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Another long chapter…

Btw, one of the readers asked if somebody can draw pictures of Xuanyuan Yi, (My) Mo Can & Xuan Tian Cheng based on the descriptions from the earlier chapters. 🤣🤣🤣 Any taker? I’m definitely not an artist so I can’t draw them. Lol… Have a great weekend!!

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Chapter 128

Angry (Part 2)

Bing Po was running at the most front line, Xuanyuan Yi tightly clamped its abdomen so he did not need to whip Bing Po at all. It already knew where it should run to, Bing Po was really a precious horse on this earth. The fighting today was the same as they anticipated, Cang Yue’s explosives were not a lot either, so the two armies were fighting in the battlefield. You Xiao was really a good opponent and today’s fighting was a straightforward battle. But looking at the casualties situation for Cang Yue, and adding that with their ability to break the battle arrays last time, they only left with about 40,000 people. Even if they did not withdraw their troops to surrender, they would need to consider how to fight again. 

Bing Po appeared to be even more anxious than him, once they entered the camp, it went straight to Shu Qing’s tent, and neighed loudly. Xuanyuan Yi smiled clearly and patted Bing Po’s head, it was actually more excited than him. A person and a horse were watching at that drapery, but the figure who should go out to welcome them, did not appear at all. Xuanyuan Yi suddenly felt that something was not right, so he agilely dismounted from the horse, and urgently rushed into the tent.

“Qing-er….” Xuanyuan Yi entered the tent to call her name out, after he saw the mess inside the tent, he was overwhelmed in a flash. Xuanyuan Yi coldly looked at the several people who were inside the tent, but could not see that shadow of the person who was in his heart. His eyes flashed through a trace of alarmed at the same time, and also emitted his fury and anger.

At this time, the drapery was opened again, Pei Che who just came in, was met with Xuanyuan Yi’s stiffened back and messy tent that his face that showed a smiling expression, froze in an instant. When Yan Yu and Cang Su who were behind him looked at the scene, their originally relaxed faces, became gloomy all of a sudden, so they rapidly advanced inside. When they saw the corpses on the floor, the two people looked one glance at each other, nobody could mistake the murderous spirits that their eyes emitted. Yan Yu quietly examined the corpses to see if he could find anything, and Cang Su also wanted to see if he could find some clues from the messy room.

Pei Che also frowned his eyebrows, looking at the several people inside the tent, he asked: “Where is Shu Qing?!” Even though he already knew the answer in his heart, but he was still not willing to give up his final hope.

Lu Yi and and Shang Xiao were frightened by Xuanyuan Yi’s anger that their complexions were somewhat pales, especially Lu Yi. She was trembling as if the dead leaves in autumn, and wanted to open her mouth to reply but she was speechless. Only Shang Jun could still look straight at Xuanyuan Yi’s eyes, and calmly said: “Qing was kidnapped by someone!” 

Her words had just barely left, Xuanyuan Yi who had not been speaking all along, lowly threw out these two words: “Speak clearly.” He was trying effortlessly to control his own anxiousness and anger, as he wanted to know what had happened, and Qing-er was still waiting for him!!

Shang Jun looked one glance at Lu Yi, she (SJ) reckoned that she (LY) was confused and did not know what to say either, so she gently sighed in her heart, so Shang Jun told the story that Lu Yi had said it one more time. It seemed that the trail was that Fang Rong now, so Pei Che asked: “Where is Fang Rong?!”

When Lu Yi said it earlier, Shang Jun already asked someone to investigate, so shaking her head, Shang Jun said: “I found his corpse under the bushes at the back of the kitchen tent. It looked like he was already dead since last night.” Looking that the opposite side actually disposed everybody clearly, and did not leave anything behind. But why did they let Lu Yi go?! Shang Jun looked one glance at Lu Yi who was startled that her eyes opened so big, when she just heard that Xiao Rong was dead, she still did not understand it.

Dead?! “So who came this morning then?” Pei Che whose brows were always wrinkled, had not loosened them yet. It was him to ask Shu Qing to borrow her people, so now that she met with mishap, this made his heart feel unwell and he felt that he was the one who caused trouble to her! If she really had any mishap, then he…. oh dear! 

It appeared that the only clue was cut off, the inside tent sank into a deathly stillness. After Yan Yu heard Shang Jun’s words, he thought of one person, his tightly clenched fists were making ‘gurgling’ sounds. Yan Yu said with a lot of resentments: “It was Yan Rui!” 

