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Chapter 117


Thinking that this would be a battle of faith, Cang Su tightly held his purplish silver whip in his hand, while his other hand firmly grasped the reins, and made Shang Jun to lean on his own shoulder. Since Yan Yu already broke the battle array, Cang Su and his team of 500 people could come out of the battle array very quickly. But the scene in front of Cang Su, made him feel startled as he only saw rows and rows of archers who already pulled their bows at the place about 99 meter out of the battle array. The arrows were directly pointed at the exit of the battle array, and the fiery flag that was wavering in the wind, actually showed ‘Dong Yu’.

Closely following behind Cang Su was the 500 mounted soldiers who also tightened their reins, they were somewhat incredibly looking at the solemn troops who were waiting. They originally thought that after they came out, they would have to confront a life and dead battle. Even thought they were not afraid, but their hearts always felt solemn, but looking at their own troops who were orderly and formidably standing there now, for a split second, that red color flag that was waving in the wind seemed to ignite their bloods. Recovering from a seemingly impossible situation like this, the people who were fighting side by side, made them feel impassioned, so they were cheering, and the 500 mounted soldiers rushed out to the large army.

“General Wang!” Cang Su immediately arrived at the big banner, the person who led the troops this time was Deputy General Wang Shao. He originally stayed behind at the main camp so seeing that he was unexpectedly here, it seemed that the transferring of the army was successful this time, so breaking the battle arrays would certainly and undoubtedly be victorious.

Wang Shao nodded his head, but looking at the unconscious Shang Jun who was leaning on Cang Su’s shoulder, he promptly asked: “How is Master Shang?” These past several days, his understanding and exquisite explanation about the fighting situation, really made all of the people to admire him endlessly. This kind of capable person should have a lot of talents.

Cang Su adjusted Shang Jun’s position that was sliding due to the bumps, and said: “Her injury was very heavy, I am sending her back to the main army now. The heavenly dragon battle array, five elements battle array had already been broken. After the confused mind battle array is broken, they should come out one after the other, there are

approximately 5,000 Cang Yue’s solders inside.”

Wang Shao said with full confidence: “I will take care of the situation here. You should immediately send Master Shang back.”

Cang Su was not long-winded either, and answered: “Alright! Let’s go ~!” If she did not get a timely treatment for her injury, it would be hard to protect her life. Tightening up his arm to hold Shang Jun firmly on his chest, he spurred the horse to go full speed towards the main camp in a hurry.

It was already 3-5 pm, looking that the dazzling sunshine that was not hot any longer, and the sun was gradually inclining to the west, Murong Shu Qing’s heart was very anxious. It had been six hours and there was no conclusion yet, Pei Che was also unable to sit down, walking back and forth at the side of the map.

“Reporting!” A loud and clear voice of a man, made Murong Shu Qing’s heart was shaking, every time she heard this announcement sound, her heartbeats would speed up. If she did not hear this announcement, she would be anxious, this mood was really contradictory.

“Come in.” Pei Che hurriedly walked to the main hall.

Xiao Rong ran a little when he came in, he reported with a clear voice: “Master Shang and Cang Su have already returned to the camp.” He saw Master Shang and Miss Murong’s bodyguard came back together just now. Master Shang was still unconscious so he immediately came over to report this.

They already came back? Even if they succeeded in breaking the battle arrays, they should go to join Xuanyuan Yi. Even if they did not go to join Xuanyuan Yi, they should go back to the Master’s tent, could it be that…. Murong Shu Qing’s complexion was somewhat white slightly, and promptly asked: “Where are they?”

“Master Shang seems to be injured, Cang Su has sent him back to the tent.” Xiao Rong’s words had not finished yet, but Murong Shu Qing already ran out of the tent. Pei Che also followed her closely, Shang Jun must not have any mishap!

Outside of Shang Jun’s tent, Qin Xiu Zhi was already standing outside, he who was always elegant and cool-headed in the past, was also anxious that his eyebrows were tightly wrinkled. He walked back and forth in front of the tent, Shang Jun’s complexion was deathly pale just now, blood was flowing from the sides of his lips that made him feel that his brain was exploded. He did not want to look into why he had this kind of mood towards him, but he only

only hoped that he could be safe and sound!

Murong Shu Qing ran out of the tent, and asked with a slight panting: “Xiu Zhi, how is it?”

Qin Xiu Zhi lightly shook his head, and answered: “Cang Su said that he wanted to provide critical care, so people can not disturb them.”

Cang Su was here so there should not be any problem! Murong Shu Qing was trying to breathe smoothly, but she did not see Shang Xiao’s figure nearby, so she asked: “Where is Shang Xiao?” She had not seen her for a whole day.

“Helping inside.” Cang Su did not let him come in, and only shouted for Shang Xiao to go in, even though they were brother and sister, and there was a male-female distinction, but there would not be anyone who would bother about this at this time.

Pei Che was standing behind Murong Shu Qing, looking that she was continuously clenching both of her hands, he knew that she was anxious in her heart, so he softly patted her shoulder and comfortingly said: “Shu Qing, do not be too anxious, I will make the military doctor to help out together.”

When he was just about to call for the military doctor, Murong Shu Qing turned around to face him, she sighed and said: “Pei Che, no need, Shang Jun probably suffered an internal injury, even if the military doctor comes, he will not be able to help out, since Cang Su is inside, so there should not be any problem. Shang Jun already came out, so that meant the battle arrays were already broken, and there would be many people who were also injured, so let the military doctor make preparation properly.”

