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♥ Hello Everyone! Nice to meet you all, I’m shouahang58! I decided to give it a try to translate this novel, Happy Days Tied With a Knot. Please know that I can’t read in Chinese so I’ve been using google translation and other resources to help me. Anyways I don’t have much to say, so lets start reading! ♥

“Where did you go to last night?” Earlier in the morning, Pei Che teasingly ask Xuan Yuan Yi as he lean back at the window grazing at the pine trees.

“To relieve a burden!”

T/N: I think he means "to [email protected]" or to "admire a beauty" but I'll just leave it as it is here.

Choking on tea, Pei Che almost choked. “To relieve a burden? So you can also do this type of refined and elegant attitude of mind!” Putting down the cup, Pei Che's pair of mischievous eyes stared at Xuan Yuan Yi, wanting to see if his face expression change. Unfortunately, Xuan Yuan Yi's cool face showed no expression.

“Xuan big brother good morning, Pei big brother good morning.” Murong Xing Han said while walking toward them, staring at the two big men with his big eyes.

“Early ah! You are holding a pot of beautiful orchids early in the morning to do what?” Pei Che looked back, seeing Murong Xing Han in a purple shirt, holding the orchids standing at the door.

“Very good, I planted this orchid.” Murong Xing Han proudly said as he put the freshly bloom orchids on the table.

“You’re still in the progress to grow flower ah, en,  it has bloom very good.” Pei Che saw Murong Xing Han is proud of himself, also follow him to speak casually. Although the young boy was aging, he was still a child after all.

“Sister said that we, the Murong house, is the largest business of grain, oil, tea and silk. I can't duplicate myself into four therefore I can't be at four places the same time. Regardless of that, she let me learn how to raise some flowers also let me try to fire pots and smelt metal temperament. Sister also promised me, If this time I can grow out the orchids, she'll send me a horse, and allow Feng master to teach me how to ride a horse! ” Murong Xing Han finished, holding orchids ready to go out. “I intend to go to my sister, and took the opportunity to see if you woke up yet. Now just came, you are already up, today I will take you to see Ziyun mountain.

“That's good, anyway, we have nothing to do so we'll go with you, and thank Miss Murong for last night’s hospitality.” Pei Che Lang said and went out along with Murong Xing Han together. Xuan Yuan Yi thoughtfully, and finally follow the two behind, coming out of listening to the Feng pavilion.

Soon, the three came to a bamboo door, the door was half open, vaguely they can see inside the door there is a green bamboo. The plaque on the lintel is written with two words of the lacquered grass – the garden, which is different from the vigorous font on the boulder.

T/N: I have no idea what the last sentence was trying to say, so I just left it as what it was on google translation.  If you guys can read this ( 門楣上的匾額用青漆狂草寫著兩個字——隨園,不同于听風軒那塊巨石上的蒼勁字體,這隨園兩字透露的只是隨性和飄逸  ) Please tell me what it's saying.

“Didn't you live in Feng Xi Courtyard?” After last night, he found that she did not seem so bad.

“My sister continuously come here in the mornings, since three years ago, my sister made changes to the courtyard. She also changed the name of Feng Xi courtyard to Xue Ge pavilion, specifically used to visit the female daughter living here.” Said Murong Xing Han opened the door. Greeting the eyes of Pei Che Lang and Xuan Yuan Yi was a bright scenery. It is only a small part of the bamboo that is glimpse at the door. Looking around, there is endless of the green bamboo, layers upon layers, exposing people to a sea of bamboo.The bamboo is surrounded by a small clear lake, in the center of the lake is a three-story bamboo house, because of the flying white bead curtain was blocking their line of sight, they can not see the small building furnishture.

Is it three years ago? The timing has much coincidence, that she fell into the water, in the end what happened? The current Murong Shu Qing is like a mystery, people are eager to open, but also afraid it is too much and missed what.