When Yan Yu ran into Hong Ming near Lin Feng Guan border, he knew that it was not a simple matter to say. He already felt that he unexpectedly made her to suffer an injury, so the blue veins on his clenched fists looked like they were about to burst out. 

As it turned out, Hong Ming only wanted to kidnap Shu Qing, plus he actually used Jiang Hu’s people to kidnap her, this really looked like his style. Pei Che considered and analyzed the pro and cons for while, and nodded his head to say: “In that case, the person who kidnapped Shu Qing, was probably Hong Ming?!” 

Shang Jun lowly mumbled: “Where will he take Shu Qing to?” Hong Ming? She had not met with this person at all, so she did not understand him. She only heard that this person had a very good reputation, now it appeared that he was such a hypocrite who concealed a lot of things, so she was afraid that it would be even more difficult to deal with him.

“It should be Yan Rui, the things that Shu Qing did for Yan Rui, should already make Hong Ming to sink into a plight. After Cang Yue did not have any explosive anymore, our victory would be a certain thing, so he would surely take her back to Yan Rui quickly.” And because Shu Qing was doing her things in Yan Rui, so Hong Ming would not let her go even more. 

“I have already asked people to chase after the four directions, since this is like this, let’s reinforce the manpower to go to the direction of Yan Rui to chase after her.” Fortunately, going to Yan Rui from here, one still needed to go through Dong Yu. As long as she was still in Dong Yu, it would be easier to find Shu Qing! Shang Jun got up, and was just about to command the people to go and look for her, but Cang Su already beat her quicker and went out of the tent quickly. 

At this time, Xuanyuan Yi suddenly said: “Order the army tonight, that we will advance to Cang Yue tomorrow.”

“Xuanyuan?!” Pei Che did not understand it, why would Xuanyuan Yi want to attack Cang Yue at this time?!

Facing everyone who did not understand his decision, Xuanyuan Yi only coldly said: “You guys continue to track down from every direction, Hong Ming is not stupid, so it is not necessary that he will immediately take the person back to Yan Rui. Moreover, the person who kidnapped Qing-er, may not be only Hong Ming, it is possible that Qing-er was kidnapped by Cang Yue. So I will send troops to besiege the town tomorrow, Yan Yu, you lead 30 people to search for Qing-er’s whereabouts at Cang Yue’s tent. No matter if they have kidnapped Qing-er or not, I will make Cang Yue pay for the price tomorrow.” If it was Cang Yue, in that case, their sin could not be forgiven at all, even if it was not Cang Yue, and Hong Ming was the real culprit, he would not let them go either. Qing-er, I wanted all the people who had harmed you to pay the proper price!!

Pei Che has never seen this kind of Xuanyuan Yi, his whole body seemed to fill with destruction’s mood, his anger and violent roar made people to be frightened even more. Moreover, Yan Yu, Cang Su and the numerous secret bodyguard behind them whose face were always gloomy, and not saying anything, they were definitely a formidable force to deal with. Not to mention the gentle looking and mysterious Shang Jun even more. He had a premonition that if Murong Shu Qing really had a mishap, the people who would receive these raging flames, would not only several people! 

Looking around one glance at them, Pei Che carefully asked: “If we still can not find Shu Qing after this?” 

The originally quiet tent, sank into a deadly stillness one more time, after a long time, Xuanyuan Yi threw out this sentence: “I will flip over Yan Rui and Cang Yue, I will definitely bring her back.” 

Finished speaking, and without turning his head around, he came out of the tent. Pei Che knew that this was not only Xuanyuan Yi’s promise, but also all of the people’s thoughts who were inside the tent. Shu Qing, you must not have a mishap!

Xuanyuan Yi went out of the tent, Bing Po who was always guarding outside and had not left, was staring at his back, as it still had not seen that familiar figure whom it was familiar with. It also seemed to sense something, so it was impetuously puffing some air, ferociously treading its front feet of the ground, and neighing loudly and in high pitch, along with its restlessness and anger. Immediately, when Bing Po wanted to run, Xuanyuan Yi took and pulled the cover of its reins, and dragged it back. 

But Bing Po did not pay attention at him, and still violently soared and jumped its own body, it simply did not care whether or not it would hurt its own body like this, it seemed to only want to leave immediately. Xuanyuan Yi firmly held its head, and would not let go, after being in a deadlocked for a while, Bing Po was unable to resist but standing by, and Xuanyuan Yi’s forehead also emitted beads of sweat. 

