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Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Su Ni Chang

Chapter 23

Su Ni Chang

In the afternoon, the sunshine during the midsummer was especially dazzling, although it went through the white muslin, but it still could not force people to open their eyes. Inside the bamboo forest, the sound of the shouting cicadas, as if they warmed up the atmosphere, they seemed pervasive, makeing some noises and not giving any peacefulness to people. Murong Shu Qing looked like she had not heard (the noises), holding her book, she looked to be fascinated. When the leafs flipped over, she told Lu Yi who was by her side, not to fan her anymore. It was such a hot day, one would be sweating all over even without moving at all, what was more, she still did not want to stop fanning.

Lu Yi was just smiling and saying yes every time she (MSQ) spoke, and waited until she (MSQ) read the book, then she (LY) would lightly fan her again, she (LY) did not hear whatever words she (MSQ) said, nothing she could do.

Hong Xiu entered the room energetically afterwards, and picked up the iced chrysanthemum tea that was on the table, suddenly poured a big cup (into her mouth), then said excitingly: “Miss, that Li Zhong Wen was shouting for two days, as he had not seen Miss Wan Ru, he had already gone (home) last night, feeling flustered and exasperated!”

Lu Yi heard Hong Xiu’s unfiltered words, she promptly pulled her hand, and softly berated her: “Hong Xiu, how can there be no rules.”

Hong Xiu pouted her mouth, opened her eyes wide, and said with an unperturbed manner: “Rules? On the basis of him, he does not fit to be our family’s Guye. How do you say any rules with him!”

How could she not know that Li Zhong Wen was repulsive, and she (LY) wished that she could lecture him properly, but she could not forget her own status either. Miss was very good with them, she had never treated them as slaves, but because of this, she could not rely on her (MSQ) favor and be proud even more. Lu Yi softly sighed, patted Hong Xiu’s hand, consolingly said to her in a low voice: “What kind of words are those, he is a master after all, we are ~~~~”

Murong Shu Qing helplessly put down her book, interrupted Lu Yi’s words: “Lu Yi, I have said it that you are not allowed to mention any master or slave (issues), you forget again. What Hong Xiu is saying, is not wrong either, do not say anything to her again!”

Everything was good with this girl, but she was never able to let go off the seniors and juniors concept. Hong Xiu was the youngest in age, she was lively and energetic, talked more, but she actually listened a little bit. This Lu Yi always gave her a headache, one could not look at her usual gentleness and being obedient, but she could be hard and so stubborn.
“Yes!” Lu Yi smilingly nodded her head, let go off Hong Xiu’s hand, and did not continue to speak anymore. Hong Xiu’s mouth was always unfiltered, but Miss always spoiled her so much.

Looking at Miss who was by her side, Hong Xiu even felt more proud of her own self, she raised her fist and shouted: “Humph, luckily he left quickly, otherwise he would be humiliated.”

These days, it was not that Murong Shu Qing did not know (the situation), the people inside the manor had tormented Li Zhong Wen a lot. Deliberately taking some leftover food for him to eat, including sending hot water leisurely until it was cold once it reached You Ning Ju, and also calling the Murong’s manor too big. They were making concerted efforts to not make him feel at ease, she turned a blind eye either, a lounge lizard like this, should also accept a lesson.

But the young girl’s stature was not tall, her arm looked like a bamboo pole, but she still wanted to show o

ff her fearless and ruthless fight, and wanted to be chivalrous like this. She wanted to see what way that this girl used to make the response humiliated?! Murong Shu Qing contained her laughter, and took the tea that was handed over by Lu Yi, she said without hurry nor slow: “Do not be anxious, he will come back quickly.”

“What? He still dares to come?” Humph, it seemed that the lessons were not enough, She would make him drink toilet water next time, and put a snake inside his blanket.

Looking at Hong Xiu who had her evil scheme’s smile, Murong Shu Qing knew right away, she was surely already thinking of some moves to make it hard for the person in her brain. But these could only remove the anger in one’s heart, and could not really help Wan Ru, and they could not be regarded as giving a lesson to the Li’s family. Wan Ru’s sustained injuries, she needed to be paid by not merely Li Zhong Wen (meaning the whole Li’s family has to pay for it).

Zi Yuan came into the room with a smile on her face, and said happily: “Miss, the person from Su Ni Chang’s side came with a message, the sample of the brocade was already completed this time!” Because of this matter, she was so worry that she could not sleep for the past few days, Miss was good, she was not anxious or tried to rush either. Today was the final day (to deliver the sample for the competition), fortunately, there was still time.

“Then let us go to see it, ok!” She thought that they planned to hand it over in the evening!

Su Ni Chang was a new business that the Murong’s family started two years ago, it was located in the east of Huadu District, and it was not opened in the bustling downtown area. Su Ni Chang was located in the suburbs, the front shop was very big, but the decoration was extremely simple, just liked its name, and it gave people a simple and neat feeling. The stuffs inside were all high prices, but they really made those famous families, wealthy people, children of the nobilities and aristocrats rushed to get them even more. In order to show their wealths and statuses.

Sometimes the people’s feelings were very funny, the more that they could not get, the more they wanted to get; the more expensive, the more precious. Unfortunately, the owners surely did not understand any of it at all.