With the Murong Xing Han, the two went through the bamboo bridge to the bamboo platform before the small platform. Lu Yi at the door, seeing them line up, come forward and bowed at them “Xing Han master, Xuan son, Pei son.”

“Lu Yi sister, is sister wake up yet?” Murong Xing Han holding orchids, asked.

Seeing Murong Xing Han's majestic look, Lu Yi chuckle, “From early in the morning, miss came and is now inside, you come with me."

“Miss, Xing Han master and two sons came.” Lu Yi lightly lift the white veil, softly telling them to come inside.

“Come in.” A bright female voice came from the room.

In the room, the furnishings are not luxurious, around the door of the silk screen bamboo, is the round table, chairs and cases. If you have to say what was special about the place, it would be that the entire room was surrounded by bookshelf, and above the books were stacked on books. The whole study is full of books and the smell of ink. By the side of the table is a huge window, almost covering for the whole wall, looking beyond the window you could see the lake's panoramic view. Behind the table is a word written very scrawled, vaguely can make out the word "follow"

T/N: Again, I don't understand the last sentence above. ( 案台後是一幅字,寫得非常潦草,隱約看出是個「隨」字 )

A few rays of light went through the white beads, into the bamboo house with a twilight aura. Murong Shu Qing today did not braid her hair, but casually tied her hair into a small bun using a green hairpin, appearing in a lazy style. She held Murong Xing Yue in her arms, who was holding a piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake, was feeding her while fixing the little girl's hair, with doting smile on her face. At the door, Xuan Yuan Yi seeing a warm beauty almost instantly froze there.

“Sister, you see, my plant of orchids blossom!” Murong Xing Han speaking broke the curse and Xuan Yuan Yi was recovered.

“Yes, this breed of plant is difficult to survive , you have spent a lot of learning. I will help you prepare for the horse colt. Tomorrow, you go to the pavilion and let him teach you.” Murong Shu Qing side fed Murong Xing Yue, while she said this to him.

“Great, thank you sister!” Finally he can learn to ride a horse, Murong Xing Han was excited.

“Has the two sirs had breakfast yet?” Watching the two handsome man standing at the door, Murong Shu Qing could not help but laugh, early in the morning she was really lively ah!

"Not yet, we see Xing Han walking over, so we took this opportunity to come with, these days we have been disturbing.” Pei Che greeted with a smile.

T/N: There is another sentence continuing from where Pei is smiling but i didn't add it cause I don't know what it was trying to say…. ( 眼楮卻不離暗潮洶涌的軒轅逸和慕容舒清二人 )

“Lu Yi, call the kitchen to prepare more breakfast to send over.”

The two handsome men's “burning” eye sight, aiming toward Murong Shu Qing was a little too much. One pair full of optimistic and mischievous, while the other pair full “affectionate” to the point it could burn a hole in her. Is she really that attractive? Her heart secretly complain. Moving her mouth to say some beautiful yet boring words, “The two sir are polite, and you rarely come to Huadu so we should be give good hospitality, it is not disturbing as we are not strangers."

“In this case, then you do not need to call me sir just called me Pei big brother, or Pei Che Lang.” He is not this sort of person who is kind, being called sir all day was not awkward. But seeing Xuan Yuan Yi suddenly frown, he felt good sitting next to Murong Shu Qing, waiting for her to call his name.

Murong Shu Qing was still smiling, she did not notice the eyes of Pei and Xuan Yuan Yi's suddenly serious expression. But the "big brother" she will absolutely not called. She should be about the same age as them, and the name “Pei Big Brother” gave her goosebumps. She can only reluctantly called the other name.

“Well, Pei Che Lang.”

“Then can I call you Qing Er?” Obviously someone does not know the meaning of 'enough was enough'.

Qing Er, when did the name start so popular? Not waiting for Murong Shu Qing to refuse, a cold male voice said: “You are not familiar with each other!”

Pei Che Lang raised his eyebrows, “What is 'not familiar' now? Besides, even more, I lived here for a time of one day. I, the elder call Miss Murong this is not too much ?!” For a long time he had not seen Xuan Yuan Yi change face expression, he would like to make persistent effort now.

