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Chapter 116

Showdown (Part 3)

But Shang Jun did not dodge at all, she only pulled the long and soft sword from her waist, as if it was a quick sword like snake that was swinging gracefully as shiny and bright as silver, and it intertwined with a raging flame together. It also stopped and blocked the momentum from the powerful whip, Shang Jun carefully looked at this raging flame whip that was almost two feet long (Chinese measurement 1 ft = 3.3 m), the whip was waved and controlled agilely. His inner power was sure to be extraordinarily high, and that palm of his already made her suffering last time. Looking at the long whip that was filled with numerous barbs, and there were light blue radiance that showed there were lots of fatal killing from those barbs.

Shang Jun had cold sweat on her whole body, if she was wrapped around by this raging flame whip, she would definitely be dead.

The long raging flame whip and the long and soft sword were intertwining tightly together, both of the people were using their inner powers at the same time, so the strong forces that made them intertwining, became separated in an instant, and also unable to make the two people to avoid to retreat for several steps.

When he sneaked attacked him with his palm last time, he did not stay closely and some out of the battle array, so Su Qing slightly raised his eyebrows, as he did not expect that he was still so young, but his inner power was alert and very profound. No wonder that he could go into the battle arrays to fight very quickly like this. It had been a long time that he had not run into a good opponent, so he hoped that this Shang Jun would not make him disappointed. Waving his long whip again, he directly wanted to take Shang Jun’s life.

The sound of whistling from the long whip made Shang Jun soar her body backward timely to avoid the hit, the soft sword that was in her hand, was thrusted on the ground to support her side until after the long whip crossed over her chest. Only then Shang Jun could use the inner power from her hand to withdraw from the long whip.

Not daring to breathe strongly, Shang Jun secretly pressed down the blood that was about to rush forth. Even though Cang Su meticulously treated her injury with this rare medicine, and she already restored 70% of her strength, but when she used her inner power a moment ago, her chest was still in pain. Especially Su Qing’s inner

power was so profound, that she was invaded by his inner power, her old injury seemed to hurt again as if it was set on fire.

Not letting Shang Jun to regulate her breath for a moment, Su Qing moved quickly to jump up and twist his long whip to Shang Jun again, to surround and attack Shang Jun.

Shang Jun raised her chest, brandished the long and soft sword on her hand, and waved the soft sword very quickly, as if it was a silver ribbon. The thickness from the sword protected Shang Jun from being hit by the whip, the soft sword collided with the barbs on the long whip, and produced a sharp sound. Waving the whip for a number of times, Su Qing could not come near to Shang Jun at all, but the silk and black irons that were created by the soft and long sword, was interweaving to remove a lot of the barbs. Shang Jun swept away the thousands weight to shake the long whip back.

Su Qing only felt that his hand that was holding the long whip, was shaking because of the inner power and the palm of his hand felt numb, his chest felt very tight. Shang Jun was not that good either, she disregarded any consequence and used an excessive inner power a moment ago, so she could not help but spat out a mouthful of blood from her mouth. Shang Jun was grasping for air heavily with her long sword that was propped on the ground.

Su Qing secretly regulated his inner power, a moment ago, Shang Jun’s sword also made him suffered a light internal injury, but he still said coldly: “Shang Jun, if you did not suffer any injury from my palm before, you and I can be called a draw in today’s fight, but you will be dead now. But you do not need to be worried, I admire you so I will leave an intact corpse for you.” This fight could be considered as the most delighted fight that he had for the last few years. Shang Jun, you were indeed a rare military genius, but it was a pity that you would be dead in my hand.

Shang Jun used her hand to wipe the blood on the side of her mouth, she slowly stood up, and coughed while she still had a loathing appearance, then she smilingly said: “Hehe, whether or not that you can kill me, we will see if you have any skill!”

He could not even stand steadily, but he was still so arrogant like this?! Su Qing raised his raging flame whip again,

again, and wanted to deadly hit Shang Jun. Shang Jun was motionless and did not move, he could only see that he (SJ) was quietly and calmly breathing, turning over his palm to gather his inner power into the palm of his hand. The palm that was already scarlet blood color was unexpectedly and slowly coagulated into a thin slice, as if it was ice crystal, Shang Jun raised his energy one more time, and very quickly executed it by disposing the crystal splinters. Su Qing could only feel a ferocious inner power along with concealed weapons that were flying over to him, and they came very quickly that he could not avoid them, was only able to slightly move to the sideways. And he just felt that his right shoulder was in pain, followed by a numbness feeling on his shoulder. He almost could not hold his long whip in his hand, what kind of concealed weapons were these, the speed was unusually quick, and they could still hit his right shoulder acupuncture point. Raising his head to look at Shang Jun again, but there was not a soul in front of him anymore.

Shang Jun!! I let you escape this time, when we met again next time, I wanted your life!

Shang Jun used her hand to press on her chest, the severe pain almost made her eyes unable to see the direction, she could only feel to advance. But she had to leave here now as she did not have any ability to withstand Su Qing anymore. If he chased after her at this moment, she would certainly be dead.

