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A+ A- Chapter 110

Breaking The Battle Array (Part 2)

It was already passed 9-11 AM, Xuanyuan Yi was still bowing his head to study the topography map inside the Master’s tent, Pei Che was holding a cup of tea in his hand leisurely, the other Generals did not say anything and were just sitting upright on their chairs quietly and with somewhat repressed emotions.

Li Ming clearly did not have Pei Che’s good mood, he heavily put down a cup that was in his hand, and said somewhat angrily: “How is Shang Jun not here yet?” Even though he rushed into the battle array yesterday by himself, and came back safely, so he quite admired him now. But what time was now, he made everyone to wait for along time like this, and he was very hateful.

Lei Yi was also unable to sit still, so he stood up and said: “Would it be better if this Old General goes to ask Master Shang to come over?” The military paid attention the most in the army discipline, and time. Even though many of the Generals did not say anything, but they must have been cursing at Shang Jun in their hearts, especially General Huang who who just came back from escorting the army provisions, and still did not understand anything, his face showed more disdain.

Pei Che shook his head, and smilingly said: “No need, he has his own propriety, everyone must not feel tense, we will just wait.” Shang Jun was not a person who did not care about time, nor was he a dishonest person, he must have a reason for coming this late.

Lei Yi did not have any alternative but sat down embarrassingly. Everyone was waiting again for almost one hour, the tea was already added with more water so it was tasteless, only then Shang Jun came into the tent slowly. She slightly cupped her hands in greetings, faintly and smilingly said: “I made everybody to wait for a long time.”

Without anymore explanation, she stepped forward neither in a hurry nor slow, her action practically made the Generals who had been waiting for almost four hours, were enraged, how they could be subjected to this kind of atmosphere. Huang Xi Feng straightforwardly took a teacup from the table and threw it away strongly, the tea was splashing on the small table and the ground.

Murong Shu Qing was following behind Shang Jun, so she crossed over her shoulder to see this heroic and vigorous General, his temperament was really big. He actually dared to throw down a cup in front of Pei Che and Xuanyuan Yi, so Murong Shu Qing felt very interesting, everyone of these Xuanyuan Yi’s Generals seemed to have some temperaments. Since they were going to discuss the method about breaking the battle array, she really did not want to come and join in the discussion, but she was afraid that Shang Jun’s injury would suddenly burst out, so she could take care of it properly.

Shang Jun grievingly sighed in her heart, she did not want to come this late either, it was actually because Cang Su came to the tent in a hurry early this morning, then she had to do the acupuncture to open up the acupuncture points, so when she was barely able to stand up and speak, it was already this time. She was also helpless. But quietly sizing up and down the angry eyes in front of her, this young high ranking officer who did not speak anything, she did not show any annoyance, on the contrary, her face showed admiration.

“Master Shang’s complexion does not look so good.” Pei Che secretly observed Shang Jun, even though he was still smiling properly, but his complexion and vitality were obviously not good. And adding that he came so late like this today, could it be that he had an unexpected mishap yesterday?!

Good observation! Shang Jun shook her head, and smilingly said: “It might be because I could not sleep properly last night, it will not be a problem.”

Since he did not want to say it, Pei Che did not quest

ion it closely anymore, and directly asked the main point: “After Master Shang looked it over yesterday, do you have any method to break the battle array?”

“Yes, I have.” Her concise answer took everyone’s attention and concentration, nobody was clinging to the incident from a moment ago. Xuanyuan Yi also lifted up his head from looking at the topography map.

Li Ming clapped his hand, and excitingly said: “Very good, then break the battle array immediately.” It would be the best if he could break that demonic battle array today.

But Shang Jun calmly shook her head, and said: “Still can not do it.”

“Why?” Did he not have the method to break the battle array?!

Suddenly, a burst of pain rushed forth from her chest, it made Shang Jun unable to continuously stand, so Murong Shu Qing who was standing behind her, hurriedly supported her back. Everyone’s attention was put on Shang Jun’s body, and they were waiting for his answer, and did not pay attention to Murong Shu Qing’s small movement. After the pain flared up, and this ripple of pains went away, Shang Jun could secretly take a deep breath, and concisely answered: “We need to emphasize on the right time, and favorable geographical and social conditions to break the battle array.”

Pei Che stood up and came over, and asked somebody to add a new cup of tea, then he said: “The right time and favorable geographical and social conditions? Master Shang, please sit down and explain in details.” He was really not in a good condition, this kind of forbearance was not because he did not sleep good.

It seemed that Pei Che had already seen it through, so Murong Shu Qing softly patted Shang Jun’s back, and hinted that she took a rest. Since Pei Che had already guessed it, then they would just take an advantage. After sitting down, Shang Jun slowly and faintly said: “My army has already lost the favorable location, so the right time and people seem to be especially important. This battle array is a chain type of battle arrays. The inside contains five elements battle array (wu xing zhen), confused mind battle array (mi xin zhen), heaven dragon battle array (tian long zhen). The five elements battle array can make the crowd of people to be scattered, and make the people be trapped inside the battle array, with no clear direction, and it will be easy to attack one after another. The confused mind battle array, as the name implies, will make the people to lose their bearings and wisdom, they can slaughter each other, or even kill one another. There are many traps inside the heaven dragon battle array, if one is not careful, one will tear and crush one’s body and bones. As far as those snow wolves, they are put inside the battle array to deliberately cause fear, and disturb the morale.”