“Just calling my name is fine.” The name is just a code. Pei Che is obviously making fun of Xuan Yuan Yi and Xuan Yuan Yi is not happy. Murong Shu Qing was not narcissistic to think that it was because of her. Just because they felt that their own “toys” were shared by others, the hearts is bitter, since they like to play on let them finish.

T/N: Once again, I no idea what is being said at the last sentence…

“Miss, breakfast is ready to serve!” Lu Yi saw Xuan Yuan Yi's face was expressionless, Pei looked proud, and the lady had a helpless face expression.

All kinds of pastries and snacks came in, one after another, was put on the table. Everything was elaborated and delicate, just looking at it was enough to make people drool. The servants put down the cakes on the table and left, afterwards a woman quietly went to the bamboo house. This woman wore a lavender skirt, looks beautiful, and tall. Although the eyebrows curved like a smile, the eyes reveals stubbornness and uncompromising, gestures quite temperament.

“Miss, Feng Guan has matters to talk about the river floods. Zi City's refugees are stealing goods from the rice shop.” Zi Yuan Li standing behind Murong Shuqing quietly said.

Looking down at the little girl sleeping in her arms, if was to move she would wake up, forget it, it is not a big deal if they talked here. “Let him in.”

Along with Zi Yuan Li came in a muscular forty year old man, in large Tibetan robes, eyes bright and piercing, forehead full, and tough. That person went in front of Murong Shu Qing, and cupped one of his fist in the other hand to salute.

“What is it?” Murong Shu Qing hand just brewing new tea, said no extra words.

"The outbreak of the floods from the river are too fierce, the majority of the official storehouse are destroyed. The court has deploy food for several days yet, due to hunger and intolerable, a small number of refugees began to rob some small rice shop and has continue to do so. This may threaten Murong’s granary and rice shop." Feng Yi respectfully reported the situation of Zi City, then stood aside waiting for Murong Shu Qing order.

“What about Li Jing Jia?” He has always been contemptuous to the merchant’s parents. She, however, wants to see how he will handle this situation.

“Elder Li have the rest of the food distributed to the refugees, and add the food at home with the disaster relief. The victims were placed in a safe place, but with the large number of refugees food is not enough. The court dispense food has been delayed, the refugees will not believe in the court. The will of the people will become unstable.

“Why is the court to delaying the deployment of food?” The government's official is indeed a good, but unfortunately the cleverest housewife cannot cook without rice.*

*(Idiom: You won't get any where without equipment.)

“Most of the food was dispatched from Yuncheng, Yuncheng to Zi City waterway is faster, but because of the flooding they have to change to move on land, so it's time-consuming.”

“How long will it be?” Murong Shu Qing frown.

“According to the scout, the fastest is in twenty days, slowest will take till January.”

“Contact other granary rice shop owner, allow them put in their stock for about 50 gram of food, if it's not enough Murong house will make up for it. Inform Li Jing Jia, I, Murong home, will open granary disaster relief. So that he must deployed officers and soldiers to help maintain order. As for the refugees, send more people to appease,

and tell them that we have enough food. They do not need to rob for food. In addition, send the workers to the court to help transport the food. In twenty days it must be sent to Zi City." Thinking for a moment, Murong Shu Qing slowly instructed all of this to Feng Yi.

“Yes, will immediately to do it!” Finished, the muscular silhouette has disappeared within the bamboo house.

Inside, the bamboo house quiet down, everyone to some extent ponder. Xuan Yuan Yi's serious face begin to appear even more deep, although he was often out fighting wars, the court has not fully control the matter. He is also aware that as early as five years ago, after the flood in the East Corner caused half of the disaster, the emperor right away ordered experts to control the water. How can five Years pasts because several heavy rain caused the river to overflow, the whole Zi City devastated as a whole?

