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“Good.” Murong Shu Qing ordered the maid to clip off the legs of the chicken and put it in Murong Xing Yue’s bowl. “Nice smell. Come, eat fast.”

Murong Shu Qing looked at the little girl who’s struggling with the chopsticks. The dishes give a constant “ping” sound, she can’t help but laugh. “Xing Yue Er, go eat with your fingers.” After hearing the encouragement, the little girl happily put down her chopsticks; raise her hand to reach for the chicken.

“You wouldn’t even bother with dining etiquette, how could we show presentability? Do not let the guests see us as jokes!” A female voice gives Xing Yue’s hand a shock. She stops her action.

Murong Shu Qing sees Murong Xing Yue’s body slightly curled down. This child has always been sensitive, perhaps because she grow up without the presence of a mother, indifferent father, so she ended up growing very in secured. These actions made Murong Shu Qing most distressed, she picked up the chicken and put it in Murong Xing Yue’s hands. She smiled and patted her head. “Chicken legs are best eaten with fingers. Best food are ought to be eaten the best way. Xing Yue Er, you forgot?”

Murong Xing Yue give a small bite. After all, she’s still a child. Soon, her attention was focused on her meal.

“Aunt Zhao was right. It seems that the child needs to be given a tutor.” Murong Shu Qing’s voice wasn’t loud but enough to let everyone hear her clearly. Jing Zhao’s face becomes pale. Her family was poor, her mother died early and her dad always leave their house go drinking. When she was ten, she was sold into brothel. Because of her beautiful face and some small ways, she attracted Murong Xiang’s attention. Murong Shu Qing’s words put her to shame. She cursing in her mind and her gritted teeth almost snapped but she didn’t dare to say anything.

Xuan Yuan Yi was somewhat confused. Though the woman’s face always wears a smile, her words contain hidden knives. She’s definitely not the spoiled and arrogant Murong Shu Qing. So…who is she?

“Since the two sons came to Huadu, you surely cannot miss the Qixi Festival. Xing Han, I’ll leave them to you.”

“I will, sister.” He always respected Xuan Yuan Yi. This time, he’s staying at their home, Murong Xing Han was too happy.

‘Murong Shu Qing readily put the two “burden” to Murong Xing Han?’ Xuan Yuan Yi thought. He stayed because he want to unravel the mystery around her, how could he easily let her escape? “Qing Er, I thought you will personally entertain us.”

A deep voice sounds tempting but Murong Shu Qing only gave a slight smile. Qing Er? When did they become familiar? She never heard this man giving any favourable attitude towards ‘Murong Shu Qing’, let alone uses a gentle voice when talking to her. There’s no way Xuan Yuan Yi suddenly gains interest in her, right? Her head was full of questions but it didn’t show on her face.

“I wanted to do that but my body has always been weak. With Xing Han as your guide, I can rest assured. I fear to ruin the good mood tonight, if you’ll excuse me.” Moderate tone in proper etiquette. She’s been very evasive but unfortunately not enough to shut Xuan Yuan Yi. “Qing Er’s physical problems, it’s better to move around. It’s not good to always stay at home.”

“I thank Xuan Yuan son for your concerns.” It seems that this man doesn’t plan to stop until she agreed. Well, she also wants to see what’s going on her ex-fiancé’s mind. Sometimes, being too mysterious arouses men’s desire to explore, this was not her aim. “To have an opportunity to go sightseeing with you both, I respectfully accept.”

“For Miss Murong to personally guide us sound great.” Pei Che Lang’s face emerge a mischievous smile. It seems that Xuan Yuan Yi has been infected by the legendary Miss Murong, but he himself didn’t realize it. After eating, although the hosts and the guests didn’t thoroughly enjoy themselves, at least it appears to be an enjoyable dinner. After eating, everyone dispersed.

In Feng Xuan Hall, the night is even more attractive than the day. Staggered with layers of shadows where huge pine trees that, for some reason, urge people to get a glimpse of the whole picture. With a light breeze, the moon slowly came to surface after the clouds. In a small bench in the garden sits three people.

Murong Xing Han anxiously inquires, “Xuan Yuan brother, you really break off the engagement with sister?” In his view, her sister and Xuan Yuan Yi are very good fit. He personally likes the two of them to be together.

“Ah. You’re sister agreed with it.” In his opinion, the thing just goes to smoothly.

“Of course she would. She was so anxious herself.” Murong Xing Han quietly muttered but the two manage to catch his words. Xuan Yuan Yi hesitated, just remained silent with his brow tightly knitted. Pei Che Lang was very interested, he asked: “Why? Miss Murong didn’t like Xuan Yuan Yi?”