Listening to his frank speaking, everyone could not help but sighed, as it turned out this battle array still had many tricks like this, and they admired Shang Jun even more. All of them were experienced Generals, what they respected him the most was this person was brave and knew how to scheme.

“What kind of clever method that Master Shang have to break the battle array?!” Unexpectedly, the person who impatiently asked was Huang Xi Feng, who was the most resentful a moment ago.

As expected, one dared to love and dared to hate, the person with a clear gratitude and grudges, Shang Jun smilingly answered: “The person who can break the five elements battle array must understand the mysterious door battle array (xuan men zhen), and his martial arts have to be excellent and he should be able to confront the enemy alone, and grasp the victory in his hand. The person who can break the confused mind battle array will have a high martial arts, and he must also have an unflinching determination. The person who can break the heaven dragon battle array needs to be agile and quick, and has an extreme understanding with traps. We will gather these people during the last day of traditional lunar calendar (the 30th), that is, we will break the battle arrays within seven days. I have made some calculation that during 11 am to 1 pm on that day, it will be the day when the sunshine will be the strongest within the last three months at Lin Feng Guan border, the viral energy is the most vigorous, that is the time to break the battle arrays because we will have half the work but yet twice the effects.”

After she finished speaking, everybody in the tent was actually silent for a long time, Xuanyuan Yi and Pei Che looked one glance at each other, but they did not say anything either. Huang Xi Feng puckered up his eyebrows, and said: “Where can we find those many capable and unusual bodyguards like that? Moreover, we know that day is the best day to break the battle arrays, so Cang Yue surely knows it also, I do not know what situation that we will have to mess with at that time .”

But Shang Jun shook her head, and answered Huang Xi Feng’s question towards Xuanyuan Yi instead: “Even if they know it, this is also the best opportunity for the army to break the battle arrays, especially the confused mind battle array, that day is the most appropriate day to break it. Moreover, if their attentions are put on resisting my army who is trying to break the battle arrays, so they will disregard General Xuanyuan Yi’s position.”

Xuanyuan Yi nodded his head, what he (SJ) said was exactly what he (XY) was anticipating, but there was still another matter that made him have a headache. He did not think that they would have to deal with so many battle arrays, so Xuanyuan Yi lowly sighed and said: “But where can we find these top quality people?”

Li Ming actually said with his clear voice: “This should be easy, Master Shang specializes in breaking the five elements battle array, the General will attack the confused heart battle array, the Military Adviser will attack the heaven dragon battle array.” Shang Jun was surely a master of the five elements technique, General Xuanyuan Yi had many years of battle expeditions, so his wisdom was naturally firm, the Military Adviser was the most experience to deal with the traps and concealed weapons, what was so difficult about these candidates?!

He said it passionately, but Shang Jun rejected his choices: “It is not appropriate, we can not depend on one person to break the battle arrays. At the minimum, we need three people in one team to break it. Moreover, as the head of the army, the General must not be trapped inside the maze. Furthermore, these three plans to break the battle arrays, are only to entice the enemy, there must be the main army behind it for us to get the victory, so the General must lead the large group of army to attack from behind. And the Military Adviser can not go into the battle array even more.”

Li Ming did not understand and asked: “Why?” If the General could not be inside the battle array because he was the center of the army, but why the Military Adviser could not go in either?

Shang Jun wanted to answer him, but because she was talking so much a moment ago, she was unable to stop coughing, her mouth felt sweet and she could feel that the blood was rushing forth. She was speechless for a moment.

Pei Che took an advantage of it very quickly: “Because the three ways army need to be coordinated by someone, my army also needs to protect the army provisions, and we can not leave the camp unguarded, just in case the enemy troops will surprise attack us from behind.”

Everyone heard Pei Che’s explanation, Murong Shu Qing hurriedly handed over the tea cup to Shang Jun’s hand. Shang Jun opened the teacup, and spit out the blood inside it. Using the wide and blue sleeve of her garment, she wiped the bloodstain from her lips. Murong Shu Qing quietly retreated and returned to the chair on the side.

“Then what should we do?” How could they break the battle arrays if they were lacking some people? Even though the army still had some other Generals, but they needed to divide them into three routes, so they still needed manpower. Moreover, as far as having an excellent martial arts, and a firm determination, who could be better than the General within the army!

For a moment, all of the Generals puckered up their eyebrows inside the Master’s tent, finally, they still moved their sights to Shang Jun to figure out a solution for this. But he also shook his head, suddenly, Shang Jun, with a smile on his face, looked towards Murong Shu Qing who was fiddling with the tea leaves. Pei Che also understood his intention, and moved his sight to look at Shu Qing. Even though the other Generals did not understand the reason, but they still curiously looked towards Murong Shu Qing.

Murong Shu Qing did not have the mood to listen to them talking about breaking those battle arrays, she only came because she was anxious for Shang Jun, so her attention was only put on Shang Jun. With great difficulty, she could see that she (SJ) was a little better, and only then she sat down, and wanted to drink some tea, but she felt that everyone’s line of sights were unfathomably focused on her. Somewhat blankly, she raised her head and only saw Pei Che’s foxy like smiling expression, and also Shang Jun, with that ‘gentle attention’ look.

She was not sold out by Shang Jun, right! But she only saw Shang Jun’s gentlemen and handsome eyebrows, so she smilingly said: “We need to see if Qing-er is willing to help us out or not?!”

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