T/N: The paragraph above took me about an hour and a half to translate cause the wording was too weird for me. And the end result is still shitty and confusing. Sorry guys.

Pei Che thoughtfully watch after the outstanding man leave, calm and reserved, shaped as lightning speed of agility, that Feng steward is a master at hiding, martial arts never showing under him. This kind of person was actually willing to live under someone, but also serving under a woman no less, looking at his respectful attitude, should be sincere. Transferring his line of sight toward Murong Shu Qing once again, just to see her gently tapping on the sleeping little girl, her face with a soft smile. In addition to just moments ago, how did she firmly order people around?

“Sister, with the disaster relief we may have to lose 30% of Zi City granary stock.” Murong Xing Han roughly calculated the losses from the flood, he could not help but worry about it.

"En." Murong Shu Qing nodded agreeing, looking at the little girl sleep, than hand over to the side of Lu Yi, letting her carry the girl into the room to rest. Afterwards she massage her sore arm, only to continue to say, "Even if this is the case, it is important to give out foods, or the victims will still suffer hardship. The only crucial point to solving this problem is the success of controlling the river, otherwise this situation will most likely occur again.

“The court has long ago sent a group of people to control the water, unexpectedly there is no results!” Xuan Yuan Yi's dark brow, as before, were still lock up.

Murong Shu Qing chuckle and replied: “Yes, Xue went and his pocket has expanded quite much.

Xuan Yuan Yi no longer talk, his face is more gloomy.

“We place the food disaster relief here, to see if Li Daren have anything to say.” Murong Xing Han has long heard of surnamed Li and always made life difficult for them. This time if not for the Murong home willing to release food, he is afraid that the black muslin is not guaranteed.  

T/N: That last half of the sentence made no sense to me. Not sure if it was talking about black yarn or black muslin. (他的烏紗怕是要不保了) Please let me know what he is trying to say if you can read in Chinese. Thanks!

“Li Jing Jia can be said to be a good government official, but is pedantic to consider the merchant's benefit. To make a profit all have to speculate money, so it will be difficult for us. Therefore, this timing is a good opportunity to change his view on Murong home. We are doing Business, by creating a harmonious relationship with the authorities there will be many benefit. At least other businesses in the future will follow the Murong house as their only guide. After all, compared to fighting over food and destroying shop, 30% food is nothing. Standing among the people is a kind and charitable tree with a good reputation. In the future of food trading the first thought to come to mind will be our Murong home." Murong Shu Qing holding tea spoke clear and light, the people listening were speechless.

No wonder the Murong house rose up in just three short years. To give out food, one should be suffering damages, but instead it has become an advantage and blessing in her hand. Pei Che for the first time seriously looked at the Murong Shu Qing. Her sunny white face, from beginning to end had faint smiling expression, a face at most regarded as delicate and pretty. A light green shirt and black hair, yet with limitless grace and comfort.

Xuan Yuan Yi original dull face suddenly showed a strange smile, as if the mood was good. A pair of eyes remained locked, as still as a mountain, on a beautiful woman.

Xuan Yuan Yi smile strangely, just moments ago he had a dark cloud face, but now the sun is bright. Murong Shu Qing seemed to have given him the “gentle” eyes, seeing his heart had bitter grievances. He isn't too busy, he wants to hold her as a prey ma?

“You are not going out?” Murong Shu Qing look toward outside seeing the bright sun, to remind them to go out.

“Oh, we are going to Ziyun mountain today, sister do you want to go with us?”

♥ This is the end of chapter 3!! YAY!! This chapter took me two and a half day to translate! >_<  I have to apologize to every one for my bad translating skill! I am using google translation to help me so please forgive me if it sucks! Also all the chapter are too long so I might chop it into parts, hope that’s cool with you all! And please make comments down bellow, I would love to hear your thought on the chapter.

I’ll try and get chapter 4 translated as soon as  can. I can’t promise when or give a date as I just drop out of college….. And is now looking for a job. Until than, Good Bye! Thanks for reading this crappy translation! ♥

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