“Three years ago, my sister almost died accidentally out of drowning. After she wokes up, her attitude has some big changes but also accompanied with an amnesia. Since three years ago, my sister never mentioned anything related to marriage. I only asked once, she says there won’t be any marriage so I think my sister was set to break off the engagement.”

From the start, Xuan Yuan Yi wanted to vastly get rid of this marriage contract but didn’t expect it to go so smoothly. Turns out, Murong Shu Qing originally planned to break off their engagement. But why? Because she has amnesia? Since they can break off the engagement earlier, why wait for three years? Could it be…”Murong Shu Qing also knew that I wanted to break off the engagement so she was in no hurry? She just waited and let me be the treacherous guy?”

“I think so.” Seeing the frowning Xuan Yuan Yi, Murong Xing Han couldn’t help but laugh.

“But what would she do if I didn’t want to break off the engagement? She was going to marry me?” (T/N: Is it just me or Xuan Yuan Yi sounds really hopeful?)

“No. I guess there will be other ways for my sister to break off your engagement. Even if you didn’t come, this marriage ought to become void.” While speaking, Murong Xing Han’s face was full of pride. It makes Xuan Yuan Yi feel very puzzled. The two siblings’ relationship turns out to be so well, it can be seen that Murong Xing Han has a deep admiration towards Murong Shu Qing. These three years, what happened?

“So…Murong Shu Qing is a very cunning woman?” Pei Che Lang hears Murong Xing Han’s worshiping tone; he thinks that the woman really wasn’t simple.

“No. My sister is simply intelligent. Without her, I will not be the person I am today.” Looking back in his life the past three years, He knows that without Murong Shu Qing, he and Murong Xing Yue will remain neglected and doomed to fade within Murong House.

Xuan Yuan Yi looked at the precocious child, he had to admit, the child now compare to three years ago is indeed unimaginable. Lanky body that’s not very strong, now his built is quite good for a young child. There’s also a trance of internal energy flowing through the body although still unstable. There should be a master behind teaching him martial arts. His temperament was excellent accompanied with firm eyes. These are because of Murong Shu Qing?

“I heard that she found a home professor for you? Why not go to school? You’re not afraid that her actions have some other motives?” Pei Che Long feels that Murong Shu Qing’s changes have been too fast. There must be some secrets.

“At first, I think so too. It’s not that the class has problems so I thought there wasn’t any need to personally find a tutor but you know what my sister said? – ‘In this world, the only one thing that cannot be taken away from your body is knowledge. If you want to defeat your enemy, you need to allow yourself to become stronger. Learn the way to have the ability to protect the people that you want to protect.'” Murong Xing Han face was bright with a big smile. He picked up a cup of tea in the table and took a light sip.

Before Xuan Yuan Yi and Pei Che Lang were just curious but now they feel clearly puzzled. Although Xuan Yuan Yi didn’t like Murong Shu Qing, the two had always been childhood friends. He can say that he watch her grow up. She never liked reading, how could she say those words just because of the so-called amnesia? Too suspicious.

Pei Che Lang tentatively asked, “Miss Murong must have some extraordinary experience. I have to ask, the rumours that, in fact, the master of Murong House is Murong Shu Qing…is it true?”

“Of course. Now Murong House’s businesses are all under sister’s management. She takes over dad for quite a time now.” Without her instructions, sooner or later, Murong House’s business will come to end. “Time is late, Xuan Yuan brother, Pei brother, I will come again tomorrow to tour you around.” Then, Murong Xing Han strode out of Feng Xuan Hall.

“We knew this lady seems to be from Murong House but cannot be the Murong Shu Qing that you used to know.” The thought of accompanying Xuan Yuan Yi to Murong House was a very silly idea but it turns out that he did the right thing. It was worth coming.

Pei Che Long laugh, followed by Xuan Yuan Yi’s footsteps striding out of Feng Xuan Hall. He didn’t follow Murong Xing Han, he’s just walking aimlessly. Murong House was large, there were lanterns from a distance; though not very bright, enough to lighten the path. Unconsciously, he came in front of a lake with lotus flowers on the surface. Its aroma gives a refreshing feeling that calm Xuan Yuan Yi’s chaotic thoughts.

Tonight was a new moon, the clouds were barely present and the light from the moon and stars allowed him to notice a white figure on the other side of the lake. Is it her? His mind was still thinking but his feet involuntarily goes towards the white figure.