Waiting until it was a little bit calmer, Xuanyuan Yi just lowly said in its ear: “I will bring her back, trust me!” Finished speaking, Xuanyuan Yi untied Bing Po’s saddle and the reins on its mouth. One person and a horse were within this ice-cold day, standing opposite each other.

After a long time, Bing Po with an exceptional calmness turned around towards the outside of the camp, and wildly ran away quickly. This time, Xuanyuan Yi did not stop it anymore. 

A normal carriage stopped at the government roadside, it did not look like a traveling merchant’s carriage that passed through. The sunset’s gorgeous golden rays shrouded on the carriage, that had a brown old horse that was lowering its head, leisurely eating grasses. The carriage curtain was already lifted up, a thin man was sitting on the shaft, taking some rations with his hand to give them to the woman by his side and helped to cover her with a thin quilt from time to time as if he was afraid that the northwest wind and snow would freeze the woman. The woman’s appearance was ordinary, her pale complexion made her look like she was a lazy person, and did not appear to have any vitality.

The people who passed by, would not pay any attention to this young married couple, they looked like they were an ordinary sweethearts. The woman appeared to have a serious illness, so her husband was carefully guarding her by her side. Under the afterglow of the sunset, the two people seemed to whisper warmly but plainly.

The woman took the rations that were given to her, and held them in her hand, but she did not eat them. Lightly moving her feet and hands a little, it was already two days since she was in a state of waking up and falling asleep, and adding the days when she was bumping inside the carriage for a day and night, her bones felt like they were quickly exhausted. Waiting until her hands and feet were somewhat flexible, and were able to sit up, she just said to the man who was beside her, and with a shallow smile: “Thank you.”

The man gently helped her cover up with a thin quilt, and disapproved when she actually said thank you, but his expression was actually gentle and soft. Murong Shu Qing gently smiled and shook her head, this Wu Ming was really a genius. No matter if it was a man, woman, young and old, her changing face ability, was a perfection. She did not know who would be better, Tang Xiao Xiao or her. She unexpectedly thought to impersonate being a married couple with her, with an old horse, and worn out carriage, they really looked like an affectionate couple. His lovable wife who had an old illness, she also changed her face on her, so even if Yan Yu and Cang Su directly met with her now, it would be difficult for them to recognize her.

Naturally, if her gentle movement, tender appearance, could fit with her sincere expression, that would be perfect and without blemish, but it was a pity, her gentle looking eyes were filled with coldness. Murong Shu Qing said to Wu Ming’s back that was leaning on the carriage wall to rest her eyes: “Thank you for not killing Lu Yi.”

Wu Ming turned her body around, slightly frowned her eyebrows, and bafflingly asked: “How do you know that I did not kill her?!” She was sleeping all along, and had never told her that she did not kill Lu Yi, how did she know about it?!

Murong Shu Qing’s heart was relaxed, and she smilingly said: “I guessed, and you actually told me that you did not kill Lu Yi just now!” She finally had the mood to eat these rations, these past two days, she was always anxious about Lu Yi, it seemed that there was no danger anymore now.

Wu Ming did not understand this woman in front of her, after she was kidnapped for two days, she could say some words with great difficulty. But her words were actually a concern about that servant girl’s fate! Did she not know that she should be anxious for her own life?! Not opening her eyes, Wu Ming was too lazy to look one glance at Murong Shu Qing again. 

Murong Shu Qing was eating the rations one by one, one did not know if she was hungry because she had not eaten anything for a long time, or because she was sleeping too much, she did not have any appetite. But even if this was so, she still took the rations and put them into her mouth with great effort. Looking that the sunset that was gradually falling from outside the window, Murong Shu Qing looked awkwardly and said: “Are you poisoned?” 

Wu Ming’s inner heart was startled, and her breathing was tight, how did she know that she was poisoned?! But considering what Murong Shu Qing’s words just now, Wu Ming’s expressionless face was still motionless, it seemed that she had not heard Shu Qing’s words.

Murong Shu Qing was still eating the rations, while she was looking at the afterglow, and faintly said: “Your changing face method is not bad, it should not be difficult if you want to escape, so you are controlled by someone, and I am guessing that you are controlled by a poison.” Under any normal circumstances, that was in accordance to Hong Ming and that Su Qing’s characters to use poison to make them feel at ease. 

Wu Ming’s face did not have any of expression, but she opened her eyes and they slowly changed into a mocking expression, her face was not changing at all, and she sneeringly said: “That poison is not something that I am afraid of, as far as I am concerned, there is not difference in helping to kill someone and anywhere. If there is one day that I want to really leave, I just give them my life.” 