There were only four military doctors, so what she said, was reasonable, and Pei Che nodded his head and answered: “This is also good.”

“Boom (sound)…… boom (sound)……” Looking that her mood could be regarded as steady, Pei Che was just about to return to the Master’s tent to arrange and follow up with the matter, when suddenly several continuous sounds that were shaking the sky, were echoing from the distant place. It seemed to be coming from the west side, these sounds were surprisingly loud, and the ground seemed to shake accordingly.

These unusual sounds made the soldiers to look at each other in dismay, and they were discussing about these sounds.

Pei Che was somewhat puzzled also and said: “What sounds were those?!!” The sounds actually came from the direction of the battlefield, this kind of thing that he did not anticipate during the battle, made his heart feel somewhat worried.


somewhat worried.

“Were those thunder?!” The soldiers were discussing these strange sounds. Murong Shu Qing actually wrinkled her eyebrows tighter and tighter, her heart was originally worried, was even more restless after hearing those several shaking sounds. These sounds were definitely not the sounds of thunder! Now was the winter season time so there would not be these kind of big thunder, even if there was a thunder, it should not be making these continuous sounds like this. These were the sounds of the oldest explosion, the explosion at the mountain frequently produced these kind of sounds in the modern times, but according to her assessment these past several years, this era did not have any explosives yet! If Cang Yue really already produced some explosives, then this battle would be even more difficult.

But Pei Che did not want to guess meaninglessly, so he immediately said in a clear voice: “Someone comes, quickly check it up!”


The thick smoke filled the battlefield, what kind of black balls that Cang Yue were throwing over as weapon? Not only the sound was shaking the sky, but when they exploded powerfully and tremendously, the soldiers who were lining up upfront, were probably injured by the explosion, or they might startle their horses and were thrown down. So the original troops who were waiting solemnly, became a mess in a flash, even Zhan Hun (XY’s horse) that had been fighting in the battlefield for a long time, was also neighing restlessly. Looking at the frenetic troops, Xuanyuan Yi shouted loudly: “Stay calm, withdraw!”

Withdrawing all the way, the horses were startled, impetuous and restless, Li Ming loudly asked Xuanyuan Yi who was on the side: “Lead General, what were that stuffs, how amazing!”

Xuanyuan Yi did not know what those things either, but these weapons should be the reason why You Xiao dared to be arrogant while he (YX) was confronting him (XY). Really amazing, they only threw out less than ten black balls, and they already made him lost several hundred of elite soldiers. It was fortunate that they were not surrounded by Cang Yue’s battle array, otherwise Cang Yue only needed to throw these black balls out and they could not withdraw from the situation at all, and they would be totally defeated.

Lei Yi did not have any knowledge about these amazing weapons either, he was coughing from the pungent smell of the smoke, while he asked: “Lead General, what should we do now?!”

Xuanyuan Yi slightly narrowed his eyes to pass through the layer upon layer of smoke, he could only see that You Xiao was irreverently smiling, was irreverently smiling, and commanding his troops to press forward. The soldiers who were in front, were holding special arrows in their hands that could send out the black balls.

Xuanyuan Yi turned around to look at a group of soldiers who just came now, and asked: “Have the battle arrays been broken?”

Riding a horse to Xuanyuan Yi’s side, the young soldier answered: “They were already broken, the soldiers who already came out of the battle arrays and the 8,000 soldiers that were sent out by the main camp, are still fighting the remainder of Cang Yue’s soldiers.”

Xuanyuan Yi slightly pondered for a moment, he raised his head to look at the direction of Cang Yue, and firmly said: “Withdraw the troops!”

“Why?!” Li Ming did not understand the call. They went straight to enter the main army all along, since the battle arrays were already broken now, they could came over to reinforce the main army immediately. But because of these several black balls, would they vitally abandon their victory, and absurdly run away?!

Xuanyuan Yi’s face seriously looked at Li Ming, and coldly shouted in a loud voice: “This is a military order!”

Li Ming deeply breathed for several times, pressed down his unwillingness, and roared with a loud voice: “Yes! Withdraw the troops!”

After the military order, Xuanyuan Yi commanded the 30,000 mounted soldiers into a new formation, and they very quickly and orderly withdrew from the area.

At Cang Yue’s city wall, one leisure figure who was standing on the city wall, his face showed a warmth smiling expression, but his eyes were flowing unchanging gloominess and coldness. An expressionless woman took a cup of green tea and handed it over to him, as she faintly said: “Master, your tea.”

Hong Ming took the tea, he elegantly and gently plucked the tea leaves, his facial expression seemed to be tranquil and warmth, but the woman who was behind him, could see that he had a ruthless killing intention.

Looking at the orderly withdrawal from the troops, Hong Ming had no choice but to admit that Xuanyuan Yi was indeed a rare genius to lead the troops. They were enticing him to march forward all along, it could be said that he should directly go into the trap. He unexpectedly was not muddle-headed being in victory, or tried to pursue the retreating enemy, and ultimately did not meet the enemy head-in recklessly, moreover, he did not show his anger for a period of time. Having this kind of person, Dong Yu definitely became Yan Rui’s big misfortune to take a leading role in this whole world!!

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