Walking into Su Ni Chang, a woman with a purple dress had her back on Murong Shu Qing to check the quantity of the clothes, her slim stature, was among a pile of the clothes, it made her even conspicuously thinner, but the woman’s movement was still agile.

Murong Shu Qing looked all around, and smilingly asked the woman: “Where is Qiu Yu?”

The woman’s head did not turn around either, she helplessly shrugged her shoulders, and sighed to say: “Sleeping.”

Murong Shu Qing frowned her eyebrows: “Always doing this kind of thing with his body is not good!” As long as Qiu Yu began to embroider with his heart and soul, any person or anything could not disturb him afterwards. He would be completely isolated from the outside world, he frequently would not eat or drink for several days and nights, after he finished (the embroidery), then he would sleep for three days and three nights.

Qin Fu turned around, and made an invitation posture, and smilingly said at Murong Shu Qing: “If you have any ability on this, you can try to persuade him.”

If she could try to persuade him, she would already do it earlier, this younger schoolmate (actual words were shidi, so they’re from the same school) of hers was usually very good when she talked to him. But when it was a matter about embroidery, he would not let anybody to question him, even Master could not control him, she just did not have any other way even more!

Looking at Qin Fu who did not have any alternatives in front of her, Murong Shu Qing could only drop the subject with a light smile. Speaking about this, it was really strange, they were fellow schoolmates (again the actual words were shijie/shidi), the other person was really different. (Qin Fu) looked sweet and beautiful, but she would come to dye the cloth inside the big dyeing pond to mix the colors, stir the material to dye it smoothly, she also roamed with ease. And Qiu Yu was such a big man, but he would be able to use that thin as hair embroidery needle perfectly, he would make many ladies and girls to blush with shame.

Finally finished checking, and putting her sleeves of garment down, Qin Fu pulled Murong Shu Qing’s hand, and walked over inside the inner room. “Follow me.”

Lu Yi who was behind, did not follow to go in, only quietly closed the door at the inner room, and stood waiting by the side.

For a good while, Murong Shu Qing and Qin Fu finally came out, but Murong Shu Qing had a distressed appearance, and smilingly scolded: “Are you guys trying to harm me?! Alright, have someone to deliver it, ok!”

Qin Fu also showed a proud face, and mockingly said: “This is helping you! Oh right, I have heard that the Fu’s family has bought all of the locust tree’s seeds?”

Murong Shu Qing smilingly said: “Basically, they have bought everything.”

Encircling Murong Shu Qing for one round, Qin Fu leaned against the edge of the door, and smilingly said: “Looking at your appearance, it seems that there is a good countermeasure in dealing with this situation.”

Murong Shu Qing helplessly smiled and showed her innocent, and followed her to lean against the side of the door also, faintly said: “He is willing to buy them with twice the price, how can I say that I will not sell them?!”

Qin Fu looked at Murong Shu Qing’s appearance with her eyebrows lightly knitted and a light smile, she secretly sighed, it looked like this Fu’s family would have a bad luck.

During that time, she and Qiu Yu only looked at Murong Shu Qing’s dress, it was a light color and soft style, cultured and refined appearances, and she promised to make a bet with her. She said that they could use the brightest colors in the cloth, embroider the most beautiful flowers, and she would draw a peony tree. Whichever flowers would attract the bees, or the butterflies more, that person would win. If they won, Murong Shu Qing would send them to an embroidery skill workshop, if they lost, they would let her employ them for five years.

At that time, they just went down the mountain recently, were young and inexperienced, also proud and arrogant, they believed their own skills that nobody could compete with, so they agreed (to the bet), they unexpectedly lost in the end. Well, if one agreed to bet, then one would also accept to lose. It was nothing at first, but afterwards, they asked her how she could accomplish it out of curiosity. She unexpectedly said with that kind of tranquil, calm and innocent appearances, that she added a special thing that the local flower grower used to attract bees and butterflies inside the ink paste.

They were almost fainted due to anger, but losing was just losing. So they would still stay by her side, but it seemed that these past two years, her elegant demeanors, her talents, her charms, they made people have no choice to admit that she was really a rare wonderful woman.

Even though it was like that, but she was also a treacherous and crafty woman.

Looking at Qin Fu’s regretful appearance, Murong Shu Qing just knew that she was certainly cursing in her own heart.

Listening to the two people who were bickering, Lu Yi smilingly stepped forward, and passed on the words from the manor’s person just now, and told Murong Shu Qing: “Miss, the manor’s person came to pass on the message, the Li family’s Master came, and he is waiting to see the Master (in this case, MSQ’s father).”

How quick? But it was good that he came, Wan Ru’s affair should really be settled. Murong Shu Qing lightly smiled and said to Lu Yi: “Send someone to tell my dad, I will handle this matter, he does not need to appear.”

“Yes.” Lu Yi cleverly retreated out.

Murong Shu Qing was walking out of the back of the dyeing courtyard, while talking to Qin Fu who was behind her: “Take me to take a look at that very special cloth that you have said the last time, ok.”

Following behind her, Qin Fu asked curiously: “Do you not want to go back?” Where could they have more times to look at the cloth?

Murong Shu Qing leisurely strolled, and lazily answered: “Let them wait enough to talk about it later.”


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