Even though every time the poison recurred, it looked like it was painfully nibbling on her bones, but so what, in any case, she did not care about life or death anymore at an earlier time.

Murong Shu Qing recovered, she looked one glance at Wu Ming’s indifferent eyes, and asked: “Are you in love with Hong Ming?!” A fearless woman would still be willing to be controlled by someone, so the only reason would be that she was in love with him! But Hong Ming really had this ability to easily make people’s heart to move for him.

“Love?!” Wu Ming appeared to be susceptible with this word, how long had she not hear that word, it had been 5-10 years. If one did not have any heart, could one still have love?! Wu Ming suddenly became tranquil, and only faintly said: “He does not need love, he made me able to not need love.” 

Some people said that everyone’s character had its own story behind it, an experience that one went through. Murong Shu Qing thought that Wu Ming’s story would have many hurts, sorrows, blames, hates. And she did not think that she was a savior who could heal the scars that she (WM) experienced, this was also the reason why she did not think that she was suited to be a psychiatrist that year. Perhaps, only time could have this ability to calm down the pain, but at the same time, it could also make people’s heart to become twisted even more. In this whole world, the most difficult to understand was related to people’s feelings.

Murong Shu Qing gently patted the crumbs of rations that were on her hand, and supported herself on the carriage’s window frame, the sunset had already completely fallen on the horizon. It only left a trace of red clouds, and it shone and was filled with the clouds. Murong Shu Qing smilingly said: “Today’s sunset is very beautiful.”

Wu Ming casted a sidelong glance, she coldly and firmly said: “Even if it is beautiful, it is only for a short period of time, it will be swallowed by darkness very quickly.”

Murong Shu Qing lowly smiled, she looked at her disdain face, but it was actually cuter than her normal indifferent mood. She appeared to deliberately want to tease her, so Murong Shu Qing lightly nodded her head, continued to revel with her: “That is right, a bright moon with many stars are also very beautiful.”

Wu Ming’s strange face was looking at Murong Shu Qing, for a long time, she only shook her head, and arrived in this conclusion: “You are really a strange person.”

Murong Shu Qing also showed a smiling expression on her face, and seriously asked: “Strange where?”

“Do you not know your own situation?!” 

Murong Shu Qing did not need to think deeply, she helplessly looked at her own two legs that could not be moved easily, and raising her eyebrows, she smilingly said: “You guys’ prisoner!”

“But you still have the mood to admire the clouds and the moon!” She was really a flexible person, and also still had the confidence to plan in advance in herself! On this earth, was there really a confident and free woman like this?!

Between their talks, the red clouds were already completely swallowed up by the ball of clouds, this scene seemed to appear everyday, but it was not completely the same. Turning around her body to make her feel more comfortable by leaning on the carriage’s wall, Murong Shu Qing lightly smiled and sighed: “The clear sky and bright moon are not to be admired because of me, and they will be even more beautiful. And it will also not because I unintentionally long for them, and miss them silently. I am afraid to miss them, I do not know when I have the opportunity to admire this bright cloud.” 

It was not that she was not afraid that she was kidnapped, but it was not that bad that she would be afraid and lose any rational. If Hong Ming wanted to imprison her, that would be difficult. She believed Xuanyuan Yi, believed Yan Yu and Cang Su, believed Shang Jun, and believed in herself even more. As long as she was alive, she would not give up her freedom. 

Wu Ming laughed out loud without any warning, and clapped her palms continuously, suddenly she moved quickly to hit Shu Qing’s sleep acupuncture point. Once Shu Qing collapsed, she caught her body that was rolling down, and took the thin quilt to cover her. Pulling down the window curtain, she blocked Shu Qing from the bright moon and stars outside the window. Wu Ming looked at the unconscious Shu Qing’s tranquil face, and lowly asked: “For a person like you, if you are imprisoned for life, will you still be this tranquil, calm, free and at ease like this?!”

Nobody answered her, for a moment, she felt that she suddenly longed to know for the answer, but she was also afraid to know the answer.

Sian’s notes:

That Fang Rong is the same young soldier as Xiao Rong. His real name is apparently Fang Rong but it’s normal to call someone Xiao Rong when that person is rather young and usually younger than you. The Xiao means small or young. It’s kind of the same as if someone calls an older person Lao (old) xxxx. Lao jiangjun (old general) that is an appellation for General Lei Yi as he’s older than any of the other people (XY, PC, etc). In this case, since Xiao Rong is younger than Lu Yi or MSQ, so he uses Xiao Rong as his name. Anyway, poor Xiao Rong…

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