Murong Shu Qing was inside the carriage, Huo Zi Qi immediately stepped forward, and replied with a clear voice: "Females in the family."

The leader was looking at Huo Zi Qi up and down, pondering and looking at the two carriages, he said to the two people who were beside him: "Go and take a look!"


The two people who were wearing bright bodyguard dresses got off their horses, went to Murong Shu Qing's carriage, but they did not go to the front of the carriage yet, one bright sword obstructed their way.

Yan Yu and Cang Su who were protecting in front of the left and right sides of the carriage, their bright sword and purple whip showed some cold rays under the moonlight. They were not able to protect their master properly a moment ago, so she was trapped inside and they would definitely not let people to approach the carriage now. If they must save that black dress man's life, then they could only guarantee the Master's safety, and they would not mind to fight. For the sake of that figure who always had a trace of her light smile, but could make people to feel incomparably at ease.

The two people gave out cold imposing manners from all over their bodies, as if they wanted to topple the mountains and overturned the seas, and they protected the carriage extremely tightly. The bright dress guards were forced to retreat back two steps by the men's auras, promptly took out their long swords. The other guards who were on their horses also drew out their swords, they approached the carriage closer, and surrounded it. In addition to Huo Qi Xi who was protecting the side of Huo Zhi Qing and the others' carriage, Huo Zi Qi and Yan Hao Yu secretly approached the carriage. Their hands slowly stroke their long swords that were on their waists. Both parties were in confrontations, besides the rustling sound of the wind that passed through the forest, the 30 some people who were on the public road were actually quiet.

Just when the confrontation was about to happen, there was a clear, bright and calm voice of a woman that came out from the inside: "Yan Yu, let them search!"

Sian's notes:
Yap, our second male lead just showed up (I think). We'll see if he really is a worthy second male lead or not. Hehehe…

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