Three years, she almost forgot that she was Bai Yifan. Her previous life seems farther away. Stroking the bracelet on her wrist, she thought of the hot summer afternoon during her childhood. She was young and her father’s business just started, her brother was in an elementary school and needed to be taken care of, her mother was simply too busy. She had followed her grandfather to make a living. Her Mom and Dad doted on her brother; she prefers to be together with her grandfather who was a professor in archaeology. She liked to watch him doing research through old books and various antiquities. The old edges, intrinsic natural radiance that modern beautiful objects can ever compare; Grandpa likes to evaluate those things and that day he seemed so excited over a bracelet.

“Girl, look at this.” Grandpa came over carrying a black velvet tray handing it over to her. The bracelet’s covered in white with a sparkling warm light. If you look closer, you’ll notice a faint purple glow and a small yet detail patterns.

“Can I touch it?” Her heart was moved with a single glance. She wanted to touch and examine it.

“Certainly, Professor Feng brought it back here so I can help him identify what year it was made but I’m still unsure.” This granddaughter of his stayed on his side for long. She learned many things and very talented in this subject. Other kids likes to play outside but she’s always quiet at home. She will stay to practice calligraphy. She can stare at his antiques for few hours and never get tired of them. He feels strange that her quiet atmosphere seem to bring calm and peacefulness.

Picking up the bracelet, she can feel a surge of coldness around her finger tips. In front on the sun rays, the purple glow becomes more and more obvious.

“It’s difficult to define this just by seeing the degree of gloss from the bracelet. It doesn’t seem to be newly polished yet it also doesn’t seem to have any erosion over time. Also, there are little scratches in it and the jade’s texture seems a little weird.” What could this be? She’s puzzled.

“It doesn’t seem to be jade thought. We still have to identify the components; the result from the preliminary report determines it to be some kind of ore that harmless to our body.” He’s very frustrated that this bracelet is full of mysteries but it also arouses his interest.

She walked out of the balcony, the sun rays are more adequate outdoor. The bracelet’s glow exude a bit of warmth, it felt comfortable. While she’s examining it, she remains completely unaware that she’s now being surrounded by a purple haze. The originally firm balcony suddenly collapsed. She fell down and loss consciousness.

After waking up, she became Murong Shu Qing. Even more surprising was this lady was also wearing the same bracelet on her wrist. She inquire about it, it seems to be from her mother who already passed away.

Her grandfather’s bracelet was magical? Why does it bring her here? Why her of all people? What should she do? Can it bring her back? She taught about these questions for three years and she still had no clue.

A pair of black boots silently appeared behind her. She taught nobody would come to observe her but she seemed to have underestimated human curiosity. She can’t do martial arts; moreover the other party was an expert of this field. She has a keen sense of smell so she knows his whereabouts but also helpless. She didn’t know that the one standing behind her was Xuan Yuan Yi.

He didn’t speak, she wasn’t sure of the purpose of the other party.

She’s currently casually sitting on the side of the lake. Her foot is swaying within the waters. The atmosphere was silent. Xuan Yuan Yi felt calm, he unconsciously murmured, “You…who are you?”

“Tonight’s moonlight is beautiful.” Answered a gentle female voice with a chuckle. Unfortunately, it was a totally irrelevant topic.

“Who are you?”

Oppressive! This man can’t tolerate being ignored or neglected, huh. How could I answer his question? Go and tell that she’s a person from a different world? When she found out that the person behind her was Xuan Yuan Yi, she showed a deeply frustrated expression.

Murong Shu Qing didn’t look back, her foot still swings in the cool water but now she felt uncomfortable. She brushed aside the lotus leaf; she put a smile again and lazily answered: “I don’t really know who I am. Maybe I’m just a soul attached in this body, nothing more.” Thus, she didn’t lie to him! She knew he won’t be convinced though.

“So mysterious?” Hearing her answer, Xuan Yuan Yi actually felt better. She didn’t convince him, he didn’t questioned any further. Looking at her casually stance, he lifted his robe and sat beside her. His mouth unconsciously evoked an arc.

With the other party seating beside her, Murong Shu Qing silently lamented. His casual look didn’t make him seemed ordinary. Under the moonlight, his resolute face attracts the audience’s soul.

“Small things. Why do you have to ask?” Murong Shu Qing slowly got up. She wasn’t worried of her skirt slightly getting wet. Standing bar-footed on the soft grass, she fixed her skirt and pick up her fan. She turned and strode away.

Small things? Until the white figure disappeared in his sight, he remained looking at her direction. His curved lips remained unmoved. He silently close his eyes and feel the light cold breeze.

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