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Chapter 115

Showdown (Part 2)

“Reporting!” A gasping male’s voice made Murong Shu Qing and Pei Che, who had been sitting with a restless mood for about an hour, was startled. Pei Che was somewhat excitedly stood up, and said with a clear voice: “Come in.”

The young soldier came into the Master’s tent, with a loud voice, he reported without being long-winded: “Cang Yue dispatched 10,000 soldiers to go into the battle arrays, there are some killings inside the battle arrays, but up until now, there is no one from our army who comes out of the battle arrays yet.”

10,000 soldiers?! Murong Shu Qing and Pei Che puckered up their eyebrows at the same time, You Xiao was already defeated by Xuanyuan Yi, but he still arranged 10,000 troops into the battle arrays. It was not because he had so much confidence to meet Xuanyuan Yi head-on, but it seemed like he wanted to make the people who were inside the battle arrays to be gone forever. Murong Shu Qing got up and walked to the front of the topographic map, she looked over it for a moment, and then asked: “How many people Cang Yue have outside of the battle arrays for the ambush?” After breaking the battle arrays, there were two exits to go out of the battle arrays, if You Xiao wanted Shang Jun to die, then it would be impossible that there would be no one who would ambush from there.

“Approximately 8,000 soldiers.”

8,000 soldiers! Murong Shu Qing was looking at the topographic map, and then looking at the map on the military’s deployment, she did not say anything for a long time.

Pei Che tightly held his hands and released them, he repeated this again, finally, after waiting, he firmly said: “Transfer 5,000 cavalries, and wait for the dispatch.” He was left behind to take care of things at the main camp in order to guarantee the safety of the main camp. The most important thing was to look over the situation of the fight, and provide assistance timely. He originally thought that when You Xiao knew that the plan to break the battle arrays was only to entice him, he would use his soldiers to battle with Xuanyuan Yi, but unexpectedly, he would actually dispatch 10,000 soldiers to go into the battle arrays.


Murong Shu Qing had not lifted her head up, her eyes were not leaving the topographic map all along, then she faintly asked: “You plan on letting the cavalries to enter the battle arrays?!”

Raising his head to look towards Murong Shu Qing, Pei Che was somewhat

baffled, after she knew that Cang Yue transferred 10,000 soldiers to go into the battle arrays, she was actually not nervous at all, and her expression was somewhat tranquil. Walking to her side, Pei Che answered: “10,000 soldiers versus 3,000 soldiers! There is also the chain of battle arrays, so the odds of success is almost zero.” He knew perfectly well that they could be in danger, but he could not withhold to provide any assistance!

But Murong Shu Qing softly shook her head, and tranquilly said: “But I do not think it like this, Shang Jun spent five days to explain the type and essentials on how to break the battle arrays, and the 3,000 soldiers who went in there, were all well-established and carefully selected from the best people. Since Cang Yue wanted to bring in 10,000 people, it could be seen clearly that their people who were in the battle arrays, were already dead or seriously injured, so they were not Shang Jun’s opponents. So in regard to these battle arrays, Shang Jun and the other people were a lot better than the new 10,000 people Cang Yue’s soldiers, the water can carry the boat and also capsize the boat. 10,000 soldiers versus 3,000 soldiers, they are not necessarily superior.”

It was not that she was not nervous for Shang Jun, that moment ago, her heart almost jumped out, but this would not help her. She must be calmed, or what could she and Pei Che do for them! And she had confidence in Shang Jun, Yan Yu and the other people, she had heard from Jun in the past, inside the battle arrays, they could get some protections from the battle arrays on their own. As long as they deciphered the battle arrays, then the originally vicious, dangerous and mysterious battle arrays, could also be used by her, so she believed that Jun could deal with this.

“Then what are you recommending?!” Listening to her explanation was quite reasonable, so Pei Che’s vigor came out, Shu Qing could always give him a nice surprise, so he hoped that she could speak up a solution this time.

Pointing to the military deployment map, Murong Shu Qing said: “We have 30,000 people in the main army, you can utilize 10,000 people. I think you hastily have 5,000 people to enter the battle arrays as they do not understand the type of the battle arrays. Not only that they can not help Shang Jun, but it may also create an unnecessary death or injury.”

Walking to the front of topographic map again, Murong Shu

Shu Qing picked up two small flags, and inserted them into the two battle arrays exit, then she faintly but confidently said: “It will be better to… transfer 8,000 cavalries to ambush and wipe out Cang Yue’s soldiers who are outside the battle arrays to replace them with our army. When Shang Jun and the other people come out of the battle arrays, they will surely drained out, so at that time, first, they can provide support to them. Second, if Cang Yue soldiers are pursuing and attacking out, they can also use arrows to annihilate them when they come out of the battle arrays at that time.”

Finished speaking, Murong Shu Qing paused for a moment, then she coldly said again: “Moreover, if Shang Jun and the other people can not come out, in that case, do not let any Cang Yue’s person to come out alive either.”

“Shu Qing, you….” Pei Che was not used to see Shu Qing who was always simple, elegant and tender with her words, became grave and stern like this. So she was not the person who did not pay any attention to things, if one dared to touch the people or things that she cared about, she could be ruthless also.