She actually did not have any ability to use the ultimate cloud ice crystals palm, and could only used it because she had to, as this was her father’s sole supreme feat skill. It used a distinct inner power and gathered the strength into the hallow of her palm, and used the air to condense the steam to produce ice. Using this skill to attack from one’s hand, not only it could send out many concealed weapons once, but the speed was usually quick, moreover, if one was hit within the important blood vessels, it could make the person to be paralyzed or even dead. In those years, depending on this supreme feat skill and his own ability as a military counselor, father was the most famous General within the four seas, even Xuanyuan Yi’s father was defeated by her father in those years. But it was a pity that she did not completely learn father’s supreme feat skill, as she only learned a superficial knowledge about it, so she

so she could only use the blood to turn it into crystal today to escape from a calamity.

Feeling for the route, she saw a tiny movement ahead, so Shang Jun took her courage, leaning her body against the side of a rock. And after regulating her breath a little, Shang Jun only looked over, not too far away upfront, she saw Yan Yu and Fan Feng. Seeing them, Shang Jun breathed somewhat relieved, and she slowly walked out.

After she just came out of the stone, Yan Yu and Fan Feng discovered her, Yan Yu came over, and looked at her body that looked like she just experienced a difficult situation. There was a blood stain that was not dried yet on the corner of her mouth, and with a pale complexion, these showed that she suffered a serious injury.

Yan Yu slightly frowned his eyebrows, and asked: “How is your injury?” Master deliberately confessed today that he had injury on his body, so he had to pay more attentions to him (SJ). But he was good all along, so who could give him this kind of injury in less than an hour?!

Shang Jun slightly gasped for air, and quietly asked: “I am alright, how is it now? How about those blue clothing men?”

Yan Yu was worriedly looking at him, while he answered: “A portion of Cang Yue’s soldiers who are in the five elements battle array, have already been wiped out, the rest are inside the confused mind battle array. Even though the blue clothing men were poised for battle and extremely understood the battle array, but we dispatched 20 secret bodyguards to ambush them one by one, they could not create any disturbance anymore.”

At this time, there were suddenly troops that were rushing forth from the east side, the person who was taking the lead was Cang Su.

Cang Su came to Shang Jun’s front, and said: “Master Shang, the heavenly dragon battle array was already broken.” Even though his tone was flat, but it was difficult to cover his good mood.

Shang Jun was somewhat standing unsteadily by the side of the rock, her voice was soft but she still firmly said: “Very good, Fan Feng, you go and provide support to Xi Mu. Yan Yu, break the five element battle array arrangement, break the traps. Cang Su, take the remaining 500 soldiers to go out of the battle array, be careful, there surely be more ambushes outside the battle array!” Finally, her voice became weaker and weaker, after Cang Su listened to his words from behind the rock, he just knew that there was something wrong with her. Her right arm Her right arm supported her waist, and he was just in time to catch her body from falling down.

“Master Shang?!” Shang Jun’s sudden fainting, made all of the people on the scene to be startled. Cang Su immediately supported her to lean on the rock, and took her pulse. He did not speak for a very long time, and tightly wrinkled his eyebrows, these made Yan Yu anxiously ask: “How is it? Cang Su.”

Cang Su did not speak at all, but slightly sighed, his head was shaking for several times, This injury was a lot more serious than the last time, the old injury had not healed yet, and added that with this new injury. He thought that on this earth, Murong Shu Qing was already too much of an unusual woman, but who would have thought that the person whom she knew, was even more unusual. For a long time, he thought that this great mysterious, handsome and bright, Master Shang was a man, but since she was injured last time, he only knew that she was actually a woman. He indeed did not know that there was a woman like this on this earth, so much so that it would cause a real man to blush with shame.

Cang Su fed her a medicine to protect her heart, and then said to Yan Yu and Fan Feng: “Follow the deployments that Master Shang asked you to do a moment ago, I will take her out of here.” The two people agilely nodded their heads and took their troops to go.

Cang Su gently took the unconscious Shang Jun and put her on the horse, he also got on the horse and pulled out his belt to tie her together to him. As what she said earlier, they might still be fighting outside the battle array, so he determined to protect her throughly. Pulling his reins properly, Cang Su faced the 500 elite troops behind him, and asked with a loud voice: “There are at least over 10,000 more hidden troops outside, are you guys afraid?”

“Not afraid!” Going through a day of fierce battle, these elite troops who originally were not organized together, and were not mutually familiar with each other, but they appreciated and acknowledge each other now. This fight was immensely enjoyable, so the soldiers got on their horses one after another, and waited for action.

Cang Su satisfyingly nodded his head, and strongly kicked the horse’s abdomen, he shouted: “Alright, rush out!” Finished speaking, he ran the horse quickly ahead.

The 500 elite soldiers mounted their horses and yelled loudly and clearly: “Rush out!” After that, they followed along!

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