Lightly closing her eyes and deeply breathing, Murong Shu Qing smiled and opened her eyes, then she faintly smiled and said: “I am alright, ultimately, after they break the battle arrays, they also can provide assistance to Xuanyuan Yi. What do you think?” With regards to the military matters, she really did not understand completely, so Pei Che would still have the final say for everything, he was after all a talented and experienced military adviser.

Pei Che sighed and said: “I think it is good, let’s do it that way.” Even though they were taking the risks doing it like this, but they could not help with the situation inside the battle arrays anyway, so they could only do it like this. He hoped that the 3,000 soldiers would be capable of facing the adversity, and came out of the battle arrays.

“Someone comes.”

Inside the five elements battle array, and under Shang Jun’s command, they had already controlled the situation within this five element battle array. Yan Yu moved to Shang Jun’s side, and said: “Master Shang, Cang Yue’s soldiers within the five elements battle array are almost wiped out, but there is no news from Cang Su and Xi Mu.”

Shang Jun nodded her head, and smilingly said: “It is alright, we have to believe in them, breaking the confused mind and heavenly dragon battle arrays

battle arrays are not easy. We just need to ensure that this five elements battle array is unimpeded to break the trap arrangement inside this battle array. So after they break the battle arrays, they will not get caught inside them, this chain will also be broken.”

Even though they were inside the battle array this time, she felt that this battle array was somewhat different than the one she entered last time. But she already anticipated this earlier, since she was discovered by them last time, so they would naturally change it to some extent. But this arrangement was actually beneficial to them, the mysterious changes were many and not easy to resolve, but it also had a disadvantage at the same time as it was not easy to alter a battle array. So she was still able to control this battle array.

“Yes.” Yan Yu was just about to leave the main battle array to break the mysterious maze, suddenly the sound of some horses’ hooves that came from a distant place to near them, made him to stop his footsteps.

Everyone also heard this sound, and asked one after another: “What sound is that?”

Fan Feng carefully listened for a moment, and looked at Shang Jun, he tranquilly said: “Listening from the sound of the footsteps, the people who come in are not less than 10,000 people this time.”

10,000 people?! His words made the soldiers were discussing this a moment ago, to continue discussing this quietly. They only had 1,000 people, how could they square up to fight 10,000 people. Even though they knew that the difference in the number of people was large in disparity, but they were all well-trained elite soldiers after all. Everyone’s expression was very calm, and did not reveal any fear in the face of the upcoming fierce battle.

Shang Jun secretly nodded, this was the reason why she insisted on selecting them carefully, breaking the battle arrays needed many elite soldiers. Everyone who come in with her, was basically poised to understand how to battle, so looking at the situation from the surrounding, Shang Jun said to Yan Yu: “Yan Yu, do not break the trap arrangement now, adjust to the situation, make use of the battle array that we have already adjusted to battle with the new soldiers, this time we will engage as cats.”

Shang Jun was relaxed and had self-confidence, so this made all of the soldiers could not help but smiled in their hearts, then Shang Jun asked with a clear voice: “Do you guys have confidence or not?”

“We have confidence.” A thousand people were thousand people were unitedly replying in resounding and loud sounds.

Shang Jun satisfyingly nodded her head, and said: “Alright, begin the deployment. Divide those people who come in, the less people who will enter the heavenly dragon battle array that Cang Su is trying to break, is more beneficial, lead as many people as possible into the confused mind battle array.”

“Yes.” Under Shang Jun’s command, these soldiers slightly adjusted the battle array within a short period of an incense burnt stick. But to those people who were not familiar with things, the difference was like a night and day. Quickly hiding themselves behind the battle array, they quickly begun to fight back.

Taking an advantage when Cang Yue’s new soldiers were not clear with the situation, the troops were scattering around the battle arrays. General Yan Yu’s 500 elite troops attacked one by one, and the remaining ordinary soldiers were lead to enter the confused mind battle array. Soon, they poised to win the battle.

Suddenly, more than fifty blue clothing men entered the battle array, they were clearly familiar with this battle array. Their entrance threw Shang Jun’s plan into disorder, so she wanted to adjust the battle array and the arrangement again. But before she could take a step, a purple red dress man obstructed her way.

Su Qing’s cold and cruel eyes appeared to show an indifferent mood, his gloomy and cold voice that appeared to move swiftly, came through: “I underestimated you, Shang Jun.” He unexpectedly did not die from his palm, and could still break the battle array very quickly. He had heard about this one person’s character earlier, it appeared that he was a pretty good opponent today.

It was him! She was still thinking when he would appear! Slightly cupping her hands to greet, Shang Jun peacefully answered: “You flatter me!”

Under his defeat, he still dared to be relaxed in front of him like this, a raging flame like long whip was waved towards Shang Jun without any warning, so Shang Jun quickly moved aside and jumped backward to dodge from the danger. Su Qing with a raging flame long whip in his hand, coldly and smilingly said: “It is a pity that you do not have any good luck like this today.”

Shang Jun lightly patted the dust on the sleeve of her garment, and was still standing gracefully there, and lightly smiled and answered: “My luck has always been good, on the contrary, your luck is somewhat rotten.”

The sound of her words had not left yet, a more fierce long whip that could not be stopped, attacked her again.

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